Christmas day started with an early morning stuffing as Owner fucked me with Her glass dildo whilst pleasuring Herself with Her vibrator! She brought Herself off as yours truly slid up and down the clear shaft. Once satiated Owner reached around and played with my clitty as i continued to fuck myself until i came ll over my babydoll. What a wonderful start to the day!

Next-up was breakfast panetone and then calls to relatives to wish them well before i hot footed into the shower, did my make-up and then donned my 'sext' Santa outfit. Then come mid-morning it was time to get my act in gear and start cooking the goose. i have wanted to have goose on Christmas day for years and years and this year, as we are both spending Christmas together rather than with relatives Owner suggested we give it a try. A whole goose would have been somewhat excessive for just two people and so we bought some breast and legs to roast together with roast potatoes, parsnips and Brussel sprouts (incidentally - if you have never roasted sprouts before you will never settle for boiled ones again!)

Having never previously cooked goose i was a little anxious about how it would turn out but it was a success (thank you Jamie Oliver) and meal over we headed out to the park for a walk and a photo shoot of me in my outfit. You can see some images from the day below.

in our local park

posing in my Santa outfit

Does my bum look big in this? Hope so :)
getting the Goose ready for the oven
Now it's time to cuddle up and watch something on TV.

Merry Christmas everybody from Owner and me


Anonymous said...

hi happypet,

wondeful xmas day for you, at present trying to stay awake (18.40) as been up since 6.30 and back in for 14 hour shift tomorrow. Also had a good meal at relatives after finishing work - have a nice trip to Spain and will also raise a glass to you and Owner on New Years


Happy pet said...

Thanks sissysteph, don't work too hard and hope you get to relax over the New Year


Kaaren Sissy said...

I have also wanted to try cooking a goose but we've never gotten to it...maybe next year!!!
I was up earlier than usual as we were having family and friends in for Christmas Dinner and that meant donning my horrible male clothing for the duration....but at least I had my pretty red lingerie on underneath....
I cooked a smallish turkey and two different hams along with numerous side dishes and finished with a nice pumpkin cheesecake and assorted desserts!!!!
I'm pretty sure everyone left full and happy!!!
Today I'm hoping to stay in something pretty all day and just take it easy...even my wife said that after all the work I'd done yesterday I deserved a day off of chores....I was hoping she'd say I'd earned release from the cage....a nice Christmas orgasm....but she never mentioned it and I know better than to bring it up!!!
I'm glad you had such a wonderful day and the pics are really lovely!!!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Kaaren and that meal sounds scrumptious, i think you did your wife proud and i am sure you happy to be able to relax into something pretty today.

i hope you do get to receive a nice treat before 2018 draws to a close, if not there is always 2019..........