Owner and i made use of some of the early sales to update out toy collection. We purchased some new 'pegging pants' for Owner which we are delighted to say also fits the bigger vibrating dildo we have which has a much fatter head and shaft. Owner also bought some nipple suction cups to further enlarge my nipples and permitted me to purchase a 12 inch double-ended flexible dildo to practice some more advanced deep-throating with. Here are our purchases laid out on our bed:
They arrived Thursday and we are heading off to Spain on Sunday so we might not get a chance to use them until we get back, but they will be something fun to return to when we arrive home.

i have also asked Owner if i might return to chastity when we get back, i have been unlocked since September, and remain locked except for our monthly dice game when i get to roll a dice to determine if i might be set temporarily free. It was a fun game and i always feel i am a much better submissive when kept locked up, though i know Owner also enjoys having me uncaged and available to play with at times.

i hope to return to being the proper wife and submissive Owner expects and enjoys in 2019. Things slipped a little in the second half of this year and my performance has been sub par. She deserves better and i am happiest when i am working and performing at my best for Her.

Incidentally, this year also marked the 10th anniversary of this blog (i first posted in September 2008). How time flies but what an incredible journey i have had with Owner. She is, quite simply, the best.

Wishing all of our readers a wonderful New Year and may all of your dreams and desires come true in 2019.


Sissy Kaaren said...

Happy Anniversary Sweetie.....i hope you can enjoy some of your toys before you leave on vacation!!!! Spain is on my list of places I want to go....and maybe when her life slows down....maybe we can....
Have fun.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Happypet

Hope you enjoy trip to Spain and have a kinky time with toys and hope Owner may grant you chastity as long as you deserve this honour bestowed by your Goddess. I have acquired a couple of fancy dress costumes - not very expensive but essential for being an ongoing submissive sissy. The first is a nun costume that will be adorned when worshipping at the altar and a schoolgirl costume that i have to wear when studying FLR, Femdom and Feminst theories and philosophies.

Happy 2019


Happy pet said...

Thanks Kaaren - thank you for the congrats, that's so sweet of you. We had a lovely time in Spain, we go quite often as Owner is Spanish so we go to visit Her family. i hope you get to go sometime, it's a lovely country. Unfortunatley, our luggage is still there! Ho hum. Ww did not get to play with the new toys before we went but hoefully now that we are back.....

Hi sissysteph - chastity is very much back on the cards in the next few days, am quite excited at the prospect! Those uniform ideas of yours sound great, i might suggest them to Owner for Her to consider in addition to my domestic uniforms. i particulalrly like the study outfit :) Do you get tested on your learning?


Anonymous said...

Hi happypet,

The idea is to learn as much about being under the loving control of Goddess as quite newish to scene and not got your and Owner's experience although similar age range. It could be one topic or a whole umbrella term of Owner/Goddess's choice.

While i routinely wear women's clothes when time/health allows (quite normal ones like jeans and tops, dresses, skirts and blouses) while perusing materials online the main idea is to be made to do assignments on fd, flr, bdsm or feminism over a period of time that take more than one lesson (e.g. 2 x 1 or 2 hour lessons per week with a set deadline and word count (e.g. 4 weeks and 1000 words)). The assignment needs to be referenced so Goddess can check that i have not been a cheating bad girl. It can just be a standard assignment with low word count is does not matter.

The aim is to have merits and demerits so like yourself i love analingus and if awarded a set number of merits for assignment(s) then will be allowed to worship Goddess's ass or some other reward i love. Demerits count against and will be punished usually with something Goddess likes but i am not keen on - good schoolgirl vs bad schoolgirl or pleasure vs pain scenarios. If Goddess is not pleased with effort then as well as some spanking i will have to do written lines which increase the more time goes on. The aim is to learn and share and explore but should always be difficult to do.

I have some materials downloaded and some bought from amazon like your lovely books and archive.org has some nice materials, this blogs and other like it are incredible resources. Check out links with owner's permission ;)




It's a fantasy that have had forever but is gonna come true, wish me luck as i think Goddess likes to have deck stacked in Her favour :)


sissy schoolgirl steph