As mentioned in my last post Owner permitted me to purchase a 12 inch double-ended dildo with which to practise cock sucking. It is both longer, slightly narrower and more flexible than the dildo i had been practising before with and so i hoped that i might be able to better deepthroat the new dildo.

We were away over the New Year staying with Owners' family in Spain and so today was the first time i got to have practise session with it. As i had thought it might the new dildo slips past the back of my throat more easily than the other, firmer and fatter dildo i had been practising with, making it much easier to properly deepthroat. i was not able to quite get the full 12 inches down but i am sure that, with practise i could eventually. i think i managed about 9 inches. i really enjoy deepthroating and hope to be able to practise and perfect my technique with this new toy. You can see how i got on in the pictures and videos below;

my throat ended up nice and gooey
By the way, for those of you who are statistically minded and interested in such things, i ended up being permitted 6 orgasms during 2018. Am i odd to be hoping for less in 2019? Owner will, as always, decide.


Anonymous said...

Hi happypet.

just wow, i mean wow nice deepthroat :) - hope you had lovely time in spain with Owner.


Happy pet said...

Thank you sissysteph and yes, we did. We were there for 3 Kings day which is a massive day across Spain with parades etc. Was a lot of fun.


Kaaren Sissy said...

Welcome home Sweetie!!! I sure wish I could be there on the other end of that double header!!!!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Kaaren, that would be fun!