It is the school holidays for many in the UK this week and so it has been a little bit quieter at work. i had the opportunity to work from home a few times, including one day with Owner - which was super nice to do - which of course meant time for some more dice challenges.

Luckily (?) the dice did not require me to go outside with my knickers on my head as it did the other week - when i had fun and games at the bus stop. Instead, the tasks the dice set for me were to wear my butt plug for three hours one day, spend 20 minutes with my 'clitty' clamped with 20 pegs (my least favourite activity as they hurt quite a bit when being removed, and then practising deep-throating the 12-inch double-ended dildo (which i really rather enjoy). You can see how i got on with my respective tasks below:

now where did those pegs go......
gobble gobble
Owner has a 'spare' blank dice and She has stated that She wishes to now start to use it in conjunction with Her existing dice. The two current dice are:

  •  a chastity dice which determines how long i will remain locked up for - it gets rolled once every month (on the 11th) unless the dice indicates otherwise. It was thrown last on the 11th Jan and landed on the '2 months continuously locked' face - so it will not be thrown again until the 11th March
  • a 'task/challenge' dice which is rolled whenever i am working from home and which determines what activity i will have to do that day e.g. be plugged, pegged, spanked, wear knickers on my head outdoors etc
i am quite excited at the prospect of this third dice being introduced in the future! [EDIT - Owner has just advised that she is going to create an 'indoor' and an 'outdoor' challenge dice - Oooh!]

This week there have also been a couple of occasions when Owner has demonstrated Her domination and control over me. The first occasion was when, in response to a request from me to be allowed to post something on social media, She replied with a simple 'No'. By way of explanation for anyone unfamiliar with the rules by which we live Owner controls all areas of decision-making in our lives, which includes my use of social media such as Facebook - i am permitted to post no more than twice a week and Owner must first pre-approve what i want to post (as She also checks and approves everything i post on this blog). i was below my weekly limit but Owner rejected my suggestion.

The second time was Her flatly turning down a suggestion from me for a sex toy that i had seen on-line in a sale and asked if i could purchase (Owner controls our finances - i receive a small monthly allowance with the rest of my salary going into a common account that is used to purchase joint items with e.g. food, holidays etc).

The final occasion was Owner stating that i needed a new jacket to wear for work. Again, Owner decides what clothes i may or may not purchase and what i can wear.

All three, although only little things, were perfect reminders of Owners total dominance and control over me and of my submission to Her. Owner's control over all aspects of my life is at the core of our FLR-relationship and of our marriage. i tend to focus on some of the more 'fun' things when i blog but the control She exercises is wonderful to experience and is a fundamental core of our life together.


Kaaren Sissy said...

Much like you and your wife. my wife controls pretty much every aspect of my life and I really love it that way....
The dice thing is a little scary.....where I only have to worry about my wife's wicked imagination you have to worry about random chance on a throw of the dice...I have to admit that the idea is a little exciting....and my inner subby is screaming at me to mention the idea to my wife!!!!
We'll see....
I saw that you mentioned you were getting a haircut....I hope it's going to be something cute....although you were really cute already!!!!

Happy pet said...

Hi Kaaren - oh go on, please mention it to her. Be fun to hear how you get on with it too and it is a fun and simple little thing to incorporate into your day. Be nice to compare 'tasks'.

Yes had my haircut - first time i wore my padded bra to the salon to have it done and felt a little self-conscious when i leant backwards over the basin to have my hair washed and scalp massaged. i always see the same hairdresser and we always chat away for ages, it's quite thereapeutic.

Glad to read that your wife controls much of your life too - it is how things should be.


Anonymous said...

Hi happypet

3 dice challenge, that is hardcore but so exciting. While not under full control of Goddess, She controls quite a few aspects but W/we have an agreement around being financially independent of each other for the immediate future.

Something W/we are discussing is rolling a dice to determine how much i should spend on Goddess's birthday(s) (e.g. Goddess spends £30 on a present, i roll dice on a 3 then i spend £90 but perfume and bottle of bubbly are mandatory and excluded from the amount, Goddess is not bothered about flowers or chocolate).

i am intrigued by chastity but not feasible for U/us, envious though.



Happy pet said...

Thanks for your comment sissysteph. For me the financial domination was a HUGE step and not one to be entererd into lightly by anyone but i am thrilled it happened as it deepened Her total control over me. We have a safeguard in that i retain my own savings and my salary goes into a joint account (not her own) but i can only use that for groceries and household things. Owner monitors the account to check what gets spent. She set up a separate account for me that receives a monthly allowance of £100 (quite generous). However, though i can use this for drinks/pay for meals when we go out i am forbidden from purchasing any clothes/jewellery etc with it unless She approves. So it is only partially my money.