Yesterday i completed my first outdoor dice challenge. Owner has devised a system whereby every tine i work from home i need to roll a dice to complete an 'indoor' dice challenges. After completing 4 of these on the fifth occasion i am now required to switch to the 'outdoor' challenge dice and roll that, before then again returning to the indoor dice.  There are a variety of different challenges described on the 'outdoor' challenge dice and the one that came out top when i rolled the dice was to 'Apply lipstick at bus stop video' i.e. video myself applying lipstick at the nearby bus stop. It was a fun little challenge to complete and one which i added a little something extra to by wearing a lace top and padded bra. Below is the video i took (edited by Owner) whilst completing the challenge

On Monday i due to return to chastity. This morning Owner caressed and fondled my clitty as we lay in bed before ordering me to get up and make breakfast.  i have to confess that much as i like to be locked up it was lovely to feel Her fingers on my clit, if only briefly.


Sissy Kaaren said...

Oh's such a shame there wasn't a big, broad tradesman there to fill your pretty sissy mouth!!!!!
I'll bet you were thinking about that....thinking about abig man filling youir sissy mouth....
The first time I wore lipstick outside I wanted a man to take me and unfortunately it didn't happen....that time!!!!!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Kaaren, it was fun :)