Becky left a comment for me on the blog today stating that;

'So today is the 11th, dice day. Not to be mean but I hope you roll two more months of chastity. That would make a total of six months of chastity and orgasm denial!! Good luck!'

Becky was, of course, correct. As readers will know the 11th of each month is chastity dice day for me, the day that determines whether i am to continue in chastiy or not. Owner watched attentively as the dice was rolled. And the result? i am to stay locked until next month which means at least another 30 days in my Happy Go Super Small device (i still think this is a great device for long-term wear by the way). Not the two more months Becky had hoped but that could always come up when i roll the dice again on May 11th.

So far this year, apart from one week when the device was replaced with a purple ribbon, i have been pretty much locked up 24/7. As Becky also observed i have not had an orgasm to date this year and i have no idea when or if i might have one. The enforced denial is leaving me ever more frustratingly aroused.

Thank you for your comment Becky and for paying such close attention to my monthly date with the chastity dice. When Owner first devised the chastiy dice game i don;t think either of us had any idea the monthly result might be eagerly awaited by anyone other than Her or me.