Yesterday was Owner's birthday and so to help Her mark the occasion and to try and distract from Brexit and other worries i took Owner for a short holiday to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We stayed for four nights in Positano and whilst there visited the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the island of Capri and climbed to the crater-rim of Mount Vesuvius. We also enjoyed the delights of a Limoncello Spritz (Limoncello with Prosecco - delicious!) or two, ate lots of pasta (of the gluten-free for Owner), climbed up and down a lot of steep hills and streets, survived (me) another experience of driving in Italy and did a fair bit of people watching.

Of course, we also had a moment or two of Owner and poppet fun which consisted of Owner caning, flogging and spanking my 'labia' whilst my clitty strained in chastity, clamping my nipples then Her riding my face with my tongue probing and licking Owners anus whilst my nose was buried inside her pussy. For a very small and petite person Owner is still able to quite easily suffocate me like this and it wasn't long before i was beginning to suffocate beneath Her as She used the combination of my tongue up Her anus and Her vibrator against Her clit to grind out an orgasm as i fought for breath beneath Her. It was a wonderful experience and Owner stated afterwards how She likes to suffocate me this way as She uses my body for Her pleasure.

Owner also had a further treat in store for me when She spotted a pretty t-shirt for sale that She instructed me to purchase and wear later for a photo shoot. i had brought my bikini with me in the hope of doing a little photo shoot and the t-shirt went really well with it. You can see both the bikini and t-shirt below

in my new t-shirt

i love my bikini
Meanwhile, here are some pictures showing some of the sights we visited
Roman ruins at Herculaneum
Street in Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in background
Departing Positano for Capri
The back streets of Capri
The rim of Mount Vesuvius - mainland Europe's only active volcano
There is also plenty of evidence on display in Pompeii of what a sexual bunch those frisky Romans were. How about the image below of a massive, enormous, juicy, big Roman cock that someone chose to display over their entrance. The inspiration for Carry On's Biggus Dickus?? It's certainly quite something
Person with enormous cock over a building entrance
Or these helpful illustrations for clients to choose from in the brothel

Anyway, back to the present. Before we went away i also completed a few more dice challenges, including wearing 20 mini-pegs on my chastised clit for 20 minutes, spanking myself 50 times and wearing a butt plug for 3 hours. There is just one more to go of these and then the next dice is the outdoor challenge dice - i wonder what i will get this time? Meanwhile, Owner has indicated that She might change some of the indoor challenges as well to keep things fresh. Here i am, firstly clamped and then secondly commencing my clitty spanking;
 self spanking with leather paddle
Incidentally, the start of April sees me still without having experienced an orgasm this year, even during the week that i was briefly released from chastity and made to wear a ribbon instead. The closest i have come (pardon the pun) to experiencing any kind of pleasure 'down there' has been through having my 'labia' caned, spanked and flogged - but not enough to make me orgasm as a result. Being kept denied like this (locked or unlocked - my own preference is to be kept locked) is something i adore and i hope to continue to be kept denied by Owner for the foreseeable future. A real ambition would be to experience many, many months without an orgasm. Maybe even a full year. Of course, it will be for Owner to decide whether this will ever come true but it is a wonderful fantasy.

Finally, as usual i changed out of my metal Happy Go super-small chastity device into my plastic Holy Trainer device in order to pass through airport security. However, it is worth remembering that whilst this reduces considerably the chance of the chastity device setting off the airport security scanner it is not a 100% fail safe measure, as Denying Thumper recently discovered and wonderfully describes in his blog.


Kaaren Sissy said...

Oh my goodness....I'm so jealous of your wife tells me she'll take an early retirement in a couple of years and then we can see the world....but she's so career driven that I don't really believe her....
That bikini is so cute on you....and that background is just amazing...
I liked the pics you took of the proof that we're not the most sex obsessed people in history!!!!
I told you I got caught at the TSA checkpoint the last time I flew....and it was definitely wife still laughs about the look on my face when I tried to explain it!!!!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Kaaren and glad you like the bikini and you really must suggest to your wife that a career break could be fun as who knows who you might both meet :) I had forgotten about your own TSA experience.


Anonymous said...

The holiday looked fabulous and chuckling remembering biggus dickus from carry om films. The dice challenge Owner has implemented is one of my favourite things, always look forward to thesde tales. Kaaren Sissy was right, a cute bikini amd love the t-shirt.

love and respect


Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you sissysteph - it was a wonderful trip