My poor titties really are being made to suffer this week, although as a consequence they are wonderfully sensitive to the touch at the moment. i worked from home on Monday and then again today (Wednesday) and each day Owner's dice determined that i endure a different type of breast torture. On Monday it resulted in me again being required to attached 10 min-pegs to each nipple/breast and keep them on for 20 minutes before removing. Then today i was required to attach weighted clamps to my nipples and wear these for fifteen minutes before removing them.

In case you are wondering what the clamps are that the weights are suspended from these are weighted plastic table cloth weights that have quite teeth grip so they are able to hang onto the flesh of my nipples quite well even when additional weights are suspended from them. You can see how my nipples were stretched by the weights hanging from them.

My nipples have been regularly abused over the years and one of the by-products of this is that over time they have become bigger. Both have been pierced and when i used to wear rings in each (unlike today when i only wear a ring in my right one) we experimented a bit with me wearing a weighted chain suspended between each nipple ring - so that they were kept under permanent tension. Unfortunately, it eventually caused a problem with one of my piercings and so we had to abandon the idea. On the plus side though the legacy of piercing and abuse means that both nipples are super sensitive and easily aroused, something i am sure that my chastised state also adds to. It is easy to make them hard and aroused and i adore Owner teasing and caressing them, She in-turn loves to torment them. i would actually love to have my nipples permanently stretched and enlarged but that is another story!

Incidentally, the other day Owner mentioned that She was thinking about having my right breast tattooed as well. She had my left breast tattoed shortly after we got married last year (it has the date of our wedding in Roman numerals and the word 'Uxor', meaning wife in Latin inked around it). She is thinking of something similar for my right breast. i am really excited at the prospect.


ulisses said...

Have you ever thought about using hormones to increase your breasts?

Happy pet said...

Hi Ulises - the short answer is yes i have considered and would be interested for the reason you state and also to shrink my clit further (is already quite small). However, and this is a big however, my Owner likes my breasts just as they are and would not agree to my taking hormones and so it is not something that will ever be happening.