Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of when Owner and i first met each other in real life.  We were both coming out of divorces and were looking for some new friends or people to meet on a now  defunct online website called 'Friendster'. Neither of us was looking for a relationship, just some new people to get to know in London and had each joined the site on the recommendation of other friends of ours. We chatted on and off and, after a few weeks, set a date to meet up for dinner. That date was the 31st May 2005. It was to be another almost five months before we went from being 'just friends' who met regulalrly to go to the cinema or for drinks to relationship that became a little more intimate. Fourteen years on look at us now.

Part of me can't believe so much time has passed and yet i also find it hard to recall what my life was like before we met. My life divides neatly into two epochs, life before Owner and life with Her. My life before Her was so completely different in some many ways. i too was a very different person back then. We were both almost completely vanilla in lifestyle back then. Had you said to us back then that we would end-up in a Female-led relationship in which Owner controls and determines pretty much every aspect of my life outside of work, and that i am delighted that She does, neither of us would have believed you. Equally, had you said that i would be living as Owners' wife, would wear women's clothes and make-up daily, including to work, neither of us would have believed you - me especially! Had you said that i would be collared and be proud to wear my collar wherever i went, that my body would be adorned with tattoos symbolising our deepening Femdom relationship i would have been amazed. Had you said that i would have willingly handed over full financial control to Owner and have Her be the one who makes all decisions affecting our lives i would have, to put it mildly, been a bit surprised. Had you told me then that in fourteen years time i would long to be kept in permanent sexual denial, be grateful (truly so) for the fact that Owner maintains me in chastity and denies me permission to orgasm, i would have thought i must have gone mad with old age. But here we are 14 years on and all the above and more, much more is true. And i am the happiest  and luckiest person alive. What is more, we have had fourteen years together that have been filled with fun and shared experiences. We are each others best friends and are almost totally inseparable from one another.

The 31st of May is actually one of three (yes three!) anniversaries we celebrate each year. The other two are the 6th October (the first time we kissed) and the 16th February (our wedding anniversary). However, the 31st May has always felt quite special. It marked the start of our journey together and though it would take us until October that year to go from 'just friends' to something more serious - and only then because Owner tired of waiting for me to make a move on Her and so snogged me in Charing Cross station as She was heading home one evening. Believe it or not i am actually quite shy in some regards!

This year Owner is gifting me two further examples of Her domination and control over me. Two further symbols of my joyous submission to Her.  The first gift will be coming in the form of another tattoo. i am already adorned with a number of permanent symbols of our relationship and my submission to Her and shortly i will be getting another. This time i will be adorned with the image of Owner's pet name for me. My blog gives my name as 'poppet sub slut', my blogger profile is 'Happy Pet' but Owner refers to me by a different name. To Her i am 'Petunio' and soon i will be tattooed with an image of the flower from which Her pet name for me is derived derived - the petunia. It will look so pretty! She is currently choosing an image She likes and will then provide the design for me to take to take to arrange to have done. Owner will also choose the location on my body the tattoo will go, as She has done for the other tattoos i have that symbolise aspects of our lives together.

Her second gift of domination relates to Her control over me and the level of free will i enjoy. Gradually and incrementally Owner has (with my full consent) taken greater and greater control over my life. These range from things such as finances (my salary goes straight to a joint account which i can use for household or essential purchases only - i instead receive a monthly allowance from Her) to Her choosing what clothes i might be permitted to buy and wear. Other examples of Her control in include Her vetting all drafts of everything that i write on this blog, choosing where we will go on holiday, determining when and what i can post on social media, how our flat is decorated. She even chooses what i can eat when we go out for a meal.  There is virtually nothing (outside of my work) about my life that Owner does not control. Now there is to be even less. We have agreed that i will now cede all control over what i may be permitted to drink when we go out to Her as well. It is another step towards Her total domination of me and a necessary one. It will ensure that i am no longer able to choose what to drink we go out to a bar or a restaurant. No longer will there be awkward moments when i ask Her whether i might be permitted a cider to drink. Instead, i will in future simply wait for Her to decide for me whether i am to have a soft or alcoholic drink and what it might be. Just as with when we go to a restaurant and order a meal Owner will decide for me when it comes to drinks from now on too. It removes another potential source of discord and disagreement and ratchets up Her control over me one notch more.

Over fourteen years we have gone from friends to a relationship where Owner is very much the one in total control and i love Her all the more for it. To submit to Her is to experience true happiness in life and i yearn for the day when Her control over me is truly absolute. Importantly, however, Owner exercises Her control lovingly and She will often consult me and seek my views. In truth She often pampers me and treats me. Hers is not a hard regimen and sometimes i end up asking Her to perhaps be a bit less lenient with me so that i might lean and develop and grow. But it is a relationship that works for us. i can honestly say that i think we are the happiest and most secure couple i know. We discuss everything and She knows everything about me.

i am truly grateful to Owner for Her continued and ever deepening domination of me and for making these past 14 years the happiest of my life. She is my world and Her control over it becomes more absolute with every passing year.
a very rare photo of my wonderful Owner


Anonymous said...

Hi happy pet,

Congratulations on your 14th year anniversary and Owner's almost complete control of you, her slave. It is the best thing for a sissy male to be under comtrol of a majestic female, many males don't know what they are missing out on. I hope you have many years of FLR bliss as you appear to make the ideal couple.

Cannot believe it's been 28 posts since i last viewed this blog, commenting on 26/1/19 on the post More Dice Challenges. I have some catching up to do and i look forward to reading the missed posts. Looking forward to see how dice challenge is going. I will only get to view 2 posts per day so some new comments on the way for old posts

I have to apologise to yourself and especially Owner as instructed by Goddess for not viewing this blog, this is my mental chastity as I adore your blog, it's my favourite site on the internet (no, i am not blowing smoke up your bum - it really is) and has been a form of psychological torture not to read your posts, due to hints from Goddess that new material has been published.

Just a final paragraph, maybe you remember that i am a schoolgirl studying various aspects of FLR, D/s and womens issues. Due to an health issue and searching for new employment this has been extended but for each half day late i incur a infraction and will be punished in some way (hopefully not reading privilages barred for this site). I also have a nun's outfit and once a week have to worship at a small altar for 60 minutes and say prayers to Goddess everday morning and evening. This is something i suggested and Goddess loves it. Finally mentioning anniversaries gives me a warm glow as i also suggested to Goddess after watching a documentary that if the Queen of England has 2 birthdays then maybe so should She. Goddess decided that if i think of her as royalty then She should have 3 birthdays and call her Her Royal Highness which She is starting to implement.

Sorry for rambling

yours admiringly


Happy pet said...

Hi sissysteph how lovely to hear from you! i had wondered how you were doing and good to hear that all is well. The fact that you have so many posts to catch-up with is, in part, my fault in that i have been posting more than usually this year. Don't know why but my post average for 2019 is much higher than normal.

i am truly thrilled you like the blog and i read your comment out to Owner who smiled appreciatively. In truth i never really know what people make of it so feedback like this is lovely to hear. Equally, if you have suggestions or things you or your Goddess would like me to blog about then, Owner permitting, i would be happy to.

It sounds like your Goddess has got you truly under her control and i am really happy that you have someone like her to help develop you. It's a wonderful journey isn't it? i feel almost as if i have discovered Eldorado - what a shame they don't teach Female-Led Relationships at school. Talking of school i am glad that your schoolgirl projects are progressing, if a little delayed and i hope the health issue is not too serious and that you are back in employment soon.

It's a great pity you on't have a blog of your own to post about your development in as i would love to read it and your Goddess sounds like she has some wonderful ideas for you that i am sure others would find educational as well.

Hope you enjoy catching-up with my ramblings



Anonymous said...

Hi happypet,

Thanks for your reply of kind words. Goddess has allowed me to respond before i start tomorrow looking through January posts (as stated on 2 posts a day).

There is no fault on your part as personally if i had to read 60 posts that would mean a whole month to read your blog, the more the merrier but obviously logistics come into play and while FLR (should be in school curriculum) is a daily joy most of the time not all days have something interesting to write about. i am glad i brought a smile to Owner's face with my comment, that's awesome!

i have broached the issue of having a blog but a combination of shyness on my part and both Goddess and i being private people then we decided against it. We have read your comment and may start a daily diary and if comfortable may start to publish on a blog, who knows.

i like your blog as we have some similar interests such as ass worship, golden champagne consumption (i would like to do this more often but it is a luxury so i have to be limted, shame:( ), crossdressing and games of chance/tasks. Also liked it when you were in training and that is something we are looking at doing with a ranking system. Also Goddess told me that you have a nice little reward game that i might like but cannot know until i get to that particular post then it will be discussed although it looks like it's going to be incorporated into our FLR :).

i and Goddess like the way you blog, for myself i enjoy all post but especially pee games and the dice game makes me tingle. Goddess likes to look for ideas and likes some of the play and lifestyle posts you blog. One thing i have always thought is it would be nice to have post about a scenario where both sides are discussed (you and Owner's take on the scene) or the thought process behind some of the things Owner has implemented. Just a suggestion but always a pleasure when Great Females discuss their reasons/thought processes about why/feeling they do things.

On a personal note my health issue is a degenerative condition but can be managed through healthy living (Goddess is structuring this) and i am employed but worked weird hours all over the place which caused health issue to flare up. Good news is i have secured new employment which is more conducive to a healthy lifestyle plus a raise.

Sorry for another long ramble but 4 months with no poppetsubslut and Goddess being loving but wicked via edging play teasing me about your postings (yes, She tortured me with your blog;)) i am grateful this day has arrived :)



Happy pet said...

Hi again sissysteph - thanks again for your lovely comment and i hope you enjoy reading about my exploits earlier this year as you slowly catch-up.

i have talked to Owner in the past about Her potentially contributing to the blog but to date She has always declined. However, i will ask again. She does, however, read and edit everything i write before i post.

i am pleased to hear that your Goddess is taking care of your health issue and helping you to manage it. i think people who do not have such wonderful partners as ours sometimes imagine Dominant women to be quite cold and uncaring when with Owner this could not be farther from the truth. She is a loving and caring person who really looks after me and it sounds like your Goddess does too. We are truly blessed.

Happy reading!


p.s. love the diary idea and would love to read it one day :)

Edwin Verrips said...

Hi happy pet,
I am reading your writings for a very long time, and each time it surpriced me, how cut you are and be a submission
Slave. Looking to your body it is nice to see it very fem. My question to you is, have you and your owner consider to feminise you further with hormones, so that you get real small breasts and more butt ?
Love Evy

Happy pet said...

Hi Edwin, i am really pleased that you like the blog and many thanks indeed for commenting. A few people have recently asked me about my breasts and hormones - maybe i should do a post about it? The short answer is that although it is something that interests me personally my Owner likes my breasts as they are and She is the one who decides. So no, unless She ever takes a different view i won't be taking hormones.

i do, however, do glute exercises daily (without weights on weekdays and with weights at weekends). Though i say so myself my glutes and my butt are quite firm and pert and i will keep working on them to try and make them as naturally big as i can.

Thank you for your lovely compliments.