Yep it's that time of the month again (the 11th day to be precise) the day that a roll of Owner's chastity dice determines if i might be temporarily released from chastity or not? What would the dice roll decide? Which of the 6 possible outcomes Owner had loaded the dice with with would chance decide for me? Would the dice decide that i might be briefly unlocked or would i remain caged for longer? Well, the dice was rolled and answer is that i will be remaining locked for at least another month - to be precise until at least July 11th when the dice will be rolled again.

So far in 2019 i have spent all bar approximately about two weeks of the year in chastity. Each week i am released for approximately 5 minutes on a Monday evening for a supervised shower. In addition there have been a few brief periods when the dice has determined that i should be briefly unlocked. The rest of the time, however, i has been spent locked up24/7.

In addition to being physically locked in chastity it is also now well over six months since i was last permitted an orgasm. i have not had any form of release so far this year. Being kept denied like this is a strangely wonderful experience. It leaves me feeling horny and aroused. i can't really describe the feeling very well other than to say that i love it and am truly thankful to Owner for keeping me denied this way. The chastity dice was Her idea and She decides what each of the possible outcomes might be even though it is down to chance on the day which one i might get when i roll it. Equally, it is She who decides when or if i might be allowed to orgasm again. Both are wonderful examples of the control She exerts and wields over me.


Edwin Verrips said...

Hi happy Pet,
What kind of device do you have, no problem with some sore or irritation ?
I belief that the first days are the hardest, and after you do not even know that it is there.
Horny and frustration is a part of the game, enjoy.
Love Evy

Happy pet said...

Hi Evy,

i use a Happy-Go Super Small metal cage, it is one of the smallest on the market and though it was very cheap to buy i have found it to be one of the best chastity devices i have ever used. We have tried a number of different ones, metal and plastic, over the years

You are right, most of the times i do not know it is there and i have never had any problems with it and it stays on 24/7. The only thing i have to be aware of is that, being metal, i need to swap it for a plastic device when going through airport security. However, this weekend we were out in London and we visited a building which had that same type of airport-style security in their reception. There was no opportunity to change devices and so i simply walked through and set the security alarm off. The security guard assumed it was because of the belt i was wearing, he was wrong!


sissie billie said...

Hi P,

it is strange how you do get used to being in the cage and often when I'm released I do actually miss it. the first few weeks after being released and having an unfettered orgasm are frustrating when caged back up, but Madam likes that as it makes me more responsive to her Strap on or to Sir. I do actually enjoy it when I got to the stage where my cage and frustration start to cause leakage and that is the point that Madam knows I'm ready to be played with. Kind regards billie

Happy pet said...

Hi billie - what curious creatures we are!