Well today has been an interesting day! This morning i was interviewed for a promotion at work and then this afternoon it was time for me to get the tattoo done that Owner had designed for me. i went to a studio called Velvet Underground tattoos. i have not been to this one before. It is in East London near the Barbican Centre and it is an all female tattooist studio.

Outside the tattoo studio
i was done by Emily and i think she has done a great job as does Owner. Here is me with my bandage over my new tattoo and then with the bandage part-removed.

my new petunio tattoo
And yes, i was tattooed whilst just wearing my spotty Victoria's Secret knickers (having needed to remove my trousers) and in chastity! The whole process took about 40 minutes and Owner and i are really delighted with the result.

Oh, and on the way home i got a call to say i have got the promotion.

Quite a day. And tomorrow marks another milestone as it's chastity dice day and will also be the 200th day spent without having had an orgasm. July is proving to be quite a month already.

Meanwhile, as a consequence of working away from home two days on the trot i will be bound and gagged for the duration of a an episode of TV series we are watching. It lasts about an hour. i was gagged the other day for the same reason and same length of time. i was drooling a bit by the end :)


Edwin Verrips said...

Hi happy,
Nice tatoo, interesting te see you bound and gagged, drooling was to expected. Drooling makes you more submission and humilation when it starts you cannot stop it.
Was you ever in a hogtie, or in mittens ?

Sissy Kaaren said...

Congratulations on your promotion!!!!
I love that ink but I'm still not going to get my own.....she doesn't like them.....but I love how it looks on you along with the added humiliation of the artist seeing all you had to offer!!!!

Happy pet said...

Dear Evy and Kaaren,

Pleased you both like the tattoo and Owner and i are both thrilled with it.

No, i have never been hogtied Evy...but there is always a first time for everything! :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely ink! And congrats on the promotion! I'm curious if anyone at the tattoo place commented on your knickers and/or chastity.

I'm sure Owner is proud of you.

mark, a submissive panty boy

Happy pet said...

Hi Mark - thanks for commenting and glad you like. No, nobody did even though i had to stand in just my blouse, bra and knickers (minus my trousers) to get marked up and then let the stencil dry. Then when i was being done i was lying between two other clients and their respective tattoists. The lady getting done next to me did get up at one point and sit and watch as my tattoo was finished off (she was taking a break from getting hers done) - but she made no comment and neither did anyone else.