Just to advise that i have a new story that has just been published on Lulu.com

It is longer than my previous stories, just shy of 100 pages, and tells the story of Terri, a submissive slut who is kept by his Mistress in her house where he serves both her, her 'friend' Hermione and Hermione's partner, Geoff. Each month Terri is given a chance to be released from his state of chastity and be permitted to orgasm, it all depends on the roll of a dice. It has been many years though since Terri was last allowed such a release and this time his Mistress, Hermione and Geoff have a series of challenges and humiliations in store for him that he must complete first.

The book can be purchased by clicking the link on the cover below:
I also have some other short stories that i have written which can be found on my short stories page
Readers will be pleased to learn that the new regime of me having to complete some random challenges/punishments in return for the pleasure of watching TV with Owner has now been instituted. Now when invited to settle down and watch telly alongside Her i must, on occasion, first take a card from a far of punishments/challenges that sits on the coffee table for this very purpose. So far this week i have had to spend twenty minutes stood facing the wall in our bedroom with my nipples clamped with Japanese clover clamps (once the programme had ended) and another time spent the first 10 minutes of the programme kneeling down with my hands on my head and my 'clitty' adorned with ten min-clothes peg clamps - a mix of vicious metal and ordinary wooden pegs.

This is a picture of me watching the start of the new series of 'Stranger Things' in my service apron with my clitty hidden from view but adorned with clamps.
Today i had a rare opportunity to work from home. As it is a Friday Owner permitted me to wear this dress-down outfit
and even to have my pussy plugged for an hour between 9-10am, which was especially fun as i had to insert it mid-teleconference
But the thrills did not end there. Shortly after 10am, and with the plug now removed, the front doorbell rang. i trooped downstairs in my heeled trainers, over-the-knee socks, knickers, skirt, padded bra and top and answered the door (i have long since lost any sense of embarrassment i once had at being seen dressed like this by delivery people). It was a lady who had come to read our gas meter - which is located in a cupboard inside our flat. She followed me back into our flat and up the stairs and along the corridor to the floor cupboard which contains the meter. i opened it for her and she took the reading then left, but not without first making a comment. Guess what she said? It was nothing to do with what i was wearing but rather she said how much she liked the banister we have on our staircase!

i recounted the tale straight after in a text to Owner, who thought the encounter hysterical. i can only assume one of two things. Either, a) the meter reader was quite used to seeing TVs in heels and short skirts or b) our banister really is more noteworthy than i am.

One final thing, Owner recently said two things that made me smile. The first was an observation on Her part that She is sure that my clitty has shrunk. i hope so, it genuinely serves no practical purpose other than as something She can torment and tease. It may be that periods of prolonged chastity and lack of use have helped achieve this i don't know but it also feels to me to be even less present than it was before, it was never much to start with!

Although Owner does enjoy rubbing Herself against it my clitty never actually goes inside Her and has not been allowed in Her for probably close to 9 or 10 years now. Provided there is something there for Her to rub against that is all She needs of it sexually. My nose and my tongue are just as effective in that regard, if not more so in that we both delight in my tongue in Her arse. Her second comment was that whilst my clitty seems to have shrunk my pussy remains as big, elastic and welcoming as ever - which is as things should be :)

Owner and i had my review meeting yesterday, but it was no ordinary meeting. Owner booked us both into a hotel near the Tower of London we stayed at a few years ago, the Apex London City. It is a wonderful hotel and we were upgraded to a junior suite. Owner also suggested that as we were staying close to The Shard it would be fun to go there later in the evening and watch the fireworks over London, it being bonfire weekend, from Europe's tallest building.

Owner had booked the hotel so that we would discuss how She wanted to shape my future development and assess where we were with our Femdom relationship away from any distractions. As it turned out our conversation started in the hotel room and then continued downstairs in the hotel bar and later at the restaurant She had booked for dinner (a delicious Thai place on Tooley St).

We talked, drank. talked and ate and then headed up, up. up to the 72nd floor of the Shard to watch the fireworks. Here are some photos from the evening;

The Shard at night
Tower Bridge and City Hall
The view from the 72nd floor - with a  firework exploding over Alexander Palace
But what of the review outcome? i hear you ask. Well, Owner was very fair. We agreed that this past 12 months has seen my performance and drop-off but there have been a number of mitigating factors. My work has become very busy and i am less able to work from home that i was, we have both been distracted by the political uncertainty in the UK caused by Brexit and Owner has not been well. AS a consequence, neither of us has been able to focus 100%. Life has got in the way.

However, we have agreed that we need to re-focus on my development and that i especially need to perform better but that there also need to be some adjustments made to my routines to recognise that i have less  time available to me than i did. Both of us have also got into the habit of spending evening watching TV series together after dinner - something we rarely ever did in the past, we used to rarely watch TV at all. So from now on, though Owner has said She still wants to watch TV with me and 'chill out' together, in future there will be consequences for me for doing so. Every so often when i sit down with Her i will have to select a punishment at random to be completed for the pleasure of enjoying some relaxed time with Her. These punishments have all been written on cards and placed in a pot on the lounge coffee table and they range from canings, to having multiple clamps attached to my nipples and/or clitty or sitting naked with just knickers on my head on our staircase, and various others to boot.

In fact clamps, in the form of electricians clamps, put in an appearance this morning. After returning to our room after breakfast - which of course Owner chose for me, as She later did my lunch - we headed straight back to bed. Owner soon started to rub Herself against me and soon i found that my clitty and my nipples had electricians clamps attached to them and i was greedily sucking on Owners perfect breasts - my excitement fast growing. Owner then instructed me to lie on my back, She grabbed Her vibrator and then adopted Her favourite (and mine) position. Namely, She straddled my head and whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator i eagerly licked and probed Her anus with my tongue. Owner rode my face this way to a number of climaxes whilst i was granted the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite taste of Her anus. Truly, if their is a food of the Gods that is it (sorry we have been watching a number of Viking series of late!).

However, it soon transpired that Owner had more pleasure in store for me. After satiating Herself on my face She then had me get onto all fours and, with my clitty and nipples still clamped, She proceeded to first fuck my 'pussy' with Her lubed fingers and then inserted a dildo and fuck me with it until i pleaded for permission to cum. It was granted and two seconds later Owner was feeding me a handful of my own mess that She had scooped up from the sheets. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

After showering we then had time to do a quick photo shoot in the hotel room before we checked out and headed off for lunch and then home. We haven't done a weekend away like this in our home city for a while and we both had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from the photo shoot to end with

For what has felt like the first time in ages i actually got to work from home one day this last week. Thus, i was able to dress up in my usual home working uniform. i can't tell you how much we have both missed it (both Owner and i) but it was lovely to be able to do again. Owner remarked that She too has missed having not Her 'wife' dressed appropriately and working from home lately (even though She has to go into Her office). We had no deliveries or other visitors during the day so i didn't get to parade around in front of others but it was lovely to be back at home dressed appropriately for work. This is what i was wearing, nothing fancy, just one of my office 'uniforms',

i am working from home one day this coming week too and am looking forward to the prospect of dressign appropriately again already. Incidentally, i got my haircut yesterday so it now looks a little shorter than it does in the picture above.

This mornign before breakfast Owner treated me to a wonderful orgasm (i have been out of chastity all summer at Her request). Owner awoke and began to rub Herself against my body, touching and fondling my 'clit' and my 'pussy', caressing my nipples and stripping me out of my nightie. Next She straddled my hips and, placing Her vibrator against Her clitoris, She proceeded to rub Herself against the shaft of my excited little clit until She orgasmed. It was wonderful to lie there and watch Her as She focussed on pleasuring Herself this way. allowing me the opportunity to caress Her breasts at the same time.

After satiating Herself Owner then reversed positions so that She was facing away from me and began to gently beat and strike my clit and then masturbate it whiilst presenting me with Her anus to lick. The opportunity to do this always drives me insane with excitement and arousal and, coupled with the mild clit spanking, it wasnt long before my clit was ready to explode over my belly, which She allowed me to do.

After making breakfast i then set about doing some washing and laundry, changng the bedding and preparing dinner for later. As i did i was conscious that Owner was busy doing somethign in the loubge but did not know what. It soon transpired that She was setting up a meeting with me to formally review our 'Housewife Academy' and how to pick-up and take forward my training again after a period in which things have slipped (see previous posts). But, it is  not any old meeting. She has booked us both into a hotel for the night in a few weeks time so that we will be undisturbed and She can conduct the review of my behaviour, performance and development without distractions.

i will, of course, update you on the outcome of the meeting afterwards. However, in the meantime, it does now feel like we are starting to get back to 'normal' again.
Yesterday was Owner and my 12th anniversary. We celebrated in style, as middle aged couples do, with home-made pizza and ice cream :)

Owner bought me this lovely bracelet as an anniversary gift

She knows how much i love to accessorise and this bracelet joins the other four that i wear all the time, so i now sport three on my right wrist and two on my left.

This weekend we will be going shopping and i am hoping that Owner might let me buy some new clothes.
First, thank you to all of those of you who dropped by to ask if Owner and i were OK. We're both fine thanks and just back from a two week holiday in Denmark (see below for some pictures).

It has been quite some time since i last posted on here and i really apologise for that. Unfortunately, a combination of many things caused this hiatus. We've both been very distracted by other things of late which have been occupying our minds and which have impacted upon our usual lifestyle. The whole Brexit situation in the UK is an ongoing cause of much stress and despondency. We've been protesting against that and hoping against hope the situation reverses as it will bring nothing good with it and directly impacts upon our own future plans as a Spanish/British couple living in London. It has meant that life has become quite political and focused on bigger issues.

In the meantime, though Owner's (frozen) shoulder continues to gradually return to normal it has impacted on Her health in other ways. She is often still in constant pain and discomfort and that, combined with some work issues, has left Her feeling quite down at times. My own work is super busy at the moment with little opportunity to work from home and some long hours and a lot of travel.

As a result of the above i have been much less of the pet Owner deserves that i ought to have been and things have slipped a little on the housewife front. i have also put on some weight.

However, on the positive front. We did get a couple of weekends away in over the summer (Oslo and Bristol) and have just returned from a great two weeks away in Denmark. We also have something very exciting planned for next year - but i am not going to say any more about that for now - you will just have to guess :)

So, once again, apologies all for the long absence and thank you to all of you who took the time to drop us a line asking if we were OK? We're still going strong and still living very much with Owner in charge even if some of my own duties have slipped up of late. Hopefully, we'll be back fully on track again soon.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from our travels in Central Jutland,Denmark (and see i have put on weight)
Favourite Plastic Coat and Bikini on our Balcony in Denmark

Hello belly!

The temperature in London has been rising these past few days with a mini heatwave and then, last night, spectacular thunderstorms and lightning. The change in the weather mirrored a change in status for yours truly, from locked in chastity to unlocked - and then permitted to cum. On Thursday after work Owner instructed me to remove my chastity device and allow my little clit some time unconstrained in its tight little cage. It was the first time it had been unlocked and allowed out at all since early January. It was quite strange to suddenly be able to see and touch it again.

Needless to say though there was to be no touching of a masturbatory type allowed. Friday passed without incident in my newly released state but then Saturday morning i was awoken with a surprise from Owner. As i lay in a semi-awake (in both ways) state in bed She began to gently fondle and caress me, including caressing my now unlocked clit. Then She took the pair of Japanese clover clamps that always hang from the bed post, for just such a purpose, and clamped my nipples, placed Her knickers over my head with the crutch positioned just under my nose so that i inhaled the sweet scent of Her sex, before taking Her vibrator out of the bedside table drawer, straddling my backside and riding Herself to a battery-powered orgasm. She then turned me over and started to rub Herself up and down along the shaft of my clit whilst continuing to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator. Needless to say, i was soon highly aroused, thrusting my hips up and down and rubbing the shaft of my engorged clit across the entrance to Her sex (i am never under any circumstances permitted to actually enter Her). Owner continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator and soon the combination of the sensation of my rubbing myself against Her sex and feeling the vibrations of Her dildo echo through me were too much. i asked for, and was granted, permission to cum and with that ended over nine months of denial. i felt a mixture of emotions when i came, pleasure yes but also a slight disappointment that such a long period of happy denial had come to a sticky end.

With my orgasm returned the unfamiliar state of post-orgasm tiredness and sleepiness on my part, to the extent that it wasn't long before Owner was forced to remark that She was regretting having let me cum at all. It was an off hand remark by Her but part of me wonders whether She might change Her mind and opt to keep me in long-term denial in future. We definitely both agree that i function better when maintained in that state.

It being the weekend also meant that there have been more treats in store for me, namely being handed glasses of Her delicious piss to drink each day. As this is a bank holiday weekend it has also meant i have enjoyed three glasses of Her wonderful nectar rather than the usual two i get on a normal weekend. The glass i had yesterday was particularly noteworthy. It was almost hot to the touch and tasted warm and wonderful. i truly am lucky to be given the opportunity to imbibe glasses of Her wine like this.

As Saturday was a hot day (Owner does not like the heat) we went to the cinema and watched a lovely Finnish film about Syrian asylum seekers called The Other Side of Hope. It is only on a limited release but if it is on near to you we would both recommend it, it is a slow and delightfully observed film with some great comic moments and a hilarious cast of characters. Then yesterday we spent the day in Kew Gardens in London. We last went to Kew over three years ago and it was lovely to go back and spend the day wandering around the gardens and the woods. i even got to complete a little public bra-wearing challenge amongst the floral displays

However, to be honest the biggest challenge i faced that day was going up the treetop walk, a walkway that wends its way around the tops of some of the trees. i am scared of heights and it left me with shaky knees afterwards, especially as the walkway wobbles!
the staircase up to the treetop walk

amongst the treetops
i was quite relieved to be back down on terra firma!

i am also thrilled to report that Owners' frozen shoulder is finally starting to recover. It has been a horrible experience for Her but She has been back working full time for a while now and we have also booked ourselves some holidays (Norway and Denmark) so in the coming months i will hopefully be reporting back on our resumed adventures abroad.

Oh, and one last thing. Owners financial domination of me is now complete. About two weeks ago the process of closing my bank account and transferring everything across into the joint account She controls was completed. It was quite a step to take but one i am really pleased we did. My salary now gets paid direct to this joint account and the only bank account i now have of my own is the one into which my monthly allowance of £100 is transferred. So Owner now controls every aspect of my finances and is free to spend my salary as She chooses, whereas i of course, cannot. This is a major change and one that i would not advise anyone enter into unless they are 100% secure in their relationship but to us it was the next logical extension of Owner's domination and control of me.

Sorry for the lengthy post, there was quite a lot to update on.
Owner seems to be really enjoying some of the recent additions to my training and development. Every Saturday and Sunday She now presents me with a glass of Her delicious urine for me to drink. This weekend She handed me a warm glass to have before my breakfast and today i received a glass mid-morning, just as i was about to commence my exercises. It is interesting how the colour and the character of Her urine differs depending on the time of the day or what She has drunk Herself. i look forward to becoming an expert when it comes to the many vintages She produces.

Owner has also had cause to make use of the new system of 'instant punishments'. Last weekend i posted about how i had been punished for not labelling food in the fridge. i drew a punishment card from the bag and which stated that my nipples had to be clamped and weighted for twenty minutes. The punishments was delivered in the kitchen with me stood facing the wall. Well, i am afraid Owner had cause to insist that i take another card today. i had been over-zealous with the use of bleach when cleaning the bathroom and made the flat smell of bleach. This time the card i drew stated i was to be spanked 40 times on my testicles. Owner administered the punishment in the bedroom, striking my exposed bits hard and painfully. But it was soon over. She then took this picture of the wooden spoon She used resting against my still throbbing bits, and then added a creative touch to it. i love the final result

Owner also received a promotion at work recently and successfully passed a course She attended, and which She had been very stressed about. i am incredibly proud of what She has achieved. She really is an inspiration.
Owner will often remind me that i am an extremely lucky submissive. When She says this She means that there are many things that She allows me to do which another, stricter dominant might not. She is of course correct. Owner regularly gives me little treats or surprises that She knows i will enjoy. This weekend i have been especially lucky in that regard.

Yesterday was the final of the Eurovision song contest, an event i always look forward to watching. Owner finds the whole show a bit of a waste of time but She knows that it is a show that i enjoy and thus it has become something of an annual fixture in our household, with us both sitting down together to watch it as a treat for me. This year Owner surprised me by not simply permitting me to watch the show but also suggesting that we go to the pub beforehand and then come home and watch the show. And so it was we spent a few happy hours having a few drinks and gossipping and people watching before returning to watch the spectacle on TV. The song i hoped might win, Belgium's entry, did not but congratulations to Portugal for a deserved success.

The treats continued today when Owner permitted me to undertake another of my favourite activities, namely take a trip to our local garden centre and buy some plants. If left to my own devices, something that will obviously never happen, i could spend all day in garden centres and spend a small fortune. Owner ensures this doesn't happen but She does permit me the occasional supervised foray to go with Her to get some plants. However, i am only permitted to get the ones She chooses.

So, as you can see i have been having quite a weekend of treats. We have also started our new routine of me drinking a glass of Owners wonderful urine each day at the weekend. The glass i was given by Owner this morning was full of Her warm amber wine. For some reason i am always left feeling aroused when i drink a glass of Her piss, it is wonderful stuff.

However, Owner is also quick to chastise or reprimand me when i do things wrong and today She unfortunately had cause to administer one of Her new 'instant punishments'. i had just got out of the shower when She came in and demanded to know why i hadn't labelled the date i had placed a half-finished packet of halloumi cheese into a container in the fridge. i was instructed to pick a punishment from the punishment bag that now hangs from our fridge door. The card i took out stated that i was to stand for twenty minutes facing the wall with my nipples clamped and weighted. So this was how i spent twenty minutes of my day today. My nipples were quite sensitive afterwards!
nipples tweezer clamped and weighted
Stood facing the wall for my punishment, the punishment bag is the small red bag hanging to my left

This afternoon Owner and i had one of our regular reviews of my ongoing training and development. Readers may recall that Owner has developed a programme for me which She calls Her housewife Academy. This is divided into four broad training and development areas encompassing:
  • Domestic diva
  • Sex kitten
  • Submissive pet
  • Multi-tasking ninja
i am given goals to achieve under each category and, when these have either been successfully completed or incorporated into my daily life (where they require an ongoing and permanent change) new ones are added until these too have been completed, and so on and so on. Anyway, today Owner agreed that sufficient progress had been made to warrant some new additions to my learning and development.

As of today i have, therefore, had the following added;

Domestic Diva
  • research a sewing project for our flat that i could complete if i am permitted to purchase a sewing machine, now that i have completed a course on learning to use sewing machines.
  • do an audit of our houseplants and remove ones that are not looking too good and tidy up the plants we have outside
Sex Kitten
  • Drink a glass of Owners urine once a day at weekends
Submissive Pet
  • Restrict my coffee intake by only being permitted to drink coffee in the morning and to have a single one straight after lunch (this afternoon coffee to be removed over time i.e. so that i will only be permitted coffees in the morning)
  • Initiate a system of 'on the spot' punishments for any transgressions - Owner has written out a series of punishment cards (about 20 of them) which She has placed into a bag. Whenever i do something wrong i will have to take a card from the bag and complete the punishment on the card. These range from canings, standing facing the wall to being clamped on my nipples, having mini metal clothes pegs attached to my testes or adopting the plank position and combinations thereof.
Multi-Tasking Ninja
  •  Three times a week to only be permitted to read or listen to Spanish magazines or websites on my tablet in bed to improve my Spanish and create a log of all that i have read/listened to.
Hopefully i will soon have either completed or have sufficiently incorporated the above into daily life for further tasks or activities to be added. This is how Owner trains me to become Her ideal submissive wife, adding new restrictions or challenges or tasks to complete, waiting until they have been done or normalised into our relationship and then adding new ones.

Meanwhile, my testicles still throb exquisitely from the spanking they received this morning. Today has been a good day :).