Owner and i have just returned from a short trip to Lithuania. We stayed in the capital Vilnius in a lovely hotel in the old town called the Artagonist hotel. It was a fabulous place to stay in. We also did a couple of day trips out, one to another city called Kaunas and another to the site of a reconstructed historical castle in a lake at a place called Trakai. You can see some pictures from our trip later in the blog post.

Unfortunately, i was not able to make any snow angels whilst we were there on account of there being no snow! It is normally about minus 6-10 degree celsius in Vilnius this time of year but instead was a balmy plus 4 degrees.  i did, at least, get to wear my long padded winter coat again, something for which there has been no need to use in London this year where the weather has been even milder. The world is definitely getting warmer.

i was lucky on the trip in that Owner did a quick photoshoot of me in the hotel room and balcony. i was even luckier in that She let me feast on Her delicious derrier as She pleasured Herself after first having had me felate a dildo and spanked my caged clitty. It is now well over a year (14 months and counting) since i was last allowed to cum, it looks like orgasm denial has well and truly become the new normal for me.

Here are some pictures from our trip. First, from the photoshoot:
spanking skirt and heels
on the balcony - hello Vilnius!
The corset makes me almost look like i have breasts
Looking down across the old town in Vilnius
Vilnius bell tower and Cathedral (one of many, many churches)

Trakai Castle
There was also lots of opportunity to sample some of the delicious, and hearty, food and drinks whilst we were there. One of our favourite places to eat in was a cafe called Sugamour. Here i am outside
in my long winter coat
There was also time for a bit of silliness on the trip too, like this moment when i was sat astride a wooden rocking-zebra (obviously)

yee - hah!
In short, we had a great little trip.

After all of the excitement of my first appearance on stage (see previous post) i almost forgot that it was also time for my monthly outdoor challenge. So yesterday i rolled the outdoor challenge dice under Owners' supervision to see what challenge lay in store for me this month? The answer was quite similar to my January challenge, namely to wear shorts and trainers but this time to wear them to the bus stop near our local park rather than the park itself (as had been the case in January).

After pulling-off the nerve-wracking thrill of being on stage in a maid's outfit in front of hundred's of people i was confident that wearing shorts and trainers to the bus stop would be a comparative breeze. To make it a bit more of a challenge i selected a short summer blouse, despite this being February (the fact that i could wear it and not be too cold says all you need to know about climate change), colourful tights and a strappy bra to pair with some short black shorts and trainers.

When i arrived at the bus stop i realised that there wasn't anywhere obvious that i could place my mobile to take a picture to send to Owner to prove to Her that i had completed my challenge. In the end i leant my phone against a nearby tree (hence the - from below - angle). i was pleased with the outcome though, as was Owner. You can see what i looked like below
posing at the park bus stop in shorts and trainers
i think someone else must have quite liked my outfit too as i got tailed by a slow-moving van for part of my walk back home.

The monthly outdoor dice were not the only dice i rolled yesterday. i also rolled my weekly chores/task dice. This is a short week for both Owner and i as we head-off to Lithuania mid-week so i only have a few days to complete these other tasks. Accordingly, tonight i will be cleaning whilst naked and gagged and i might also be cooking whilst wearing weighted nipple clamps (if not tonight then definitely tomorrow night).

Then after that we're both jetting off on our travels. i am really looking forward to it. Sadly it does not sound like there will be much/any snow whilst we are there so my fantasy of making snow angels in my lingerie will have to wait for another day. But, i am sure we will have an amazing time.

Oh, and one last thing. Today is Owner and my actual (as in legal) wedding anniversary. i can't believe it is already two years since we tied the knot in Las Vegas. It is a day i will never forget, not just because it was a wonderful and very significant day but also because i have the date, and the fact that i became Owners' wife, tattoed around my left breast. Which means i have no excuses for ever forgetting the date of our wedding anniversary! In terms of anniversary presents, Owners gif to me was the task/challenge of appearing in public dressed as an anime maid whereas mine was much more traditional, a pretty ring for Owner.
i can't quite believe what i have just achieved. Today i took to the stage dressed in my pretty anime maid's outfit in front of a crowd of over 200 people at the London Anime & Gaming Convention. Owner had set me an anniversary treat/challenge, instructing me to purchase tickets for the convention so that i could enter into the Cosplay Masquerade in my Hideri Kanzaki maid character outfit from the anime series Blend -S. Regular readers will know that i did a photoshoot wearing this outfit in a London Hotel before Christmas in the hotel corridor but this time the challenge was to appear in front of a live audience. Would i manage it? i have been on stage before but not since school days and certainly not dressed in a short and pretty maid's outfit whilst also in chastity. Could i do it?

i grew increasingly nervous in the days running upto the event. Luckily for me i only imagined that i would have to appear on a small stage in a basement not on a big main stage in front of hundreds of people. But i am getting ahead of myself. First, upon arrival Owner took a few photos of me in my outfit at the convention. Here i am

me in my outfit - you can clearly see my new 'Owned' tattoo on my thigh
practising my pose
in the audience - nervously waiting for showtime
Having set me the challenge to go on stage in my outfit as Her wedding anniversary gift to me Owner helped me with my make-up for the event and also documented my escapade.
But of course standing about and posing was one thing, getting up on the stage in front of everyone would be another. Eventually the PA announced that everyone participating in the masquerade was to go and start to line-up and prepare for their moment on stage. There were quite a lot of people in costumes entering the masquerade, mostly teenagers but one or two in their 20s or 30s. i suspect i was the only 50 year old amongst them.

As we lined-up and waited our turn i confess to having a moment when i thought, what on earth am i doing? i became self-conscious that my skirt was quite short and you could see my knickers underneath and, well if you could see my knickers then it would be quite easy to see i was in chastity. Would people notice when i was on stage and they were looking up at me, up my skirt, seeing my frilly panties? Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound! i was determined that i would push myself to appear on stage no matter what people thought. i was actually mentally prepared for people to laugh at me.

Eventually my turn came. This is what Owner documented
To my amazement i even got a few cheers as i left the stage. Owner was delighted with my performance and i am really pleased that i did it. This has to be the best wedding anniversary gift/challenge ever. i fear Owner may just have created a monster. Today a stage at in London, next time...Vegas? 😁

Tomorrow i need to roll the dice for this months' outdoor challenge. i can't imagine it will beat the experience of being on stage though.
Things have been a little quiet for Owner and i since the excitement of my birthday and its attendant treats. Work has been busy for both of us, Owner especially. However, we have been out to the cinema and to a new local restaurant/bar that has opened near to where we live. They do a good selection of gluten-free drinks and food (Owner is gluten intolerant) and it is quite close to where we live so it is a useful addition to the neighbourhood.

In the new bar, can you guess what my favourite drink is?
Meanwhile, my tattoo is almost fully healed as too is my leg (at last). i just need to go back to the parlour to finish off a tiny bit of the tattoo. i love having the statement that i am 'Owned' permanently etched onto my thigh.

i have also been made to suffer whilst completing my domestic tasks courtesy of Owners' new dice. My nipples have been regularly clamped and weighted whilst cleaning/cooking and my caged clit has also been 'decorated' by miniature wooden and metal pegs - which are torture when being removed - again, whilst cleaning.
ready to start cooking with my tit weights attached - i realise i need to lose some weight!

Meanwhile, there are a couple of exciting events coming up which i am really looking forward to. First up, next weekend Owner and i are going to an anime convention. i have never been to one before and i hope to be able to dress up in my little cosplay maids outfit. There is an outfit competition which woud be fun to enter - i wonder how many other 50 year olds will be hoping to spend sometime dressed up in a maids outfit in public? 😄

Then, the following week Owner and i have a little trip planned to Vilnius in Lithuania. Owner has been there before but i never have. We are both hoping for snow (this winter has been ridiculously mild to date) - i would love the opportunity to make snow angels in my lingerie! It looks like a beautiful city and we are really looking forward to the opportunity to explore it together.

Finally, it is just under a week to go before i once agin have to roll the monthly outdoor challenge dice. Last month i got an 'easy' task, wearing my shorts in the park. i wonder what this months task will entail? Some of the possibilities the dice has been loaded with would push me firmly outside my comfort zone, which is a good thing. Hope all our readers are well.

Owner controls and dominates my life in some many wonderful ways. She controls me financially, She decides what i will eat or drink when we go out, i need Her permission before making any purchases, She decides what clothes i might buy, how Her home is to be kept and decorated, She can chastise or punish me at any time, She sets me tasks and challenges, expects that i will keep Her home clean and tidy at all times, will prepare all Her meals and do all Her washing. She also keeps me collared at all times, at home as well as at work. And of course, She dominates me sexually, is clear that my purpose is to pleasure Her whilst keeping me in denial (over 400 days and counting since my last orgasm). In short, She controls and dominates me completely, She owns me. As Her wife i am a moon locked in happy eternal orbit around Her planet. Her ownership of me is complete, there is not an aspect of my life into which it does not extend and shape and determine what i may or may not do.

Thus, it is only fitting that as Her final gift to me for my fiftieth birthday Owner designed a tattoo for me to publicly mark the fact that i am fully 'Owned' by Her. Earlier this week i headed out to the tattoo parlour to be permanently inked in a way that publicly and very openly celebrates the complete control Owner has over me. The tattoo is on my right inner thigh and is big enough to be fully obvious whenever i am in shorts or a skirt.

i am thrilled, honoured and excited and immensely proud to be so publicly labelled by Owner as belonging to Her completely. She is a truly amazing and wonderful woman who has lit-up and enriched my life in so many wonderful ways. To be Hers is to be complete. She is my world and i cherish Her absolute rule over me. To be owned by Her, to be able to submit totally to Her and for Her absolute control and dominance over me to be marked upon my flesh until the day i die is a truly wonderful privilege. For it is only that, namely my own death, that would ever cause us to be parted. i am Hers for as long as i have breath in my lungs and am honoured to be marked for life as belonging to Owner. She truly is the person who makes my life complete and i love and adore Her.

So what does the new tattoo look like? Well the first thing to say is that the tattoo artist deviated a little from Owners' original design. i didn't realise this at first, other than the fact the tattoist had changed the placing of Owners initials (which i checked Owner was ok with). However, when i returned home Owner was quick to spot that the tattoo lookeda little different from Her original design. i love how it looks and all that it represents but Owner is a bit disappointed as it is not a replica of the design She produced. The artist also needs to re-touch one of the initials as the final version did not come out quite right, but she is confident it can be fixed.

So these are a few shots of me getting the tattoo done and the final version
on the couch, stencil marked up, waiting to be inked
2/3 of the tattoo completed
And now a photo of the tattoo the day after having it done
1 day later
i like the fact that the tattoo clearly says i am 'Owned' and has Owner's initials around it, marking me as Hers (accepting one of the letters needs tweaking slightly). As i say, Owner is disappointed it deviated from Her design but i am hoping She will grow to like it - She says is pretty, just not quite what She drew. The most important thing for me is not really the design but the statement itself. i am owned and am owned by Her. That is what i want people to know if they see the tattoo. My inner thighs now proclaim Owners' nickname for me and my status as being owned by Her.
It's not all photoshoots and fluffiness in my life as Owners' submissive wife, there are still chores to complete and some suffering to endure. An example of the latter has been the start of the domestic chores dice regime which began in earnest this week.  For those unfamiliar with these dice these are new ones devised by Owner and they are designed to enhance my experience when i complete some of my routine domestic chores each week. This week the dice determined that when cleaning the fridge i was to wear weighted nipple clamps and then when cleaning the bathroom i was to wear ten mini-pegs on my nipples/breasts. As chance would have it my cleaning routine meant that each both fell on consecutive days at the start of this week - as a consequence of which my tits are now a little sensitive! It should keep me going until next week's dice get rolled.

This is me preparing to clean the fridge with the weighted nipple clamps in-situ (i had to undo my cleaning tunic to accommodate the clamps and weights)
heavy clamped nipples and chastised clitty
The following day i had to clean the bathroom with 10 mini pegs (a mix of metal and wooden ones) on each breast, this time i dispensed with my tunic completely
check-out my fluffy slippers!
i am also thrilled to say that i have now made the appointment to get Owners' new tattoo done on my right inner thigh. It will probably be my most overt symbol yet of Her ownership and control over me that i will have etched permanently on my body for in addition to Her initials it also says 'Owned'. The tattoo will be about 5 inches in size and so will clearly be visible if i am wearing shorts. The location, on my right inner thigh, means it will be opposite the other tattoo i had done last year which has Owners nickname for me 'Petunio' written as the stalk of a petunia flower. It is the same tattoo artist doing my new one as did that one, she was really good and we were both very impressed by her work. It should take between 2-3 hours to do and will be done later next week. i will post an image of the outcome. i am really excited at getting this done.

With this tattoo my body will have been adorned with:
  • the date (in Roman numerals) of my marriage to Owner and confirmation (in Latin) of my status as her wife
  • An 'S' serpent symbol of my submission to Owner and Her first initial
  • A key symbol representing the fact that i am often kept in chastity
  • An ankle chain with the feminine half moon symbol
  • A princess crown
  • A cat - to show my 'kitten/pet' side
  • Owners' 'nickname' for me as the stem of a petunia flower
And soon to be joined by a statement that i am 'owned' by Her with Owners' initials. i am really delighted to have been marked so clearly to whom i belong.
Owner and i have just returned from a wonderful weekend in Paris, what can i say, it was amazing. Owner planned the trip as part of my 50th birthday present from Her. We travelled out by Eurostar after work on Friday and returned on Sunday evening.

Paris is a city i know well and love, having once had a flat there in the days before i knew Owner, but She took me to places i had never visited before. On Saturday we travelled out to the Chateau at Versailles to take in the old imperial splendour and walk in the gardens. We were blessed by wonderfully dry and bright weather and had a lovely trip out. That evening we dined at a lovely little restaurant near our hotel in Montmartre in which i was allowed to feast on duck and also enjoy an exceptionally tasty desert. The food was delicious.

Meal over Owner then took me to the Moulin Rouge to watch the showgirls (and boys) in the world famous cabaret and learn a few poses and moves to try myself. Again, i was treated in that Owner allowed me to have a half bottle of champagne watching the performance. The show itself was camp and over the top but good fun and i was left in awe of the outfits...i really, i mean REALLY do need one of their amazing feathery outfits and how they do the high kicks and splits like they do i will never know.

Sunday, after breakfast in the hotel it was then time for Owner and i to do a little cabaret inspired photoshoot with Owner as photographer par excellence and me as Her muse. Owner had bought me a wonderful basque, knickers, fascinator and new heels for my birthday to wear for the shoot and we had a great time. We shot inside the hotel room, in the corridor and outside on an elevated walkway that connected two parts of the building and which also had a wrought iron staircase. This outdoor space was accessible to anyone in the hotel and visible from a number of the rooms, the occupants of at least one of which got to see me posing in my heels. i loved it and was left on a high for the rest of the day.

Photoshoot over we then had time to wander at our leisure around Montmartre, enjoy lunch and an afternoon coffee before returning to Gare du Nord and catching the Eurostar home. It was a truly wonderful birthday weekend and i feel like the luckiest 50 year old alive.

Here are some shots from the weekend, first from the photoshoot:

And some shots from out and about over the weekend in Paris and Versailles
Moulin Rouge
Owner and i inside the Moulin Rouge waiting for the show to start (you were not allowed to photograph the actual show)

So today is the day that i turned 50. As i write this it is not even mid-morning here in the UK but already my day has been full of wonderful gifts, surprises and challenges, with more...a lot more, still to come.

My day started at 6am with Owner getting up and preparing breakfast for the two of us whilst i lay in bed. It is normally me that makes the breakfast and so i was feeling quite guilty lying there as i listened to Owner busying Herself in the kitchen. Owner had given me strict instructions to not leave the bed until She came to collect me for breakfast and present opening.

This is the sight that greeted me when Owner led me through into the lounge.
Cake, breakfast, presents' dice and pee
What a sight for sore eyes. Owner had got me a delicious birthday cake, made my breakfast and laid out the dice i was to roll and her presents ready for opening. She also had a special treat for me and this is what i started with first. Yes, Owner had provided me with a delicious glass of her piss for me to enjoy, and enjoy it i did! It was delicious and a wonderful way to start my birthday
Cheers - birthday drink of Owners' pee
drinking Owners' pee - apologies for my mad hair!
Pee drunk it was time to blow out the candles on the cake and move onto the next order of business, dice rolling. The first dice to be rolled was the chastity dice and i struck lucky. i am henceforth being locked back into chastity for a period of 3 months
the outcome of my chastity dice roll
Next up was the monthly outdoor challenge dice roll. i ended up with one of the 'easier' potential dice combinations, namely to pose wearing shorts and trainers outside the cafe in our local park. If you read on you can see how i got on.

Dice rolling completed it was then time to move onto the main order of business, present opening. Boy, did i do well! First, up Owner is gifting me a new tattoo that will clearly state that i am owned by her. She has come up with a design and now all i need to do is make an appointment to get the tattoo done. She is currently considering whereabouts on my body She would like it to go. Her current preference is for it to go on my right inner thigh, opposite where Her previous tattoo is which says my nickname. She has also considered getting it done on my arse but thinks it might be too big. This is Her design - it's wonderful, i love it!
Owners' design for my next tattoo
The next present was a real surprise. This weekend Owner is whisking me away for a weekend trip to Paris, including a visit to Versailles (which we have always wanted to see) as well as an evening performance at the Moulin Rouge. i am super excited at the prospect of seeing the show. We are having a meal beforehand and then we have a night of high kicking, bloomers and stockings wearing girls ahead of us. Oh how i wish i could join them on stage. But Owner has thought of that too. Though i won't be joining in the cabaret the last of my birthday presents were a pair of amazing heeled shoes, a basque, frilly knickers and a fascinator to wear for a photo shoot in our hotel the next day. i will, after all, get an opportunity to dress as a show girl. i am super excited at the prospect. Here's a sneak preview of my amazing new shoes
Last, but not least i also got a beautiful pair of ear-rings to wear. They are silver with a small red stone inset and are completely gorgeous, i love them
my beautiful new ear-rings
Owner also has one more treat planned for my birthday. She is taking me to dinner tonight to one of our favourite places which has amazing views across London. We're both really looking forward to it.

So, didn't i do well!! i got some absolutely amazing presents from Owner and i am super excited about our weekend away to Paris. What additional excitement could the morning possibly bring? Well, completing my challenge for one thing.

The dice had decided that i was to wear shorts and trainers outside the cafe in our local park. With Owners' permission i selected some pretty shorts and my heeled trainers to wear combined with over-the-knee socks, a bra and top. It is currently 9 degrees in London so i also needed a coat to wear. This is what my outfit looked like:
my dice challenge outfit
Preparing to leave the house
heading to the park
outside the park cafe
old lady and dog
One thing i have realised with these challenges is that i ought to invest in a selfie stick, there is only so far my far can extend!

Owner was pleased with me when She saw the photos to show Her that i had completed the challenge. i am already looking forward to next month's one! What a wonderful way to start my 50th and what a lot of amazing presents, treats and surprises i received.
Last night Owner revealed the new dice and new rules for using the dice that will be introduced for this year. Many of you will know from previous posts that Owner came up with the genius idea of using dice to determine things such as, how long i should spend in chastity, what challenges i should complete etc. Anyway, Owner decided at the end of last year that it was time to update and refresh the dice and last night Her new dice and the new rules for using them were revealed to me.

So, what do the new dice say? Well, there are now three sets of dice;
  • one dice for chastity
  • two that determine what i am to do when completing my routine indoor domestic tasks 
  • a set for completing outdoor challenges
Let's take each one of these in turn.

Chastity Dice

i will start using this dice on my birthday (this coming Thursday). Unlike the last chastity dice rather than being rolled on a specific day each month this new one will be rolled whenever it is necessary to do so. This is to reflect the fact that chastity will no longer be the default for me, rather for this year the question of whether i am locked or not will be entirely determined by the dice and the values Owner has loaded it with. So, starting this Thursday the dice will be rolled to answer the question, should i be locked into chastity or not? The answers the dice has been loaded with are:
  • yes, locked for 3 months
  • yes, locked for 1 week
  • no, unlocked for 3 months 
  • no, unlocked for 1 month
  • yes, locked for 2 days
  • no, unlocked for 2 days
The dice changes mean it is likely that i will spend more time unlocked in 2020 than i did in 2019. As someone who likes being locked up i am going to have to practice my dice rolling skills :). However, this does not affect whether or not Owner intends to keep me denied i.e. without an orgasm, which She has done since December 2018.

Domestic Tasks Dice

Owner has introduced a new concept for 2020, the domestic tasks dice. On a daily basis i am expected to undertake a series of domestic tasks/duties. Some of these occur everyday e.g. prepare all meals, others on specific days of the week i.e. thoroughly clean the bathroom. i have been doing such tasks for many years now. Anyway, starting next Monday (20th January) Owner has instructed that i am to roll 2 dice twice at the start of each week. The dice will give instructions for things i need to do when completing specific tasks that week. One dice has been loaded with a selection of some of the tasks i complete every week, either daily or on specific days. These comprise:
  • Clean room
  • Clean floors
  • Clean fridge
  • Wash-up
  • Cook
  • Clean bathroom
The second dice has then been loaded with instructions for what i must do when completing a task. The instructions it has been loaded with are:
  • Naked and gagged
  • Mini pegs on clit (20)
  • Buttplug
  • Nipple clamps + weights
  • Nipple clamps
  • Mini pegs on nipples (10)
Both dice are rolled twice at the start of the week. When undertaking the tasks identified by the first dice that week i.e. cleaning rooms or washing-up for example they need to be undertaken with the outcome of the second dice i.e. clean room wearing nipple clamps or a buttplug etc. There are obviously multiple combinations of possible outcomes. What is certain is that my cleaning and cooking duties will be quite a bit more interesting this year!

This brings me to the third and final set of dice.....

Outdoor Challenge Dice

As an exhibitionist i have come to really relish the outdoor challenges Owner set me with Her previous outdoor challenge dice. Her new dice raise the bar still higher and leave me nervously excited at the potential challenges that lie ahead for me. These dice will be rolled on my birthday this week and then once a month for the remainder of the year, so in total i will complete at least 12 such outdoor challenges in 2020.

There are two outdoor challenge dice. One dice determines what i am to wear and the second determines the location in which i am to wear the outfit. Let's start with the outfits. The first dice has been loaded with the following instructions that will decide what i am to wear for the challenge. Each challenge will, as usual, require that i provide Owner with photographic evidence that it was completed. The options it has been loaded with are:
  • Dress & high heels
  • Skirt, high heels and wig (grey long haired one)
  • Long coat & only underwear underneath
  • Trousers & high heels
  • Cat ears head band, shorts & high heels
  • Shorts & trainers
The second dice determines the location in which i am to wear the outfit. The options the dice is loaded with are:
  • Bus stop near local park
  • Bus stop at the end of our road
  • Asda supermarket (large one)
  • Outside the cafe in our local park
  • Downstairs outside our flat in the street
  • Our local railway station
As you can see some of the potential outcomes could be very innocuous and easy to do without causing any stress or anxiety (to me!), for example wearing shorts and trainers stood in the street outside our flat. Others, however.....would be a little me more nerve wracking, for example wearing shorts, cats ears and high heels stood outside our local railway station - which is a busy one, or going to the supermarket wearing only lingerie and a long coat (actually - i need to check if i am allowed to also wear shoes for that one), or stood outside the cafe in our local park that is popular with mum's and their toddlers wearing a skirt, heels and wig combination. The possibilities for humiliation are multiple, i love it!

So, these are the dice that will be determining much of my life for 2020. i am extremely grateful to Owner for, once again, coming up with a great set of ideas and especially for further pushing me to show the world what a slut i really am.
Good news, i am off my crutches at home. i still cannot walk normally and i super slow when hobbling around but i no longer need to use my crutch at home. i even ventured outside to the shops yesterday, my first un-escorted journey outdoors since New Years Day! i am really pleased as Owner has something planned for next weekend as a birthday treat. i have no idea what it might be but She did say it was dependent on my leg healing...so far so good.

Talking of birthday treats, one thing that i do know i will be getting is a glass of Owners delicious piss. This i am really looking forward to as i love to drink it. Owner is also taking me out for a meal on the night of my actual birthday which i am looking forward to.

i have been working from home all week and seemingly each day a parcel has been delivered which i was under strict instructions from Owner to take immediately to the bedroom and not try to open or shake or in any other way guess their contents as they were presents for me. There is now a big bag sitting in the wardrobe all waiting to be opened on my birthday. Owner has also managed to arrange it so that She too will be working from home on the day of my birthday as i am too. It promises to be a lovely day and weekend. To think some people get really upset when they hit 50, i cannot wait for my birthday!
dress down Friday - finally without my crutches
i also received my new cleaning uniform ordered over the New Year. These are the outfits i wear in the evening to do housework etc in. i really love this one, it is a cute design, i bought it from a company called Harveys who also offers a service where you can have some text embroidered onto it. Mine says Owners' pet name for me 'Petunio' the same name that is tattooed on my inner thigh.

in my fluffy slippers :)