So today was the day when the tattoo that Owner designed to mark the achievement of my becoming Her wife back in February this year was transformed into reality by Jon at Good Times Tattoo (who also did my ankle pendant and chain just over a year ago). Owner is delighted and so am i. You can see the end result below:
my left breast under wraps
our wedding date 16th Feb 2018 in Roman numerals and the Latin word for wife 'Uxor' - my status - with the laurels to mark the achievement of becoming Owner's wife
Readers may have heard of the cult novel The Dice Man which charted how a fictional psychiatrist decided to live his life and act according to the roll of a dice, resulting in all sorts of mayhem and him committing numerous illegal acts. Well, Owner has devised Her own version of the dice game, except one that is centred upon chastity. In short, the dice now decides if i stay locked or released etc.

However, Owner being the genius that She is would never have been happy with using just any old ordinary dice, She wanted a dice that She could personalise, a dice that would allow Her to determine the options i might have to follow. Thus, She bought a large dry-wipe dice learning cube from Amazon that allows users to write-on and rub off whatever text you choose on each face of the dice. This enables Owner to dictate what 'choices' the dice may present as She has written them. It is still chance and the throw of the dice which ultimately determines which of the choice She has chosen is the one that i have to implement. The dice will be rolled once a month (the 11th each month) and depending on how it falls it will determine whether or not i am unlocked from chastity or not, what else i may have to do etc. The options that Owner chose to write on the faces of the dice for now were as follows:
  • No change for 2 months (ie stay locked in chastity for another 2 months then roll again)
  • No change for 1 month (ie stay locked in chastity for another month then roll again)
  • Remove next weekend (ie released for 2 days then locked for remainder of month)
  • Replace with a ribbon for 1 week (then return to chastity for the remainder of the month)
  • Remove every Friday for one month (then roll again on the 11th of the next month)
  • Remove now for spanking only (then replace for remainder of the month)
 This way Owner Herself isn't sure what i will have to do other than knowing that it will be one of six options that She has written down on the dice.
the chastity dice
Anyway, the dice was rolled for the first time today when i was working from home (and good news - look no crutches!)
Owner hoped that the dice might land on the face demanding that i wear a ribbon on my clit for a week instead of my chastity device, as it turned out it landed on the face demanding that i stay locked up until the dice gets rolled again on the 11th of July - it will be rolled on a monthly basis from here on.

The advantage of the dry-wipe dice is that it enables Owner to change the 'choices' each month should She wish to. It is a fun new dimension to chastity that i think we are both going to enjoy.
Every weekday morning that i am at home and She is not i message Owner to seek her permission for what to wear etc. In these messages i also have a particular way in which i refer to myself namely as 'slutty pet'.  Anyway, we have recently had to have a door replaced at home and we had a builder come and do the work for us because i am useless at DIY and, even if i wasn't, i am still on crutches.  Anyway, this morning i messaged Owner shortly after She left the flat. In the message i referred to myself as 'slutty pet' and also said that i was seeking Her permission to wear a white skirt and knickers and my blue blouse that day. Except, i hadn't messaged Owner. i had instead replied to the last message i had received on Whatsapp - which was from the builder! Oops. Luckily the work was completed and so i did not have to deal with the added shame of later seeing him again in person.

This episode also reminded Owner and i of some other famous or infamous occasions in which i have, how shall i put this, slightly embarrassed myself by sendign something to the wrong person/people. For example the time many years ago when, in response to my families annual request for a list of things i want for Christmas, i accidentally sent a list of 'fun' items i was hoping to suggest to Owner we might get, you know, butt plugs etc to my family instead. Not quite the list i think my mum was anticipating she would receive!

Or there was the time when i accidentally emailed a work colleague (who happens to share the same name and thus a very similar work email address) a copy of the draft of one of my short stories that i meant to send to myself from my home email in order to be able to edit it on a forthcoming train journey. To say the story was not safe for work would be an understatement. He claimed he didn't read it when i emailed back and explained had been sent to him in error and could he please delete it, i am not sure i believe him though.

Have any readers had similar communication mishaps?

i leave you with a picture i sent Owner this morning with me wearing the outfit i had previously sought her permission to wear. At least this didn't get sent to the builder as well
me and my crutch
Today is the 13th anniversary of when Owner and i first met in Bond Street tube station in London. We had actually met on line a few months earlier and had been exchanging messages etc but this was 13 years ago today that we first met in the flesh. We went for a pizza for dinner and we still go back to the same restaurant each year to mark this particular anniversary.

i say this particular anniversary as it would be another few months before what started out as a purely platonic relationship moved onto something more intimate. That happened in October of that same year when Owner first kissed me, that time in Charing Cross station in London. That was on the 6th October 2005 and that date marks the second of our annual anniversaries. It was then just a few months after that date that Owner accepted my written request to submit to Her and She moved in with me and the rest, as they say is history.

Except, of course, that this year we added a new chapter to our relationship when Owner formally took me as Her legal wife when we were married in Las Vegas. That took place on 16th February, which will now become our third significant anniversary date.

i could throw in a whole host of other significant dates, the first time i wore make-up and started down the road of feminisation, the first time i went into chastity, our first contract, my first tattoo symbolising our relationship, the first time Owner fucked me, the last time i was permitted inside Her (which was a very long time ago - almost 10 years), my first maid's uniform, the last time i had full control over my finances,, the date we disposed of all my possessions, the first course i attended to improve my domestic skills, the first time i was collared in public, the first day i wore make-up to work, the day Owner bought me my first bra, the first time She presented Her arse for me to lick, the first time She caned me, the first short story i wrote, the first jewellery She bought for me and so on.

But, the 31st May remains the most special of days to me as it was the first ever time that we met in the flesh ad it was the first day of the start of my new life (though i did not know that then).  Meeting Owner was the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me. i love and adore Her and i know that She loves me too. Some couples grow apart but we have only ever grown closer together. She is my life and i thank Her from the bottom of my heart for making me the happiest pet and wife in the world.

Unfortunately, we might not be able to make it to the restaurant near Bond Street to celebrate our 13th anniversary quite as soon as we had hoped. Yesterday, when i was running to catch a train to go to work i managed to tear my calf muscle. So Owner is spending our 13th anniversary as my nurse when it should obviously be me who ought to be looking after Her.
with my crutches and my anniversary card from Owner
Hopefully normality will return soon enough though and it will again be me taking care of Her as is the proper order of things. Owner also bought me a beautiful pair of ear-rings as an anniversary gift which i am thrilled by/ They are thick silver hoops and you can see one of them in the picture below
One final anniversary to mention. In August of this year it will be the 10th anniversary of this blog. i have some ideas for how to mark the occasion but if anyone has any suggestions for us to consider or questions they'd like answers to (within reason!) then we'd love to hear them.
Owner nd i have just got back from a long weekend trip to Stockholm. It is the only Scandinavian capital that we had yet to visit and we have been wanting to go for a number of years.  It really is beautiful although when we visited it was experiencing something of a heatwave (high 20s) which meant that it was a bit too hot for Owner's liking. Still we managed to get out and about and explore a lot.

It was also the first holiday in a while that i have spent with my clit firmly locked away at all times.
To get past airport security i briefly switched devices at the airport - swapping my tiny metal Happygo device for my old plastic Holy Trainer- before swapping them back again when safely past the scanners. What i forgot though was that even though i had temporarily replaced the metal device with the plastic one, the former was obviously still clearly visible to the security staff inside my carry-on luggage as it passed through the bag scanner - to their evident amusement. That said, they at least did not ask for the bag to be opened-up! Anyway, safely through i swapped back into the Happygo where i remained until repeating the whole process for the flight back.

The trip itself was really enjoyable, even if a little too warm for Owner. For me it meant a chance to spend a few days in my shorts and try to get a bit of a tan on my legs. We walked a lot - the city is a delight to walk around and we ate, drank and saw the sights. i also got to spend my first vacation in a while with my clit securely locked away. We would definitely both love to go .back one day. Here are some pictures Owner took of me during the trip

in the hotel drying my hair before heading out
flashing my bra by the waterfront
After wearing my old small metal chastity device all week my new Happygo Super Small Male Chastity device was delivered today. And, OMG we love it! Owner and i both agree that it is super cute. i have only just started wearing it but i already love it. i will do a proper review once i have been wearing it for an extended period of time but initial impressions are really positive. One aspect of the device also immediately strikes me. Because it is so small and keeps my clitty under tight control it means that my balls - or the lips of my clitty - will dangerously and invitingly exposed for beating.
securely locked
The components of the Happygo
Indication of the size compared to my thumb
Fittingly, Owner determined that i should pay for the device out of the monthly allowance She permits for me. It's not a costly device at all but it meant that a third of my monthly allowance has gone on the pleasure of being placed into tight chastity. There is something extra special about that and is one of the many, many reasons that i think She is the best Owner in the world.

Owner has also developed some ideas for a monthly game of chastity 'Russian Roulette'. She is still working on it but in essence each month i will get to pick a card and depending on the card picked it could mean that i will be remaining locked up without release for another one. two or more months or that my clitty might be temporarily released for Her to tease for a few hours or a few days even. You get the idea. Essentially, the luck of the draw will determine how long i stay locked in chastity for, without prospect of release.

This week also saw the resumption of my being punished for the pleasure of being able to watch TV with Owner after i had completed my chores. This was something Owner introduced a while back but the combination of the long hours i was working and Owner's ill health meant we had kind of got out of the habit. Anyway, it is back. i now have to pick a punishment card from a jar kept on the coffee table in the lounge for just that purpose. This week it has meant i have been caned, clamped, spent time on all fours, and received an over-the-knee spanking in return for privilege of watching the TV.
On all fours with nipple clamps (out of view)
Finally, royal wedding has descended on the UK - except in our household - we're both republicans. So it seems rather fitting that at the time when half the nation will probably be watching the couple head down the aisle Owner and i will be at the tattooist making arrangements for me to be permanently inked with to mark my achievement of becoming Owner's legal wife and the date of this occurred earlier this year. i wonder if Meghan will demand that Harry do the same, or place him into chastity too?
This past week has been a very positive one. Owner and i have discussed some of the performance issues that i need to address though we recognise that because my job has become much busier this past year, with more travel involved, it will inevitably have some impact upon my routines. However, it was a good and positive discussion to have had and it highlighted a number (an embarrassingly large number) of things that need doing about the house that i need to get back on top of.

i even got to work from home for two days in a row this week - something that i have not been able to do for many months now. It was so nice to be dressed-up and working in my home uniform of stockings, skirt and blouse again on the first day - made doubly thrilling as there were a couple of callers to the house and a delivery during the day who also got to see me in my feminine office attire. The second day working from home was 'dress down Friday'. This time Owner permitted me to wear a PVC skirt and semi-sheer top with padded bra, heeled trainers and ankle socks. There were no callers this time but i was permitted to wear my jewelled butt plug for part of the day.

i also asked Owner if i might be permitted to return to chastity again? i have been out of chastity for about a year now. i genuinely think that not being locked up negatively affects my performance, chastity helps me to focus my effort and attention and provides a constant motivator for me to maintain the level of submission Owner expects without Her having to directly reinforce that Herself. i would love to be locked permanently but Owner likes to have me free at times so that She can play with my clitty. Anyway, to cut a long story short She has graciously agreed to me returning to being locked up again. i am extremely grateful to Her and super happy about. She has also agreed to my replacing my existing, and still perfectly serviceable tiny metal chastity device, with an upgraded version of the same which has a solid base ring as opposed to a hinged one (which the version i have had). The original was fine but the hinge had to be covered by a small piece of rubber tubing to prevent it catching and pinching skin where you really don't want it to be caught and pinched! It was the only issue i had with it and, though it only did this once in all the time i wore it (off and on over a year) the new version avoids this risk completely.

The replacement device is due to be delivered next week. It is called the Happy Go Super Small Chastity device and is available from Amazon. This is what it looks like

It is inexpensive but then so too was the previous one, which apart from the risk of the hinge catching you, proved to be the most comfortable chastity device i have ever owned. i will post a full review of it after it has arrived. Needless to say though i am really happy to be returning to having my clitty locked up.

Finally, tonight it is the annual extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest - my personal TV highlight of the year. Owner is permitting me to watch it gain this year for which i am eternally grateful to Her. She has even suggested that we could make some cocktails with the bottle of Limoncello we brought back from Milan, perhaps even a 'special' cocktail for me. Life is good.
Owner and i are just back from a wonderful, albeit it all too short, honeymoon in Milan and Lake Como in Italy. It was a wonderful and relaxing break with delicious food and  ice creams eaten, sights seen, photo shoots taken and even an orgasm permitted (my first since early December 2017).

As regular readers will know Owner and i got married in Las Vegas in February (just after Valentine's day) at the end of a short US road trip. As we married at the end of the trip we agreed that we should go away again on honeymoon somewhere and Owner chose Milan - a city She had previously visited but that i had not.

Anyway, the months after our wedding were extremely stressful for us both. Owner had a serious health scare (thankfully now all seemingly OK after various tests). This came on top of Her having only just recovered from almost two years of debilitating health issues. At the same time She has been unhappy at work whilst my own job has been super busy and has meant i have been travelling a lot and working from home hardly at all. This in turn has meant that i have not been able to serve Owner in the manner we had both grown accustomed to. In short, the honeymoon came at the perfect time to celebrate Owners' news about Her health and just get to relax and enjoy each others company for a few days.

The trip got off to a hilarious start when we were stopped by a customs official at Milan Linate airport who asked to inspect the contents of our suitcase - this in full view of other passengers. i, of course, knew what he would find, he did not! He seemed unfazed by the large leather fly swat (for 'clitty' spanking) or the copious pairs of large knickers and bras, the white babydoll, the high heeled sandals and pretty dress which were all obviously far too big for Owner but the perfect size for me - which of course they were! However, one look inside the plastic 'toy' bag, with its cock gag, clamps, dildo, lube, disposable gloves, vibrator and plastic electrician clamps was enough for him. He closed the case and bade us an enjoyable stay.

Milan was lovely and so too was Como and the Lake which we spent a day in after taking the train from Milan to Como. We stayed in a wonderful AirBnB apartment close to the centre of Milan but also close to the trendy Navigli area - with its wonderful bars and apertivos.

We arrived quite late and the following morning Owner treated us both to an orgasm. After clamping my nipples and spending some time spanking my clitty with the swat She removed Her wet knickers, draped them over my head so that the moist fabric was stretched across my mouth and nose and then sat down heavily on my face and then ground down harder, with Her pussy against my pantie covered mouth, than i have ever recalled Her doing before, placed Her vibrator against Her clit and proceeded to bring Herself to orgasm. All the while She pushed Herself down hard against my face, crushing my lips beneath Her. Satiated, She then helped bring me to orgasm, letting me cum copiously all over my chest. It was my first orgasm of the year and certainly one to remember!

The rest of the day we then spent sightseeing in Milan and enjoying a wonderful meal together in the evening. The next day Owner set aside some of the morning to do a short photo shoot of Her wife. i love being Owners' muse and we were both very pleased with the results. Here is a selection. First off is me in the new white babydoll that Owner bought for me to take on our honeymoon

Then next-up is me in a new summer dress, again one which Owner specially bought for me in advance of the trip

Incidentally, the shoes are my wedding shoes and the shawl and necklace are Owners'. It was a super fun photoshoot to do but it wasn't the end of the treats Owner had in store for me that day. Whilst we were out we passed a small jewellers which had a really cute silver bracelet with a bell attached on display in the window. i loved it the minute i saw it and Owner agreed that it would look perfect on me and so went inside and bought it for me and then presented it to me to put on when we were sat down in the park nearby. Here i am in the park unwrapping the box and putting on the bracelet

The bell tinkles whenever i move my arm and is super cute. i love bracelets and rings and this is an adorable and very special addition. Whilst we were out and about in Milan and Como i also enjoyed posing for Owner;
looking at shoes and bags in the Dolce and Gabbana shop window
On the canal side in Navigli
In front of Lake Como - note to self, go on a diet!
On the lakeside by Lake Como
It really was a wonderful trip and Owner and i were reluctant to return. But we do so knowing too that, whilst i may still be busy with work, my priorities should be my service and submission to Her and that my performance has slipped of late. i know that i need to improve, re-focus and re-double my efforts so that Owner has the wife She deserves. That will be what i will be addressing over the next few months with Owners' help.

In the meantime, i leave you with some more photos from the trip
Milan Cathedral
The Navigli canal side district of Milan
Lake Como
Bosco Verticale in Milan
My last post prompted a comment from Wifey, from the excellent Mistress and Wifey blog, asking whether i could do a post showing all of my current 'devotional' tattoos. This post is for Wifey but i hope others find it of interest to.

i currently have five 'devotional' tattoos, that is tattoos that have a special meaning for Owner and i and which symbolise an aspect of our relationship together. Next month, as i mentioned in my previous post, we will be adding an additional tattoo to mark the date that i became Her legal wife. i have two further existing tattoos but as these pre-date Owner and i getting together and my subsequent submission to Her i have not included them.

Anyway, working my way down my body the first 'devotional' tattoo can be found on my left shoulder. It is a tattoo of a cat and this is it:
Owner regularly refers to me as Her pet, the nickname She commonly calls me by is 'petunio', and this is tattoo is intended to symbolise this. She says that i am lucky and also that i live an easy life, characteristics often associated with cats, black ones especially when it comes to luck. The tattoo needs a bit of touching up in places.

Moving further down my body to my right hip you will find the first ever 'devotional' tattoo i had done. It is a Celtic serpent which both references Owner's Celtic heritage whilst the 'S' shape of the serpent refers to both my submission to Her and is also the first letter of Her forename.

On the opposite hip and buttock you will find this key. This was the second 'devotional' tattoo i had done and it symbolises my state of chastity and denial. In reality i spend as much time out of chastity as in, it has been quite a while since i was last locked up for example. However, whether in chastity or not Owner is in total control of our sex life and my orgasms and my clit. She has enforced a 'no penetration' rule for me (She can and does penetrate me but i can only penetrate Her with my fingers/tongue - not my penis/clit) for over ten years now. In that sense, whether i am in chastity or not Her control i am still effectively kept denied and locked-up, even if not always physically locked.
Descending down my right leg you will find my princess crown. It sits just above my ankle and so is visible if i wear shorts or skirts. It is intended to emphasise my femininity and my interest in things pretty and girly, my desire to be a little princess. It is an overtly feminine tattoo and i love it
The last, and most recent and even more obvious tattoo, is in the form of an anklet. This again symbolises my femininity and takes the form of a half-moon or crescent on an ankle chain. The half-moon symbol is commonly associated with womanhood and, as such, it speaks to and reveals my true self.
i can't wait to have the honour of adding Owner's design for my breast tattoo marking the occasion we married and my status as Her wife to my body.
Owner has come up with a wonderful idea, namely to have the date of our wedding and my status as Her 'wife' permanently etched around my left breast. Owner has always been interested in Roman history and the Latin language and so She has devised an outline idea for a tattoo which comprises the date we got married in Roman numerals, the Latin word for wife 'uxor' and laurel leafs to mark the achievement of my becoming Her legal wife. i think it is a wonderful idea! The plan is for me to have the tattoo around my left breast. We have made an appointment next month with the tattooist to discuss the design and agree a date to get it done.  What do you think of the design?
The tattoo will add to the those i already have that symbolise aspects of Owner and my relationship. These are as follows:
  • A serpent on my right hip in the shape of the initial of Owner's first name
  • An old fashioned key on my right hip indicating Her ownership of me and my state of enforced sexual denial (whether in chastity or not)
  • A cat on my left shoulder indicating that i am Her playful 'pet'
  • A princess crown on my right ankle as a symbol of my femininity
  • A half-moon ankle chain on my left ankle, again symbolising my femininity
i am really thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity to add my status as Owners wife to my body. i have two other old tattoos which date back to before Owner and i got together but the remainder all have great significance for us.

One day i would also love to add to my tattoo collection with a 'tramp stamp' above my buttocks, to mark my status as Owners' slut, two pretty bows at the back of my thighs - because i think such tattoos look pretty and beautiful, a permanent collar/necklace tattoo and something small and cute behind my ear that overtly marks me out as Her property.

i would also love to have permanent make-up tattoos done but that, as they say, is another story!