Woo hoo what a great day today has been! This morning Owner and i set out to undertake my bra challenge as set by Owner. This was to be photographed showing my bra at 5 locations across London. Specifically, these were Angel, Moorgate, Bank, Holborn and Oxford Circus.  Well we had some tremendous fun doing the challenge and you can see how i did below;

First off was Angel. This is taken outside the entrance to an outfitters shop just along Upper Street near Angel tube.

Next stop was Moorgate. This is taken at Finsbury Circus just behind Moorgate tube. As you can see i was getting a little more confident.
Then it was off to Bank and flashing my breast in front of the Bank of England

Being a tart opposite the Prudential building in Holborn

And finally a somewhat more hesitant flash at Oxford Circus.

Challenge completed Owner took me to lunch at the restaurant where we first met exactly five years ago and a place we return to on the same day every year. However, by now i was definitely in a full tarty mode and so gave Owner a quick flash at the dinner table

Owner seemed pleased with my performance of the challenge and agreed  that i should purchase a few more girly items for my wardrobe. By the end of our trip i'd been allowed to buy a more feminine zip front top (all the better for completing more challenges in), a white lace camisole top and some pretty little ankle socks in white, black and pink. It was a wonderful day and great fun.


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

What a day ... plus a wonderful tour of London for your readers as well :)

Poppet Subslut said...

Mistress 160,

Many Owner i should suggest to Owner that we develop an alternative illustrated guide to London?? He, he