Yes, believe it or not this month is masturbation month. Of course, as is fit and proper for an Owned submissive i will not be taking part as i shall be locked as usual in chastity and only allowed to cum if and when Owner deems this to be appropriate, and under Her guidance and in a manner of Her choosing - lately as part of my whore training. However, it will be great to know that as and when Owner masturbates Herself against me or uses me as Her human sex toy that this is part of a global month long celebration of the art of self-pleasure.

There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than knowing that i may usefully be used by Owner for Her sexual satisfaction and enjoyment. It truly is an honour and a privilege to be able, in some small way, to assist Her in pleasuring Herself and the knowledge that She has derived pleasure from using me always adds an extra spring in my step for the rest of the day.

To those of you who do get to partake in masturbation month, have a wonderful time! As for those of us who, like me, are denied the ability to self-pleasure (unless specifically released from chastity for the purpose) we have a lifetime of pleasure to look forward to...namely the immense pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment derived from knowing that it is our role to ensure we provide our Owners/Dommes with the pleasure and satisfaction they deserve.