This morning Owner and i had a wonderful time lazing in bed and revelling in the fact it is Saturday and neither of us has to go to work. The morning began with me pleasuring Owner before being instructed to spend the day out of chastity and with no knickers on so that i might be ready to receive a pussy inspection from Owner later in the day.

It is not often that Owner dresses up when we are at home but today was different and in the afternoon She changed into one of Her gorgeous leather skirts combined with a chinese blouse

She looked, as always, stunning!

i quickly found myself bent over the kitchen table and instructed to fellate a dildo whilst Owner administered a sound caning whilst keeping my nipples nice and sore with a pair of clover clamps

Caning completed it was time for the inspection proper to begin and soon Owners gloved and lubed hand was deep inside my stretched pussy before being replaced by the inflatable butt plug. Let's just say that there was a lot of 'mess' for me to lick-up off the floor afterwards! It was a wonderful afternoon but now the fun is over and i'm back firmly locked in chastity.
Ok so this is a little staged in that i didn't quite just walk in the door and perform this strip for Owner. However, the Portishead song Glory Box is such a wonderful anthem for anyone who likes to spend their time as a 'woman' that i couldn't resist choosing it for the routine i performed for Owner the other night

i think i need a bit more practice on my 'performances' though!
Owner has not been very well these past few days and i've been attempting to be Florence Nightingale. Hopefully She will soon be on the mend and back to Her normal self soon. However, Owners period of enforced inactivity has resulted in an unexpected bonus in Her discovery of an excellent new online store for shoes and dresses/skirts called My 1st Wish Owner found a pair of 4inch wedge sandals for me to wear about the house to replace my current pair of slippers (3in heels) as well as a new dress for me. I must say we have both been amazed by the service we've received from this company. The order was placed on Sunday night, an email stating they would be delivered on Tuesday was received the following day (Monday) and on Tuesday morning they emailed again to say what time, within an hour, they'd be delivered. Now that's what i for one call impressive.

We're both delighted with the result too;

Now we're both just hoping for Owners speedy recovery because i know She has a lot of ideas for things She's like to do this coming weekend, not the least of which is for me to complete the last of my World Cup challenges by wearing a bikini in Hyde Park.
Today was an opportunity for Owner and i to head back into town for me to complete some of my last remaining World Cup challenges. On getting to the tube station the first challenge was to bend over so that i flashed the top of my pink thong over the top of my jeans (something that then happened repeatedly during the day as my jeans are girls low-cut ones) and then Owner and i set off on our little adventure. First stop was Buckingham Palace which i was to wear my crown in front of. When we arrived there were hoardes of tourists who'd all come to see the changing of the guards. Well, they got to see me in my crown as well;

Having greeted my subjects (Lol!) it was then off to Trafalgar Square (via a pit stop in St James Park to re-fuel on caffeine) for my ultimate challenge to date, walking across Trafalgar Square in my see-thru lace top with pink bra underneath. Owner was delighted with the result


We were both quite chuffed by how it went, and being the exhibitionist i am i'm loving Owners recent interest in videoing my challenges. Anyway, challenge completed we headed into Soho for a late lunch before heading home. There is still one more potential classic World Cup challenge for me to complete which involves me wearing my bikini in Hyde Park and then that is the lot. We'll both miss them but i have a feeling that it probably won't be long before Owner has me doing some more.
Today Owner and i have had a lazy day at home. This morning after breakfast i was taken back to bed by Owner and fucked hard by Her whilst She encouraged me to loudly vocalise how much i loved having Her cock deep inside my pussy. When Owner had satiated Herself i was left to spend the rest of the day feeling desperately horny, aroused and frustrated. Then this afternoon Owner locked me up in the pussy impaler whilst simultaneously attaching my nipples to the tower of pain toy. i was then left like this for 20 minutes whilst Owner captured the scene on camera.

All of this means that i have been left aching with frustrated desire. Owner has said that later on this evening She will grant me a release from chastity and that i will be allowed to play with my clit, albeit that i will have to do so in our garden and will only be allowed to use chopsticks! Owner does come up with the most fiendish ideas!
Well that's my Kim Bassinger 9 1/2 Weeks challenge completed

i don't think Kim need be too worried about the competition!
This evening i have been re-acquainting myself with the strip-tease performed by Kim Bassinger in 9 1/2 Weeks so that i might perform it as faithfully to the original for Owner later this week, starting and finishing in our garden, as requested by Owner as one of my World Cup challenges

i'd quite forgotten what a cracking little number it is! i just hope i can do it some justice.

Well the World Cup may have now come and gone in a blaze of Spanish glory and one very self-satisfied Octopus but it left a rich legacy of challenges for me to complete courtesy of Owners World Cup Game. The last two matches, the final and the play-off for second place, produced a rich harvest of challenges that i will have to complete to Owners satisfaction and which will ensure the legacy of the competition will live on, for us at least, for a short while yet. Specifically, i accrued a final flourish of four additional challenges over the weekend consisting of;
  • Re-enacting Kim Bassingers strip-tease in the film 91/2 Weeks starting and ending in our garden
  • Having my photo taken in my bikini in London's Hyde Park
  • Wearing my low-rise jeans and a lace thong and bending over on a tube station platform to flash my thong to the world
  • Crossing London's Trafalgar Square wearing my white lace see-thru top
i still also need to repeat my challenge of flashing my bra three times in Bond Street. All in all it has proved to be a wonderful competition and one that has sparked my otherwise normally non-existent interest in football. Owner and i have had tremendous fun completing the challenges already collected along the way during the World Cup and that has really been the most important thing for us, namely having fun and enjoying ourselves, albeit at my expense! Still who said becoming a gurly slut/sub was supposed to be easy??!

With the World Cup now over, and hence the immediate prospect of more such challenges, we are both feeling a little bereft. However, they have given us some wonderfully fun things to do and Owners creativity in coming up with new challenges has continued to delight and surprise. It has also given me the confidence and motivation of a challenge to further develop my public femming, something i hope to be able to incorporate more regulalry on an everyday basis.

So, so long South Africa and thank you for a great spectacle of sport and a wonderfully creative streak on the part of Owner in setting me some marvelous challenges. i wonder what will serve as Her next source of inspiration?
Watching the Pride Parade yesterday with Owner got me thinking, what am i? Until my early twenties i identified myself as male and hetrosexual until a couple of sexual experiences with men caused me to re-think and start describing myself as bi-sexual. None of these was ever more than a one night stand and i could never imagine having a relationship (not that i'd want another relationship i hasten to add as i'm delighted with the one i'm in) with a man so i'm not even sure it's a valid description. That was also many years ago but still i describe myself, if asked, as bi-sexual.

During my 20s i also started to fantasise about domination and submission, with me as the sub, and of dressing up in women's clothes. In truth i can remember doing this as a child but then who didn't? However, i didn't identify myself as a cross-dresser or transvestite, just someone exploring his sexuality. When Owner and i met i told Her of my growing interest in wearing women's lingerie and also of my submissive tendencies. That got us started on our ever evolving Femdom relationship with me wearing panties etc under my normal clothes. Gradually an element of 'forced femme' was introduced with Owner demanding i occasionally wear make-up in public and allowing me to purchase some more pretty clothes to wear at home. However, still i identified myself as a bi-sub, not a transvestite or cross-dresser.

To my own surprsise as much as anything else though i quickly became used to wearing make-up and Owner began to have me dress prettily at home at all times and i began to be a bit more daring with what i would wear outdoors. i started to notice women too, no not in that way! No, i began to take note of what they were wearing and wishing i could wear the same outfits too, sometimes even wishing i had their body shape or hair style.

As my wardrobe quite literally grew so i began to describe myself as a cross-dressing bi-sub. But it didn't stop there. Owner and i ibegan to describe my cock (which is invariably in chastity and which i have absolutely zero desire to use for penetrative sex - and if i think about it have never really been that interested in) as my 'clit'. My arse became my 'pussy' and Owner now enjoys taking and fucking Her whore whenever She feels like it. We've practised stretching it so that it can now be easily fucked by most things and the truth is that i love nothing more than to be fucked hard in my 'pussy' and stretched open wide. Over the course of this year Owner has also been getting me to improve my oral sex techniques on a variety of dildo's and now not a day goes by when i am not sucking a dildo at least a few times a day, for example when doing the washing-up. OK, so to recap, i'm submissive, bi, like to dress-up on femme and be fucked whilst kept in chastity so does that make mean i'm a sissy?

Maybe i am. However, the popular image of a sissy is of someone resplendent in frills or a maid's outfit. Now, i have nothing against this at all and indeed love to wear such outfits myself on occasion. But most of the time i desire to look as 'normally' female as possible not dressed as a maid or in frills. When i go out i love to be wearing a bra with a feminine top, girls jeans, women's shoes, make-up. However, what i wear and am allowed to purchase is that which Owner approves of  and grants Her permission for so i don't wear a bra everyday, as this has not been granted, nor do i yet wear skirts in public though i would love to. i am growing my hair at the moment so that i might one day have a more passably feminine hair-cut.

However, all of the above is tempered by the fact that i don't go all out to be a woman. i have no desire to take hormones, although i do sometimes fantasise about having maybe just tiny little breasts and would love one day to have my facial hair lasered. My feminisation, if you can call it that is part sexual, i do get a sexual kick out of being dressed up but now it also feels quite natural i.e. in no way can it now be described as being in any way 'forced'. There are still things i haven't done or worn and would be nervous as hell about doing so, but i'd get over it and know from past experience that once done would become steadily easier and easier until eventually the norm.

So hence the question, what am i and does it matter. Well i think i'm a bit of a transvestite, part sissy, with elements of cross-dresser, who sometimes has the mind of a t-girl, sort of! i know it doesn't matter and that these are all just labels but none of them actually seems to fit. i also though have a sneaking suspicion that in a few years time my only particular point on the spectrum between 100% male and 100% female will have shifted again and will probably keep shifting throughout life. The only constants i imagine will be my naturally submissive nature

My conclusion to all this is that it doesn't really matter at all how one describes oneself. i'm the happiest i've ever been, am in the best place i've ever been and the most wonderful relationship i've ever been in. Both Owner and i have grown and evolved as our relationship has developed and keep learning and growing  and having fun every day.

Talking of having fun, i am, of course, a terrible exhibitionist (oh come on like you didn't notice!) and here's a gratuitous photo Owner took just before She had me fist my own pussy whilst She masturbated whilst straddling my face

Well today was the day when i completed my Waterloo Bridge red-heeled shoes and skirt challenge. It was a roasting hot day and i was somewhat nervous as Owner and i set out across the bridge and back. However, i managed to complete the challenge

Challenge completed we headed off towards Bond Street for me to complete another bra challenge, popping into the National Theatre en route for a spot of lunch. When we arrived at Oxford Street we quickly realised that we'd timed our arrival to perfection to coincide with Gay Pride. There were some great outfits on display

i did strip off my top to reveal my bra as the challenge dictated but Owner adjudged that i had not done the challenge very well (which i agree was the case) and so that particular challenge will have to be repeated. Then it was off for some shopping with Owner followed by a coffee in a cafe and a chance for me to show-off one of my purchases, a fab pair of BIG sunglasses

Having quenched our thirst, or in my case topped-up my caffeine levels, it was time to head back home. However, not before doing our grocery shopping for the week with me wearing my butt plug and clover nipple clamps as dictated by another of Owners World Cup Challenges.

It was a hot day in London and by the time Owner and i got back we were both suffering a little from the heat. i was pleased i'd completed some of my challenges but dissapointed with myself for not having done my bra challenge to Owners satisfaction.