Owner has now instigated an additional set of dice challenges. However, before i get onto that She also remarked to me last night that whilst i get excited about things that i enjoy doing - such as the challenges that She sets me - She expects to see the same attitude from me when it comes to staying on top of some of the household projects She has asked me to complete yet which remain outstanding. These include finishing painting our flat, arranging new flooring for our spare room and beginning to develop some ideas and thoughts for a new kitchen.

Owner lays great store in having our flat exactly as She would like it to be and though She agrees that i am now much tidier than i once was and we have got rid of all of my old artifacts and things and decorated the flat as She likes it there are still aspects of it that She is unhappy with and, consequentially annoyed with me for not having completed. Owner wants and expects to be able to live in an environment that is 100% to Her liking and that is not currently the case. She reminded me of the importance She places on having things exactly as She likes them and that She expects me to attend to this with as much enthusiasm and relish as i do some of the more 'fun' aspects of Her domination and control of me.

i have set aside some days next month to crack on with the decorating and i have now ordered some flooring samples for the spare room and set about developing some design ideas for a new kitchen. However. Owner's reminder was a welcome and timely one. i can tend to focus on the fun and 'playful' aspects of Her control over me. However, to Her having me as Her submissive wife also means that She expects me to ensure that Her home is exactly as She wants it to be and to make Her life as comfortable and relaxed as possible. i need to get better and put more time and effort into providing Her with a home She can truly relax in. i hope to be able to report good progress in the future.

And so....to the dice!

Owner has now officially added an extra dice of challenges and set out the rules for their usage. There are now two challenge dice. The first is for indoor challenges and the second for outdoor. The rules she has set are that after every fourth time an indoor challenge dice has been thrown i must then throw the dice for an outdoor challenge. The challenges laid out on each dice are as follows;

Indoor dice challenges
  •  Nipple clamps + mini pegs on clit ( X20) + clit spanks (X 50)
  • Deep  throat new dildo once every hour (3 times)
  • Butt plug for 3 hours
  • Clitty spank ( X 50)
  • Nipple clamps on clitty ( X 20 mini pegs) for 20 minutes
  • Nipple clamps for 20 minutes
Outdoor dice challenges
  •  Wear mini skirt & fishnets to our local park and take a picture
  • Make a video of me walking in high heels to the bus stop
  • Take an outdoor picture of me with my knickers on my head
  • Take a picture of me wearing my bra in our local park
  • Make a video of me applying lipstick at the local bus stop
  • Take a picture in a specific local street of me wearing my cat ear head band
It is the school holidays for many in the UK this week and so it has been a little bit quieter at work. i had the opportunity to work from home a few times, including one day with Owner - which was super nice to do - which of course meant time for some more dice challenges.

Luckily (?) the dice did not require me to go outside with my knickers on my head as it did the other week - when i had fun and games at the bus stop. Instead, the tasks the dice set for me were to wear my butt plug for three hours one day, spend 20 minutes with my 'clitty' clamped with 20 pegs (my least favourite activity as they hurt quite a bit when being removed, and then practising deep-throating the 12-inch double-ended dildo (which i really rather enjoy). You can see how i got on with my respective tasks below:

now where did those pegs go......
gobble gobble
Owner has a 'spare' blank dice and She has stated that She wishes to now start to use it in conjunction with Her existing dice. The two current dice are:

  •  a chastity dice which determines how long i will remain locked up for - it gets rolled once every month (on the 11th) unless the dice indicates otherwise. It was thrown last on the 11th Jan and landed on the '2 months continuously locked' face - so it will not be thrown again until the 11th March
  • a 'task/challenge' dice which is rolled whenever i am working from home and which determines what activity i will have to do that day e.g. be plugged, pegged, spanked, wear knickers on my head outdoors etc
i am quite excited at the prospect of this third dice being introduced in the future! [EDIT - Owner has just advised that she is going to create an 'indoor' and an 'outdoor' challenge dice - Oooh!]

This week there have also been a couple of occasions when Owner has demonstrated Her domination and control over me. The first occasion was when, in response to a request from me to be allowed to post something on social media, She replied with a simple 'No'. By way of explanation for anyone unfamiliar with the rules by which we live Owner controls all areas of decision-making in our lives, which includes my use of social media such as Facebook - i am permitted to post no more than twice a week and Owner must first pre-approve what i want to post (as She also checks and approves everything i post on this blog). i was below my weekly limit but Owner rejected my suggestion.

The second time was Her flatly turning down a suggestion from me for a sex toy that i had seen on-line in a sale and asked if i could purchase (Owner controls our finances - i receive a small monthly allowance with the rest of my salary going into a common account that is used to purchase joint items with e.g. food, holidays etc).

The final occasion was Owner stating that i needed a new jacket to wear for work. Again, Owner decides what clothes i may or may not purchase and what i can wear.

All three, although only little things, were perfect reminders of Owners total dominance and control over me and of my submission to Her. Owner's control over all aspects of my life is at the core of our FLR-relationship and of our marriage. i tend to focus on some of the more 'fun' things when i blog but the control She exercises is wonderful to experience and is a fundamental core of our life together.

One year ago yesterday Owner legally took me as Her wife underneath the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign. It was the perfect ending to our all too short American road trip. It was a wonderful wedding and i can't believe that it was now 12 months ago. To celebrate our first anniversary (which sounds funny given we have been together for 14 years in total) of being legally married i booked us both into the Shangri-La hotel in London's iconic Shard building. We had a wonderful stay.

Night view from our hotel room with London Bridge station lit-up below
view of London from our room with Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf
Before we arrived at the hotel Owner and i exchanged gifts. i had bought Her a ring whilst Owner bought me a wonderful new necklace. The necklace holds three engraved spinning rings each of which has been engraved with the name of one of the three locations in which the most significant moments of our lives together have occurred. These are the place where we first met in person, the place Owner first kissed me and the place in which we were legally wed. It really is gorgeous and a wonderful way of documenting the significance of each location.
wearing my new spinning ring necklace
Owner used the opportunity presented by our hotel stay to do a number of photoshoots in the room, including one with me wearing the dress i had worn for our wedding ceremony and have not worn since. All were great fun. The layout of the rooms in the hotel also meant that we could partially see into the rooms adjacent to ours on either side, something i am not sure that the couple next door realised when they were doing their own naked photoshoot!

Here is a small selection of some of the pictures Owner took of me during our stay;
poppet on a desk
wearing my wedding dress
bath time pet
good morning London
Owner also treated me to dinner on the Saturday night. It was wonderful to have had an opportunity to enjoy such a relaxing time with Her and also witness some stunning vistas of London from above. Waking up with the city at our feet was wonderful and we were both sad to have to leave and make the (short) journey home today.
Looking down from our bedroom and showing my nightie and feet

Owner and i had a lovely relaxed weekend. On the Friday i was once again working from home (yay!) which meant another dice determined activity needed to be completed. This time i had to wear nipple clamps for 20 minutes whilst working . A few years ago we invested in what are actually some outdoor table cloth weights (which i had not realised were even a thing) which make for perfect nipple clamps/weights. The clamp is plastic, toothed and quite vicious whilst there are two weighted balls suspended from it. They are designed to stop picnic table cloths from bowing away in a breeze but make for ideal, albeit quite vicious, nipple clamps. This is what they looked like on me:

Work completed for the day Owner and i arranged to go to our local pub where we had a pleasant evening drinking and gossipping and then grabbed a pizza afterwards. It has been a while since we last went out for Friday night drinks and we both had a lovely time,

Saturday saw us catching up with quite a few things that needed doing like paperwork (Owner) and gardening (me).  Later in the day i had the pleasure of giving Owner a pedicure.

Then on Sunday we went out to the movies in the afternoon to see The Favourite (which is excellent by the way and also interesting from a domination/submission perspective) before returning home and a chance to catch-up with and  compete some housework (me) whilst Owner relaxed.

In short, it was just a lovely relaxing weekend
Yesterday and today i have been working from home and so, in accordance with Owner's new game, i needed to roll the dice again to see what 'activity/challenge' i was going to have to do. For yesterday's activity, and to Owner's apparent pleasure,  the dice landed once again on the face that requires i take a photo of myself outside wearing my knickers on my head.

The last time i had to do this i just took a photo in the street outside our house, this time i determined to be a bit more daring and take the picture at the bus stop around the corner from where we live. However, it was to prove a much more challenging task than i had imagined! The task requires that i go outside wearing whatever home working outfit i have on that day, minus my knickers. I am then to photograph myself wearing said knickers on my head. You can see below the home working outfit i was wearing which i paired with black and white mid-heel shoes

my home working attire today
The weather is a little milder than it has been of late but it is still not that warm so i decided to also wear a coat - plus the top is rather see-thru and i am still rather nervous about flashing my bra to the whole neighbourhood!

Anyway, i was getting ready go outside to complete my task when i noticed that there were quite a number of workmen gathered outside the house next door. It turns out our neighbours are having the front of their houses re-decorated. My first challenge was going to have to walk past the decorators, which i did facing straight ahead, avoiding all eye contact with them.

After navigating he workmen i reached the end of the road, turned the corner and...oh bugger, there was somebody waiting at the bus stop (imagine that, somebody waiting for a bus at an actual bus stop). However, as buses around here are very frequent i resolved to keep walking and hope that a bus would soon arrive and i could return to a then empty stop. i had only gone about ten meters or so past the stop when a builders van passed and i got wolf whistled by the driver. But next to pass was a bus, which meant that it was now safe for me to return to the bus stop, take my picture and scurry home.

i clattered along the pavement back to the bus stop, undid my coat and was just about to take my knickers from my pocket to place on my head when a little old man appeared around the corner, shuffling towards the same stop. i hastily shoved my knickers back into my coat pocket, zipped my coat back up and sat down. The old man then engaged me in a brief conversation until he eventually moved along to the next stop, further down the road. Hurrah, the coast was finally clear!

In haste i unzipped my coat again and placed my knickers on my head and took a picture - but forgot that i had the timer on and so the photo did not take until just as my hand was moving to retrieve my knickers as i had just spied someone else turning the corner.

Luckily they were looking the other way and had their hood-up but i could tell immediately that it was our downstairs neighbour - the one i encountered in my skirt a few weeks ago. She was heading to the stop on the other side of the road to get a bus to work.

Once again, i hastily stuffed my knickers in my coat pocket and then pulled my hood up and waited patiently for her bus to arrive before risking walking back home. After what felt like a very long 5 minutes her bus arrived and i was able to make the short walk back past the workmen to the sanctuary of our flat. This is the picture i ended up with, more challenging to take than i had anticipated and all entirely due to the fact that i had decided to take it at the bus stop.

not the best of photos of me with my knickers on my head
Today's dice task was, by contrast, much easier, namely to spend three hours of my home working day plugged. And so, here i am;

Today i woke up to one of those messages on Facebook that has a photo you have posted in the past. The message read 'Your memories of 9 [in this case] years ago'. The image was a picture i had taken in Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain when Owner and i last visited that city, nine years ago. So why do i think Facebook was taunting me? Because it was on that same trip that Owner last allowed my little clitty inside Her.

Yep, since then we have enjoyed plenty of sex, i have had the privilege of having my tongue buried deep inside Her, of tasting and licking Her, of having my clit teased and tormented, slapped, spanked, paddled and fondled. Owner has masturbated me and left me happily locked away for months on end. But not since that trip has my little clit been inside Her.

Nine years is quite some time but, to be honest, i do not miss 'sex' as most would probably define it. It was always a performance wracked with nerves and fear of failure - and it was never a very long performance anyway - so not doing it removed all that anxiety and means that i actually enjoy the sex life we do have together a whole lot more. i don't think Owner misses my little clit either, Her toys are much more effective than it ever was. It is interesting to think that i am completely happy, in fact happier than i have ever imagined it possible to be in a relationship, even though it does not involve any 'sex' in that sense. Not a sentence a teenage version of me would have ever imagined one day writing!

But, back to the present. i was super lucky yesterday in that Owner also worked from home so i got to spend all day with Her. As i too was working from home the dice was thrown, as has now become normal, to see what challenge/activity i would have to undertake. This time i got one of my least favourite activities - having my testicles clamped with 20 mini pegs, for 20 minutes! Owner did the honours and took the following picture of yours truly fully decorated;
with 20 pegs in place
the wooden and metal mini pegs
As always, it was the removal of the pegs that was the worst part. i was very lucky in that Owner permitted me to do that.

Earlier in the week Owner was at work on a day when i was at home. That time the dice determined that i wear a butt plug for 3 hours....Whoop!  Now that was fun!

with glass plug in place
Hope all our readers are well.