When we had our new kitchen fitted at the start of the year i kept hold of some of the wooden shelves from the old one thinking i was sure i could use them for something. Anyway, after a few months inspiration struck and one day Owner came home to find me outside in the garden sawing and drilling. With great delight i proudly announced that i was attempting to make my first piece of dungeon equipment. Basically, it consists of a couple of old shelves, some shelf supports and lots of little eye-bolts and spikes etc.

Yep, i was creating my own cock-torture device! Owner seemed pleased that i was trying to be creative and didn't dissuade me in my work, infact she seemed quite keen to try the device out. Well yesterday we finally got a chance. i was due a penis caning as a punishment for an earlier transgression and it seemed the perfect opportunity. My chastity device was removed and i was locked into the new 'machine'. i had attached bolts and cuffs to lock my ankles in place and was then able to lock my collar to the top of the device and my wrists to the sides with only my unprotected privates poking through. Owner then clamped my nipples in place before proceeding to cane and spank me.

The Danger Zone!

The 'machine' worked well although needs a minor adjustment. At present it is a little unbalanced at the back i.e. could tip backwards and so needs a stabiliser adding, but apart from that has proved to be a constructive recycling of unused shelving! After caning my cock repeatedly Owner even allowed me to come, a rare and wonderful treat.