Owner is not having the best of times at the moment as She has developed a frozen shoulder which is preventing Her from sleeping much at all and has left Her in fairly constant agony. The problem with Her arm started just after i started to get renewed problems with my back. Though my own back problems are now much better after physiotherapy and acupuncture and i was able to return to work, Owners condition continued to deteriorate.

We had planned to go on holiday back in early September but had had to cancel due to my back. Instead, we booked a fortnight's leave for this week and next with the hope that i would be fully recovered and we could maybe travel to somewhere in Europe. However, Owners worsening condition with Her arm has meant that we are spending our two week vacation at home, not what we had planned but unfortunately it cannot be helped. Owner had a hydro dilation injection in Her shoulder a week ago which we hoped would ease Her condition but, unfortunately so far no change. If anything it has gotten worse.

i am trying to play nurse for Owner but don't think i do that good a job and just wish there was something that i could do that would magically take Her pain away. i hate seeing Her suffer as She is at the moment. Hopefully Her condition will start to improve soon.

Sorry this isn't the most interesting of posts, i just wanted to update and explain why you are not hearing much from us at the moment. Hope all is good in your lives.