Visitors to Amsterdam's red light district will be familiar with the site of women on display in windows who are available for sex in exchange for money. Well the other weekend Owner and i spent the weekend in Amsterdam and this gave Owner an idea for a little photo shoot. Owner suggested that i put myself on display in our hotel bedroom window whilst She went outside with the camera. The idea being to try to replicate the ladies we had seen in the windows in the Red Light District. You can judge for yourself whether or not i achieved the look - needless to say we got no offers (LOL!):


The city itself was great and we had a wonderful time strolling through the back streets of the Jordaan and exploring the network of canals - it was just a shame we were only there for 48 hours as it would have been great to have spent longer wandering around. Below are pictures of aspects of the city itself;

Away from Amsterdam, my back seems to be slowly returning to something akin to normal. However, my slow recovery has meant that my time spent looking after and serving Owner has taken a fairly susbstantial hit and i've found myself being a lot less horny than i usually am. This has also been reflected in my postings on the blog, which have been somewhat absent of late. However, we are both hopeful that we can try to get me back to my 'normal' slutty self very soon and hopefully this will strat to be reflected in my postings on here again too. Wishing you all well.