i meant to include this in my last post but completely forgot. However, the photo below is of an upside-down 100 Danish Kroner note. Owner and i couldn't help but notice the remarkable similarity of the image on the note to something else...can anyone guess what? :)

Owner and i had a wonderful bank holiday weekend break in Copenhagen and Malmö. Both are wonderful cities which are very easy to explore on-foot and, being only a 30 minute train ride apart are both easy to visit when staying in either one or the other (Copenhagen airport is equidistant between the two by train). Both cities have some beautiful old and modern architecture and fantastic waterfronts and canals, Malmö even has a beach. We spent most of the time walking around or pausing in cafes, restaurants and bars for some refreshments - i particularly enjoyed the danish pastries! We both love Scandinavia anyway but this was our first visit two these two particular cities, i suspect we will be going back. Anyway, here are a few pictures from our weekend;




Malmö beach


And the following are some pictures of me out and about in both cities

Windy day on the beach at Malmö

Permitted to have a beer
There was one amusing incident at the end of our holiday. Our plane had landed back at Heathrow and all the passengers were getting up and removing the luggage from the overhead lockers when a little girl who had been sitting in a seat in the opposite aisle stared long and hard at me and then enquired 'Are you a boy or a girl?'. On hearing her daughter's question her mum turned scarlet and quickly told her daughter to be quiet which was a shame as it was a reasonable question. However, it did make my day and made me smile, especially as it was the end of a long day and i was certainly not looking my best!

Meanwhile, back to my training and development. Things seem to now be back on course and now that the works to our flat have been completed Owner seems to be happier with how i am progressing and is pleased to see me enrol on additional courses, including registering to sit a formal Spanish exam later this year. Owner has also identified a potentially useful new tool to help with my development and Her monitoring of my progress. The new tool is called Trello and is an on-line tool that enables people to set and view and share tasks between themselves and monitor the progress being made. i currently fill in and complete a series of spreadsheets for Owner where i record my daily activities and progress in completing tasks She has set for me. Owner reviews these regularly. However, Trello offers the opportunity to develop a live on-line tracker which Owner can dip into and out of at Her leisure, set tasks etc when She chooses. She has indicated that if i am successful at completing this stage of my development She will move to using Trello for he next stage so we will hopefully have an opportunity to test out how useful a tool it is.

Last, and i know this seems incredibly narcissistic and probably is but i just wanted to update on how i am getting on with developing my butt. As i reported a while back i began an exercise regime designed to try and develop and enhance my glutes to give me a shapelier and more rounded butt. i did a lot of research on Youtube to identify some routines to do and since then have progressively incorporated weights into my exercises. All of my exercise is done at home rather than at a gymn but i have become quite religious about ensuring i complete them. In addition to my daily 10 minute stretches routine i now do between an hour and an hour and a half of focused glute work using  ankle weight and dumbbells about 3 to 4 days a week. Using weights are important to help build muscle and add bulk, but whereas guys tend to focus their efforts on their upper body i have no interest in building that up, i just want o develop a bigger, more attractive and more fuckable butt.

Owner has expressed Her delight at my developing 'pillows' and i have really started to notice that my jeans are now tighter and snugger around my butt and that it has started to take on a more rounded and firmer shape. My ambition is to develop wider hips and a big, round, butt. Of course, ultimately your anatomy determines what shape you can/will develop so i will just have to see how mine develops but i am very happy with my progress so far. You can see how my butt currently looks in the photo below

Incidentally, i was thinking of maybe making a workout video, would anyone find that of interest?

This evening whilst dusting i did so wearing 4 vicious electricians/construction clamps attached to my chastised clitty. This is what the clamps look like;

And here i am with the four of them in situ

As part of my development and training to become a better wife i need to ensure that at least once a week i clean wearing clamps. These particular ones are spring loaded and certainly make their presence felt as you might be able to tell from the slightly forced grin i have in this photo taken once the dusting had been completed :).
With the exception of the weights suspended from my clitty (weighted table cloth clamps) and the fact that i am not in chastity this is pretty much what you would see if you were a fly on the wall in our flat of an evening or at the weekend.

i always wear a skirt or dress at home and Owners house rule for Her wife is that i should never wear knickers at home in the evening. The leather collar and cuffs are always in place at home (albeit normally removed when Owner takes a photo of me) and of course i always wear makeup these days. The apron is because i have been baking much of this afternoon (lemon drizzle bread and also a chard, olive and cheese bread). As for the weighted clamps? Well, there i also another rule that states that at least one time a week i am to be clamped whilst cleaning. This was me just before i started to clean the kitchen, an hour later and when i had finished and the smile would have looked a little more forced - those red balls are weights and the white clamps themselves have teeth to ensure they firmly grip a tablecloth - or in this instance my clitty bits. As for the lack of chastity? There are times when Owner likes me out of chastity, though on this occasion i have been advised that time will end tomorrow morning and i will be locked back up again.

So there you have it, this is what i look like most of the time at home.
This morning Owner sent me the following note confirming the extension of this phase of my current development through to the 3rd November (it expired on 3rd August). i am extremely grateful for being granted such an extension and you can tell from the letter what a wonderful, loving and caring Owner i have. The letter reads:

pet’s progress through Phase III of the Plin Plan Plon program was steady during the first month.  Unfortunately due to our holidays followed by refurbishment at home some activities/ development came to a halt.

pet has been very good at keeping up with some routines such as recording expenses, deep-throating practice, cinema challenges exercising... On the other hand he has not been able to cope with some others, for example: preparing for his Spanish exam or booking himself in beauty courses.  And pet once more had an alcoholic drink without permission – during the weekend we went to Devon to visit his dad.

pet could and should have done better.  However 

  • pet has been very helpful and very good at managing the refurbishment projects at home:  the loft and the lounge.  he was here all the time when the refurbishment took place and had to deal with builders and deliveries and be ready to improvise when things didn’t go as expected.  he was extremely patient and through the whole process continued to be the sweetest wife anyone could dream of.  This is a great example of what being the perfect housewife means.

  • pet has been of great support, again, when Owner wasn’t feeling particularly well after the holiday and when She became extremely busy with her new job.  Again a great example of being a good wife because he was supportive and understanding.

  • pet drank alcohol during the visit to Devon because it was his dad’s birthday.  pet didn’t want to disappoint his dad, he wanted to join in the celebration an Owner understands this.

For all these reasons, pet has been granted an extension in the current Plin Plan Plon phase.  Plin Plan Plon 3 is officially extended until the 3rd of November.  I hope pet will take advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of it by showing what he is capable of.

Owner wishes pet good luck in his endeavours and expects the highest scores in all areas of Plin Plan Plon.

i am a very lucky and happy pet indeed and am grateful to Owner for having been granted such an extension.

Meanwhile, yesterday Owner and i went out for the day along the Thames. It was quite a breezy (and bad hair) day as you can see from the photos below.

not sure what caused the stripes on this photo
Owner and i went for a wonderful walk along to the Thames Barrier before retiring for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat. Owner was very kind and generous and permitted me to have a couple of ciders.

As Owner refers to in Her letter i am afraid that a month ago i had a drink whilst we were visiting my fathers without having received Owners permission. This was in direct contravention to how i am expected to behave and i know i let both myself and my Owner down for doing this. Owner has been mulling some ideas for a suitable punishment. One idea that She is leaning towards genuinely terrifies me. i am scared, very scared, of heights. This coming weekend we are travelling to Copenhagen and staying near the Tivoli Garden funfare. In the guide book there is a photo of a ride designed, so it would seem, to scare the crap out of people by spinning you round in a flimsy seat high above the ground. i can only hope that Owner settles on a less horror inducing punishment than that!
As i alluded to in my last post the works being done in our flat had a negative impact upon my development over this summer. i have been on a development programme devised by Owner since becoming Her wife and i am currently on level three of that programme. That phase of the programme began back in April (when i was adjudged by Her to have successfully graduated from level 2) and ran until the start of this August - when i was expected to have either demonstrated how i had completed this next stage of my development or be judged to have been a failure. Progression onto level four of my development programme cannot occur until i have successfully completed level three and maintained the delivery of levels one and two.

Whilst i had maintained my core domestic activities and duties i knew that, in terms of some of the specific development goals i had been set for this phase - for example, completing a facial course (to compliment the massage, manicure etc courses i completed earlier in the year), extend my Spanish knowledge further and sit a course, and make some soft furnishings etc for the flat had all not happened. Some of that was down to the distraction of the work that took place in the flat over the summer, but not all. i would have to wait to see how Owner would react to this failure on my part.

Well Owner has been exceedingly generous and forgiving and has graciously extended the period of the current phase of my development until the start of November to allow me time to still catch-up and implement the training i should have completed over the summer. i am extremely grateful to Her for giving me this extra opportunity to prove myself and have already made good use of some of this extra time by registering for two new courses. At the start of October i will be undertaking a one day facial beauty course (which again is accredited and so could count towards a beauty qualification alongside the massage and manicure/pedicure courses i did earlier this year) and i have also registered for a introduction to embroidery series of evening workshops - again starting in October. This latter will compliment the knitting classes and knowledge i acquired earlier this year and is being run by the same local venue. i am really thrilled at the prospect of doing some new courses and extremely grateful to Owner for having given me an 'extension' to prove myself capable of delivering the learning and development expected of me under this third phase of Her 'Plin, Plan,Plon' development programme for me to become Her perfect wife.
Owner and i have had a somewhat chaotic last few weeks as we have been having quite a few things done to our flat. We have had our loft boarded and insulated, new flooring laid throughout much of the flat, alcoves built and installed in the lounge and new furniture delivered. This meant that for much of the previous few weeks we have been living in a degree of chaos with a variety of different builders etc coming and going during the day. My role has been to try and supervise activities (i.e. make the workmen cups of tea!) and re-paint whilst also continuing my 'normal' day job from home.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of all of this upheaval and chaos at home is that there has been a marked slip in the levels of my service and development/training this past few weeks. Owner has been very gracious and says that it has been understandable but i am, once again, disappointed in myself. i have maintained my core cleaning and cooking etc activities but have not been making the most of the time i had available to provide the level of service and attentiveness to Owner that She deserves and ought to expect. It has felt, to me, to have been a bit of a 'lost' month.

The good news, however, that with the exception of one last large item of furniture that we are still waiting to be delivered all of the works etc have been completed. The lounge now looks completely different and lovely and we also have a much more 'useable' loft space with all sorts of 'interesting' potential to be utilised as a place of punishment/torment as well as storage. One activity that i have maintained throughout though has been my exercises, specifically my butt exercises. i now workout my butt at least 3 days a week with 20kg ankle weights and Owner has given me really positive feedback as to how much more shapely and bouncy my bottom has become. i am thrilled by this and hope to eventually develop and big round bubble butt with slim waist to give me a better figure.

Amidst all of the activities to our flat we have also managed to get in a few fun activities as well. Owner has made use of my tongue in Her arse to bring Herself pleasure and has also had fun masturbating Herself against my derriere whilst i had a dildo embedded to the hilt in my pussy whilst simultaneously fellating another dildo. i also had the opportunity to wear one of my skirts out in public at the movies again. The shots below are of me waiting to go into the screening and then in the theatre itself

Hopefully now all of the works have been done i can quickly get back to normal and Owner can once again start to enjoy the level of service and attention She deserves. Owner has also expressed Her frustration at the fact that we both still have to work full time and has asked me to think of ways in which i can bring in some more money, i anyone has any great ideas i am, as they say, all ears!