Woo hoo what a great day today has been! This morning Owner and i set out to undertake my bra challenge as set by Owner. This was to be photographed showing my bra at 5 locations across London. Specifically, these were Angel, Moorgate, Bank, Holborn and Oxford Circus.  Well we had some tremendous fun doing the challenge and you can see how i did below;

First off was Angel. This is taken outside the entrance to an outfitters shop just along Upper Street near Angel tube.

Next stop was Moorgate. This is taken at Finsbury Circus just behind Moorgate tube. As you can see i was getting a little more confident.
Then it was off to Bank and flashing my breast in front of the Bank of England

Being a tart opposite the Prudential building in Holborn

And finally a somewhat more hesitant flash at Oxford Circus.

Challenge completed Owner took me to lunch at the restaurant where we first met exactly five years ago and a place we return to on the same day every year. However, by now i was definitely in a full tarty mode and so gave Owner a quick flash at the dinner table

Owner seemed pleased with my performance of the challenge and agreed  that i should purchase a few more girly items for my wardrobe. By the end of our trip i'd been allowed to buy a more feminine zip front top (all the better for completing more challenges in), a white lace camisole top and some pretty little ankle socks in white, black and pink. It was a wonderful day and great fun.
Well Eurovision has come and gone. Not the best of years in terms of over the top performances and far too many ballads. Howewer, it did give Owner a chance to put Her game (see earlier post) into action. Overall, there wasn't too much that i had to do on the night, though i did wear my nipple clamps and mini-pegs for a long time, but there are a couple of challenges to be completed as a result of the show in the coming days. The total scores on the doors for the night (based on Owners game) were;
  1. One instance of having to remove my knickers and wave them in the air
  2. i will have to complete one outdoor make-up challenge at some future date
  3. i was spanked 20 times during show
  4. i will have to wear a big summer hat in public on two occasions of Owners choosing
  5. i will have to purchase and wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the legend 'SLUT' or something equivalent
  6. i had to wear weighted nipples clamps during three songs
  7. i had to fuck myself once with a dildo
  8. i had to wear non-weighted nipple clamps during 10 songs
  9. i did one quick strip-tease
  10. i will receive 10 hard canings
All in all it was not the greatest of Eurovision's ever but Owners game did result in a few distractions during the show to entertain Her and a few post-show challenges to come.

The following were taken during the show as i completed a couple of the challenges;

Today Owner and i are off into town for me to complete the bra challenges. Look out London town here we come!
Yesterday to work i wore a pair of knickers with detachable suspender straps and stockings underneath my trousers...it was to prove to be an embarassing mistake. During the day the clasp of one of the suspenders kept detaching itself from my stocking top necessitating frequent trips to the bathroom to re-attach it in place. However, in the afternoon i could once again feel the unmistakeable sensation of my stocking slowly collapsing down my leg and so toddled off the the bathroom to rectify the situation. On getting there i pulled down my trousers but found i could only locate one of the two suspender straps for the my right leg. The back straps was still there albeit the clasp having become detached from the stocking but the front strap was nowhere to be seen, it had obviously detached itself from both stocking top and knicker. i checked in my shoe to see if the strap was there? No. i checked inside my trouser leg...but no, not there either. Bugger, it must have fallen off somewhere and be lying on the office floor. i returned to my desk and pondered what to do. It wasn't long before a colleague of mine loudly proclaimed 'look what i've found!' he wasn't sure what it was at first thinking it to be a garter belt, but i knew immediately...it was the bloody suspender strap. As i hid behind my computer screen hoping i didn't look as embarassed as i felt my suspender strap was passed around the office like a curious museum exhibit until eventually my colleagues got bored of it and threw it away. So now i have a pair of knickers with only three detachable suspender straps left but a valuable lesson was learnt. Detachable suspender straps and jeans do not work!
This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of when Owner and i first met. After initially meeting-up in cyberspace, at a time when we were both going through divorces, we met in person at Bond Street tube station before going for a coffee and then an Italian. We will be going back to that same restaurant again this weekend, as we do every year.

It would be another five months before what started as 'just friends' became 'friends and lovers' and a little longer still before Owner accepted my invitation to move in with me. At the time i wrote Owner a letter outlining my desire to submit to Her and to become Her submissive partner. For me this was the first time i had ever been able to openly confess what had been, until that point of my life, a hidden and buried aspect of my character. That i felt able and confident enough to write that letter speaks volumes for what a truly wonderful and remarkable woman Owner is even though this was uncharted territory for Her too.

But going back to our first meeting, little did i know that the person i was waiting to meet at the tube station would have such a wonderful, profound and enriching impact upon my life. The past five years have been like starting life all over again. i can truly say that they have been the best and most wonderful years of my life. Yes, we've had our occasional moments, as all couples do, and no i've not always been the perfect submissive partner we've both striven for. But what we have had is fun, hilarity, excitement and a shared sense of pure joy and adventure i never thought i would ever get to experience.

In that same time i have also changed and developed (for the better) under Owners expert guidance and tuition and Her Dominant side has grown and flourished. They truly have been the best years of my life and i look forward to a lifetime of continuing on our journey together. And thank you Owner for the wonderful book you bought me yesterday Miss Vera's Cross-Dress For Success: A Resource Guide for Boys Who Want to be Girls i promise to remain your Poppet forever.

This song is for you;

Owner and i hardly ever watch TV. However, there is one programme which i love to watch every year, namely the Eurovision Song Contest. Many people might regard my (and it is just mine - Owner does not share this passion) adoration of the festival of kitsch and trash that is Eurovision as a little sad. But who can forget the gorgeous Dana International, the hard rock joy of Lordy or even the United Kingdom's own stripping Bucks Fizz? All wonderful!

This year Owner has provisionally consented to letting me watch the programme. However, to make things more interesting for Her and for me, She has designed a little game. Basically, the idea of the game is along the same lines as drinking games, however, this one has it's own set of special instructions for me to perform if/and when the appropriate 'trigger' event appears or happens during the show. i've copied the rules Owner has devised below;

As you can see there are a range of possible things i may have to do as a consequence of certain trigger events occurring during the show. These range from the relatively straightforward, such as being spanked/caned to having to go shopping with Owner and try on a bra and skirt in a shop and then purchase these. It should make for an interesting evening anyway!

Owner has also indicated She would like to devise a similar game for the World Cup - not actually something i'm really that interested in at all but which i may end up being glued to the results waiting to see what they translate into by way of challenges/punishments etc. It's looking like it's going to be a fun summer, and i've still got the bra-challenge posted about previously to complete this weekend.
Owner expects me to do little strip-tease performances for Her, something i love to do. This afternoon as the sun moved away from the garden and the heat became a little more bearable it seemed a good time to do a little summer strip for Her. The dance was to the sound of that old summer classic from the musical Grease, namely Summer Nights which seemed quite appropriate given the sudden heatwave we're experiencing. Anyway, it was not quite in the same class as the original, and as far as i remember they kept their clothes on! (i'm sure i'd remember if Olivia had stripped off). The following are taken from my little dance which ended up in the garden for a refreshing cool down with our little elephant watering can

i've just realised that this has been my third blog post today, i think the sun must have gone to my head! But, it has been a great day.

Today is scorching hot in London and aside from a bit of brief sunbathing in my silver bikini in the garden most of the day has been spent in the cool indoors. After lunch Owner decided tht it was time to have a little bit of fun with Her trainee whore and instructed me to go into the corridor and wait on all fourse with my knickers pulled down, tits clamped and fellate the large black suction dildo. After a week of trying i can now get the whole head of this into my mouth and so it was that as i sucked, gagged and slurped on the big phallus Owner crouched down behind me and thrust deep into me with her big strapon. It used to take a bit of 'preparation' to accomodate this strapon but these days it slips in with no real effort and soon Owner was thrusting hard as i made as appreciative noises as possible when you have a mouth full of cock.

Once Owner had switched the strapon onto vibrate mode and had satiated herself She asked me what i would like? i eagerly replied i would like to be fucked by something bigger and after being made to beg and stretched open a little further with one of Owners big dildo's out came the huge red dildo. Owners confidence in using this has grown immeasurably as to has my own ability to accomodate its girth inside my pussy. And so with my head forced down hard onto the blig black dildo the huge red one berthed between my legs. Each time we use it gets easier and this time its huge head ploughed deeper and deeper into my molten pussy which stretched wider and wider as i sought to get more of its shaft inside me. The feeling of having that huge cock deep inside me is out of this world and my chastised clit felt heavy and swollen as i thrust my hips back and began to fuck the monster as Owner instructed me to moan louder and louder and say how much of a whore i was (it was only after that i realised that - being a hot day - all the windows were open so apologies neighbours if i disturbed your sunbathing!).

i really cannot begin to describe enough how much i love having that huge cock deep, deep inside me whilst my mouth was wrapped around the head of another equally fat dildo. As Owner says, i am a total whore. Sadly, the fun had to end at some time and Owner was all too soon pulling it out of me as my pussy gaped appreciatively.
As mentioned recently, Owner has decided that it is time to start getting me to undertake some more public challenges. As a result, this morning i found myself at Owners feet fellating the big dildo whilst Owner prepared some information for me as to what form the challenge will take. When She had completed Her preparation this is what i received in my email in-box;

So next weekend i will be flashing my tits around London, specifically at Angel, Moorgate, Bank, Holborn and Oxford Circus. Nervous?? Moi??? ....you bet!
Owner's new purple rope arrived at work today and as soon as i got home with Her new package She was excitedly playing with the rope and experimenting with some new knots. It is certainly a beautiful colour.

Yes, believe it or not this month is masturbation month. Of course, as is fit and proper for an Owned submissive i will not be taking part as i shall be locked as usual in chastity and only allowed to cum if and when Owner deems this to be appropriate, and under Her guidance and in a manner of Her choosing - lately as part of my whore training. However, it will be great to know that as and when Owner masturbates Herself against me or uses me as Her human sex toy that this is part of a global month long celebration of the art of self-pleasure.

There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than knowing that i may usefully be used by Owner for Her sexual satisfaction and enjoyment. It truly is an honour and a privilege to be able, in some small way, to assist Her in pleasuring Herself and the knowledge that She has derived pleasure from using me always adds an extra spring in my step for the rest of the day.

To those of you who do get to partake in masturbation month, have a wonderful time! As for those of us who, like me, are denied the ability to self-pleasure (unless specifically released from chastity for the purpose) we have a lifetime of pleasure to look forward to...namely the immense pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment derived from knowing that it is our role to ensure we provide our Owners/Dommes with the pleasure and satisfaction they deserve.
Owner has been experimenting with some more of Her ropework, this time with a breast harness and lead. Here are some pictures taken in our garden of the results;

Regular readers of this blog will also recall that Owner likes to set me some outdoor/public challenges but it has been a while since the last ones. Well, all that looks like it may soon change! Whilst fucking me with Her strapon this morning Owner advised me to expect to have to perform a series of challenges which will involve revealing myself in my pink bra and/or panties in public. Owner is going to plan which locations in London She would like to see Her whore expose herself in public. Needless to say i am nervously excited at the prospect!
Last week Owner instructed me to order a suction-cup dildo for use about the house. As part of Owners training of me as Her whore She has instructed that there are certain situations in which i will fellate the new dildo for Her amusement and pleasure (though i confess i love it to!). The situations i am expected to now  fellate the new dildo are as follows;
  1. When washing-up
  2. When having a supervised shower to clean the chastity device
  3. At Owners feet when She wishes to spend time researching on the computer without being disturbed
  4. When undergoing whore training in our garden
  5. Any other time of Owners choosing
Anyway, tonight was the first time i used the dildo when washing-up the dishes after dinner. As you can see it will take some practice before i master being unable to deep-throat this particular jolly black giant. Definitely a gob stopper!!

Today Owner has been practicising some new forms of knot work with Her ropes. This time She was trying out a celtic trinity knot and She did an excellent job

Later Owner continued Her experiments with rope by tightly binding my nipple rings together whilst i was on all fours on the bed before commencing some further 'pussy' stretching of Her whore. Once again it was the turn of the huge red dildo shown in an earlier post and after gradually stretching me wide, first with the inflatable butt plug and then with a thick black dildo, the huge red one was eased into position. This time we were both a lot less apprehensive and it went in much more easily so that it wasn't long before i was soon thrusting back against it as i hungrily sought to accomodate its wide girth and length inside my stretched pussy. What can i say other than that.....oh my god (again!) there really is nothing like it!! ;o)

[you're totally obsessed with that dildo! - Owner]
Today has been a chilly and overcast day and so Owner and i have spent the day at home. In the morning Owner spent time teasing, twisting and pulling my nipples until they were sore and pert and then proceeded to finger fuck Her slut whilst pleasuring Herself with Her hitachi. Owner then instructed me to come out of chastity and to spend the day wearing just my white over-the knee socks, knickers, bra and see-thru top. Owner stated that whenever i sat down i was to pull down my panties and that i was also to order a new suction-cup dildo.

Owner has advised that She wants to have such a dildo so that She can attach it around the flat for me to fellate under Her instruction and whenever She chooses as part of my whore training, in short to get used to sucking cock at any opportunity. Owner advised that the dildo, which is 9-inches long, is to be attached to the tiles in the bathroom for me to fellate when having a supervised shower, to be attached to the tiles in the kitchen for me to fellate when washing-up, to the base of the kitchen table for me to fellate when She is researching and to the garden shed to fellate outside. In short, for me to be a cock-sucking whore. This left me extremely aroused and excited, even more so as Owner has used every opportunity today to tease and caress my unchastised clit and twist my nipples and play with my pussy. This was especially the case when we settled down to watch a film on DVD this afternoon, Pedro Almodovar's 1980 Pepe, Luci, Bom The film contains a song by a very young Alaska the lyrics of which, if you understand Spanish, sum me up completely.....i am my Owners slut

Last night i was temporarily released from chastity for my regular caning and outdoor whore training session. After receiving 160 strokes of the cane Owner instructed that i was to a follow Her into the garden for my whore training. However, this time in addition to having my nipples clamped for this i was also instructed to inserted one of the stubby ribbed butt plugs into my pussy and resent myself for Her with my dress pulled down below my breasts and the hem pulled up over my waist. i tottered out onto the patio in my 'slippers' - i always wear high-heeled 'slippers' at home - and was instructed to kneel down facing the house and to play with my clit and the plug in my pussy. As i did so Owner placed the chain connecting the clover nipple clamps between my teeth so they were pulled tight. i was very quickly aroused and close to cumming at which point Owner instructed me to stop and then she pulled my head back and fucked my mouth with a hand-held dildo before instructing me to re-commence. This was repeated a few times, each time i was close to cumming Owner would have me stop and proceed to fuck my mouth again. When i was finally given permission to cum i did as expected of me and licked the sticky mess off my fingers before being told to go back inside, clean up and return to chastity.

i have come to love our whore training sessions and particularly the fact that each time Owner adds a little something 'new' to the session. i' know that one day i will be expected to perform as Owners whore in a more public location and hope that i am able to do so to Her satisfaction.

Later that evening in bed Owner and i were discussing the election that is being held today in the UK. i'm quite interested in politics though Owner is less so. However, Owner suggested that it would be fun if we were to form our own party and to stand for election. This got me thinking as to what some of the pledges in our manifesto might be and have jotted down the following ideas for starters, would be interested to hear what others might come up with :o). Anyway, here are my starters for ten as manifesto pledges for the Owner and pet party;

  1. All women to receive a free strapon courtesy of the state
  2. Male chastity devices to be made freely available and adverts extolling the virtues of keeping a male chastised to be run on national radio and TV
  3. Stocks to be re-introduced in public places - not for criminals as i believe this to be a cruel and unnecesary punishment - but rather for Dommes to place their submissives and be able to cane/flog them in public
  4. Introduce public humiliation days alongside bank holidays, days in which Dommes can humiliate subs in public and are encouraged to do so
  5. Housework, cooking, cleaning etc to become a compulsory part of the national curriculum for boys...they can't leave school until you've passed the test
  6. Fridays to be declared national 'men in nylons and panties/bra' day
  7. The law to be changed to state that any woman in a relationship with a man can demand and expect to receive sexual pleasure, gratification or amusement whenever or wherever She demands. Failure to comply to be punishable in law. The punishment itself to be chosen by the woman and to take place in a designated public place designed for such a purpose on a saturday.
  8. All public buildings to have designated spanking areas
  9. Building codes ammended so that all new houses/flats have to contain a designated 'dungeon' space...the space to be at least wide enough to swing a flogger with ease
  10. The empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square to have a statue of a giant butt plug installed
Any other ideas for the manifesto welcomed! Would certainly make for an interesting election ;o)
Owner and i returned from a wonderful trip to Budapest last night. There was so much to see and do there ended up being no time for play, instead our days consisted of wandering around this beautiful city, going on a trip up the Danube to Visegrad and basically having a wonderful, wonderful time. We're both very sad to have had to leave and will definitely be visiting Hungary again. Meanwhile, below is a small selection of photos from the city and our trip to Visegrad