Well fives actually. There are a number of exciting developments that have already/are happening this week that i wanted to share with you all.

First, and this is something that Owner and i are both very happy about, is that i am back in chastity again 24/7 with a new device. Readers may recall that 24/7 chastity used to be the norm for me (albeit with the occasional release) up until shortly around the time when i knackered my back. Throughout that period Owner and i had used a CB-3000 device which we had never really had any major issues with, supplemented on ocasions by a metal kali's teeth device. We had at one stage tried to use a silicone Birdlocked device albeit with disappointing results and we quickly abandoned that one and returned back to the CB-3000. Well, all that was until my back problems came along. Now the issue was not being in chastity when largely immobile - that was not an issue at all. No, the issue was that the hard plastic of the CB-3000 was really uncomfortable when doing the back stretching exercises flat on my tummy that i had been told to do and which will probably be a daily/twice daily ritual now for the rest of my life to keep my back discs from herniating again. In short, the hard plastic CB-3000 device dug deep into me when i tried to lie flat and prevented me from doing so, thus making completing the stretching and arching exercises i need to do impossible. Owner realised the problem and instantly stated that i was to remove the device and stay out of chastity.

Thus, for the past 4-5 months i have been out of chastity. But, after almost 5 years of being pretty much in chastity most of the time (albeit with regular 'releases') this did not feel right. We both discussed this and agreed that it would be good for me to go back into chastity, especially as now i only need to exercise my back a couple of time a day - not the 7-8 times a day i was doing before. So, we have taken the plunge and with a degree of scepticism born out of our experience ith the Birdlocked device purchased another silicone device, the BON4.
the new device
 The device arrived yesterday and i have been wearing it since, with so far, no issues or problems. i will keep you updated as to how things go. However, i will say two things. First, the shop we ordered from online were excellent, they are called sexshop365 and i must commend them for their excellent service, the goods arrived within 24 hours of ordering. The second point i would make is....it is lovely to be back with my little clitty locked up again!

The second exciting thing that has happened this week is that Owner has permitted me to order some weights for my nipple piercings. As i write they have not yet arrived but should do any day now. The weights in question are pear drop weights from Wildcat and look like this:

i can't wait to add them to my nipple rings - each of which is already adorned with little miniature handcuffs and which are both connected to each other by a pretty silver chain. i'd love one day to have a bell suspended from each ring too to add to the one that dangles from my belly chain and jingles softly but audibly as i walk about at home or at work. i am very lucky to be allowed to wear such things by Owner.

The third wonderful thing this week was that on Monday Owner instructed me to greet Her on my knees with my pussy fully plugged when She returned from work. Accordingly, when She walked in She found me kneeling in the corridor with the inflatable butt plug buried deep in my pussy. What followed consisted of Owner clamping my titties then having me spank and stimulate my little clitty until it was swollen and hard and then stop and lean forward and suck and fellate a big black suction-cup dildo She had placed on the floor in front of me. This was repeated again and again as i reached the point of cumming and was told to stop and suck cock. As i was doing this Owner switched the vibrate mode of the plug on too and pumped it up further so that it was strething and throbbing deep inside my pussy. As my excitemnt mounted so too did my ability to get more and more of the fat cock head down my throat until ultimately, Owner gave me permission to cum which i did loudly and copiously with my mouth stuffed with the dildo. i eagerly licked up the cum off my hands afterwards like a good little whore before tidying everything away.

Fourthly, regular readers may know that whilst Owner is a fan of football (or soccer for American readers) i am not. However, to make tournaments and competitions more interesting Owner has combined the outcomes of matches with challenges i have to complete. Anyway, with the  European Championships starting in less than two weeks Owner has devised a new football game which will see me having to potentially complete a wide variety of very public or private challenges depending on the results of matches. i'll post more about this another time but needless to say i may have to pluck-up the courage to be photographed somewhere in public in London wearing nothing but heels, stockings, suspenders and a corset, or spend an hour with my titties clamped and weighted or go into town with my hair in bunches or a pigtail etc, etc. It could be an interesting tournament!

Last, but by no means least, and in fact the best of the lot, is that this week marks seven years since Owner and i first met, it took us a while to then progress from friends to lovers, but nevertheless 7 years to the day tomorrow is he first time we clapped eyes on each other. We will be repeating our annual pilgrimage back to the same pizza restaurant we ate in 7 years ago. However, and of more relevance to this blog is that Owner is using this opportunity to review my development so far and to map out how She would like me to develop over the next part of our lives together. Owner is still bevearing away at the details (which will be posted in full here when received) but has indicated that She wishes me to become Her trophy wife. i am really excited and can't wait to find out about what She has in mind.

Along with an estimated 125million other souls tonight Owner and i will be settling down to watch the Eurovision song contest on TV. This long-standing European institution is, i have to admit, one of my highlights of the year and is also about the only TV programme i watch apart from when Owner and i are staying in a hotel somewhere and we watch it as a treat.

But i digress. Eurovision is a wonderful evening of kitsch trash with a good dollop of euro pop and politics thrown in for good measure too - in short a winning combination. Owner, is not such a fan as me but lets me indulge my passion each year. Of late She has combined viewing the programme with the completion of challenges and this year is no exception, albeit with a slight modification in that the challenge occurred today, before the show commenced. Owner asked that i make a short promotional/introductory video in Eurovision style as they do before each act takes the stage. The video below was shot around our home town of London on what was a scorching day - as you can see we had some fun

Happy IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia) folks - which is today May 17th. i hope you have had, or are having, a big one :)
Yes once again both of us have been off on a little weekend break, this time to the UNESCO-listed historic capital of the tiny country of Luxembourg - the aptly named Luxembourg City. To be honest neither of us had given a moments thought to visiting Luxembourg in the past until finding a travel guide to the place in a discount book store and having all of our preconceptions about what a boring and uninteresting place we assumed it would be over-turned - all for the paltry sum of 50 pence.

How wrong we had both been, the city is a delight and definitely worth a visit. There were even some opportunities for a couple of discreet photoshoots amongst the Casements du Bloc that are built into the rock the old city perches on top of;

The city itself is very beautiful and there are some terrific vantage points to take photographs;

The food and beer is also pretty good too and there were plenty of opportunities to sit down, relax and enjoy some light refreshment and hearty meals

 Unfortunately, as you can tell from the photos at the start of this post, i have been enjoying  little too much food of late and am starting to get a bit of a belly - not good and something that Owner has noticed too. i am going to have to try and get rid of that if we're to do any bikini/swimsuit outdoor photoshoots when the summer eventually arrives.

All in all we had an excellent little trip and would definitely recommed Luxembourg as a great short destination. Apologies too if this is turning into somewhat of a travel blog! We seem to have been doing a lot of that recently, albeit having fun along the way too.