My new Holy Trainer chastity device arrived today and both Owner and i were excited to see what it was like. It is now locked securely in place with the key in Owners possession. Actually, talking of the key, it's locking mechanism is rather ingenious. Anyway, you can see what it looks like below:

In situ on me
i am quite excited about my new chastity device. As mentioned we are off to Norway at the end of next week and that will present an opportunity to see whether or not it can be safely worn through airport security without triggering the metal detector - which i am pretty confident it won't.
You know that feeling you get when you are waiting for a bus? You wait for ages and none appear and then suddenly a few turn up at the same time, well you might feel that way about these videos. i have been promising since last year that Owner and i will shortly be making some videos covering aspects of our life together and my training and development. Well, after a series of technical glitches and assorted interruptions due to work, life and travel etc we now have, not one but two videos ready for you.

The first video covers my daily routine and the key things that i do everyday of my life as part of my service and submission to Owner. We hope that you like it, it took a lot of effort on Owners part to edit and produce and there were a number of false starts. However, we're both pleased with the end result and have learnt a lot along the way (and i have learnt that in future i need to sit with my shoulders straight!). Anyway, let us know what you think, the video is below:

The second video is shorter and was shot this afternoon on a windy day in London and is me wearing my high heels on Blackheath. Sadly, i appear to have forgotten how to swing one of my arms - think i need some more catwalk practice :)

We hope you like our videos.
As i have previously blogged about Owner has stipulated what style of 'uniform' i am to wear when i work from home, either a smart skirt and blouse or smart trousers with blouse and a pair of flats. She has identified items that are appropriate as work uniforms and since then these are what i have been wearing when working from home, paired with either stockings or tights (depending on the weather). At first i confess that i was a little nervous at the prospect of potentially having to interact with our downstairs neighbour or with delivery people etc whilst wearing my new 'uniform'. However, having now met and talked with my neighbour so dressed and with a number of different delivery people (supermarket delivery drivers, parcel deliveries, postman etc) i have now gotten a lot more used to it.  In fact, i actually wake-up quite excited at the prospect of dressing up in my work uniform when i don't have to go into the office.

Then, a few weeks ago, Owner had the idea of introducing a 'dress down Friday' theme when i work from home on a Friday. This is how i interpreted 'dress down Friday' whilst working from home a few days ago;

Owner has, however, pointed me in the direction of this 'Casual but sexy' page on Pinterest to show me the sorts of outfits that She expects me to wear when i work from home in future on a Friday. The page is great and full of inspirational ideas. The trick now will be for me to try and pull off a casual yet sexy look on future Fridays.

Owner has also decided that She would like me to get a new chastity device. Although i have a Mature Metal device it has not been worn much of late, in part because i lost the locking pin and so have had to use a screw instead, something Owner rightly says is not really appropriate. Anyway, She told me to research potential new devices.

Over the many years in which chastity has figured i our relationship i have had a number of different devices, some good and some less so. It was interesting to once again have a look and see what, if any new chastity products were available on the market since the last time we researched. The good news was that there were some new ones. The device we both particulalrly liked is one that is called the 'Holy Trainer' (great name!) and is available in regular and small, and is also available in pink. The small pink version is the one that i will be getting. It should arrive later this week and i will post about it in future. One advantage of a return to non-metal devices that Owner highlighted was that it should be OK to wear through airport security. As you know we both travel a fair amount and it would be great to have a device that could remain in situ when we do so. We are off to Northern Norway in a few weeks so that could be a good time to test it through the security at the airport.

This morning, however, Owner treated me to an intense orgasm, my first in over a month. First, She caressed and teased me and then She gagged with with the cock gag before having me position myself on the bed on my belly. Owner then took our Her favourite vibrator and wedged it between my butt cheeks and proceeded to 'ride' and pleasure Herself astride of me. Then She told me She wanted to fuck my face and rolled me over and sat astride my head and squatted down so that She was resting Her weight on my gagged mouth. My nostrils were filled with Her scent as She continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator whilst grinding down on my gagged mouth, ensuring my mouth was well and truly stuffed full of cock.

After Her own orgasm Owner then switched Her attention to me. She positioned Her vibrator on my belly, so that it nestled just under my excited and aroused little clit. Then She retrieved Her riding crop and proceeded to crop my clit and nipples. Owner was soon beating my clit hard with Her riding crop and then switched Her attention to my exposed and vulnerable 'labia'. She knows how aroused i get when She beats these hard and regular readers will know that most, if not all of the orgasms i am permitted these days come about as a result of Her beating my bits. The combination of Her beating me with the riding crop and the vibrator buzzing away against the head of my clit soon had me highly aroused. Owner granted me permission to come 'like the slut i am' and no sooner than She had given Her consent than a month's worth of cum was squirting and splashing and soaking my belly. Owner scooped my mess up with Her vibrator and Her hand, then un-gagged me and fed me my mess, having me lick and fellate the dildo and pouring and wiping the mess from Her hand into my eager mouth. i truly am lucky to be treated so well by Her! :)

Later today we are heading out, in part for me to complete a challenge wearing high heels in public. i will update about that and our upcoming video in my next post.

Shortly before Owner and i went on our short trip to Miami Owner had instructed me to purchase another housework uniform so that i have two to use so there is always a spare. Owner selected the item She wanted me to buy on ebay - it was an amazingly cheap nurses/care-home cleaning tunic which cost about £9 - and though we bought it from a store specialising in uniforms for cleaners and nurses etc neither of us were that convinced it would be of good quality. How wrong we were!

The item arrived the day we left and so it wasn't until we returned that i got a chance to try it on. It is surprisingly good quality and we're both delighted with it. You can see what it looks like below (i added the belt) i think it is fair to describe it as being practical rather than sexy!;

Meanwhile, Owner and i have both struggled a little bit with jet-lag post Miami. Thankfully, we've only had to work two days this week though sadly for Owner this meant Her having to go into Her office whereas i got to work from home again - which meant being able to wear my other 'office' uniforms. We had no callers, however, and so nobody got to see me in my stockings, skirt and blouse this time. That will, however, change next week as we have a delivery coming on Monday.

Owner is still keen to establish a new 'dress-down Friday' rule for me when i am working from home at the end of the week (which is normally always the case). She hasn't yet made-up Her mind what this will involve, i am nervously excited to find out what She may decide.
Owner and i have just returned from a long weekend in the sunshine state. Though we stayed in South Beach in Miami we actually managed to get to see quite a bit of the city too as well as getting down to the Keys (as far south as Long Key to be precise) and into the Everglades National Park. We really had a great trip and would love to go back one day.

Ironically the weather was more 'English summer' than we had expected so i only got to parade in my shorts once but i did enjoy perusing some of the South Beach fashions in the shops and Owner even allowed me to buy a cute little pair of shorts (see below) as well as a lovely skirt which was on sale in Macy's and a pair of pretty knickers.
Posing in my new South Beach shorts on our balcony
 i had read that driving in Miami wasn't that great, though having now experienced it it isn't that bad and can probably be accounted for by two things. First, driver frustation/boredom at the constant stop-start from all the traffic lights and second, the virtual total lack of signage to places you want to get to (i can see the airport i am driving along parallel to the runway so why are there no signs for how to get to said bloody airport!).

But, i digress. The places we loved were the wildlife in the Everglades, the art and graffiti in Wynwood Walls, the waterfront in the Bayside/Brickell Park district (though could somebody please open a cafe here), the middle Keys (why would anyone choose to holiday in Key Largo?) and the art deco in South Beach. i loved the South Beach styles (oohh to parade in one of those teeny weeny bikinis) and Owner marvelled at the fact that everyone speaks Spanish by default (note - Owner is Spanish).

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from our trip
down at the beach - though sadly not in my bikini
South Beach
Long Key State Recreation Park
Watching Me Watching You in the Everglades

Calle Ocho
Miami Skyline
Ocean Drive, South Beach
Wynwood Walls