In Her comment on one of my earlier posts Mistress 160 asked what suggestions i had put forward to Owner for the incorporation of Her Queening stool into some of our regular activies? The following is re-printed with permission from my Owner and is the list of ideas i presented to Her;

  • Before or after each caning session to offer to arouse Owner on Her queening stool
  • To offer to arouse Owner on Her queening stool immediately after a supervised shower by way of ‘thank you’ (as well as the more traditional thank you)
  • Every Friday night when getting out the toys so that they are available for use at the weekend to invite Owner to inspect that they are clean and to offer Her the queening stool for pet to worship Her
  • To bring in the queening stool into the kitchen when giving Owner a pedicure and to offer Owner an after pedicure ‘adoration’
  • To offer to queen Owner after any punishment has been administered
  • To spend one hour a weekend (time to be designated by Owner) lying in position under the queening stool in the bedroom should Owner wish to come in and make use of Her stool at any time during that period i.e. every Saturday night between 7.30-8.30pm to be in position
  • To offer to queen Owner each time she has dyed Her hair and is waiting for it to ‘set’.

i should add that Owner is still considering these suggestions.

As previously blogged Owner often requests that i put on a Burlesque or strip-tease show for Her. On Friday night i did a few Rocky Horror show performances for Owner. The images below were taken by Owner whilst i 'performed'. As ever these were great fun!

This afternoon it was time for my weekly caning. Owner has been slowly increasing the number of strokes i receive and today was a new record, 130. When Owner had finished She had me lie on the bed whereupon She proceeded to rig me up with rope so that i was fully accessible and exposed for Her amusement. As you can see i was pretty well immobilised with my hands tied behind my head to the bedframe and my legs bound and spread;

Once fully secured Owner then commenced attaching clothes pegs to my nipples and testicles;

After which out came the inflatable butt plug and i was sent spinning away into slut heaven as Owner pumped the plug up and switched the vibrator on. Owner then proceeded to cane my nipples before draping Her moist knickers over my face, squatting above me and using my tongue for Her pleasure in combination with Her vibrator. What a wonderful way to work out!

Owner and i headed into Covent Garden this afternoon to do some shopping. Before setting off Owner had instructed me to wear a butt plug so i was to be found sitting on the tube in the afternoon, Owner by my side, adorned in my make-up, nail varnish, probationary pet leather collar, and wearing a short sleeve shirt, bra, jeans with white plastic belt, panties, CB3000 and heavy metal butt plug. It is a truism that you can meet all sorts of people on the tube!

In town Owner allowed me to buy a wonderful t-shirt, it's a woman's skinny fit one in green and will go well with my jeans. We then headed over to Stanfords to stock up on maps etc for our trip to Norway before heading back home. In Covent Garden the air had been heavy and humid and the sky was darkening so it was little surprise to find that when we reached our stop the heavens had well and truly opened! It was a downpour of biblical proportions with the roads quickly taking on the appearance of small rivers in spate.

There is something about letting yourself get soaked by a summer downpour that brings out the child in both Owner and i. As the lightening forked overhead we had great fun hurtling through ankle deep water in the general direction of the bus stop. Needless to say by the time we reached it both of us were soaked but giggling happily and excitedly. What fun to be running with a butt plug in the rain!
It has been quite muggy and humid in London the past couple of days and it looks set to get worse. Neither Owner nor i are great fans of this weather and so this morning found us lazing about in the cool of the bedroom with the curtains drawn listening out for any sign of rain or thunder to clear the air. Alas there was none.

Neverthless, Owner put the time to good use spanking my testicles with Her favourite leather paddle. She also discovered that spanking the head of my exposed penis with the paddle (i've been out of chastity this past week on Owners instructions) caused me to flinch and generally look uncomfortable. This of course was met with a gleeful response by Owner who switched Her attention from my testicles and instead set about spanking the head of my penis. More fun was had when Owner discovered She could thread the leather loop of the paddle through my nipple ring and have me walk about the flat in the morning with the paddle hanging from my breast, tugging it gently. Of course, hung in such a position meant it was constantly available for Owner to grab and still use to spank my bottom, or wherever She chose. A little later on found me on all fours, testicles being spanked hard and a glass butt plug in my 'pussy'. Owner was happily spanking me and pushing the base of the plug deeper in me when....well let's say i had an accidental release. This was not good as i had not obtained permission to cum, although Owner has generously stated i won't be punished for my misdemeanour as She was intentionally experimenting. Needless to say after ensuring that i had licked up my mess and cleaned the toys Owner decided i should be placed back into chastity.

Which brings me to the subject of happiness, and specifically how happy we both our living out our little Femdom lives. i know and Owner knows that i'm currently far from being a perfect pet. However, She views our relationship as a lifetime project and though determined to see me improve (as am i), and prepared to punish when She feels it appropriate, also believes that we can just take things one step at a time on a lifetimes journey into Femdom. It has been over two years since we started living together and developing our Femdom life and in that time we have both learnt and grown into our respective roles. As Miss D pointed out in her comments on my last entry i do, as my recent appraisal from Owner demonstrates, need to improve and ensure that i work hard to regain my pet status and i fully intend to do this. There is nothing i would like more in the world than to once again be my Owners pet, as opposed to a probationary pet. But for us what is as important is that we both have fun and enjoy our relationship at the same time. i truly feel blessed and honoured to have this opportunity to share my life and to live and grow with such a wonderful Owner and partner. She makes me the happiest person alive and accepts me for who i am and who we both would like me to become. Although i'm not there yet, i am a long way down the road compared to where i was (or indeed we both were) when we first set out on this journey together a few years ago.

Finally, as i type this sitting at the kitchen table and already feeling the heat of the day rising uncomfortably, both of our attentions are turning to our holiday in just over a month's time. We're both off to Norway, a country neither of us has visited before. We're going for 2 weeks which will also be the longest we've been on holiday together for as well. We've hired a cabin near a fjord and the mountains and forests and are already thinking about all the interesting prospects and opportunities for some outdoor and indoor fun and games!
This evening after returning home i received the following assessment from Owner of my performance during my probationary pet period. i re-print Owner's assessment below in full;

Time has come to review trainee pet’s performance during his probationary period. Let’s remember the events that led to the current situation:

  • Pet was collared on the 8th of September 2007
  • Pet’s behaviour was not consistent and not of the standards required by his Owner so he was demoted to trainee pet on the 8th of September 2008 after having been warned on several occasions
  • As a trainee pet his behaviour improved and Owner concluded that he was definitely better but becoming a pet required commitment so he was offered the possibility to become a pet on probation for 6 weeks in mid February 2009. During these 6 weeks he was supposed to comply with certain rules and achieve certain targets
  • Due to the refurbishment of the flat, the 6 weeks had to be moved from mid February to May 2009 and the list of targets was slightly changed

Let’s now review if all targets have been achieved and the rating that probationary pet has been given for each of them:

[Rating: 0-very poor, 1-poor, 2-average 3-good 4-very good. Maximum points available: 60]

Targets Owner’s comments Rating

To wear his Probationary Pet badge - He did and sometimes very enthusiastically even when it wasn’t required. He showed he was proud to be owned and was not afraid to show it 4

To finish off the kitchen - He completed it. He’s not great at DIY, but he’s done it promptly and to the best of his abilities 4

To complete a ‘fake nails’ challenge - He did it! He was concerned and embarrassed at the beginning but he never gave up. He purchased items and had dinner in an Italian restaurant 4

To re-start my Spanish lessons I must schedule 1 lesson per week. If during a week I can not complete a lesson I must re-schedule 2 lessons for the following week - Failed miserably. Once more pet shows that if he doesn’t fancy doing something he may not do it. Erratic behaviour. Uninterested in Owner’s mother tongue. 0

To treat Owner to a pedicure every two weeks and a foot massage at least 3 times a week - He has consistently done this and has become an expert. If Owner didn’t get her pedicure or massage was because she refused to but pet always remembered to offer. Pet is forgiven for clipping Owner’s toe 4

To have a PowerPoint lesson – I must schedule this lesson and create a little project at the end - Failed miserably. Again, uninterested. Pet’s too busy being a slut 0

No to drink any coffee in the evenings during the week. On weekend evenings I must ask for permission - Pet has done very well and achieved this 4

To keep my paperwork organised in a folder. Any printed instructions for events/games must also be archived - Pet has started to do this but must make sure all paperwork is included as this will be our book of nice memories for when we are in the oldies home. Some papers are missing or haven’t been printed 2

To request a caning at least once a week - Pet has done this, if he hasn’t got one it was due to Owner being busy, tired or family visits 4

To think of imaginative ways to use the queening stool during play, produce a list and submit it to my Owner for approval - Pet has submitted a list of very creative ideas 4

To re-start daily/weekly cleaning routine - Pet has done this and has incorporated new services out of his own initiative. However, pet has struggle to keep the kitchen sink clean and odour free and has been punished for this on several occasions 3

To keep the flat very tidy - Pet has done. I agree the kitchen table is messy sometimes 3

To stop smoking on the 1st of June 2009 - Pet has done so and has been successful so far

To complete all punishments accrued before the re-start of the probationary period - Pet completed all of them 4

Not to accumulate more than 3 punishment from the moment the probationary period re-starts - Pet accumulated 3 exactly. The last punishment was given to him while being punished. It would have been good to see no punishments at all 2

Total: 46

Owner’s conclusion:

Pet has obtained 46 points out of 60 points available. This is not a bad score. Pet has achieved most of the targets and has done exceptionally well in some areas. But Owner always expects perfection and he unfortunately has not achieved some of his targets – he hasn’t even tried.
However, it would be unfair not to mention that pet has done very well in areas not covered in the probationary agreement such as:

  • Being proactive – he has included new tasks to his morning routines
  • Cooking – he just gets better and better and prepares healthy and balanced meals
  • Being understanding – he perfectly understands and bears with Owner’s mood swings
  • Being fun and exciting – he may not be the greatest burlesque star but he never fails to impress and entertain
  • Updating his blog – he has shared with others his experiences in a fun and casual way

In conclusion, pet has grown in his role and in general has become more consistent despite his weaknesses. Owner will like to offer him the possibility of achieving the targets that he missed in order to become a proper pet again and get his collar back. This is the deal:

Pet will have to:

1) Complete the first 3 episodes of ‘Mi vida loca’ (in the BBC website: ). Owner will give him a test on completion of the episodes. Pet must pass the test to be promoted
2) Arrange an hour session with Owner to get some PowerPoint skills and create a presentation with the title ‘Life as a probationary pet’. Owner will mark the presentation. Pet must also pass this test to be promoted

Both tests must be completed by the 15th of July.

If both tasks are completed to Owner’s satisfaction probationary pet will regain his pet status and a collaring date will be arranged. If the tasks are not completed appropriately, pet’s situation will not be reviewed until January 2010.

Owner wishes pet good luck and encourages him to prepare himself and clarify any queries he may have.

i think Owner has been more than fair and i am delighted at this opportunity to have a final chance.

Owner and i have had a family member staying with us for a week, and though it has been great fun, we've done lots of sight-seeing, had meals out and visited other relatives whilst they've been here, it has inevitably meant that we've had to be somewhat discrete this week. For me this has meant remembering to wear 'normal' shoes about the house and to cover up my painted toe nails and not putting on any of my daily make-up or fem clothes. However, our guest has now departed so as i type this post i am wearing bright pink nail polish, short black lace nightie and with my face all made up pretty (yippee!!).

Now we have our flat back to ourselves i've been going around retrieving all of our 'toys' and other giveaway objects from their temporary hiding places and returning them to their proper places. Oh, and of course doing some cleaning and hoovering whilst i'm at it. Mind you even with a guest staying, Owner has still been treating me as Her slut whenever She has had an opportunity. Most mornings before going to work (Owner took the week off to entertain our guest but i've still been going to work during the day) She has finger-fucked my 'pussy' until it was thoroughly moist and spanked my chastised testicles. To prevent my moans of frustrated pleasure waking our guest in the next room Owner has had to stuff a pillow in my mouth! It has certainly been an enjoyable way to start the days for your truly!

Although it has been lovely having our guest to stay it will be wonderful to interact openly with Owner as Her submissive once again and get back to my little routines (which i've missed). We've also both decided that we really do need to get different jobs as well. We're both bored and frustrated in our current ones. i'd love to work somewhere where i could dress en femme all day! There's a blog i read by Mistress Helen whose submissive maid works in Her shop and also works as a cleaner. This would be a wonderful job to have...if anyone knows of an opening for a domesticated slutty sub i would love to hear!

However, back to reality! This weekend i have promised Owner that i will put on one of my regular burlesque shows for Her. This is something i do quite often and we both have great fun, although they're often more strip than burlesque - i always seem to have a problem keeping my knickers on! i'd love to have posted some pictures from the last show but the hard-drive of the computer packed up at the weekend and until it is fixed all the photos Owner took are inaccessible. Ho hum!

Finally, it is now also the end of my 'probationary pet' period. Owner has had me complete my self-appraisal which i have submitted to Her. My own assessment is that i have failed as during the probationary period i did not organise any Spanish lessons for myself or develop a Powerpoint presentation as requested - though i did undertake the other training and development requested i.e. weekly pedicures for Owner, requesting a regular caning etc, etc. Owner has promised to review my performance during the probationary period at Her leisure and advise me of Her assessment of my performance. i will post the outcome (with Her permission) when i have received it. i do long to return to full pet status once again and will continue to strive hard to serve and impress Owner whatever the outcome. It is, afterall, what makes me happy.
Owner has pointed out to me on numerous occasions that after i have finished washing up i must make sure that there are no stray pieces of food left over in the sink trap. Unfortunately, and despite having the error of my ways pointed out to me on more than one occasion, the other night Owner once again found a couple of bits of food from the dirty dishes lodged in the sink after i'd washed up. Owner rightly decided that enough was enough and that i needed punishing to mend my ways.

Thus it was that last night i presented myself to my Owner to receive my punishment. This was to consist of my cleaning the sink using just the tip of my finger whilst my testicles were adorned with 20 mini metal pegs and my nipples clamped with the clover clamps with weights hung from the chain between them. It took about 20 minutes for me to thoroughly clean all of the sink, all the while Owner caressed and spanked my clamped testicles and took great delight in swinging the weights attached to my nipple clamps. The end result was very sore nipples and testicles and a gleaming sink. After completing the punishment i mentally tried to prepare myself for the removal of the pegs. This is the part i hate the most, i'd far rather leave them in place and these little metal pegs are the worst of the lot. i'd deliberately picked these ones to wear (instead of the milder wooden ones) in an effort to please Owner and make ammends for my failure to clean the sink. However, Owner had another idea. She instructed me to go to the bedroom, prepare my pussy and wait for Her on all fours on the bed - still with the clamps and weights in place.

i waddled down the corridor to the bedroom (walking with 20 pegs on your testicles and weights swinging from your nipples is not easy!), clambered onto the bed, lubed myself so that i was wet and open and awaited Owner. It wasn't long before She was kneeling behind me, hands placed on my hips and then thrusting deep inside me. As Owners 'cock' pumped inside me She grabbed and pulled the clamps on my nipples and roughly caressed my still clamped testicles.

My nipples and testicles were on fire but i didn't care, the pain overwhelmed by my insatiable desire to be fucked harder and harder. Owner switched on the bullet inside Her 'cock', grabbed my hips and banged out an orgasm for Herself. i could hear the metal pegs on my testicles clattering against the plastic of my chastity device as Owner bucked inside me. At that moment i was in slut heaven.

Then Owner reached round and pulled off my nipple clamps. The pain was intense but as nothing compared to when She then rolled me on my back and started removing the clamps from my testicles. i had to stuff the pillow in my mouth to prevent me crying out!

4 hours later and my nipples still feel deliciously sore!
As the title of this blog suggests, one of the things that Owner expects is for me to be Her slut and She takes great delight in reminding me of my role as Her slut. This of course is hell! LOL Actually, it is very frustrating as i am kept in pretty permanent chastity but it does leave me in a state of delicious and semi-permanent arousal, albeit one that i am unable to do anything about other than pleasure Owner if She requests it.

Yesterday Owner served to remind me of my status as Her slut. i was at the kitchen sink washing-up after dinner when Owner came up behind me, lifted up my skirt, pulled my knickers down, told me to lean forwards and then proceeded to double finger-fuck my 'pussy'. As i moaned in pleasure Owner grabbed a wooden spatula and proceedd to spank my testicles with it before giving my bottom a firm spanking too. i was then instructed to finish off the washing and continue my duties.

Owners attention left me aroused for the rest of the evening. This morning She advised me that She is considering devising a 'slut marathon' for me. i have no idea what it may involve but it does sound wonderful!