Owner has had me out of chastity over the weekend for some more fun and games. Today was a really wet and overcast day in London, the perfect day for playing indoors. So this afternoon when i had completed my chores Owner and i retired to bed. It wasn't long before Owner had me on all fours beating and slapping my testicles so that i was moaning like a true slut! Owner then proceeded to moisten my pussy lips before inserting one of the large ribbed butt plugs into me. Owners intention was to have me plugged whilst She continued to tease and torment me, but events proved otherwise. No sooner had the plug sunk all the way in and Owner had started to tap and twist the base than....oh my what's that drizzling out of me!

Yep, yours truly was leaking semen uncontrollably in a steady stream onto the bedding. It is a weird feeling when you are milked either intentionally, or as in this instance, unintentionally. It is not at all like an orgasm, just a constant drizzle flowing out of you. Needless to say i was quickly made to lick up my mess from the covers.

However, today must have been my lucky day because after i had been accidentally milked this way i was left hornier than i thought possible...i even began eyeing the bed posts with unnatural interest as Owner pleasured herself against me. Then Owner returned her attention to me and began repeatedly slapping and masturbating me until i was urgently requesting permission to come, and to my surprise and delight i heard those magic words; "yes come like a slut" - which i duly did all over my thighs and stomach! Owner scooped up some of my mess with her fingers and had me lick them clean before instructing me to lick up the puddle on the bed clothes. What a truly wonderful way to spend an afternoon, but it is now back to chastity time again.
It may seem an obvious thing to say, after all who amongst us that works Monday-Fridays is going to not like the weekend? However, for me the weekend is extra special as that is the time when i am expected and able to dress in feminine attire the whole time. Yep, Friday night sees the nail varnish go on and the nervous excitement build at the prospect of public outings in make-up and pretty clothes. i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it, but each time gets a little easier than the last and Owner has been encouraging and supporting me to increase my feminisation in public.

When i first started being 'forcibly-femmed' - by that i mean not just wearing pretty panties under everyday work clothes (something i do everyday and have done for some years) but wearing something that is visible to the public i was totally terrified. i can still remember the time Owner took me to a restaurant (it was my birthday) and mid-way through the meal produced a bag and instructed me to go to the toilets and put on the contents - make-up - i was mortified. i did, of course, do as instructed but didn't dare to meet anyones eyes and was a nervous and embarassed squirming wreck - albeit in a good way! i had discussed with Owner my interest in being femmed and this was my public introduction. That was followed by other little public 'challenges' - going to the shops wearing make-up or having to purchase feminine items designed to embarass me, such as try on high heels in a busy shop etc.

However, now being femmed and being able to dress feminine in public is something that i actively look forward to - although the nerves are still there, just less. Now every evening after work i put on make-up and dress pretty and sluttily for Owner, but it is only really the weekend when i get to promenade in public with Owner. It's been fascinating, from my own perspective, to see how much more confident i have become - more so than i ever felt possible - and i believe this new-found confidence has also manifested itself positively in other areas of my life. So the weekend is now a time to look forward to and relish and to put my best foot forward, hold my head high, look other Londoners in the eye and say to myself - 'i don't care what you think of me or how i look, my Owner loves me, i love her and am happy with how i am, deal with it!'

The only thing that i haven't yet tried or been asked to try by Owner is wearing a skirt in public - other than to an event. My outdoor femme experience is still limited to full make-up, pretty tops, collar, heeled boots and women's jeans i.e. no skirts to date. i hope one day that Owner will request that too. i'll be a nervous wreck again but am now confident i could do it and once done once, well as they say...a slut does like to be seen in a skirt.
Owner has been having a lot of fun with Her trainee pet lately, indeed so much fun that he feels as if he is in a state of almost permanent arousal, which is a wonderfully frustrating state to be in! The reason for my current heightened state of arousal is two-fold;

1) Owner has recently taken to slapping and spanking my testicles on a regular basis. It is a strange sensation to have your testicles regularly and repeatedly struck, although the first blows are invariably uncomfortable and your body naturally tries to move away from the source of the sensation/discomfort by about blow number 5 something strange and altogether unexpected begins to happen. You (or at least i) begin to move your hips forward and spread your legs wider so that your testicles are even easier to access. By the time Owner has finished this little slut is driven wild with desire, moaning loadly with hips thrust forward, legs spread far apart and dangerously close to orgasm (something he knows he is not allowed to do) and all from just being struck repeatedly in the testicles.

2) Owner recently purchased a new toy as a gift for Her trainee pet to help train his pussy and keep it nicely stretched for Her. The gift in question is a wonderful Baroque solid metal butt plug from the lovely people at tickleberry

The plug is really quite heavy and large and is an excellent means for Owner to get Her trainee pet purring. The plug combined with the testicle spanking drive this little slut wild, and last night Owner combined the two sensations with the added sensation of clamping my nipples with clover clamps, having me grip the chain in my teeth and then pulling my head right back so that the chain on the clamps was pulled extremely tight. Just to make sure Owner then grabbed my nipple rings and began twisting and pulling them hard in between spanking my testicles.

All of the above was a part of a punishment which had also seen me released temporarily from chastity and made to masturbate with an exfoliating mitten. As Owner spanked and twisted Her trainee pet was commanded to masturbate for Her amusement until on the edge of orgasm and then stop before being ordered to commence again. With each passing minute my moans were getting louder and louder. This continued for some time as Owner judged how close She could get me to orgasm without actually granting me permission. It was amazingly intense and i was so frustratingly aroused i feared that even the merest extra twist of a nipple could lead to unfortunate consequences!

i was wearing a pair of crotchless 'stocking-style' tights and Owner then proceeded to employ them to great affect as a 'holster' for her vibrator. She slid the vibrator between my buttocks and the waist of the stockings and then effectively rode me for Her pleasure. Needless to say this left me in an even more frenzied state of arousal at which point i was instructed to return once again to chastity.

i truly adore being left in this state, it can last for days on end with me hopelessly, uncomfortably and frustratingly aroused. In fact, Owner often likes to use me as a 'prop' for Her own pleasure and it truly is wonderful to be able to serve Her and please Her in this way.

i am an extremely lucky trainee pet and want nothing more than to be able to continue to serve my Owner and be trained by Her.
Well, despite my best efforts i didn't get offered a part by Owner in Her 'Plan 9 For Spoilt Pets' production. However, She did state that She was impressed by my slutty creativity and so invited me to a 'Playpet' photoshoot in Belgium.

Confused? well this is a wonderful example of the kind of fun creativity Owner loves to inject into our FLR relationship. A few months ago Owner was working hard for a course and i helped Her as best i could, proofing Her essays, suggesting some minor revisions etc. As a thank you Owner booked the two of us to spend a weekend in Bruges in Belgium. This in turn developed into a new idea of Hers, namely a 'Playpet' photoshoot with me posing for slutty pictures in the hotel and in the streets of Bruges and Brussels.

The following are some of the photos that Owner took:

Hotel bedroom slut

Hotel garden slut

Happy slut on bridge in Bruges

Nervous Slut in 'Parc de Bruxelles' in Brussels

As you can see we both had a fantastic time in Belgium, the weather was perfect and we treated ourselves to chocolates and beer. Both Brussels and Bruges have lots of pretty places to visit and a wealth of history to explore. They also have some fabulous shops. The highlight of the trip for me though was that Owner granted me permission to buy my first bra. Owner chose a matching bra and panties set which i absolutely adore. i hope you will agree that they are divine?

This weekend Owner and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a return trip to our favourite London hotel, and the location where we first kissed. Needless to say we had a fantastic time. Owner played a wonderful game with me which had me blindfolded crawling across the hotel bedroom floor on all fours with Owner caning and spanking me and then ultimately fucking me with her strap-on.

Then when we returned home it was time for for my audition for 'Plan 9 for Spoilt Pets'

First i had to audition for a role as a zombie slut, this was my interpretation:

Then i had to demonstrate my ability to convey emotion in a scene, this was me showing my adoration for my Owner:

This was followed by me auditioning for the role of Slut Vampire Victim, my attempts were pretty feeble but here is one of my poses

After this i had to attach a tower of pain to my nipples and prepare for the pain endurance test. This involved being spanked 80 times with Owners favourite leather paddle and having metal clamps attached to my testicles whilst still wearing the tower of pain nipple clamps.

To round off an absolutely fantastic weekend i gave Owner a pedicure and foot massage. Who said that being a submissive is all hard work, it can be great fun too!!
i am extremely lucky in that i have a wonderfully creative Owner who believes that my training and development as Her submissive should be fun for both of us. One example of this is a forthcoming challenge She has set for me this weekend called 'Plan 9 For Spoilt Pets'. Based on the classic sci-fi film 'Plan 9 From Outer Space', Owner has set me a challenge of first applying for a role and then auditioning for a part in Her own version of the film. This week i had to prepare my CV and a covering letter for Her to consider and then on Sunday, having been accepted for audition, comes the big moment itself. Owner has set me a series of challenges.

The first consists of dressing as a 'Zombie Slut' and then as a 'Slut Vampire Victim'. Owner expects me to demonstrate my acting abilities and will be photographing me in my roles.

Secondly, i have to practice my facial expressions ranging from happiness, sadness, pain and sluttiness.

Third, i have to deliver a series of lines and speeches to Her satisfaction - all adapted from the original screenplay.

Fourth, i am then to demonstrate my ability to endure punishment and torture to Her
satisfaction using implements such as Her favourite spanking paddle, tower of pain
nipple device and lots and lots of mini metal clothes pegs.

These challenges that Owner sets me as part of my training are always great fun and provide me with something to concentrate my efforts on in preparation for over the preceeding week. In the past there have been a range of other such challenges, generally all themed, in which i have been expected to demonstrate my sluttiness, creativity and ability to endure punishment and discipline to Her satisfaction. i really can't wait and am terribly excited about the event. i will see if i am allowed to post some pictures from the event afterwards.

Outside of the 'Plan 9' event my own re-training as Owners submissive is progressing steadily. i'm really pleased that i am now once again back into the routine of doing all of the household chores and duties i had been neglecting in the period leading upto my disastrous contract review at the beginning of September. Owner has even been receiving nightly foot massages for the past month, something that i am greatly enjoying giving, especially as i am allowed to orally clean and worship Her feet beforehand. So so far so good, though i still keep receiving punishments somehow!

This weekend is also our 3rd anniversary. Owner an i first became lovers, having known each other as friends for about 6 months, when Owner kissed me at Charing Cross station in London (though we started out vanilla the signs of future FLR where there from the beginning) . Since then, we have returned every year at least once to the hotel above the station (which is very grand) and booked ourselves into one of their executive suites for the night. It is a lovely thing to do every year to mark significant moments in our lives together (of which there have been many).

i really am blessed to be able to share my life with such a wonderful woman and Owner and i can't imagine anything better than spending the rest of my life with Her. To be able to submit and to be accepted into training by such a wonderful woman is the icing on the cake. The best thing about it too is that we both love and our developing into our respective roles. Owner is becoming ever more assertive and demanding of what She expects from Her trainee pet and i in turn am experiencing the joy that is to be able to submit with heart and body to the one i love. As we develop as a couple so too does our Female-led relationship and we are both loving and learning from the journey.