As you can see, Owner and i have been making the most of the heavy snow in London!
Yesterday Owner booked us both into a wonderful boutique hotel in Clerkenwell called The Rookery as the final treat for my birthday. The hotel is a wonderful Eighteenth Century building next door to Smithfield market and is a really delightful place. Needless to say, Owner had a number of additional 'treats' in mind for our stay!

Having released me from chastity yesterday Owner decided that it was time to torment my testicles and penis so after first giving me a good spanking and caning She then proceeded to secure me to the four poster bed like thus:

With my hands, ankles and even my nipples (they're pierced) tied to the frame of the bed Owner proceeded to attach tiny clothes pegs to my testicles and penis before getting out her short riding crop and administering a sustained assault on my privates! More pegs were soon added along with a set of japanese clover clamps which were attached to each testicle and pulled tight. The pain was wonderfully exhilirating and i was soon fully immersed in a sea of painful ecstasy. Owner continued Her assault with the crop this time striking my nipples and pulling the ropes tighter through my piercings before turning her attention once more to my clamped testes, striking them, fondling them and starting to masturbate me. It wasn't long before i could hear strange disconnected moaning sounds and realised they were coming from me. Owner continued Her torment by simultaneously masturbating me and spanking my testicles, until finally giving me permission to orgasm for the first time in nearly a month. As i lay there spent and shivering from the intensity of the experience Owner untied me, removed the pegs (OWWW!) and then held me tight whilst i swooned in deep subspace.

Later that evening i took Owner out for a meal to a nearby Italian restaurant. i wore my new blouse, full make-up and collar and must have been the proudest person there. It's so wonderful to dress up for Her and openly display my collar in public.

The following morning after breakfast Owner tried out Her new Masters Sex Sling. As i am about as flexible as a plank of wood this really is a great device which enables Owner to keep me held open and apart as She thrusts inside me, whilst i can rock up and down on the length of Owners 'shaft'. Owner satiated Herself on the vibration mode of Her strapon before masturbating me to my second orgasm in less than 12 hours! Needless to say afterwards She instructed me to go back into chastity as i'd had more than enough pleasure for a while.

Such weekends with Owner are times we both enjoy immensely, they are an opportunity to forget the world and connect in our own special way. It was a wonderful way to end my birthday month. i am truly blessed to be able to share my life with such a wonderful person.