This morning when i woke up i felt lousy. After Owner went out to work i curled up back into bed having cancelled my scheduled journey to Birmingham for a work meeting. By mid-day i was starting to feel a little perkier though i was still in bed. The slight perkiness was soon replaced by a creeping horniness...a sure sign i  was getting better! i texted Owner accordingly to advise Her that i seemed to be feeling better. When She returned from work She instructed me to prepare myself in the bedroom for a caning. 260 strokes later, some intense nipple torture, including nipple caning, and a five fingered pussy inspection She declared me to be fully medically fit again. If only all health check-ups were this much fun!
The weekend marked my transition from the grand old age of 40 to 41 and was, of course, marked in suitable style by Owner and i. So how did i end up in the following little predicament?

It all began yesterday morning with me left kneeling in the lounge at home whilst Owner set about secretly busying Herself. i'd been told to pack some items in a trolley case for a secret location photo shoot challenge and then wait, kneeling in our lounge acting like a whore whilst Owner checked through what i had packed. At this stage i had absolutely no idea what the secret location photoshoot might involve and so knelt and waited for Owner to reveal more;

Owner returned from whatever She had been doing (revealed later) and together we set off for Waterloo station where i had been instructed to perform a little public hair veil challenge, which i successfully completed.

Challenge accomplished Owner added further mystery when She produced train tickets for Farnham (about an hour out of London) and together we set off on the mystery trip;

On arrival at Farnham the mystery deepened as we set off on foot from the railway station (me pulling the little luggage trolley along) towards a residential part of the edge of town. i had absolutely no idea where we were going. Next i knew we were knocking on the door of a very discrete looking large house that went by the name of the Hotel De Vie. It turns out that behind this anonymous looking facade lies a very discrete and wonderful boutique hotel that specialises in couples, especially those looking for a little 'extra' in their hotel rooms. Owner checked us both in and we were shown to the Scarlet Suite by the very charming and friendly co-owner Jason. It turned out that this was the secret photoshoot location, Owner had booked us in for an overnight stay.

The room was fabulous with the biggest four poster bed i've ever seen, a massive sunken bath, lovely furniture, clean and with a selection of DVDs and other items to peruse (more about later). Now it was time for Owner to commence the photoshoot of Her pet/whore. As you can see from the following couple of images it wasn't long before i began to get sluttier and sluttier;

i mentioned earlier that there were a few other items of interest in the room :o) Well one of them was a swing! An excellent adult swing which we'd love to have at home. It didn't take long before we moved onto that;

Owner Herself was looking stunning as usual in the new lingerie i had got her as part of Her Christmas present,

a sight that was doing nothing to 'ease' the discomfort that i was beginning to increasingly feel as the metal teeth of the Khali's bracelet chastity made itself felt!

Owner then decided  a certain additional level of discomfort was needed, first in the form of bondage and second in the form of some nipple and clit torture

Those plastic grips ceratinly do make their presence felt!

After the pain, and some pleasure for Owner, it was time to take a very decadent bath in the enormous bath in the room....ahh the joy of bubbles!

The evening was rounded off by a lovely meal served in our room and then, when i awoke this morning, i did so surrounded by presents!

It was a wonderful birthday and one i will always remember. Thank you Owner for organising such a wonderful birthday surprise and thanks too to Jason and Jolene at the Hotel De Vie for making our stay such an enjoyable one. We would certainly recommend it to anyone else looking for a night or two away of discrete decadence and fun.

A weekend of decadent indulgence was topped off tonight when Owner made some delicious home-made burgers for my birthday meal

For as long as Owner and i have been developing our Femdom relationship we have always had a little routine every weekday morning which consists of me texting Owner after She has left the house for work, and before i head off myself, to tell Her what underwear i will be wearing that day. This text often leads to a brief exchange of messages about the day ahead or the events of the night before. The following is a transcript of this mornings correspondence which, as you can see, rather amused Owner;

me: 'slutty pet mega loves her Owner and can't wait to see Her. So looking forward to it being the weekend! Wearing my purple panties today xxx'

Owner: 'Love petty & what a total whore he was ystrday! Can't wait to the wknd &...the tickle machine x'

me: 'Thank u i am an utter whore who loves her Owner using and treating her like the complete and utter whore i am xxx'

Owner: 'How philosophical! He he. x'

me:'Ha, ha, ha xxx'

Owner:'Should add that to the quotes of the day. x'

me:'Will do xxx'

Well, this blog isn't quite the right forum for posting quotes for the day but as a snapshot into our lives it seems an appropriate forum to share it on. Oh, and Owner is of course right....i was a complete an utter whore last night! :o)
This evening Owner decided to be rather creative with pegs;

i ended up with a rather interesting pattern on my pussy afterwards

looks almost like a zip
After many years of having my hair cut short Owner has been encouraging me to grow it longer. Ultimately She wants me to get an emo-style androgynous cut and, although it has quite a way to go until it gets there, it is already at the point where Owner can begin to accessorise it. The other day Owner had me in little tiny pigtails and She has recently been encouraging me to buy pretty hair grips. i imagine that the day is not too far off when Owner instructs me to wear my hair with pretty grips in or in little pigtails when we go out, but for now i have only been accessorized this way at home.The photo below shows off my latest hair accessory, a very pretty grip/veil which i bought on our recent shopping trip;

Well Christmas is over and the New Year has begun and Owner and i are both looking forward to another 12 months of submission, fun, silliness and sluttiness (on my part). We both spent Christmas apart with me down in Devon with my family and Owner in Spain with Hers. Devon was picture postcard beautiful with snow on the ground just like in the Christmas cards. The photo below was taken on Christmas day;

After that it was back to London and then flight out to Spain to be re-united wth Owner and Her family. We then both headed into the mountains for a couple of days in a cabin with some friends of our for New Years eve with food, alcohol and wonderful scenery aplenty.

After which we both headed back to London.

Over Christmas i received some wonderfully pretty clothes from members of my family, well that's not strictly true! i haven't ever revealed my passion for dressing en femme to my family and so, unless they read this which case they might be in for a bit of a surprise (though i did once email them all the WRONG Christmas list a few years ago, but that's another story).....they are oblivious to that side of me. However, they did give me quite a few clothes vouchers from shops i had carefully recommeneded on account of their having good male AND female departments. So it was that, on our first full day back in London after the New Year, Owner and i went clothes shopping with my vouchers and Owner allowed me to buy lots of pretty clothes - so thank you family.

This week we both returned to the reality of work but Owner has begun planning 'something' for my birthday which i am terribly excited about. Meanwhile, i'm trying to start the New Year as i ended the last, keeping upto date with my tasks and duties and continuing the further training Owner instructed. My cooking and baking continues to progress apace (i made a traditional Roscon de Reyes for Owner);

and i did get to practice quite a bit of Spanish over the New Year which i need to keep up. My daily nipple torture has been coming along well and Owner is enjoying the new cane that was one of my gifts for Her for Christmas. So, so far so good. i just need to keep it up and keep on learning and trying to improve and look forward to another 12 months under Owners expert guidance and supervision.

Happy New Year to you all