Today i was working from home when i took a break to do some housework, hoovering and floor mopping to be precise. As i am now expected to clamp my nipples a few times a week whilst i am doing my cleaning chores i thought i would clamp myself whilst i mopped and hoovered. i used our adjustable tweezer clamps and these are some pictures that i took before i got started;

in my home working office uniform + clamps and hoover
i texted the second picture to Owner, who was working from Her office today. Needless to say, half an hour later when i had finished all the hoovering and mopping my nips were quite sensitive!

i have now also agreed with Owner that i will start sewing lessons. There is a course She found that is fairly local to where we live that offers a beginners course of 4 x 2 3/4hour sessions during which you first sew a cushion cover, then a  tote bag and then finally your own A-line skirt. i am now just waiting for the course dates for April/May to be announced in order to book myself on and make my own skirt! Owner has stated that, assuming i do OK on the course, i can then do another so that i can become adept at making alterations and buy a machine to use at home. Which would be another practical skill i will have learnt as Her submissive wife in training. i can't wait to book myself on and get started.
Owners review of my performance got a little delayed but has now been completed and She has started to identify some new tasks, behaviours and areas of learning for me to complete. Overall, She adjudged that all that i could do, from my previous review, had been done. There were a couple of outstanding items but these have gone on hold as they will not be possible to fully implement until Her shoulder is fully recovered (such as receiving weekly canings).

Meanwhile, Owner has started to identify some new things for me to undertake, including to book myself onto a course from a list of suggested options She provided. These included a lingerie making workshop, a dress making workshop and a handbag making workshop amongst others. i am really thrilled and excited at the prospect of doing another course as it has been a while since i last did one (flower arranging back in the autumn). They are always good fun to do and they help build up my portfolio of useful and practical skills. i will, of course, keep you posted on which course i end up doing and report back on how it goes.

Owner had also requested that i make a flower arranging tutorial-style video and has also stipulated that She would like me to put on a monthly show for Her, which She may video. These shows are to be varied and not all should be stripteases. i used to put on shows for Her in the past but then rather got out of the habit, it will be fun putting them on again.

Owner is still adding items of learning/development for me for this next stage of Her 'housewife academy' as She describes it and i look forward to seeing what these might be as they are revealed to me.

Meanwhile, i was the lucky recipient of a lovely treat this morning. Owner used the leather fly swat to spank my breasts and then repeatedly spank my testicles (or labia). My little locked up clit got very excited by this and i eagerly spread my thighs wide open and lifted my hips  to afford Her an easier target. Owner then had  me rub myself against Her foot with my pussy. i was soon on all fours eagerly spreading my cheeks and rubbing my pussy all over Her wonderful foot whilst Her toes pushed hard against and pleasured the entrance of my sex. All the while Owner continued to spank my dangling labia with the fly swat. At one point i was told to suck and lick Her foot and i revelled in taking it completely inside my mouth and moistening it thoroughly before She once again explored the entrance of my pussy with it whilst continuing to spank me hard on my bits. By this point i was starting to really get excited and, sensing this, Owner brought proceedings to a halt, having me lick and suck Her foot and toes clean before dispatching me to prepare breakfast. It was wonderful to be aroused and denied this way and my little clit bulged happily in its cage.

It's now been well over six months since i last had an orgasm and i have been locked away in my xtra small nano chastity device continuously since the early January. It may sound an odd thing to say but the longer i am denied and kept locked up the happier and more focused on my daily duties i become, and with that hopefully i continue to become a better wife to Owner as well.
The times they have been quite easy the past few days. Yesterday i was working from home and, it being dress down Friday, had Owners permission to wear a more informal outfit. This is what i had on, as you can see i was in my element

Then today, Owner and i went to a great exhibition of kinetic artworks in London after which we went fro lunch and then had drinks in a local pub. This is the first time we have gone out for a Saturday afternoon drink in, well months really. It was lovely to do and we both had a really enjoyable time. Here we are relaxing in the bar
Tomorrow, i have my review with Owner during which She will give Her assessment of how i have been performing as Her submissive wife over the past few months. Although there was a period towards the end of last year where i freely admit i was not performing at my best i think i have got into a much better groove since Xmas. i feel my performance has been much better and also feel happier in myself as a result. i guess i will discover tomorrow whether or not Owner concurs.
Tomorrow marks six months since i was last permitted an orgasm, it is probably the longest i have gone without cumming since i was in my early teens - three decades ago. How do i feel? i can honestly say that i have never felt happier, hornier or more thrilled.

This morning Owner woke me by spanking my full and heavy 'labia' whilst my clit remained safely and tightly locked up in its little cage. i adore having my bits spanked this way and was soon very excited, arching my back and spreading my thighs apart to provide Owner easier access (She is still very limited in movement due to Her frozen shoulder and i know Her treating me to such a spanking was not physically easy for Her). i was extremely thankful and grateful to receive such a wonderful spanking. By the time She dismissed me to go and prepare breakfast i was aching and throbbing most wonderfully in my loins and i know i probably will be for the rest of the day.

As stated in my last post i have now been continuously locked in my new tiny chastity device for a month. The combination of being locked up and having not been permitted to cum for six months is such an indescribably wonderfully exciting and arousing sensation. i also think it is making me a much better wife for Owner. i hope i am kept in such a state for many, many more months.

On a completely different subject, Owner permitted me to buy a new dress from my allowance the other day. Owner chose it for me after seeing it in the sales in an online shop called Yumi that we have bought items from previously and really recommend. What do you think?

It is great quality.

We're off to the cinema later today something we're really looking forward it as we haven't been for ages. The combination of my bad back in the autumn and then Owners ongoing issue with Her shoulder meant that comfortably sitting for long periods was not something we were able to do until quite recently. My back is now fully recovered, i even re-started my butt and abs workout regimen a few weeks ago to try and get back in shape. i am currently 148lbs and want to get back down to about 140lbs. Owners recovery is a much slower and more drawn out process but She is definitely no worse and Her shoulder is less painful but She has secondary problems with muscles in Her back and neck and is still far from recovered.

Since Owner started having problems with Her shoulder i have been giving Her daily massages to compliment the professional massages She receives once a week, i also now wash, dry and brush Her hair for Her. i love doing all these things and this morning (after my spanking) Owner remarked what a good and attentive wife i was. Her compliment made me want to burst with joy. i vowed that when She is fully recovered i will continue to offer Her daily massages and do Her hair for Her. i love doing them and, to be honest, i feel bad that i wasn't doing this before as they are exactly the sorts of things Owner ought to expect me to do for Her anyway. i am eager to incorporate providing these services to Owner into my usual domestic duties.

i remarked to Owner this morning that i have never felt happier in my own skin than i do now and how i only ever want to spend time with Her. i often get comments on this blog saying how lucky i am. They are spot on, i truly am the luckiest person in the world.
i have now been locked in my new Nano Xtra Small chastity device for exactly one month. The device has not been removed at all in that period and i must confess that it and i are getting along much better than i could have hoped for what is, after all, a budget device. So, what do Owner and i think of it?

Before continuing it is probably best to say a few words about me and what i was looking for/wanting from a device in the first instance. You may not want the same things so please bear this in mind when reading about my own experience with its use.

i have been a regular user of different chastity devices over the years, both metal ones like this (a Jailbird) together with silicone devices (such as the Holy Trainer, Birdlocked Pico, CB-3000 etc). i even tried a Prince Albert piercing special, the PA5000. Of these i would say the Holy Trainer and the Jailbird were my favourites. The silicone is great for passing through airport security, whereas the metal ones are much easier to keep clean and Owner likes to be able to see what i have locked away - which you can't do in a silicone device. But, the issue for me with all of them was their size, specifically the fact that they were not always easy to conceal under tight trousers, and i love wearing tight trousers.  i am not well endowed (max about 4 inches erect) and so thought that a solution would be to get the smallest possible metal device i could find. The answer that google provided to my search was the 'Nano Xtra Small'.

The device is cheap, much cheaper than many other devices (metal or silicone) and so i thought it would at least be worth a try. i ordered the second smallest ring size to go with it as in the past with some devices i have had issues with one of my testicles escaping through the ring - that testicle is smaller than the other.  A tighter base helps prevent any risk of this happening. The trick is to get a base that is not so tight fitting that it will leave you in pain every night when the inevitable involuntary erections try to occur.

Anyway, the upshot is that i love the device. Owner was worried at first that it was too small and might actually do some damage - i did find at first that the head of my penis rubbed a little against my knickers when wearing tight jeans, especially when combined with lace knickers, where the head protrudes a little past the metal bars at the end of the device. However, wearing the device a little off-centre and being careful quickly fixed that and it has not been an issue since.

Also, the base ring of the device is hinged (you can purchase some tubing to cover the hinge when ordering) rather than being a single piece of metal. The advantage is it is easier to put on and secure in situ. i worried in case the tubing slipped or moved whilst wearing it and i got skin caught in the hinge but it has never moved once, not even when i do my daily exercises.

Aesthetically i love the device and love the fact that when i look down now i can no longer see anything that looks visibly cock-like. all i see is a tiny metal cage and the bulge of my testes below - about twice the size of the cage in comparison. Another advantage is that it holds your cock snug and nestled against your balls which in comparison are bigger in size. Owner likes to sometimes spank my testicles and i adore having them spanked, hard. The way the device encases your cock and holds it snug and petite against your balls leaves the latter as very easy targets.

One unexpected advantage of the device is that, possibly because of its small size, it never lets your cock goes completely flaccid - you know how when they can sometimes shrivel into almost nothingness. Instead, it seems to hold it in a state of slight arousal so that there is normally a slight bulge of flesh poking through the bars of the cage. The state of arousal is imperceptibly slight but just enough to ensure that there is always a very slight feeling of excitement and pleasure. To say being kept in chastity is sexually exciting sounds like a contradiction in terms but to me this is exactly how i feel about it, it is a wonderful state to be kept in and in the Nano XS that state seems to be heightened still further.

It is a device that i can readily imagine, and happily fantasise about, being locked in permanently, only having it removed when we are travelling and need to pass through airport security. It doesn't event need removing for cleaning. Providing you have a good nail brush and a powerful, hand-held shower head then it is perfectly easy to keep it and your anatomy clean and hygienic. You just need a bit of patience adjusting your foreskin through the bars. The same also applies to shaving. i keep myself shaved smooth and find that with some manipulation of my testes and base of my penis through in the device in the shower i can keep myself smooth.

In summary, this is the favourite of all the devices i have ever worn. It no longer looks or feels like i have a cock between my legs, it can be worn easily under tight clothing, is easy to maintain, leaves me in a state of semi-permanent very mild arousal and creates an easy and inviting target of my testes. i love it and Owner now seems reassured that, despite its tiny size, it isn't doing me any harm, and may even be doing me some good. i, at least, hope to be locked in it for a very long time to come (pun intended).
It may be winter outside but Owner and i have just returned from a wonderful hot, wet and steamy 24hours in the ever amazing city in which we live. Owner took me away for a belated birthday celebration to a hotel in Bermondsey in London, close to London Bridge and The Shard, called the Bermondsey Square Hotel. Owner booked us into a top floor suite which had an outdoor hottub which afforded fabulous views towards the London Eye and equally fabulous opportunities for yours truly to prance about in my heels and bikini.

If there is one thing that i really can't resist then that is an opportunity to wear not a lot outside, be photographed just wearing heels and lingerie in a hotel corridor, put on a dress or generally just try to act the tart that i am at heart. It was an absolutely wonderful 24hours. Owner also let me have an alcoholic drink when we out on Saturday evening and She chose a wonderful meal for me to have in the restaurant.

This morning She even permitted me to choose my own breakfast and we followed that off with another refreshing dip in the hottub before doing some more cultural activities in the Fashion and Textile Museum and then at the White Cube Gallery (wonderful exhibition entitled Walhalla by Anselm Kiefer).

This video by Owner (and what a great video editor She is) shows some of the highlights from our short stay.

The build-up to our trip was equally exciting. i was working from home on Friday and so was wearing this 'dress down Friday' outfit.
Shortly after this shot was taken our neighbour rang the doorbell and so she too got to see me in my tights and shorts with a blouse and my 'breasts' from my new padded bra. She seemed momentarily surprised by my outfit but she didn't say anything, neither did the supermarket delivery driver when he called came later to delivery our groceries - though he did offer to give me a hand up the stairs with them :) - they never normally do that. Owner also permitted me to wear my heavy metal butt plug in my 'pussy' for two hours in the day whilst i was working.

It was a wonderful prelude to the fun and games on the hotel balcony the following day. Readers will be relieved to know (ha, ha!) though that underneath all my various outfits i remained safely locked up in chastity. My new 'nano' device has been in situ without a break for almost a month now (i will post a review shortly) and it has now been almost six months since i last had an orgasm. i am genuinely loving my locked and denied life.

Hope you liked the video.