The past week has been a difficult one for Owner and i with two family deaths an a consequential rearrangement of our travel plans to Canada to attend a funeral. As a result neither of us have been quite our usual selves.

However, on a more positive front Owner handed in Her notice at Her current workplace and will be starting Her new job at the end of April. i am really thrilled for Her.

Today, Owner also provided me with the details of the next (3rd) phase of my development as Owner had adjudged that i had passed phase 2 of Her 'Plin, Plan Plon'. i am really excited as well as a little anxious as to whether i will be able to sustain my previous level of development whilst also successfully completing/learning the next set of skills and challenges Owner has set for me. My new development objectives - as set out in this 3rd phase of Owner Plin, Plan, Plon - are as follows;

  •  Ensure all Owners clothes are hung/put away each day 
  • Wife to check outside the front of the house for litter daily and tidy
  • Wife to offer to book and arrange appointments for Owner
  • Project:  research lounge refurbishment ideas - create portfolio
  • Project:  reorganise all toys so that owner has preferred ones at hand
  • At least 2 - 3 days p/w Owner gets breadless lunch to take to work
  • Project:  organise Owner's wardrobe and keep tidy
  •  Prepare for Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera (DELE)  level A1 exam
  • Spanish reading - magazines/newspapers/books
  • Spanish writing - one small written piece per week - 80 to 100 words
  • Practice writing erotic short stories with the aim of publishing
  • Learning how to do facial treatments
  • Further knitting/sewing to create some clothing/home furnishings
Physical/Slut training
  • Wearing unbuttoned blouses and remove knickers in the evening
  • Learn to use Owner's preferred toys 
  • Deep-throating practice once a week
General behaviour/Others
  • Wife to create a spreadsheet and detail his expenditure each week
  • Max. of 3 alcoholic drinks (if allowed) unless otherwise specified 
  • Weekly exercise rota that must be complied with
  • Wife to make labels (Naughty Poppet)* for his creations
  • Wife to develop a scrap book of things he likes
  • Unless instructed to relax wife always doing/finding something to do
The above are all to be demonstrated as having been achieved or built successfully into my everyday activities when Owner reviews this 3rd phase of the plan in August. i am, of course, expected to still maintain all other activities/learning developed under phases 1 and 2 and any other duties i have.

It is going to be a busy few months!

Tomorrow also marks the end of my two week no make-up punishment period. i really have missed not wearing any make-up at all and have felt quite under-dressed and so will be happy when, in the morning i can re-apply some slap again. Owner has stated that if i muck-up again it will be a longer period without make-up. i hope i have learnt my lesson and never need to b punished this way again.
Just like the expression 'you spend ages waiting for a bus and then three come along together' so it has been for Owner and i this week. In short, there are three pieces of good news to impart. First, Owner passed the course She has been studying so hard for with an impressive score of 89% - She really is damn good! Second, She has received a firm job offer from another company and still has other companies interested in Her. Career wise things are really starting to look up for Her again.

Last, i passed the latest stage of Owners Plin Plan Plon training and development programme and even have this amazing certificate from Her to prove it!

Owner even gave a detailed breakdown of my performance scores against each of the main criteria of the Plan.

Needless to say i am thrilled. First and foremost i am so happy for Owner at Her passing Her course with such flying colours and securing a new job offer too. She has put a huge amount of time and effort into both enterprises and i am so proud of Her and what She has achieved. Studying and applying for jobs whilst also still working full time is not an easy task but She has pulled it off with aplomb

Second, i am really chuffed at being judged to have passed the latest phase of my development. After the punishments i received recently (see previous post) for my slip ups i wasn't sure i would make it but am delighted to have been judged to have passed by Owner. i will shortly receive the next Phase of Owners development plan and will post the details here when known to me. As has been the case with this latest phase i will be expected to continue to perform the development goals/activities to the required standard from this and the previous plan periods (Plin Plan Plon phases 1& 2) and also add on the additional development goals/activities set out in the next phase - whatever they may be. i can't wait to find out.

Life for us both truly is sweet!
A couple of weeks ago Owner asked me to audit our current collection of sex toys - and also to research ideas for potential new toys. My audit was quite comprehensive and i am delighted to say that Owner commended me on the level of detail i had provided. You can find jpeg copies of the audit i conducted of our current toys below - including Owner decision as to whether She wants that toy to be disposed of or retained.

Current Sex Toy Audit

Ideas For Possible New Toys

Owner has requested that i provide Her with some additional details about some of those potential new toys She has expressed an interest in.

In the meantime, Owner has been reviewing my performance during the month of February. Owner noted that, although my performance was generally good, i nonetheless let Her down on three occasions. Consequently, Owner has stipulated some punishments/corrective measures that i am to undertake as a consequence of each of these failings on my part.

The first, and most serious misdemeanour of mine was that i purchased a hair reducing product without consulting Her. Owner responded to this by stating that,

'This was done on purpose without consulting Owner because pet knew Owner would disapprove.  This also has to do with two aspects of pet’s personality that can crop up sometimes:
¨ A tendency to be shallow and to worry too much about his appearance
¨ Insecurity about his looks
If Owner wanted pet to change anything about him she would say so.  I hope this is self-explanatory.
Corrective measure:
pet will not wear any make for 2 weeks starting from Monday 10th of March'.

My second misdemeanour was that i made a sexual advance on Owner in order to try to satisfy my own selfish sexual desires, to which Owner has responded by stating,

'As agreed in pet’s development plan he should not seek to make sexual advances on his Owner.  This is also self-explanatory.
Corrective measure:
This corrective measure has started – pet has been requested to do a toy inventory for Owner with the purpose of keeping only those that would satisfy Owner’s desire.  He has also been asked to add any suggestions for new toys that would also serve that purpose. 
Any new toys that Owner decides to acquire will be paid for by pet.'

Last, one of the sandwiches i made for Owners lunch last week contained cream cheese but i forgot to inform Her of this in order that She could place the sandwich in the fridge at Her work. As a result Owner has said,

'Not the first time that pet attempts to poison Owner and this conversation has been had in the past and it’s becoming repetitive.
Corrective measure:
Next week, pet will not be allowed to have dinner with Owner during week days.  He will have his dinner in the kitchen, like a low rank servant, and he will be totally naked. 
From Monday 10th of March to Friday 14th of March.'

i am truly grateful to Owner for each of Her punishments and am extremely sorry to have let Her down so last month.

Owner and i went to the cinema this afternoon to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel (which by the way was excellent). It was a welcome opportunity for Owner to distract Herself from Her studies and for us both to distract ourselves from the ominous events unfolding in Europe.

Owner also decided to make the visit more interesting by setting a little challenge for me. When we got to the cinema i was to go to the bathroom, remove my jeans (keeping on the tights i was wearing underneath) and replace them with shorts. The picture below show me in the cinema lobby just after i had got changed. Owner professed Herself to be pleased with the outcome, you can judge for yourself below. Not exactly an Oscar winning performance but one that pleased Her and which i enjoyed too. i stayed dressed like this for the film but was then permitted to put my jeans back on over my tights before we headed back home.

Just some selfies i took to illustrate my day to Owner when She got home, and then post on here. They illustrate my attempts to fulfill a few of Owners maxim's;

A Good Wife Should Try To Look Pretty (well i clearly need some more practice with this!)

Wives Should Be Locked Up

Wives Should Be Practical

Wives Should Practice Sucking Cock

Hope you all had a good day too.