i know it's slightly late but a quick update to wish all of our readers seasons greetings and hope that you all got to spend Xmas and the upcoming New Year with the one you love. Owner and i managed to get away for the first time since August and we spent a couple of days in a cottage down on the Sussex coast in a little town called Rye. i remembered to bring my elf outfit with me and Owner took some pictures

Rye itself is quite pretty and we did a couple of walks in between indulging ourselves with food and Netflix.
pretty corner of Rye near the church
view over Rye from top of church
beach at Camber
As i mentioned this was the first time we have been anywhere out of London since August, which is very unusual for us, and it was lovely to be able to get away. Owner is still suffering considerably with Her frozen shoulder which shows no real sign of getting better anytime soon and has left Her in fairly constant pain. It is horrible to watch Her suffer like this and not be able to do anything to take Her pain away.

One consequence of me having been left immobile due to my back in late Summer/early Autumn and then the onset of Owners problems with Her shoulder has been that our normal lives and little routines have somewhat fallen apart. It's horrible when this happens as everything feels out of sorts and not as it should be. For now it feels like our 'normal' i.e. kinky etc life has been put on hold, though to a casual onlooker our lives and routines would currently look completely normal, to us they are completely non-normal.

The above combined with this having been a politically awful year, and the death of far too many heroes and legends, has meant that much of 2016 has seemed an especially crappy year. Both of us can't wait for the year to be done with, though to be honest i struggle (politically at least) to see how 2017 will be any better. That said, there is always Owners recovery to look forward to and with that the resumption of what constitutes normality for us both, so maybe 2017 will be better after all.

Sorry this reads as a bit of a downer of a post, unfortunately it just reflects how Owner and i have both been feeling of late, so as i say it was good to have at least been able to get away together for a few days. And 2016 wasn't all bad, not by a long chalk. Owner and i enjoyed some great trips early on in the year and Her control over me continued to strengthen as too did my submission to Her become ever more total. And we haven't lost that, they are still very much there, it's just the routines and the behaviours got a bit lost in the second half of the year as one thing after another punctured the cocoon of our lives.

My task for 2017 is to repair our cocoon, help Owners recovery, and focus on becoming a better and more submissive wife for Her. She is, and will always be, the centre of my world.

We hope all of our readers dreams and ambitions for 2017 come true.
Owner is not having the best of times at the moment as She has developed a frozen shoulder which is preventing Her from sleeping much at all and has left Her in fairly constant agony. The problem with Her arm started just after i started to get renewed problems with my back. Though my own back problems are now much better after physiotherapy and acupuncture and i was able to return to work, Owners condition continued to deteriorate.

We had planned to go on holiday back in early September but had had to cancel due to my back. Instead, we booked a fortnight's leave for this week and next with the hope that i would be fully recovered and we could maybe travel to somewhere in Europe. However, Owners worsening condition with Her arm has meant that we are spending our two week vacation at home, not what we had planned but unfortunately it cannot be helped. Owner had a hydro dilation injection in Her shoulder a week ago which we hoped would ease Her condition but, unfortunately so far no change. If anything it has gotten worse.

i am trying to play nurse for Owner but don't think i do that good a job and just wish there was something that i could do that would magically take Her pain away. i hate seeing Her suffer as She is at the moment. Hopefully Her condition will start to improve soon.

Sorry this isn't the most interesting of posts, i just wanted to update and explain why you are not hearing much from us at the moment. Hope all is good in your lives.

i would had hoped that this post would have included an account of Owner and my planned holiday to Denmark, but unfortunately the holiday did not happen. Two days before we  were due to travel my back went big time, to the point where i was physically unable to move. It was the worst it has been in almost 5 years. We had to cancel everything as just getting out of the bedroom was a struggle, let alone travelling to Denmark. So instead of two weeks on holiday, Owner spent an extra two weeks at work and a month looking after me - which She did a fantastic job of.

The good news is that i am now much better than i was. I can walk normally again and can sit down now too - you forget how useful it is to be able to do this! The bad news, however, is that Owner has injured Herself (a torn arm muscle) - which in turn has meant She has not been sleeping and thus not feeling well. This coupled with Her also having very bad period migraines this month has meant that our flat has become more of an infirmary than a den of sexual deviance and submission of late!

However, one sign that my own recovery is well on the way was that yesterday i was able to attend a half day vintage flower arranging class that i had booked a few months ago. Owner had asked me to attend it as part of my development as Her wife, flower arranging being a skill She wants me to acquire. The class was held at a lovely South London florists called Pesh Flowers.

i had a wonderful time and managed to create the following two arrangements which i was very proud of and the tutor seemed to like too - Owner was delighted with them. What do you think?

Both arrangements are now brightening up our flat/hospital.

Owner and i are hoping we might both be OK to go on holiday in early November instead. i hope so.
Owner found the perfect padded bra for me the other day. She has requested that when i work from home on Fridays i should wear a padded bra as part of my 'dress-down Friday' attire. Accordingly, She wanted to find me the perfect bra to wear and i am thrilled to say that She succeeded.

i am a size 38AAA and there is a website called Little Women which specialises in bras for small breasted women but which also does them in large chest sizes - perfect for cross-dressers. Owner permitted me to buy the Paloma Bra which you can see on me below (incidentally i had just got out of the shower, hence my wet hair):

We're both delighted with it, the quality is great and the delivery was super quick.
You might rightly wonder what all of the above have in common? Well, they are all components of my current training and development by Owner. It used to be the case that i received regular canings or puddling's at the hand of Owner. i can't say i have ever been one who enjoys being caned in the way that some people do, i do not find it a sexually arousing activity. However, i do appreciate and understand its usefulness in helping to, at least partially, prevent me from becoming too 'fluffy' a pet for Owner.

In addition, although at the time i initially always find canings painful i do start to get used to the pain when Owner settles into Her stride and am able to process it into something more pleasurable - though never as pleasurable as testicle/clit spankings for example. i also enjoy the warm glow of the aftermath. The main thing, however, is that Owner enjoys giving them and they are good for me and so i am delighted to say that Owner has determined they should be reintroduced into our lives. i received my first one this week, 50 strokes after some initial strokes from a paddle. They were an uncomfortable but welcome return and they left their mark

Unfortunately, as a result of not having been able to do any of my butt exercises since April, because of the problems with my back, my 'pillows', as Owner used to describe my butt cheeks, have deflated. i will have to try and bring them back to life again, though my doctor says i am not to lift weights so it will have to just be via squats and hip thrusts. We shall see, but i digress.

Owner also likes me to acquire or learn skills that She may find useful and She has had me attend a variety of courses, during some of the extra days off a year i get over Her, to learn them. So far, i have attended courses on  head and neck message, manicures, knitting and reflexology. On some of them i was the only male on the course but they have all been enjoyable to do. Owner, has now identified another skill She expects Her wife to acquire, namely flower arranging. i researched details of a number of courses for me to attend and presented them to Her and She chose a one day 'Vintage Flower Course' for me to attend at the end of September. i will report back on how i got on.

In addition to having me acquire practical skills becoming of Her wife, Owner also expects me to become Her consummate slut and whore. To that end She has decreed that i am to have some regular 'pussy' training by having my butt plugged on occasions. Owner selected two metal plugs for me to order, one to be worn at times of Her choosing when i am working from home and the other - also metal but with a tail - to be used for challenges and photoshoots. i ordered both from Bondara and they arrived two days later. Each came in a lovely box and i have to say they look beautiful and i can't wait to start trying them out. You can see them in their boxes below
i am truly blessed to have an Owner such as mine who continues to lead me down the path of submission to Her and who is training me to become Her ideal wife.
Owner formally sat me down after lunch today to run through the progress (or not) i have been making in the current version of Her 'Housewife Academy' training plan for me. The good news was that, i had actually made progress in a number of areas - though my Spanish learning had been a complete failure these past few months and needs paying serious attention to. Owner also placed my high-heeled training and hula hoop training on continued hold until my back is fully recovered - i haven't been doing any of either since April.

The 'housewife academy' consists of four key areas and these are my current training and development objectives in each:

Domestic Diva
  • Paint the flat and de-clutter the walls
  • Book myself onto a flower arranging course and practice making arrangements
  • Re-organise Owners wardrobe and chest of drawers seasonally so that She always has appropriate clothing to hand
Sex Kitten
  • Wear padded bras when working from home on dress down Fridays
  • Be pussy plugged when working from home when requested by Owner
  • Have weekly canings before bedtime 
Submissive Pet
  • Owner will choose my breakfast whenever we are staying away [n.b. She already chooses all other meals for me when we are eating away from home]
  • Owner will choose what clothes/accessories i am to wear when we go out
  • i will start a 'treat' savings fund for Owner - save a set amount each month to use to get Owner nice treats [this to come out of my main account - which Owner controls access to - not my monthly allowance]  
Multi-Tasking Ninja
  • Complete another instructional/lifestyle video before Xmas
  • Become Owners PA - responsible for making all Her bookings, ordering any items She needs etc
  • Study Spanish at bedtime at least 3 times a week 
i am very grateful to Owner for my new set of development goals and instructions and look forward to continuing to learn to become a better wife and slut for Her
The flat in which Owner and i live is one of the typical terraced London streets that afford limited privacy for their occupants at the best of times. At the same time i am also an exhibitionist. This morning Owner used both of these to Her advantage.

We had woken early as usual (6am) and, with the street outside still being relatively quiet i decided it would be a good time to clean the curtains we have in our lounge. They are white and see-thru (almost like net curtains) but provide us with some degree of privacy from our  neighbours opposite and the street outside. i was still just wearing my negligee when i fetched a stool, stood on it and started to take the curtains down. As i did so i decided i ought to clean the windows as well. So there i was, stood right in front of the window in just my nightie.Of course i had to stretch-up when taking down the curtains - an act which flashed my bits to the street outside. However, i was able to protect my modesty with the curtain material. Of course, that was no longer the case when i started to clean the windows. i briefly paused thinking i ought to stop and put on something more appropriate but then decided, what the heck. There are not many about and i have started so i shall finish. We have three large windows and so anyone who was about or onboard the bus that passed along the street at one point would have got an interesting view! Though to be honest, whether they would have found the sight of me cleaning windows naked save my nightie, or the fact that i was wearing a leather collar and cuffs connected my a chain through a ring in the collar whilst doing so, the more surprising i don't know.

Anyway, Owner knows what an exhibitionist i am and also knows exactly how to exploit that to Her advantage and ensure my humiliation. Shortly after i finished cleaning - and with the curtains in the wash - we returned to bed, only for me to re-appear a few minutes later completely naked this time except with Owners used and deliciously aromatic panties on my head. She had put them on me and then instructed me to slowly parade in front of the lounge window like that before returning to bed. She has me do this twice before instructing me to sit at the dining table in the lounge. She stood behind me a toyed and played with my nipples as i sat on display for all to see with Her knickers on my head before She wandered off.

Upon returning She had with Her a glass full of Her delicious urine which She handed to me to drink. i eagerly gulped all of the aromatic amber nectar down. i love the taste of Her piss and it was even more delicious knowing i was drinking it in full view of the neighbours opposite - if they were up and watching. Last, Owner then had me play with and masturbate myself whilst sitting in my chair facing the open window, still devoid of any curtain to protect my modesty. i felt like one of those street window prostitutes in Amsterdam as i played with myself like the shameless whore i am. Incidentally - i am sure some of those women could make as much, if not more, money just renting out their booths to exhibitionist sluts like me! But i digress.

Satisfied with my performance Owner finally instructed me to leave the lounge and return to the bedroom. Here She masturbated Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator whilst positionign Herself so that i could inhale and lick Her delicious backside. It was difficult to lick Her with Her panties still in situ on my face but She seemed to appreciate my efforts. FInally, She had me lay down on the bed, positioned Her now even more wonderfully aromatic crotch on my face and permitted me to masturbate myself for Her whilst She watched. As i pleasured mysef for Her amusement She then told me to slip a finger up my own 'pussy' and 'cum like a whore'. Masturbating furiously with my finger up my arse i came all over my belly, scooping up my mess with my fingers and swallowing it down as i am expected to do.

EDIT - i hadn't realised that Owner had taken some pictures of me, here are a couple of me in our lounge sans curtains

It was a deliciously dirty way to start the weekend. Yesterday, whilst working from home Owner had also instructed me to spank my 'bits' i.e. my balls with a belt 50 times. She likes to have me beat my testicles (or do it Herself) on a regular basis to keep them nice and aching. However, this was the first time i had been told to use a belt rather than the usual wooden spoon or paddle. It was  painfully wonderful.

All told i think it is safe to say that we are now fully back to normal! My back is much, much better than it has been and Owner is reviewing my current development goals and objectives and will present me with some new ones as She continues to train me to become Her ideal of a submissive, slut wife and whore. i think this morning's show could be taken as evidence that, at least in terms of beign Her whore - i have made some progress over the years :)!!
Yesterday Owner met some of Her ex-colleagues for lunch and a catch-up. Before leaving She selected the clothes She wanted me to wear for the day (tight t-shirt and jeans) and then She headed into town. Whilst She was out i was busy at home doing some housework and then researching for possible 2017 holiday ideas for Her consideration. My research was only preliminary - covering suggested locations and travel dates, travel time to destination, likely weather and estimated flight, accommodation, car hire costs etc. i am trying to spread my suggestions over the year as Owner criticised my previous proposals for having front-loaded ideas into the first half of the year. Owner also does not like the heat and so my suggestions need to ensure there is no risk of Her ending up somewhere She might find too hot. Anyway, i am quite pleased with my initial effort and i await Her feedback on it.

Later in the afternoon i met up with Owner and we both went shopping in Covent Garden. Owner permitted me to get something in H&M using a gift card that i have been carrying around for ages. She chose a very pretty blue and white striped t-shirt for me with a little cherry motif above one breast.
Owner took this picture of mein the t-shrt as we headed out for the day
 Afterwards, we popped into TK Max and shopped for shoes (for Owner) and sunglasses (for us both). i am often amazed by the discounts they have and ended up getting a lovely pair of red Adolfo Dominguez sunglasses reduced from £110 to £24, quite a bargain! That said, it is still 25% of my monthly allowance gone.

Talking of my allowance that seems to be going well. Regular readers may recall that earlier this year Owner took control of my finances and now i have a separate account from my main one which i transfer £100 into each month. i am no longer permitted to access my main account or use my credit card without asking for Owners permission (and the cards are kept elsewhere for safe keeping). Initially, it was stated that i was to pay for my travel to work from my new monthly 'allowance'. However, after spending £70 on travel alone in March Owner agreed to change and allow me to top-up my Oyster travel card from my main account. i am now finding it easier to manage my monthly allowance, now such travel costs have been removed, whist also saving a little each month towards getting the ankle bracelet tattoo Owner has requested i get for myself and pay for from my allowance. i think it will take me about a year time to save up this way to get it done.

This morning i was awoken by Owner gently, at first, spanking my clit and bits with Her hand before She set about more vigorously assaulting them with a leather paddle. She clamped my nipples and masturbated Herself with Her vibrator and spanked me and pleasured Herself until She came. Next, She clamped my testes, spanked then and masturbated me at the same time until i came, with Her permission, before then scooping up my mess with the paddle and feeding some to me before smearing the remainder over my face. What a terrible way to start a day! :)

Now time to do some baking.
i am delighted to say that normality has finally returned for Owner and i over these past two weeks. My back has sufficiently healed itself to enable the complete resumption of my cleaning and other housework routines. Meanwhile, the blood and x-ray test results indicated that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me other than some degeneration in discs L4 & L5 and some accompanying osteophytes (bony projections) in the same areas. In short, a continuation of the back problem i had some years ago.

The doctor did say, however, that i should avoid using any weights. Now i haven't been using weights since the end of March and i only ever used weights to try and build-up my glutes - nothing else - in an effort to grow a rounder butt. So, i guess i will just have to stick with squats and steps from now onwards.

Owner also gave me a delightful treat a couple of weeks ago. Knowing how Her taste and aromas drive me wild She rubbed my face with a pair of Her very used and aromatic knickers before clamping my nipples with clover clamps and sitting on my face whilst She brought Herself off with Her vibrator. Owner's anus was positioned invitingly in front of my lips and so i was able to taste and explore Her enticing rear entrance with my tongue as She masturbated Herself with Her vibrator. Having my tongue inside Her delicious backside like this, probing as far as i can, tasting Her, is truly one of my favourite pleasures. And this time, for the first time ever, i suddenly got a sense of what people who are into scat or shit play experience. Although nothing of the type occurred i experienced an intense desire and longing for Her to defecate into my mouth, so aroused and excited was i as i probed, lapped and licked Her anus. It didn't happen, but it was a surprisingly intoxicating thought.

Once Owner was spent She set about alternatively beating my clit and my bits with a leather paddle and applying Her vibrator to my swollen flesh. It was an intensely pleasurable experience. i adore having my bits beaten like this. Though i love to be left in a state of intense but frustrated arousal Owner prefers sometimes to make me cum 'like a slut' i.e. noisily and messily. And, cum i did, all over my chest and belly only to be fed my mess by Owner as She scooped up my semen and smeared it on my face and into my mouth. It was a lovely start to the day

Talking of clit spankings, since then we've now returned to my receiving regular such testicle spankings, albeit without cumming. When She is busy Owner likes me to spank myself using a large wooden spoon. My bits are getting used to being struck quite hard again which in turn means i get to walk around experiencing a wonderful aching throb for hours afterwards. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but i love it :)

Meanwhile, both of us are counting down the days until we go away on our two week holiday to Denmark. Just one month to go now and we're both looking forward to having two full weeks of no work and lots of fun. And, on the subject of holidays, Owner has instructed me to start doing some research for next year. Owner, of course, makes the decision about where we go but She likes me to present Her with fully researched options to help Her make Her choice. This weekend She is meeting friends of Hers for lunch and so i shall use the time to start researching the internet checking out prices, travel options, likely weather etc, etc. The result is a spreadsheet that i am sure would put some travel agents to shame! Owner, then uses the information provided to choose what we will do and where we will go.

This week Owner brought me  lovely little leather bound pocket writing pad and pen from Her work - it is one they give to clients as a gift. i used to keep a written diary/journal for years at Owners request in which i documented my thoughts, fantasies and aspirations. However, as we moved increasingly to documenting and recording things electronically so the tradition of my keeping a paper diary/journal died.Owner uses Trello to help organise my time and set my tasks and it is on Trello that i record the completion of my duties and record the other aspects of my life Owner likes me to set down.

But, there is something nice about putting words onto a page and so today i asked Owners permission to use the little notebook She got me to start once more to document my dark thoughts and desires. Owner granted me permission and so i now have  a little journal to write in which  She can read at any time to discover what strange thoughts go round inside my little fluffy head!

In short, and as the title of this post suggests, things are getting back to normal. And, as i think the picture below shows, i am happy to be back to 'normal'. The picture was taken by Owner just after i had returned from collecting Her from the station after She finished work and as i was about to get changed into my evening maid's outfit. i think i look happy in it and i am
Profuse apologies for the long absence. Owner and i are both good it is just much that was less than great has been going on which distracted my and Her attention and which left us both feeling out of sorts for a while. First off was the building work we were having done (new bathroom) which is always a disruption but this time seemed to be even more so. The works took over four times as long as we were told they would and led to quite a bit of stress. We are both really pleased with the end result (and it could be a good location for some photos :)) - but it was stressful.

Then my back went in the middle of all this and is still not much better three months on. Readers who have been following this blog from the start may recall that about 5 years ago my back went big time - discs L5&6 popped out of position and left me pretty much immobilised for two months unable to walk more than a few hundred yards. Thankfully, a regime of exercise and pilates got them back into position without the need for surgery. Since then my back has mostly been OK give or take the odd temporary relapse. But this never lasted more than a few days and I kept up the exercise regime to keep my core tight. Sadly, my back seems to be determined to stay a bit fucked up this time. Each morning when i get up my body is slightly slumped to one side and takes most of the day to straighten out and my hip can be very painful to when walking. Anyway, I remain hopeful that it will return to normal...eventually...meanwhile I have been having some tests done.

Oh, and then there was Brexit or rather the day that 52% of my fellow citizens decided to fuck over the other 48% and plunge the UK into economic and political chaos. Suddenly all of Owner and my dreams and hopes seemed extremely uncertain as She is a Spanish EU citizen and I am from that now joke of a country called the UK (though i suspect it will not remain united for long). Anyway, Brexit put me in a foul frame of mind, ruptured friendships and strained family relations. It did, however, lead to a first for us as a couple - it was the first time we have taken to the streets together in protest.

All, in i rather wish the last few months hadn't happened. But they did and now we're both good. We have also, however, still had some moments of fun and light relief. The picture below is of me at the Victoria & Albert doing my best impression of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

And this is the outfit i wore as a 'dress down Friday' outfit when working from home yesterday - which meant this is the outfit the postal delivery person saw me in when i opened the door to receive a parcel and which our downstairs neighbour had a conversation with me wearing when she knocked on our door and asked if she could borrow an iron.
i have also started to try and make our flat prettier by adorning it with some flowers. We live on the first floor and so don't have a garden but now we have a pretty window box outside our bedroom window (replete with miniature gnomes as well! - see below)

Since then i have also negotiated with the downstairs neighbour to let me create a little container garden in the front of the house - which was just concreted over and pretty un-attractive. So now Owner also has a little flower garden tended by Her wife,

Talking of Owner, Her and i also enjoyed a trip to Helsinki in Finland after the building works as part of my belated birthday present to Her. We both love Finland and it was lovely to return, we happened to be their over the weekend of the Finns national day so everyone was out on the streets celebrating and it was lovely to share their special day with them. Here are some pictures from our trip:
Can't think why Owner wanted me to pose here!

My beautiful Owner

Then a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a weekend trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland and had a quick explore along the coast of County Antrim, taking in the Giant's Causeway and some other sights - which was very enjoyable and pretty - as you can see from the pictures (and yes - despite my fear of heights we both crossed the rope bridge)

So apologies again for our recent absence from the blogsphere, i hope that normal service will re-commence from now on.

Owner and i were horrified and deeply saddened to hear of the events at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and the victims and the loved ones of all who were caught up in this tragic event are in our thoughts. Such acts of hate against people, irrespective of their sexuality, gender, religion, colour, ethnicity, age, nationality or any of the myriad other labels societies use, can never be justified.

Equally we fail to understand how it is still possible for a country to continue to legally sanction, even encourage, the sale of lethal firearms to its citizens when in the period 1968-2011 more US citizens were killed by firearms in the USA (1.4million) than in every war the United States has fought since the War of Independence (1.2m).

Stop the hate, stop the violence and please, please, please....silence the guns.
We still have the builders at home (Grrr!!) and so for the second weekend in a row Owner and i de-camped to a local hotel to be able to shower and relax in an environment with a working toilet and that isn't covered in dust - ohh i am going to have sooo much cleaning to do when this horror is finally over! The Sunday proved to be one of those days which started very well but didn't end that way.

On Sunday morning Owner presented me with a special treat after we returned to our room from breakfast, in the form of a full glass of Her golden nectar which She nonchalantly set down on the bedside table next to me before She climbed back into bed. The glass was full almost to the brim and warm to the touch, it's contents the colour of a sweet wine. i drank down the delicious fluid that Owner had honoured me with, relishing it's taste. Three mouthfuls later and the glass was drained, i set it back down on the bedside table.

But my treats didn't end there, Owner had more in store for me. No sooner had i drained the glass than She set about spanking my chastised clitty and fondling my nipples before eventually tiring of tormenting me Herself She instructed me to take over and spank my clitty in a variety of positions, first on all fours on the bed whilst She watched, then kneeling before Her and finally lying on my back, legs splayed apart.

Owner took over from me and proceeded to spank my exposed 'labia' Herself causing me to wince more than once and making my locked clit very hot and aroused. She paused briefly in Her exertions to remove Her panties and drape them over my face, making sure to place the wonderfully aromatic crotch just under my nose so that my head was filled with Her scent. Then She started to masturbate Herself with Her finger. She re-positioned Herself so that She sat astride my head, offering me a grandstand view as She pleasured Herself, occasionally sinking down on Her haunches and letting my tongue briefly take over from Her own fingers. It has been quite a while since i was last permitted to lick Owners clitoris and it was wonderful.

As Owner masturbated Herself above me She permitted my finger to circle and probe Her anus. i paused occasionally to lick and moisten my fingertip, delighting in Her taste, before returning to work in Her delightful derriere as Her own fingers worked up a rhythm on Her clitoris. It wasn't long before i felt Her thigh and sphincter muscles spasm and contract as She came. My own clit throbbed and pulsed forlornly inside it's plastic cage, delightfully denied once again. It really was a most wonderful way to start the day.

Owner again commented how much She enjoys using Her 'whore' as Her sex toy. i absolutely love it too, especially when the ultimate pleasure is Hers alone to enjoy whilst i am left denied and aching for the remainder of the day. It really was a wonderful treat.

Later in the day when we were back home and i was washing-up after dinner Owner came through into the kitchen and started to rummage through the food cupboard. She had already criticised me earlier in the week for allowing the cupboard to become disorganised but now i could sense Her getting angrier and angrier the more She ferreted around. The cause of Her anger was me, and specifically the fact that i had not checked the contents of the cupboard before ordering more groceries and so She had discovered that we had multiple packets of some of the same products - packets that would likely go to waste. Worse was to come though. Owner also discovered that i had not checked the expiry dates of the dried herbs (i should have known better than to think they didn't have them) that were stored in the cupboard. Owner has previously had cause to punish me on more than one occasion for not checking for expired food - now She had discovered that i had been completely ignoring the dried herbs when doing this. She was not at all happy with me, especially given that some were still unopened and had expired in 2010 - six years ago - and gave me a verbal and very deserved dressing down.

At times like this, when i know that i have disappointed Her, i don't know what to say - other than that i am sorry. My lack of a more detailed 'explanation' served only to infuriate Owner more, especially as, as mentioned, She has had cause to punish me for not properly checking use by dates in the past. For my part i know that saying 'i didn't think' is not an acceptable response or explanation and that She should expect much more from Her wife. As Owners housewife it is my responsibility to keep on top of things like that and Owner has every right to be angry with me. i ended up spoiling Owners day and for that i am truly sorry. i imagine there will be consequences.
Last week wasn't the best of weeks. The work on the new bathroom started on Monday and by the end of the day the builders had already managed to flood ourdownstairs neighbours, an act they then managed to repeat later in the week for extra dramatic affect. Thankfully, no major damage was done and she was remarkably phlegmatic about the whole thing.

The contractors doing the work have been a nightmare to deal with and although we actually had paid already through the company we purchased the bathroom from for an 'expert installation service' i have ended up project managing much of their work. Oh and our boiler stopped workign so we had no hot water or heating and we also don't currently have a fully functioning toilet. We do, however, have enough dust being created each day to keep me busy hoovering etc until the end of time.

Meanwhile, Owner had Her period and wasn't feeling at Her best and She really does not cope well with chaos and dirt at the best of times and i hurt my back and spent a few days just limping around not able to walk properly. Ho hum! Needless to say we upped sticks and de-camped into a nearby budget hotel so we can at least shower etc.

The work is due to be completed at the end of this week and both of us can't wait for it to be finished and get our lives and our routine back.

On the positve side, Owner gave me a wonderful clitty spanking on Saturday whilst i was temporarily out of chastity for a few hours. She ensured that i didn't get to cum but Her expert beating and teasing left my clit throbbing and pulsating and feeling wonderfully and  desperately frustrated. It has now been over 50 days since i came and the longer it lasts the better and better the denial becomes. Seriously, orgasms are way over-rated compared to the slow, incessant, longing ache, the frustrated desire, the feverish twitches and random pulsating throbs, the constant yearn for release coupled with the hope to never be so so that the delicious and delirious feeling never ends. A few seconds of pleasure vs days, weeks, months who knows of that, that ache. Personally, i'd always take the latter.

See, just sitting typing these few sentences is driving me crazy. My clit has again started pulsating, twitching and throbbing in its plastic safe and my nipples are hard as bullets, creating two small pinnacles in the fabric of my top. i long for Owner to strike me hard and repeatedly 'down there', to fellate Her cock, feel it thrusting into me, to taste and lick Her anus, drink Her urine, feel my nipples beign twisted and pulled taut by Her. i long to watch as She receives pleasure and be happy to have been able to provide Her with such pleasure. To recall the smoothness of Her skin, Her scent, Her perfectly shaped breasts, the feel of being smothered between Her slim athletic thighs, face buried amidst the lush hair of Her pussy, fingers caressing the tips of Her nipples, Her presenting Her anus to me, parting Her small, pale cheeks to feast on Her treasure.

Everyday these thoughts fill my mind, exciting and arousing me and with each day of denial my excitement grows. The gift of chastity truly is the fift that keeps on giving. Thank you Owner for giving it to me. And it's a terrific distraction from the building works :)
Owner and i are having a new bathroom installed next week so we are bracing ourselves for at least a week of chaos at home. This means that there will be a few days when i will be working from home with builders banging and clattering away in the background, days in which i won't be wearing a skirt but hopefully will still be able to wear my blouses, smart women's trousers, stockings and flats. Owner has decided that we should de-camp to a local hotel for a couple of nights at the end of next week so that we can shower etc without being surrounded by chaos.

Speaking of Owner, yesterday was Her birthday and i took Her out for a meal to a great gluten-free Italian restaurant in Soho in London called La Polentaria. Owner, of course, chose what i would eat but She did permit me to have a beer which i enjoyed as well as the meal. Now that Owner has switched to a gluten-free diet i have been learning some new recipes to prepare for Her. If any readers have any great gluten-free recipes they can recommend then i would love to hear about them so that i can add them to my repertoire for Owner.

Both of us travelled to Spain for the Easter weekend to spend it with Owners family. We had a really enjoyable time. It was also, i think, the first time that i have remained in chastity for such a trip. Previously, Owner told me to remain out of chastity for such visits but not this time and so i again successfully ran the gauntlet of airport security safely locked up and spent all of our visit locked away. Except for when i have been permitted to remove the device for cleaning i have now been locked in chastity for 41 days in a row. It is still quite a way from our previous all time record - which was over 60 days - but i am enjoying being locked-up again on a longer term basis and Owner seems to be too, which is great.

In one of my previous posts i mentioned about how Owner had found a really pretty dress She wanted me to buy but which i had not been able to as buying it would have left me with nothing left of the monthly allowance She allows me to spend each month - which would in turn have meant i would have had no money to pay to get to work on days i needed to go into the office. Well, i managed eek out the last of my allowance to the end of March and then the 1st April saw it replenished for another month. i checked that morning and to my delight the dress was still on sale, So after a quick text to Owner seeking Her permission to buy it i placed my order.  i can't wait for it to arrive. Below is a picture (and a link) from the website where i bought it

Link to dress here
i am also quite pleased with how my exercises have been going of late. As readers may recall i exercise regularly - with a focus primarily on my butt and abs. Owner has commented a few times that She likes how my body shape has changed - i can, for the first time in my life, now see my abs! - and i have also lost weight. i am now consistently down at just over the ten stone mark (circa 140-141lbs). My goal is to get below 140lbs and keep my weight consistently just below that which would bring me back the weight i was when Owner and i first met over a decade ago, which would be nice.
This morning after making Owners and my breakfast we both retired back to bed. No sooner were we back under the covers than Owner started to tease and caress and fondle my nipples, telling me how much She loved how big and puffy my nipples were. Meanwhile, i wallowed in the pleasure of Her caresses (having my nipples played with is one of my favourite things).

Minutes later Owner was removing my nightie and instructing me to start to spank my chastised clit. She watched as i beat my exposed bits with the palm of my hand and then handed me one of Her leather paddles and told me to use that instead. Then Owner instructed me to spank my chastised clit whilst lying on my back with my legs spread apart, then on all fours, next standing up at the side of the bed as She watched me make myself ever more aroused in my device and then finally sitting down on the edge of the bed with my legs spread apart.

As i continued to bring the paddle down repeatedly against my exposed 'labia' Owner asked me to pass Her one of Her vibrators, then She positioned Herself behind me and placed Her feet up on my shoulders as bega to masturbate Herself with Her vibrator, gringing Her hips against the tops of my buttocks. As She played with Herself She instructed me to beat my clit harder with the paddle, repeatedly urging me on and to spank myself ever harder as She gradually turned up the power of the vibrator.

Soon my clit was leaking pre-cum inside the confines of its cage as the paddle struck harder and harder and Owners moans of pleasure increased as too did the speed of Her vibrator until finally She came. Owner held me tight with Her legs and then released me and rolled over, presenting Her anus  to me. With my clit throbbing frustratedly and excitedly inside the confines of my chastity device i eagerly started to lick around Her delicious puckered opening before working my tongue inside, revelling in Her exquisite aroma and taste. My tongue probed and explored until Owner shuddered and Her glutes clamped tight as another wave of pleasure swept through Her.

Later, as we lay snuggled in bed, Her satiated and me throbbing and aching in delicious denial, Owner informed me that i can start to expect to receive texts from Her during the day instructing me to spank my chastised clit as i had demonstrated to Her this morning and that, if i performed well, She would might also tell me to do so with my nipples clamped and/or my butt plugged.

It was a wonderful way to start the day. i know that my frustrated and denied clit will throb and ache deliciously for the rest of the day inside its plastic cage, what a wonderful gift to receive from my truly wonderful and remarkable Owner.
This morning Owner sent me the link to a very pretty summer dress that She had found for me in the sales online. A few months ago this would be an invitation for me to purchase the outfit and i would have ordered the dress straightaway, leaping at the chance to be permitted to expand my wardrobe with a lovely new outfit. However, today i had to thank Her but inform Her that i wouldn't be able to buy the dress until next month as buying it would blow what is left of my allowance for this month. Such is the reality of now having to live within my means and being restricted to a set monthly allowance with Owner completely controlling how much money i have to spend each month. We are now three months into this new arrangement of my having only having access to a set monthly allowance to cover all of my routine expenditure and it has been working very well. Financial control has now well and truly passed over to Owner. i just hope that the dress is still as heavily discounted at the start of April as it is now.

Owners financial control of my was a new addition to Her dominance and control over my life which was added back in January. Today, Owner has set out some new requirements of me in an update to Her 'housewife academy' training and development plan. Each addition is designed to further Her control, deepen my submission and help my development into becoming the perfect wife for Her. So, what has been added?
  • Owner will now choose what clothes and accessories i wear whenever we go out. Owner has always chosen what items of clothing, accessories etc i am allowed to buy and until now i have always had to seek Her approval to what i wear each day. However, from now on She will select the clothing and accessories She wants me to wear Herself - i will no longer have a say.
  • Whenever we stay in hotels (which we do a fair bit) Owner will choose what i am allowed to eat for breakfast (whether from the in-room menu or the buffet). Whenever we eat out for lunch or dinner Owner always chooses and orders for me. However, breakfasts have been an anomaly and i have chosen my own when we are eating away from home. This will no longer be permitted. i will no longer exercise any choice over any meals.
  • i am to be solely responsible for making any bookings that Owner may wish to make
  • when i go to bed i must only read Spanish books/magazines or on-line articles for at least 3 days a week to help improve my Spanish  
  • i must learn how to hula hoop with a view to making a sexy hula dance video
  • i will have a twice-weekly clit spanking (Wednesday and Friday). This could be administered by Owner or a self-spanking if She requests.
  • Support Owners wheat and gluten-free diet by cooking accordingly. i am responsible for cooking all meals and Owner is trying to become wheat and gluten-free and so i shall need to adjust my recipes accordingly.
  • Create pretty all-year planting arrangements outdoors using window boxes and pots and keep the outdoor area clean. i will need to liaise with our neighbour on this as this outdoor area technically belongs to her but hopefully she won't mind me putting out some pots and the window boxes we can do whatever she may say.
i am very grateful and excited at the latest additions to my training and development and thank Owner for demanding them of me as She continues to strengthen and deepen my submission to Her and Her control of me and ensure i continue to develop into the wife She wants.
Well it's now almost three weeks since i have been locked up in the Holy Trainer chastity device, so what do Owner and i think of it? Well, it has it's pros and cons, as do all the various devices we have tried over the years.

Me in  my Holy Trainer
We ordered the small size device in pink. We both loved the colour and i wanted to get the small size because, well a) i have a small clitty anyway and b) i tend to like to wear quite tight jeans and trousers and so wanted a device that didn't bulge awkwardly under clothes. The Mature Metal Jailbird device that i also have is also size small and is hardly visible at all under clothing, and i was hoping for something similar. Owner was also intrigued by the fact that the makers of the Holy Trainer said it became a little flexible when the material reached body temperature, which suggested some possibilities to Her :).

Ok, so what is it like? Well as i said there are pros and cons and i will list these out below, starting with the positives.

  • Years ago i also used to regularly wear a CB-3000 device but i think the Holy Trainer is superior. 
  • The Holy Trainer is very comfortable to wear 24/7 and thanks to the design of its ring i have never once been woken-up by it during the night (as was a regular 3am occurrence with the Jailbird)
  • The locking mechanism is ingenious and very simple and removes the need for a padlock and there are none of the protruding plastic pins that you get with the CB 3000.
  • Hygiene wise provided the device is removed (under supervision of course!) once a week for cleaning and a shave you should have no problem.
  • The device is very lightweight
  • You can easily pass through airport security wearing it without fear of the device setting off the metal detector (i have recently done a few flights wearing it without any issues)
  • i love the fact there is a version available in pink - but there are other colours available too
  • The device is packed in a nice little case which makes a perfect small make-up bag to use when travelling
  • It is too big. Although i ordered the small size the 'shaft' of the device is still about twice the length of the Jailbird meaning it is not 'invisible' under tighter clothing. In my view you could halve the length again (though as mentioned i am quite small)
  • In my experience the material does not become any more noticeably flexible at body temperature as they state it does. That said, it seems a better material than the CB3000 and has no obvious seams.
  • If you were so inclined you could pull yourself out of the device, though there is an anti-withdrawal extra you can buy and fit that i presume would prevent that.
In summary, if you are looking for a lightweight, non-metal chastity device for long-term wear then the Holy Trainer is a very good device and is probably the best of its type currently on the market. It is extremely comfortable to wear. If the small size were only about half the length again it would be perfect.
Owner and i enjoyed a wonderful trip into the Arctic Circle, to Tromsø in the North of Norway. We both love the Nordic countries but this trip was especially enjoyable as not only did we get to see and experience some fantastic scenery but we were also lucky and got to see the Northern Lights as well. Needless to say neither of us were too happy to have to come back and return to work.

We also got to test whether or not my new chastity device would make it through airport security undetected. The trip involved four flights all told, London-Oslo then Oslo -Tromsø and then the same coming back. i am happy to report that the device passed with flying (ha, ha!) colours and was safely worn throughout the trip.

Below are some pictures from our little Arctic adventure:

in my pretty silver snow boots (p.s. the 'dog' is a statue)
having fun with snow shoes

i think i need to practice photographing the Northern Lights a bit more!

We had a wonderful time and hope to return one day.

On a completely different note. This morning Owner woke me up by caressing my nipples and lightly spanking my chastised clitty before grabbing Her vibrator and instructing me to lick Her delicious anus whilst She brought Herself to orgasm. Once satiated She then instructed me to go and make breakfast. What a wonderful way to start the day!
My new Holy Trainer chastity device arrived today and both Owner and i were excited to see what it was like. It is now locked securely in place with the key in Owners possession. Actually, talking of the key, it's locking mechanism is rather ingenious. Anyway, you can see what it looks like below:

In situ on me
i am quite excited about my new chastity device. As mentioned we are off to Norway at the end of next week and that will present an opportunity to see whether or not it can be safely worn through airport security without triggering the metal detector - which i am pretty confident it won't.
You know that feeling you get when you are waiting for a bus? You wait for ages and none appear and then suddenly a few turn up at the same time, well you might feel that way about these videos. i have been promising since last year that Owner and i will shortly be making some videos covering aspects of our life together and my training and development. Well, after a series of technical glitches and assorted interruptions due to work, life and travel etc we now have, not one but two videos ready for you.

The first video covers my daily routine and the key things that i do everyday of my life as part of my service and submission to Owner. We hope that you like it, it took a lot of effort on Owners part to edit and produce and there were a number of false starts. However, we're both pleased with the end result and have learnt a lot along the way (and i have learnt that in future i need to sit with my shoulders straight!). Anyway, let us know what you think, the video is below:

The second video is shorter and was shot this afternoon on a windy day in London and is me wearing my high heels on Blackheath. Sadly, i appear to have forgotten how to swing one of my arms - think i need some more catwalk practice :)

We hope you like our videos.
As i have previously blogged about Owner has stipulated what style of 'uniform' i am to wear when i work from home, either a smart skirt and blouse or smart trousers with blouse and a pair of flats. She has identified items that are appropriate as work uniforms and since then these are what i have been wearing when working from home, paired with either stockings or tights (depending on the weather). At first i confess that i was a little nervous at the prospect of potentially having to interact with our downstairs neighbour or with delivery people etc whilst wearing my new 'uniform'. However, having now met and talked with my neighbour so dressed and with a number of different delivery people (supermarket delivery drivers, parcel deliveries, postman etc) i have now gotten a lot more used to it.  In fact, i actually wake-up quite excited at the prospect of dressing up in my work uniform when i don't have to go into the office.

Then, a few weeks ago, Owner had the idea of introducing a 'dress down Friday' theme when i work from home on a Friday. This is how i interpreted 'dress down Friday' whilst working from home a few days ago;

Owner has, however, pointed me in the direction of this 'Casual but sexy' page on Pinterest to show me the sorts of outfits that She expects me to wear when i work from home in future on a Friday. The page is great and full of inspirational ideas. The trick now will be for me to try and pull off a casual yet sexy look on future Fridays.

Owner has also decided that She would like me to get a new chastity device. Although i have a Mature Metal device it has not been worn much of late, in part because i lost the locking pin and so have had to use a screw instead, something Owner rightly says is not really appropriate. Anyway, She told me to research potential new devices.

Over the many years in which chastity has figured i our relationship i have had a number of different devices, some good and some less so. It was interesting to once again have a look and see what, if any new chastity products were available on the market since the last time we researched. The good news was that there were some new ones. The device we both particulalrly liked is one that is called the 'Holy Trainer' (great name!) and is available in regular and small, and is also available in pink. The small pink version is the one that i will be getting. It should arrive later this week and i will post about it in future. One advantage of a return to non-metal devices that Owner highlighted was that it should be OK to wear through airport security. As you know we both travel a fair amount and it would be great to have a device that could remain in situ when we do so. We are off to Northern Norway in a few weeks so that could be a good time to test it through the security at the airport.

This morning, however, Owner treated me to an intense orgasm, my first in over a month. First, She caressed and teased me and then She gagged with with the cock gag before having me position myself on the bed on my belly. Owner then took our Her favourite vibrator and wedged it between my butt cheeks and proceeded to 'ride' and pleasure Herself astride of me. Then She told me She wanted to fuck my face and rolled me over and sat astride my head and squatted down so that She was resting Her weight on my gagged mouth. My nostrils were filled with Her scent as She continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator whilst grinding down on my gagged mouth, ensuring my mouth was well and truly stuffed full of cock.

After Her own orgasm Owner then switched Her attention to me. She positioned Her vibrator on my belly, so that it nestled just under my excited and aroused little clit. Then She retrieved Her riding crop and proceeded to crop my clit and nipples. Owner was soon beating my clit hard with Her riding crop and then switched Her attention to my exposed and vulnerable 'labia'. She knows how aroused i get when She beats these hard and regular readers will know that most, if not all of the orgasms i am permitted these days come about as a result of Her beating my bits. The combination of Her beating me with the riding crop and the vibrator buzzing away against the head of my clit soon had me highly aroused. Owner granted me permission to come 'like the slut i am' and no sooner than She had given Her consent than a month's worth of cum was squirting and splashing and soaking my belly. Owner scooped my mess up with Her vibrator and Her hand, then un-gagged me and fed me my mess, having me lick and fellate the dildo and pouring and wiping the mess from Her hand into my eager mouth. i truly am lucky to be treated so well by Her! :)

Later today we are heading out, in part for me to complete a challenge wearing high heels in public. i will update about that and our upcoming video in my next post.

Shortly before Owner and i went on our short trip to Miami Owner had instructed me to purchase another housework uniform so that i have two to use so there is always a spare. Owner selected the item She wanted me to buy on ebay - it was an amazingly cheap nurses/care-home cleaning tunic which cost about £9 - and though we bought it from a store specialising in uniforms for cleaners and nurses etc neither of us were that convinced it would be of good quality. How wrong we were!

The item arrived the day we left and so it wasn't until we returned that i got a chance to try it on. It is surprisingly good quality and we're both delighted with it. You can see what it looks like below (i added the belt) i think it is fair to describe it as being practical rather than sexy!;

Meanwhile, Owner and i have both struggled a little bit with jet-lag post Miami. Thankfully, we've only had to work two days this week though sadly for Owner this meant Her having to go into Her office whereas i got to work from home again - which meant being able to wear my other 'office' uniforms. We had no callers, however, and so nobody got to see me in my stockings, skirt and blouse this time. That will, however, change next week as we have a delivery coming on Monday.

Owner is still keen to establish a new 'dress-down Friday' rule for me when i am working from home at the end of the week (which is normally always the case). She hasn't yet made-up Her mind what this will involve, i am nervously excited to find out what She may decide.
Owner and i have just returned from a long weekend in the sunshine state. Though we stayed in South Beach in Miami we actually managed to get to see quite a bit of the city too as well as getting down to the Keys (as far south as Long Key to be precise) and into the Everglades National Park. We really had a great trip and would love to go back one day.

Ironically the weather was more 'English summer' than we had expected so i only got to parade in my shorts once but i did enjoy perusing some of the South Beach fashions in the shops and Owner even allowed me to buy a cute little pair of shorts (see below) as well as a lovely skirt which was on sale in Macy's and a pair of pretty knickers.
Posing in my new South Beach shorts on our balcony
 i had read that driving in Miami wasn't that great, though having now experienced it it isn't that bad and can probably be accounted for by two things. First, driver frustation/boredom at the constant stop-start from all the traffic lights and second, the virtual total lack of signage to places you want to get to (i can see the airport i am driving along parallel to the runway so why are there no signs for how to get to said bloody airport!).

But, i digress. The places we loved were the wildlife in the Everglades, the art and graffiti in Wynwood Walls, the waterfront in the Bayside/Brickell Park district (though could somebody please open a cafe here), the middle Keys (why would anyone choose to holiday in Key Largo?) and the art deco in South Beach. i loved the South Beach styles (oohh to parade in one of those teeny weeny bikinis) and Owner marvelled at the fact that everyone speaks Spanish by default (note - Owner is Spanish).

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from our trip
down at the beach - though sadly not in my bikini
South Beach
Long Key State Recreation Park
Watching Me Watching You in the Everglades

Calle Ocho
Miami Skyline
Ocean Drive, South Beach
Wynwood Walls