Well it has been an eventful couple of weeks since i last posted. It began with me finally getting the results of my MRI scan and, at last, ascertaining what the cause of all the problems with my back has been. In a nutshell i have one disc that herniated and which trapped the sciatic nerve another disc that is bulging. That at least provided me with some useful information to know what was wrong with my back and the good news is that the combination of regular exercise, drugs and Owners special 'ministrations' :) seem to be doing the trick.

Infact so much better had i started to feel that i felt emboldened to set-off on a little weekend adventure with Owner to Helsinki, Finland. Of course, family pronounced me bonkers, irresponsible and stupid for even contemplating such a trip and foretold all manner of disastrous scenarios involving me being unable to move whilst stranded 3 hours flight time from home. However, i'm quite bloody-minded when i choose to be and i was convinced, rightly as it turned out, that i was a) recovered enough to make the journey in the first place and b) that it would actually do me some good. Thus it was that Owner and i set off to Heathrow and then onto Helsinki for a long weekend.

And what a great weekend it was! It was snowing when we landed and it snowed on and off all weekend. Even the sea was partially frozen over as you can see in the pictures below;

We had, however, both come prepared and for me it was a great opportunity to try out my new winter boots and coat, both of which kept me nice and snug
Owner too was wrapped-up warm against the elements as we explored the snowy city
There were always plenty of inviting cafes to dive into when we needed some additional warmth
Even so, i did get rather attached to my snow boots and was loathe to take them off, even in the hotel room :)
We both had a fantastic time, it was just a shame it was just a long weekend as we would have both loved to have stayed for longer. However, my back held up and was non the worse for the trip and we have many more travels planned for this year to destinations including Amsterdam, St Petersburg, Istanbul, Luxembourg and Iceland so i guess we can't complain and there will be plenty of opportunities for challenges along the way.

Today marked the passing of another year - yep it's my birthday. In recognition of this fact Owner today set me an ammended series of exercise challenges to complete as part of my ongoing (and so far successful) recovery from my earlier back problems. Today, each time i did my regular back stretches etc whilst working from home Owner stated that i was to fuck myself and beat my clitty. To begin with i was to start with one finger only and then increase the number of digits during the day before moving onto some toys so that i was nice and wet and stretched when She got home from work. Well, needless to say i'd reached 5 fingers around lunchtime and so switched over to different sized dildos for my exercises in the afternoon before inserting the inflatable butt plug and pumping it up before just before Owner returned from work.

During the day Owner had texted me to say what i whore i was and how She wanted to watch me fuck myself for Her pleasure on Her return. Eager to satisfy Her requests i replied that i would fuck the big red dildo we have to show just what a big, stretched pussy i had. Thus, no sooner had Owner got back than i was on all fours replacing the inflatable butt plug with the big red dildo and easing it inside my pussy. A few years ago i struggled to accomodate even a small dildo in my pussy yet now it's been so well used by Owner the big red one slides in without too much effort. After watching me fuck myself for a bit Owner took control and fucked me Herself with the big red one

After a few minutes Owner declared Herself satisfied with my demonstration of how slutty i am and that it was now time to do a little photoshoot. i was exceedngly lucky in that Owner had bought me lots of chocolate including a delicious white chocolate lolly which made an ideal edible prop for some photos to show off my new denim skirt, one of my new bras and new leg warmers and snow boots (the latter bought in preparation for a very brief trip to Finland we hope to go on later this week)

The final [photo is of the wonderful bracelet that Owner had made for me for my birthday present. i absolutely love it as it is not only super pretty but i love the words Owner had engraved upon it - perfect

At one point during the shoot my clitty 'fell out' of its spiked metal khalli's teeth chastity device prompting Owner to remark that my clitty seems to keep getting smaller and smaller. i can only agree with Owner, it was never much to write home about to start with but i think as it (my clitty) shrinks so my pussy seems to expand and stretch further as i develop, slowly but surely, into Owners little girly whore.

All in ll it has been a wonderful and very memorable birthday. However, as ever what has been best about it has been sharing it with my wonderful Owner