Owner and i headed into Covent Garden this afternoon to do some shopping. Before setting off Owner had instructed me to wear a butt plug so i was to be found sitting on the tube in the afternoon, Owner by my side, adorned in my make-up, nail varnish, probationary pet leather collar, and wearing a short sleeve shirt, bra, jeans with white plastic belt, panties, CB3000 and heavy metal butt plug. It is a truism that you can meet all sorts of people on the tube!

In town Owner allowed me to buy a wonderful t-shirt, it's a woman's skinny fit one in green and will go well with my jeans. We then headed over to Stanfords to stock up on maps etc for our trip to Norway before heading back home. In Covent Garden the air had been heavy and humid and the sky was darkening so it was little surprise to find that when we reached our stop the heavens had well and truly opened! It was a downpour of biblical proportions with the roads quickly taking on the appearance of small rivers in spate.

There is something about letting yourself get soaked by a summer downpour that brings out the child in both Owner and i. As the lightening forked overhead we had great fun hurtling through ankle deep water in the general direction of the bus stop. Needless to say by the time we reached it both of us were soaked but giggling happily and excitedly. What fun to be running with a butt plug in the rain!


Jeanie Love said...

sounds like fun! tee hee


trisneill said...

Running with a metal butt plug in the rain sounds so sexy, it's a good thing there was no lightning though! That would be just too stimulating ;-)

Poppet Subslut said...

That's so true trisneill, would have been an electric experience!

And a super belated thank you JeannieLoveJones, only 11 years late on my behalf!