Below is a copy of a note i wrote for Owner today suggesting some remedial action i could take in order to continue my training and development;


Plin, Plan, Plon Progress – How Slut Can Address Continued Areas of Under-Performance

·         Introduction

In August 2013 Owner graciously unveiled Her ‘plin, plan, plon’ to Her slut. The document set out a number of areas against which slut’s progress would be continuously assessed and monitored over a three month period. slut was asked to regularly update the document citing ‘evidence’ of her delivery against the plan. The plan encompasses the following areas of behaviour/activity:

o   Home Tasks
o   Clothes and Make-up
o   New Skills
o   General Behaviour
o   Finances
o   Slut behaviour

A number of these categories also contain sub-categories. 

Owner advised slut that She would conduct a final plan review on the 10th November. Only if Owner judges slut to have satisfactorily demonstrated delivery against all 6 categories (and their attendant sub-categories) will slut be judged to have ‘passed’ the plan. Passing the plan review will then trigger the introduction of additional tasks/activities/behaviours to the plan for slut to deliver and be assessed against – whilst continuing to be assessed against the original criteria.
·         Progress to Date – 29/10/13

Just under three months into the plan and Owners most recent assessment indicates that slut’s performance is currently deemed satisfactory for the following only:

o   New Skills
o   Finances

slut’s performance continues to be unsatisfactory in the following:
o   Home tasks
o   Clothes and make-up
o   General behaviour
o   Slut behaviour

Specifically, slut continues to fail in the following;
o   Tidy-up without being told
o   Passing regular audits/inspections by Owner
o  When at home wear pretty and practical clothes on occasions on days when  deliveries are expected
o   Alcohol consumption is at Owners discretion
o   Regular weekly canings and physical play

This situation is recognised by me as not being acceptable to Owner and must be addressed by me. Accordingly, slut has set out below a series of remedies to address these failures on her part 

Remedial Action Proposed by slut to Address Ongoing Performance Failures 

Tidy-up without being told 
Before going to bed at night slut is to check in every room of the flat and make sure that all items are in their correct places, any items left out are put away, rubbish is in the bin and that each room is clean, tidy and clutter-free. slut to consult with Owner over any item she is unsure what to do with i.e. can it be disposed of, where does it live etc? slut to implement this with immediate effect and ensure that she performs this activity every evening (including weekends) from this day onwards.
Passing regular audits/inspections by Owner 
slut knows the level of cleanliness expected of her by Owner in the kitchen and slut must ensure that the kitchen is maintained in this condition at all times. In addition, slut to ensure that all other rooms are kept in a condition that she feels would enable them to pass any spot check by Owner. Audits and inspections are at Owners discretion but slut should assume that these could be undertaken at any moment and that the levels of cleanliness and tidiness Owner rightly expects to see are maintained at all times.

When at home wear pretty and practical clothes on occasions on days when deliveries are expected
In her morning text to Owner slut always includes information about the panties and bra she is wearing (if any). Slut suggests that she expands this to detail the outfit she proposes wearing for that day i.e. what top and bottom. slut to include a request to Owner as to whether these are appropriate and acceptable. Slut to commence such an addition to her morning text to Owner with immediate effect and to undertake every weekday morning when she is working from home.
Alcohol consumption is at Owners discretion
slut has shown on at least one occasion that she cannot be trusted to remember to ask Owners permission to be allowed to drink alcohol before ordering. Accordingly, slut suggests that the expectation from now onwards be that slut should assume she is not allowed to drink alcohol before ordering unless Owners advises her to the contrary i.e. if/when they go out and slut either a) orders a drink for her and Owner or b) is asked by Owner if slut would like a drink slut should only ever order/request a non-alcoholic drink unless Owner says she may order an alcoholic one or has previously done so during that session. Slut is no longer to be permitted to seek Owners consent to drink alcohol, she has forfeited that right. Instead, it is now solely at Owners discretion whether She permits slut to have alcohol or not.

Regular weekly canings and physical play
slut proposes that, unless either her or Owner are ill, she be expected to always set-up the lounge on a Wednesday for a caning on the assumption that Owner may wish to administer such a caning. In addition, slut suggests that Owner gives consideration to having slut purchase an additional gag and set of nipple clamps to be semi-permanently attached to the bed-frame or kept within reach and visible on slut or Owners bedside table and that a dildo be re-attached to the frame of the bed so that Owner has implements readily to hand in bed should She wish to engage in some physical play with Her slut. Slut also wonders whether an element of physical play could be incorporated into her and Owners regular exercises i.e. slut to complete wearing clamps or some such thing?

·         Conclusion

Slut really does want to ‘pass’ her ‘plin, plan, plon’ review on the 10th November and demonstrate that she is developing and progressing as Owners wife and slut into the sort of wife that meets with Owners satisfaction. Slut wishes to be able to continue this development and learning. However, slut recognises that her performance to date, though adequate in some areas falls short of Owners expectations in others. Slut knows this is not acceptable. slut hopes that the suggestions she has made on how she could improve her performance are useful and helpful to Owner and that they will provide the remedial action needed to bring her back on track. slut looks forward to Owners considered advice on whether She finds the remedies proposed acceptable or in need of further work by slut.

i am thrilled to report that Owner has agreed to all of the suggestions i put forward and has stated that they are to immediately be implemented.
Owner and i had a wonderful night last night at the ever fabulous The Magic Theatre. It really is a fantastic night out and one we would highly recommend to anyone, whatever your orientation, style or persuasion. Here are some pictures from the evening;

Get ahead, get a hat

clearing the dancefloor

Owner busting some metal moves
just the two of us
Hope you all have as an enjoyable a Halloween time as we did. Now it's time for us to batten down the hatches as a rare hurricane force storm bears down on the UK.

'There may be trouble ahead, but while there's music and  moonlight and love and romance, let's face the music and dance.....'
Yesterday evening Owner presented me with a wonderful new silver charm. It is in the shape of a heart and is inscribed to 'My pretty wife' and has the date of our wedding on the reverse. It also has a very pretty pink gemstone hanging from the charm.  i love it and have attached it to the chain that connects my two nipple rings together. i think it is super pretty. Here's a close-up of the charm;

And this is it in situ;

The charm slightly weights the chain between my two nipple rings which in turn gently pull and tug down my nipples, sending delicious little thrills through them all day.

i do so love my pretty accessories!

After presenting me with my new charm last night Owner administered one of my regular canings. As usual i had prepared the room and Owners implements in advance for Her. However, i added a few new items this time alongside Her usual collection of paddles, canes, crops, clamps and toys etc. This time round i added a large wooden spoon and a couple of hairbrushes. The spoon went down well with Owner who used it to warm me up before then flogging and caning me. Owner commented how the spoon made my bottom nice and red  - i have made a note to add it to the usual collection of implements laid out for Her to use in future sessions.

i was out of chastity during the session and Owner used the opportunity of having unfettered access to my clitty to good affect, both flogging and gently caning it. i actually love to have my testicles caned and spanked (whether in chastity or not). Whilst being teased by Owner about how much i obviously enjoyed having my clitty spanked and caned i told Her that indeed i particularly enjoyed having my testicles spanked and would love to have them spanked, or be made to spank them, on a daily basis.

After the caning was over Owner positioned a dildo between Her thighs, sat down and had me kneel before Her and fellate Her 'cock' whilst simultaneously instructing me to finger my pussy with one hand and masturbate my unchastised clitty with the other. Owner ensured that i eagerly sucked and licked her 'cock' - pushing my head down onto it and causing me to gag and gurgle and snort saliva and mucus out my mouth and down my nose. i really was excited as Owner kept telling me to make myself hard and play with my pussy whilst at the same time my mouth was stuffed with her cock.

It had been exactly a month since i last was allowed to cum and it didn't take long for me to become dangerously excited and aroused. Owner sensed this and kept having me stop and then re-commence playing with my clitty, all the while ensuring my head continued to bob up and down on Her cock. As i did this Owner kept telling me what a whore i was and how much i enjoyed sucking cock...which of course is true.

After a few more minutes Owner stated that She wanted me to make myself cum with Her cock in my mouth. Needless to say it wasn't much longer before a months worth of denial was spurting over my hands and chest whilst i continued eagerly sucking and slurping Owners phallus. i scooped up my mess with my hand and swallowed it like a good little slut whilst Owner made appreciative comments about what a dirty  whore i was and how i loved to cum with cock in my mouth. And of course this was true. i did indeed enjoy it. Interestingly, i have also grown to like the taste of cum. Years ago i always liked the idea and prospect of having to eat and swallow my cum but when the moment of release had, so to speak come, i'd always found the reality less enjoyable than the idea. Now, however, Owner has helped me appreciate and enjoy its taste.

Session finished it was time to quickly make myself decent and serve Owner Her dinner. Owner instructed me to ensure i returned myself back to chastity as well. i have to say that when i caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror as i cleaned myself up and put the device back in situ i did look somewhat disheveled. My face was smeared with a mixture of cum and saliva and my hair was all over the place - in short, i really did look like the well-used whore i am.
Owner likes, on occasion, to have me perform in front of the video camera for Her amusement whilst She is at work. She then reviews the footage on Her return. i, meanwhile, adore playing with or having Owner play with my titties. It is something that i find incredibly pleasurable and arousing and will often find myself absentmindedly caressing my breasts through my top during the day. i also like to make an exhibition of myself. So, when Owner stated that She wanted me to make a little video of me playing with my titties, well you can imagine my enthusiasm.

On reviewing the footage Owner commented what a little whore i was and that i would make a good porn star. i am not so sure of that myself but i certainly did enjoy my little you can see

What's more, i also got to savour the deliciously frustrated state i was left in.

Shortly after Owner and i returned form our trip to Boston we ended up having to spend a couple of days apart. i get more annual leave than Owner and so spent a few days visiting and staying with family, specifically my mum and my sister. Regular readers of this blog may recall that it took me a while to pluck up the courage to wear my collar at work as well as when at home/out and about. i still remember how nervous and self-conscious i felt that first day, despite the fact that i had already by that point been wearing make-up and women's clothing at all times, including to work. Still - wearing my collar to the office seemed like a big step and it took me a while, and the inspiration of another blog - Tamara In Trouble - which sadly is now not accessible - before i 'took the plunge'. Of course, i need not have been so nervous as nobody batted an eyelid. One colleague complimented me on it but that was all.

Anyway, since then i have worn my collar when meeting my sister but had not done so in front of my mum or her partner, still less without Owner being there as well to give me moral support. Anyway, to cut a long story short i wore it throughout my visit and no comment was made (which Owner ascribes to us all being so terribly English - She, as you know is Spanish). Anyway, to me it felt like another little milestone/line that had been crossed.

In fact, it is interesting to reflect on all the things which to me now seem totally 'normal' and 'routine' about my life with Owner but which, when we first met over eight years ago, i would have never have believed possible and was scared to death of - even though i may have fantasised about them.
As mentioned before Owner has initiated a training plan for me (which She calls Her 'plin, plan, plon') which i am now just over two months into. The plan runs until early-November. The objective of the plan is that i need to attain a level of performance across each of  6 core areas, namely:
  1. Home tasks
  2. Clothing and make-up
  3. New skills
  4. General behaviour
  5. Finances
  6. Slut behaviour
Owner has set out a performance diary in which i record and She assesses my progress on a daily basis. Come mid-November Owner will undertake a full evaluation of my performance and development against each of these 6 core areas. Only if i am assessed by Her to have attained the standard that She expects of Her wife will i be judged to have 'passed' that core standard. Importantly, i need to pass all 6 core standards at the same time before i am able to be judged to have made satisfactory progress in my development and to have 'passed' this stage of the plan. My reward for achieving such a status will be that additional training and development elements will be added to the plan for me to learn and master to Owners satisfaction (whilst continuing to maintain Her standards against the original 6).

We both agree that the plan has been affective and has led to an improvement in my performance. However, with a month to go you can see from the summary of my progress to date that i still have quite some way to go before i am deemed to have met the standards Owner has set against all six core criteria for this stage of Her plan.

Assessment To Date 15.10.13
Home Tasks
Get more organised with meals and consult Owner over ingredients
Satisfactory – do not slip
Tidy up without being told
Further progress required
Passing regular inspections/audits by Owner
Further progress required
Use Internet in a more practical way
Further progress required
Clothes and make-up
When at home wear pretty and practical clothes on occasions on days when deliveries are expected
Further progress required
New skills
Studying Spanish
Satisfactory – do not slip
General behaviour
Stop being pushy when eager to do something you like
Satisfactory – do not slip
Be more proactive – do not expect to be reminded of your duties
Satisfactory – do not slip
Consult before making decisions
Further progress required
Alcohol consumption is at Owners discretion
Further progress required
Visit doctor when directed by Owner
Satisfactory – do not slip
Consult Owner before spending
Satisfactory – do not slip
Save a regular amount each month
Satisfactory – do not slip
Slut behaviour
Regular weekly canings and physical play
Further progress required
Owner and i have just returned from a wonderful long weekend honeymoon trip to Boston, Massachusetts. It was our first ever trip to this city and we both had a terrific time. We were really lucky with the weather and got lots of opportunities to enjoy some of Boston's culinary delights...not to mention continue Owners appreciation of Samuel Adams beer (our local bar in London also serves it on draft). Indeed, the morning of the day we flew home was spent enjoying an informative and highly enjoyable tour of the Samuel Adams brewery and free drinks provided afterwards. Here is a selection of some Boston sites;

View from the Prudential tower

Copley Square

Old Cemetery

Old State House

Charles River

Boston Public Park
We stayed in the South End area of the city, not far from the Prudential Centre. It really was a fantastic base from which to explore and we would both highly recommend the city for a visit - we just wished we could stay for longer than 4 days.

Of course, Boston is also famous for its sports teams, not least the Boston Red Sox. Well, Owner found me some more appropriate sox for me to model

Oh, and did i mention how we enjoyed the food and the beer? :)