Please accept my apologies for not having posted for a while. There have been a number of things going on recently (not all good) which have kept me away from the blog.

The first of these is that Owner has had a bit of a health scare and needs to have some minor surgery at the end of next week. Hopefully that will sort out the matter. However, it has caused us both some concern and She is understandably a bit stressed about the whole thing.

A more practical issue was that, along with half the known universe, i also got the email from blogger announcing that this was to be one of the blogs they were, in effect, wanting to close down as they were going to change their rules around adult content. As i am sure was also the case for many others this led to a small flurry of activity on my part as i started to create an alternative and more secure home for my blog. What spare time i had went into trying to learn a new programme and transfer across the content from this blog and build a new site on an unfamiliar platform.

i had just about got to a point where i thought it was all starting to look good, we liked the new layout etc that was to appear on the new site, when suddenly another email from blogger arrived to say they'd changed their minds. So, to cut a long story short this blog is remaining here where it is and i am going to archive the new site i created. It was, i guess, a learning experience if nothing else.

You will, however, be pleased to hear that Owner has suitably punished me for the infractions i detailed in the post before last, namely not thinking and ordering an alcoholic drink without Owners permission when we were in a bar in Dublin before i cancelled the order when i realised, and using ingredients that were past their use by date when cooking Owners dinner. For the first (drinking) misdemeanour Owner punished me with 100 over the knee bare-bottom spankings with one of Her hair brushes. For the second misdemeanour (the food) - adjudged by Her to be the more serious i have been banned from wearing any make-up or jewellery for the past two weeks. i really have felt quite naked without these and can't wait until next week when hopefully i will be permitted to wear them again. Below is a picture taken during my spanking