Yesterday Owner and i went to the theatre to watch the production of Venus in Fur starring David Oakes and Natalie Dormer [of Game of Thrones fame]. Although the production had received some mixed reviews we both thoroughly enjoyed it and it received a deserved standing ovation at curtain call.

What made the experience all the more enjoyable was that Owner had instructed me to wear a corset, hold-ups and be pantyless for the show, and subsequent pub drinks and restaurant meal. In fact the whole day was one huge treat and Owner and i thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. i also wore my padded bra the whole time. You can see what i looked like below:

in the theatre
showing a little bit of cleavage
the beautiful interior of the Theatre Royal Haymarket
Natalie Dormer spent much of her performance in stockings, suspenders and a basque and i spent much of the time thinking what fun it would be to be similarly attired in front of a live audience, but then i have always been something of an exhibitionist!

The corset ended up being on for over six hours before i eventually had to remove it (with Owners permission and insistence) during the meal in the restaurant. It is a steel boned under bust one which i had tightly laced, but tight lacing and beef medallions do not mix.

The treats continued this morning with Owner sitting on my face and riding my tongue for Her pleasure, having already had fun with Her vibrator, until She came. However, this time, and unusually, as She rode my mouth She also instructed me to masturbate to orgasm. It has been over a month since i last came and i did so copiously.

Then to top things off when i walked into the kitchen to start making breakfast i saw that it was snowing outside, winter is coming!
i had to attend a conference for work this week which meant that i was away from Owner overnight. Neither of us like to be separated from each other like this and it happens only vary rarely, usually around Christmas time when we visit our respective relatives. Luckily it was only for one night and we were soon back together again. i tried to do a bit more of the household cleaning just before i left so that there would be less to catch-up on when i returned.

Yesterday saw us both enjoying a day at home in the morning. Owner caught up with some TV and eased Herself into the weekend and even prepared our lunch for us whilst i went to the shops to complete some chores after doing my morning exercises. After lunch i did some cleaning and Owner rewarded me with a glass of Her delicious urine that was full almost to overflowing. i do so love the taste of Her pee and it made for a lovely treat.

Cleaning completed we then headed out to a pub near to where we live that we have never previously visited. i think you can see from the picture below that i had a good time