Yesterday i completed my first outdoor dice challenge. Owner has devised a system whereby every tine i work from home i need to roll a dice to complete an 'indoor' dice challenges. After completing 4 of these on the fifth occasion i am now required to switch to the 'outdoor' challenge dice and roll that, before then again returning to the indoor dice.  There are a variety of different challenges described on the 'outdoor' challenge dice and the one that came out top when i rolled the dice was to 'Apply lipstick at bus stop video' i.e. video myself applying lipstick at the nearby bus stop. It was a fun little challenge to complete and one which i added a little something extra to by wearing a lace top and padded bra. Below is the video i took (edited by Owner) whilst completing the challenge

On Monday i due to return to chastity. This morning Owner caressed and fondled my clitty as we lay in bed before ordering me to get up and make breakfast.  i have to confess that much as i like to be locked up it was lovely to feel Her fingers on my clit, if only briefly.
So my time in continuous chastity came to an end last night with the monthly chastity dice roll. The dice landed on the face that states 'Replace with a ribbon for 1 week'. So last night, after day 59 of being continously locked, the device came off and the ribbon went on. Next Tuesday i will be returned to chastity once again and will stay locked until 11th April when the monthly dice roll will again determine what whether i stay locked or not. Meanwhile i will, of course, refrain from any 'touching' down there unless permitted by Owner
me and my ribbon
Interestingly, once again the longer i was locked the more sensitive and easily aroused my nipples became. Is there some sort of scientific law that states the longer yout are kept in chastity the more sensitive your nipples become? Surely this is worthy of serious study, a PhD perhaps? LOL
Owner made a comment today which brought a wry smile to my lips, Rather than working from home i had instead booked the day off to do some much needed decorating in our flat. This was something Owner had forcibly reminded me the other day and so i have booked some time off work to get the job completed.

Normally on a Friday i would be working from home and so would be dressed something like what i wore when working at home earlier in the week:

my work outfit earlier in the week
But today as i was decorating i had my 'decorating' outfit on - basically old clothes that gradually get covered in more and more paint!
my decorating outfit
i sent Owner this picture to which She replied:

'That's humiliation for the pet'

It made me laugh because She was right. Having to dress in these clothes is something i hate doing - these days i am far happier in stockings and a skirt and sod whether the neighbour or postman sees me. Funny how things have changed over the years, i would once have been mortified at the idea of being seen in a bra, make-up, skirt etc. Now it doesn't really phase me at all.

Changing the subject, this coming Monday it is time for the chastity dice roll which will determine whether i remain locked up or not. i hope i do.
i was super lucky this afternoon. Owner and i went shopping to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, East London. There is a huge Victoria's Secret store in the shopping centre and on passing it Owner asked if i would like to go in? We have passed it a number of times on previous trips but have never been inside before and the opportunity to ogle at row upon row of bras and panties was irresistible. But Owner had a surprise in store for me. After we walked around all the sections of the store commenting on the various garments on display Owner said i could purchase a pair of knickers. We quickly agreed on a pair of 'cheeky' ones which are open at the rear.

Owner took this picture of me in the store after i had made my purchase. As you can see i was rather happy
So, what do my new 'cheeky' knickers look like? Here is a rear and front picture taken when we arrived back home

the rear view - as you can see it leaves my 'pussy' fully accessible
front view
All in all i think i was very lucky!

As i write this i am over half-way through my fiftieth day in continuous chastity. i know i have just over another week to go being kept locked up, until the 11th March when the dice will once again determine whether or not i am released from my chaste state. As someone who (and i know not everyone will understand this) actually likes to be locked up and thinks that it improves my submissive performance and behaviour, i am secretly hoping to stay locked for a lot longer still. Well, i will find out in eight days time.

In the meantime, this has been a busy week at work and i was only able to spend two days working from home. Luckily, one of those days Owner was also working from home and so we got to spend the day working side-by-side. It also meant that Owner was able to oversee that days dice challenge in person and so i had the pleasure of Her administering 50 strikes against my testicles with Her favourite 'clitty' spanking wooden spoon.  The second day at home saw me once again wearing my butt plug for 3 hours - which was nice :).

i still have a further two home working days to complete (with their associated indoor dice challenges) until i get to roll the dice for the first time that will determine what outdoor challenge that i need to complete. i am a little nervous about that moment but also looking forward to it. Sadly, however, given work schedules next week i think that is not going to happen until the week after that.

Meanwhile, i have also booked a couple of days off work to crack-on with and finish painting and decorating in our flat. Owner has now also decided what flooring She would like for our spare bedroom and so i can proceed with making arrangements for having that installed. So i have made a bit of a start on fulfilling Owners instruction that i get my act together and focus some energy on undertaking the home improvements She wants to see done in our flat.

Trusting that this finds our readers well.