A Video Owner Made Documenting Some of my Duties

Owners Rules For Her Whore

1. A real whore is always ready to be fucked at anytime and anywhere
2. A real whore shows pussy at every opportunity
3. A real whore begs to be fucked hard
4. A real whore sucks anything that's offered
5. A real whore must be prepared to be fucked in any position
6. A real whore does as told no matter how dirty and low the task
7. A real whore plays with herself as instructed for Owners amusement
8. A real whore loves being molested in public
9. A real whore moans loudly, especially when allowed to cum
10. A real whore licks cunt and ass and gets horny at the prospect of doing so
11. A real whore can deep-throat
12. A real whore wears no knickers at home
13. A real whore is always naked when giving pedicures/manicures or watching TV with Owner
14. A real whore look pretty at all times

My Weekday Duties

1. Wake-up and put on collar with cuffs and secure metal day collar in place (it is removed for sleeping)
2. Prepare Owners breakfast
3. Do 15 minutes morning pilates stretches + warm-up exercises
4. Prepare Owners lunch for work and place in Her bag together with Her charged mobile and tablet
5. Wash-up breakfast
7. Clean toilet and sink
8. Accompany Owner to train station carrying Her bag for Her . Then return home.
9. Send Owner a text to seek Her approval for the clothes i request being permitted to wear that day
10. Text Owner asking if She has any special instructions She wants carried out during day
11. Exercise butt for 1 hour (weighted lunges, dips, squats, leg raises etc)
12. Put on pretty kickers and a bra (if a Wednesday or Friday) but no knickers on a Monday and text Owner to advise what wearing
13. Dress for the day (feminine clothes always to be worn unless a suit is required - extremely rare).When working from home wear a smart skirt, stockings and a blouse except for 'Dress Down Friday' when more casual femme attire can be worn
14. Shower and apply make-up
15. Get ready for work, remove leather collar and cuffs but keep metal day collar in place and commence work either at home or head into office
16. Monday hoover flat, if Tuesday clean floor during day.
17. Work during day and respond to and comply with any of Owners instructions
18. If working from home receive deliveries, answer front door etc dressed fully en femme
19. Suggest two different evening meal options for Owner to choose from
20. Send Owner at least one text in Spanish
21. Check outside house for litter each day and tidy
22. When working from home walk to and meet Owner at station and carry Her bag back home.
23. Re-attach collar and cuffs when Owner gets home and remove knickers and change into a my domestic uniform
24. Prepare dinner, serve and wash-up
25. Complete that days evening cleaning duties and study some Spanish
26. If permitted to watch TV with Owner first take a punishment card from the jar of punishments cards on the coffee table. Complete punishment before or whilst watching TV.
27. In winter make a hot water bottle for Owner and pre-warm the bed before She gets in
28. Plug in Owners mobile to charge
29. Check each room is clean and tidy before going to bed + put away any clothes Owner may have left out
30. When Owner goes to bed change into nightie and remove metal day collar (worn at all times except in bed)
31. Record all tasks and activities completed that day on Trello
32. Curl-up in bed with Owner

My Weekend Duties

As per weekday except

1. Wear make-up and padded bra, knickers and girly outfit at all times
2. Complete any additional cleaning, washing, tidying as required
3. Do some baking (depending on what doing at weekend)
4. Offer Owner a pedicure/manicure
5. Clean and polish Owners shoes/boots
6. Check fridge and remove items past use by date and update shopping list
7. Change towels in bathroom

Ad-Hoc Duties

1. Request regular canings
2. Perform a regular 'show' for Owner
3. Do all washing and ironing
4. Undertake a challenge whenever requested by Owner
5. Create and maintain a recipe database
6. Empty and clean fridge
7. Study Spanish
8. Research new recipes and cook these for Owner on a regular basis
9. Clean aquarium
10. Only drink alcohol when Owner permits it and then only ever a maximum of 3 drinks
11. Undertake regular exercises with Owner
12. Cook and wash-up naked one a week
13. Wear nipple clamps/mini pegs one day a week whilst doing housework
14. Write out all shopping lists in Spanish
15.Check flat for any repairs/maintenance or fixes weekly and organise
16. Make occasional mini porn clips
17. Take a naughty photo once a week
18. Audit all foodstuffs once a month and dispose of expired items
19. Complete any challenges demanded
20.Record all expenditure and secure permission from Owner for any expenditure over £10
21. No clothes or make-up purchases can be made without Owners permission
22. No postings may be made to Facebook without Owners permission
23. All blog entries to be pre-vetted and corrected by Owner prior to posting
24. Consult Owner and obtain Her permission before commencing any new activity/trip
25. If apart from Owner for any reason overnight email Her details of everything done that day
26. Agree a productive use of the additional annual leave entitlement i have with Owner i.e. use it to attend classes to develop skills, do work on the flat etc
27. Study and practice giving manicures
28. Scrub bathroom floor + clean oven
29. Change bedding on a regular basis (fortnightly)
30. Practice writing & publish erotic short stories - any earnings made go to Owner
31. Drink Owner's pee whenever provided - a glass is kept permanently yp hand next to the toilet
32. All meals in restaurants will be chosen and ordered by Owner unless otherwise specified
33. All decisions over holiday destinations/trips will be made by Owner albeit in consultation
34. Make knitted and embroidery pieces and pieces of jewellery
35. Do not use the internet in the evenings unless permitted to by Owner

Owner Has Total Control Of

1. Orgasms - when and if permitted
2. Whether and how long i am kept in chastity
3. Money - all my earnings go direct to our joint account which i am only allowed to use for household etc purchases. Instead i get a monthly personal allowance of £100
4. Our household
5. All decisions that need making - i get consulted and can make suggestions but She makes the decisions, this includes holiday plans etc
6. What i am allowed to eat and drink
7. My appearance and clothing - i cannot purchase any clothes without her prior consent

Under no circumstances can i ever penetrate Owner with my clit. i have not been inside Her since 2010