This evening Owner instructed me to perform outside in the garden as Her whore once again. i was released from chastity, spanked and caned across my backside until it was red and sore and then led outside into the garden to play with my titties and clit for Owners amusement. Although we are now officially in British Summer Time nobody appears to have told mother nature and it is a cold and windy evening in this part of London. Mind you, this only served to make my nipples even perter than usual as i played with myself in our garden under Owners watchful gaze before being allowed to cum.

Tomorrow Owner and i head off to Northern Spain for a few days to stay with Her family where hopefully the weather will be a little bit warmer. Infact we have a few trips planned this month as at the end of the month i am taking Owner to Budapest as part of Her birthday treat. Neither of us have been to Hungary before and we're both really looking forward to spending a few days and nights in Budapest. We've already discovered that there is a fetish cafe/restaurant which we are planning to visit. No doubt Owner will have some more little 'challenges' for me whilst we are staying there too. At least it should be a bit warmer than it is here though!
Owner has started to use the pussy impaler a couple of times of late and today was to prove no exception. So it was that this afternoon i found myself blindfolded and with my legs spread, ankles cuffed and hands tied behind my back with a purple dildo buried inside my pussy and locked securely in place using the impaler. Once positioned i am totally at Owners mercy and unable to escape.

Today Owner opted to use the opportunity presented, quite literally, to Her to have a bit of target practice on my exposed nipples and clit with Her riding crop. However, first She set about stretching my nipples until they were fuly hard by threading a leather cord through my nipple rings and then tying it off tight. Once done, out came the cane for some light caning of my stretched nipples and chastised clit. However, this was soon replaced by the riding crop and the 'fun' began.

Owner repeatedly grabbed and twisted each nipple and then set about it with the tip of Her riding crop, Her blows slowly getting harder and harder. She also lifted up my chastised clit so that She could easily access my swollen little balls and set about these with the crop as well. And so it continued with Her alternating between using Her crop on my nipples and clit. Next up came the pegs which She attached to my balls before re-commencing the deadly application of Her crop.

As each blow fell i helplessly jigged about impaled on the purple phallic prison in my pussy. Owner struck again and again until my nipples were bright red and sore and my clit engorged. However, when She stopped i knew the worst bit was still to come, the removal of the pegs!
Owner has had me in a state of heightened arousal all day by texting me a series of instructions for me to fulfill this evening which have now been accomplished. Owners instructions were that as part of my training as Her whore i was to be released from chastity this evening before receiving my regular caning and that i was to then follow-up the caning by going into the garden to play with my clit.

Well, after serving dinner Owner advised that it was time for my training session to begin. i was dispatched to the bathroom to remove my chastity device and then instructed to present myself in the bedroom. Owner commenced by warming up my bottom with some spanking before turning her attention to my titties for a bit of light teasing. After this Owner instructed that i was to play with my clit in front of Her whilst i received an intensive paddling. This was followed-up by the commencement of more serious caning, alleviated only by instructions to play with my clit a bit more before the caning re-commenced. Once my bottom was sore, red and stripey the whore training began proper.

Our garden is a typical London one, small and over-looked on all sides. Even though it was dark i was still nervous as i accompanied Owner out onto our little patio and commenced playing with my exposed clit again under Her guidance. As i did so Owner lifted the hem of my skirt right up so that i was fully exposed to anyone who happened to be looking out of their window at the time [EDIT by Owner - you do exaggerate terribly pet, there's no way anyone could have seen you!]. Owner had attached some pegs to my nipples which ensured that i needed little additional stimulation to be fully aroused. When i felt that my little hard clit might explode i asked Owner for permission to cum, fully expecting this to be denied as is often the case. However, rather than have me stop Owner instructed me to cum like a whore as She lifted the back of my skirt still higher. And so it was that i could be found 'spurting' like a cheap whore over our water butt in the garden this evening! Of course, i was instructed to immediately return to chastity afterwards.

Owner has advised that She wants me to 'exhibit' myself in many more ways in public as She concentrates on training me to become a real whore so i guess tonight was a fairly 'safe' introduction to getting used to exposing and degrading myself outdoors in future!
As i mentioned yesterday Owner let me buy a fantastic silver spandex bikini from American Apparel. Well today Owner used the opportunity of my being temporarily out of chastity, just after my supervised shower, to take a few photos.

i can't wait for the summer!!!

Today Owner and i went into Camden to collect some pottery Owner has had on order for a friend of Hers. As usual i was wearing my make-up and pretty top with jeans and requested to Owner that i be allowed to purchase a t-shirt for myself. Owner agreed and so i was able to pick-up a beautiful blue t-shirt from Punkyfish, one of our favourite stores. However, the retail excitement was far from over for me.

Having collected the pottery and as we were on our way back to the bus stop Owner suggested that we pop into American Apparel. i've never been into this store and neither, i think, had Owner. Oh my god! It was heaven. Every item they were selling was perfect slut gear! It was an eighties spandex and lycra sensory overload. i was soo excited by the array of sleazy and slutty garments on display i thought i'd died and gone to heaven! This sensation was amplified one hundred-fold when Owner said i could purchase one item from the store. i spent what seemed like an age browsing through micro-skirts, cropped tops, little dresses and leggings before finally settling on the ultimate summer accessory (there's nothing like planning ahead!) a silver spandex bikini top and matching silver hot pant bottoms. These will be divine for wearing in the summer sun. Owner and i are planning to go to Tuscanny later in the year and these will be the first items to hit the suitcase (with Owners permission of course!)

So anyway, it is now official......American Apparel has just become my all time favourite store! Now, how do i apply for a job there?!

After a 48 hour period out of chastity all now seems to be fine again. This evening Owner administered my spanking and caning which She'd postponed from the other evening and after that She tormented my nipples (which i adore) and had me repeatedly play with my clit until i was on the point of orgasm and then instructed me to stop whilst She pulled and twisted my nipples harder. After repeating this over and over again i was so horny i was even playing with my own nipples, with Owners encouragement, and moaning and groaning loudly.

Owner finally got me to the edge of orgasm one last time and then stopped me again and advised that in the morning i am to return to the chastity as my clit is obviously back to normal. However, initially i will be back in the old CB-3k. As i sit and type this i have a wonderfully stripey bottom from the caning and am feeling deliciously and frustratedly aroused. What a wonderful 'examination'!

Well Owner and i tonight discovered a problem with my birdlocked device when it was removed for cleaning, namely a blister. This appears not to have been caused by any of the spikes but rather by skin getting trapped in one of the air holes. Anyway, suffice to say the device has been removed until the swelling subsides and then we'll try again but using lube and more care with initial positioning of the device. A search on the web suggests a few others have had a similar problem but it's been resolved by lubing the device. Here's hoping.

The real shame though was that after cleaning i was due my regular caning which has now been postponed until tomorrow. i've grown to look forward to these canings and Owner has even progressed to using the crop on my clit and nipples, the latter whilst stretched and tied tightly with cord, as well as the cane and flogger on my derrier. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow!
Well it's now been a few days since my old chastity device, the CB-3000, was replaced by the birdlocked pico. So how's it going? Well, the flexible spikes are certainly effective, especially when all 25 of the little fiends are digging right into my engorged little clit. However, Owner has also realised that the device offers a whole new world of opportunity for Her to torment, tease and torture Her little slut in chastity in a way that simply was not possible with the solid plastic old device. Being made of very flexible medical-grade silicone,  lined with 25 flexible spikes all pointed directly at an extremely sensitive area of my anatomy and with nowhere to escape their sweet embrace it only takes a small amount of squeezing on Owners part for those little devils to make their mark.

Of course, squeezing tightly makes their presence felt all the more deliciously painfully and Owner has already had me begging to be squeezed harder and harder as the teeth sink into flesh. This morning i was left moaning in utterly helpless, exquisitely painful desperate frustration as Owner wratcheted-up the pressure, tighter and tighter until She had me fellate a dildo whilst She left me in frustrated heaven to concentrate on Her own pleasure with Her new vibrator.

Owner has told me that this evening She is going to lock me up in the pussy impaler so that She can properly concentrate on squeezing and torturing my clit and nipples. Oh sweet lord, how i hate but love my new fierce little birdlock!
As followers of this blog will know i have been kept off and on over the past few years in a CB-3000 chastity device. It has served Owner and i well in that it has kept me under close control but it does have its limitations. One of those is that being made of solid plastic there is little opportunity for Owner to torture and tease my clit when i am wearing it as She likes to do. In addition, when wearing tight clothes it can sometimes require a bit of 're-positioning' in order to hide the solid plastic bulge!

Last week Owner discovered a new device on the internet called the 'Birdlocked' chastity cage. Made of silicone rather than plastic the device offers the advantage that it is flexible i.e. squeezable and squishable by Owner.

In addition, there is also a version that comes with lots of little flexible spikes inside to titillate, tease, torment and torture your clit. Finally, it is also ideal for those with smaller clits like mine. Anyway, to cut a long story short we went ahead and ordered it and today it arrived.

It was slightly tricky to get on but now in place feels great and the spikes do just as you would imagine. Can't begin to think what they'll feel like when this slut gets over-excited!

This afternoon i put on a bit of a show for Owner with a little dance to the tune of Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible. i tried to re-create the look of those sexy ladies Robert used in the original video but it didn't quite come off. Still we both had fun. Here's some pictures from my 'performance'.
Owner and i went to go and see Alice In Wonderland tonight. Was good in places but both of us were a little disappointed. Still, Owner did take the following picture of me just before the film started with my cool 3-D specs on - looks like geek central!

By the way, any comments on the new look for the blog would be welcome. Still a work in progress so please bear with me on this for a bit!

My public femming is progressing slowly but surely under Owners instruction and guidance and is gradually boosting my own confidence and preparedness to be seen 'en femme' by others. Last weekend Owner and i met up with my sister for drinks and a meal at a pub in South London. Although i was wearing a hooded top and jeans i went along wearing make-up and had on just a bra and slip under my top. The top was quite thin and light such that when the material was pulled tight it was quite easy to see the outline of my bra straps and those of the slip through the material. No comment was made by my sister so not sure if she noticed but i certainly felt quite noticeable!

Then on Tuesday evening our regular veggie box delivery arrived quite late such that i was already dressed in skirt, blouse, heels and make-up when the delivery arrived. As Owner was on the phone when the door rang i took a deep breath and went and answered the door and received our delivery box dressed as i was, stopping only to remove my wrist cuffs. The delivery driver seemed slightly surprised but made no comment when i opened the door in my little black skirt and top.

Owner has also made me wear a bra to work on Wednesday (as well as the usual Fridays) and has also intructed that She wants me to wear stockings together with a bra when i go to work tomorrow. Needless to say i am thrilled and excited!