In Her comment on one of my earlier posts Mistress 160 asked what suggestions i had put forward to Owner for the incorporation of Her Queening stool into some of our regular activies? The following is re-printed with permission from my Owner and is the list of ideas i presented to Her;

  • Before or after each caning session to offer to arouse Owner on Her queening stool
  • To offer to arouse Owner on Her queening stool immediately after a supervised shower by way of ‘thank you’ (as well as the more traditional thank you)
  • Every Friday night when getting out the toys so that they are available for use at the weekend to invite Owner to inspect that they are clean and to offer Her the queening stool for pet to worship Her
  • To bring in the queening stool into the kitchen when giving Owner a pedicure and to offer Owner an after pedicure ‘adoration’
  • To offer to queen Owner after any punishment has been administered
  • To spend one hour a weekend (time to be designated by Owner) lying in position under the queening stool in the bedroom should Owner wish to come in and make use of Her stool at any time during that period i.e. every Saturday night between 7.30-8.30pm to be in position
  • To offer to queen Owner each time she has dyed Her hair and is waiting for it to ‘set’.

i should add that Owner is still considering these suggestions.


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

Thank you :)!

I shall find these very useful. Sol asked formally for his birthday present to be some queening time every day. It's been hard to work out how to fit it into week days. So ideas of all kinds are great to read.

One idea at our end: we are now designing a work desk (rather like a breakfast tray with legs lol) for the laptop that means I can stay on the q stool while online. sol loves this because I tend to get distracted with what I'm doing online and so sol gets more q time!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you Mistress 160 - sol sounds like he is going to have a birthday year to remember! The design of the desk/stool sounds very interesting. Would you be able to post it on your blog?

Mistress160 and solipsist said...

You've seen the stool I think? It's here:


But yes, certainly we'll put the new "desk" up as well :)

Jeanie Love said...

Very nice ideas!
Thank you for sharing!
Now, i ask, would you post a pic of "your" (actually Owner's) queening stool? That would be nice of you.


Poppet Subslut said...

Thank Mistress 160 i had forgotten i'd already seen it but would love to see the 'desk' when that's ready too!

Jeannie - will ask Owner if She minds