In case any readers were worried that the onset of advent might mean that i was no longer getting my bottom warmed up at the hands of Owners cane/paddle/swat/flogger (insert instrument of choice) i am pleased to say that She incorporated it into the advent calendar 'surprises'. This morning, when i opened today's advent box there was both a message and a small, wrapped gift inside. The message read that i was only allowed to open the gift if i first had my backside spanked eighty times with Owners heavy wooden paddle. So, of course that is what happened next

me and my rosy cheeks!

Paddling duly administered i was free to open my gift, a beautiful hair clip with the word 'SEXY' emblazoned in wonderfully, sparkly and blingy letters. i have a feeling, a hunch call it, that i may be having to wear this pretty hairclip somewhere public in the not too distant. In the meantime, this is me modelling the clip at home

what a big nose it looks like i have!
i love our little bit of advent fun, it is something exciting to wake up to every day.

Well, advent continues apace and with it each new day reveals a fresh treat or challenge for me to undertake. The past few days has seen me set a variety of daily tasks upon opening each days advent box. Every box contains a hand-written instruction from Owner inside. 

Thursday saw me instructed to deepthroat Her silver dildo in the evening after work. Then on Friday my advent treat was to be tied up on the bed and to be tickled without mercy. My being tied up was really just a health and safety precaution, to ensure that i did not accidentally kick or strike Owner as i thrashed about in a fit of giggles as She tickled me to death. Then today (Saturday) i was told to make a Tik Tok video showing my favourite bra. Quite a variety of different advent instructions and many, many more still to come. It promises to be a fun run up to Christmas. 

You can see how i got on with each of these advent tasks below. The first picture, the one of me bound to the bed, was taken just after i had finished work and before i had changed into my evening 'domestic uniform'. i actually quite like the picture. To me it looks like a still from some cheesy bondage flic as i lie helpless, waiting to be ravaged - or in this case tickled until i nearly wet myself!

Tied to the bed and ready to be tickled mercilessly
Sucking on Owner's silver dildo

The above video was my first ever attempt at creating a video on Tik Tok, there are lots of fun affects to play with - i think i may have overdone them a little on this one.

Finally, this being a Saturday my day also started with another delicious glass of Owners' finest. Bottoms up everybody

Down the hatch!
i can't wait to see what instructions the next advent boxes contain within them!

Today marks the start of advent and for me it saw the opening of the first of the advent 'boxes' that Owner has created for me. Each box contains an instruction from Owner that i must follow. Today's instruction, kicking off the 24 day advent period, was that i must attend an online work meeting naked from the waist down. It was a fun one to complete, little were my colleagues to know that, just out of sight, i was sitting there wearing just my chastity device under my blouse. i will be opening a new box each day up until the 24th December. It promises to be a fun month.

Owner also has Her own advent calendar's - a chocolate one and another that i created, so it is not just me that has something to open each day at breakfast.

Owners' advent calendars and my advent box for the day
The instructions inside my advent box
me completing my day 1 advent challenge

In other news, i ended up having a slightly unusual doorstep conversation yesterday. i had ordered a grocer delivery and when it duly arrived i trotted downstairs to take in the boxes of groceries from the delivery driver. i was dressed as i usually am during the day i.e. stockings, skirt, bra, blouse and shoes. The delivery drivers usually tend to be men but last night it was a woman. As soon as she saw me she complimented me on my skirt and we struck up a brief conversation about skirts. Nothing remarkable perhaps about that but it is the first time i have chatted away to a stranger about skirts whilst wearing one.

Meanwhile, my performance rating continue to be quite good. i have received a 5* rating for the past nine days on the trot - writing this probably means i have now sunk my chance of making it ten days in a row.

Anyway, back to advent. Do any other readers have fun traditions or activities that you get up over the Xmas period?

Consider this, dear reader. Have you ever had to spend time in a prison? If so, whilst inside, did you have to take a walk of shame in your wing, your tits and arse out for all to see, teetering about in stripper heels? Were you then escorted to your cell, cuffed and made to pose for your cell mate? Bent over, on the floor, available to them? The next morning were you beaten and tortured by them? Made to such their cock and sniff their worn underwear before being bent over, fucked and made to cum? If so, then you too have experienced the fun time i spent with Owner this weekend!

It was a cold and windy day when i was escorted to prison in an unfamiliar city (Oxford to be precise). And, yes - it genuinely was a prison. Was here being the operative word. For the hotel we stayed in was formerly Her Majesty's Prison Oxford (now transformed into into a very unusual hotel). Our room (or cell) was on A-wing and yes, i did walk around on that balcony dressed in slut heels, spanking skirt, bustier and a pair of hold-ups and nothing else. My bum and boobs were indeed on show for anyone else to see the moment they stepped out of their room, or the lift or just looked up from the lounge down below. In reality nobody did, but they could have at any minute, which was fun, especially for an exhibitionist slut like me!

The walk of no shame in leather bustier, spanking skirt and heels
Bum and tits out

into the cell with you!
The prison/hotel wing in all its daytime glory - i really could be seen from all angles!

In our cell (room) i was handcuffed and yes, i did indeed pose for Owner, showing Her my breasts and derriere, even my right nipple was adorned by a handcuff nipple ring.

No escaping this cell
Mercy, mercy
Time to 'spread'
Helpless and vulnerable

The next day, after breakfast, Owner tortured and abused me. First She attached mini pegs to my un-chastised clit before beating it repeatedly with Her leather fly swat (striking me over one hundred times). Then She placed Her aromatic knickers over my head, clamped one of my nipples with a clover clamp and attached the other end to my now pulsating clit, pulling the chain that connected both clamps tight.

Owners' vibrator and my clamped clitty
Owner tugging on my clamped clitty with Her leather fly swat

My clit was on fire at this point, clamps biting into its swollen flesh. It was then that Owner climbed astride me, took out Her vibrator and started to grind Her pussy against my hard, clamped clit, pleasuring Herself. Each movement of Her hips caused the clamps on my clit to dig deeper into my flesh. Enjoying my discomfort Owner pleasured Herself until She came, then pleasured Herself some more. As She did so She thrust a dildo into my mouth and instructed me to deep-throat it and make it 'wet to fuck you with'.

When She was satiated She turned me onto all fours, replaced the dildo i was fellating with another and used the one i had been sucking on to fuck me in my pussy.  i was desperate to feel Her cock inside me and soon it was buried, balls deep, in my very accommodating pussy. Owner struck up a steady rhythm, thrusting Her phallus in and out of me. My hips pushed back to meet Her thrusts as i moaned whilst i simultaneously sucked on the fresh dildo She had provided for me. 

My clit was still adorned with clamps but these did not dampen my excitement, quite the contrary. My pleasure intensified when Owner, whilst continuing to fuck me,  reached around and grabbed my hard, clamped clit and began to masturbate me vigorously. The sensation, the heady mix of pleasure and pain, Her cock inside me, pegs digging into flesh as Her hand worked feverishly, was all too much. i asked permission to cum and, when this was approved, i came...copiously. Owner scooped up my mess in Her fingers and fed it to me, smearing cum on my face as She did. God, how i have come to love (and miss) the taste!

It was, as you can see, quite an exciting weekend!

Oh, and whilst we were in Oxford we also went to a great exhibition about Tokyo at the Ashmoleum Museum and had a great meal out in which Owner permitted me to drink a martini cocktail, aptly named a 'pornstar'.

We returned this afternoon and i was soon back to my household chores,  sweeping and then mopping all the floors after having first unpacked our case from our overnight stay. Next week sees the start of the advent calendar Owner has created for me. My usual twice weekly 'indoor' challenges and weekly canings/spankings have been suspended by Owner for the period of advent, to be replaced by whatever that day's advent instructions i receive. It promises to be an 'interesting' December!

Owner has established a new weekend routine which requires that, on Friday night, i place Her special 'Owners' piss slut' glass into the bathroom for Her to fill the following morning. This then provides me with my first drink of the weekend, a large, nourishing glass of Her nectar. Today we slept in by our standards, we did not get up for breakfast until 7.15am. 

However, Owner had woken briefly during the night as She needed the loo, before She returned back to bed. This meant that when i stumbled bleary eyed into the bathroom there was already a drink waiting for me, a cold amber glass of Her special gift. Cold piss tastes quite different to its more usual warmer cousin but down the hatch it went. Three gulps later and the glass was drained. i do love this new way i start every weekend with a glass of Owner's finest served warm or cold.

What else have i been upto? Well, Monday saw me stood facing the wall, half naked for thirty minutes with a pair of Owner's used knickers on my head as She sat and read Her book. This is the second time She has required this of me, it is actually also a surprisingly good way to decompress at the end of the working day. Here i am, in situ so to speak

Wednesday saw me despatched to collect Owners' prescription from the pharmacy with a butt plug firmly embedded inside me. Meanwhile, Owner has continued to provide me with new daily performance ratings as described in my last blog post. This is still a beta test pilot but i am delighted to say that i have been awarded a number of 5* reviews this week which brings my performance stats to date as

As Owner would be quick to point out, obviously only a 5* performance is acceptable but, i think my average has improved. i received no 3* ratings this past week - the one in the bar chart is from the week before.

Oh, and something quite unique happened this week. For the first time in almost two years i presented for work in front of real people at a conference with a real audience (and one online). During the pandemic i have become very accustomed to presenting online, it therefore felt quite thrilling to present to a room full of real people rather than just to be staring into a Zoom or MS Teams screen. i was, however. determined to stick to my vow of wearing my padded bras to work not just my non-padded ones (as used to be the case). Anyway, the audience got to experience me in my (almost) full glory with my makeup on, nails painted and padded bra on under my blouse. Unlike when i present online, however, i wore trousers rather than stockings and a skirt. i have never worn the latter to work.

As for this weekend, well Owner and i have a little trip to Oxford planned. We have not chosen the best weekend to travel (there is a storm sweeping through the UK at the minute) but there is an exhibition we wanted to see and we decided to make a weekend of it. The hotel we are staying in is quite unique. i won't say anymore in case the storm disrupts our plans but we are hoping it could provide an opportunity for a slightly unique photo shoot. i will, of course, update on our return.

Finally, next week sees the start of December which means the start of the advent calendar. Owner has spent hours creating one for me. i have no idea what it will contain but, if last years is anything to go by, it promises to be great fun with something to nervously look forward to every day.

Owner has started experimenting with a new way to provide daily feedback to me on my performance. She is using a combination of a free online survey app, called SurveyHeart and Colour Note (to generate the daily survey reminders).  Every day at 8pm it sends a performance rating request to Her mobile phone. She then gives me a performance rating of between 0 - 5 to reflect my performance that day.

Owner's response is then sent to the same app that i also have installed on my mobile phone. With this Owner and i are able to track and assess my performance over the week. We can use it to ascertain how well or otherwise i have done, monitor trends etc. It also has the benefit of providing me with daily feedback in a form that minimises the amount of time and effort required on Owner's part.

It is still an experiment, Owner only started to use it last weekend. She may choose to discontinue it, or add more questions and details. She may of course also choose to set me punishments or rewards depending on my overall or individual daily ratings. 

It is possible to customise the survey interface. This is how the survey appears on Her mobile

And this is how the app displays my performance over the past week. As you can see, there was one day when i only received 3 out of 5, clearly not acceptable.

It is just an experiment but it could be a potentially useful tool to aid my development.

Meanwhile, i leave you with some pictures taken mid-week of me cooking with my heavy metal butt plug with the furry tail snuggly embedded in my pussy.

Well today was the big day, the day of the month when the monthly outdoor challenge dice get rolled. What would i end up having to do?

i awoke and made breakfast for Owner and i, set out the dice that would determine my fate and then waited for Her to enter the kitchen. When She was settled and ready She gave me approval to roll the dice. Rather than roll each separately (one determines the location and the other the nature of the challenge) both were rolled together. The first dice that came skidding to a halt was the location dice. My heart gave a little skip when i saw what location it had landed on, the railway station. i have only done one other challenge so far at our local railway station and that was back in the spring when i ended up having to wear lingerie only under a long coat. It was quite the nerve wracking thrill - you can read about it here. What would i have to do at the station this time?

The second dice eventually came to a stop. 'Wear high heels and trousers' it read. So an easier challenge in many respects than my previous one but that had been during the height of Covid when not many people were traveling by train. Many more are using the station now.

Anyway, i set off mid-morning and soon arrived at the station where i selected a spot on one of the platforms and changed the boots i was wearing for my red and black Pleaser heels. No sooner had i put them on than i saw a man come walking in my direction up the platform. i remained seated expecting him to walk by, at this point i thought he probably hadn't even seen that i was wearing high heels as i had my bag placed in front of my feet. But i could not have been more wrong.

"Hats off to you for being able to walk in those heels' he said 'i always admire someone who can walk in very high heels".

i had no idea what to say back so simply thanked him and said it took some practice. This seemed to satisfy his curiosity as he carried on a bit further up the platform and boarded the next train. 

It was a lovely day and allowing me to remove my jacket so that i could pose in just my thin blouse, bra, tight jeans and heels. You can see how i got on below - i hope you like

Jacket on
Jacket coming off

Jacket off

and bring me sunshine

i texted my pictures to Owner who declared Herself to be happy with how i had got on and then returned home. It was a fun challenge to do and the brief interaction with a stranger was an extra moment of fun. i can't wait to do my next one!

The only other thing to report is that last night found me sat on the sofa next to Owner with me being closely observed by Her as i practised deep-throating my double-ended training dildo for 10 minutes. Needless to say i was a bit of a dribbling mess by the end.

Stay safe everyone and have fun.

Owner requested that i do a little performance for Her this month, specifically that i try to replicate Salma Hayek's stripper performance in the film Dogma. For the scene in question click here. Now, Salma has many things that i do not, like a great body, talent, long hair etc. However, i did try to give it my own interpretation and Owner applauded my performance at the end. i love to do little shows like this for Her and She seems to enjoy them too. Here are some excerpts.

i am not sure that trying to use the ceiling lights instead of a pole has quite the same appeal! As you can see, i doubt many will be beating down the door to book me to appear at their local gentlemen's club.

But, if you did like what you saw and would like to see more, and also support my Owner too (the proceeds of any sales go to Her), then look no further than my new 2022 calendar which is now available from - it's the perfect festive gift :) Just follow the link on the right hand side of the page or click on the picture below to have me hanging about with you all year long.

click the picture to purchase
Right, that's quite enough grubby commercialism from me and more than enough from me this weekend, three posts in two days! Until the 16th - and the outcome of my next outdoor challenge - adieu, adios and farewell.

After i wrote my last blog post Owner and i headed out for our appointment to get our booster Covid vaccines. What happened next is the subject of this short extra blog entry.

Knowing that i would be getting a shot in my arm i had opted to wear a long-sleeve blouse with a button wrist that i could undo and roll up in order to receive my vaccine. Underneath the blouse i was wearing one of my pretty padded bras, as is always the case. i thought nothing of it.

Anyway, we arrived at the vaccination centre in good time and took our place in the waiting room to be called through. When it was our turn we were ushered into separate examination rooms to be given our booster jabs. i was greeted by an enthusiastic young male doctor who was supported by a late middle aged female nurse. i took off my jacket, unbuttoned the sleeve of my blouse on my left arm and rolled it up to receive my shot. The room we were in was just off the main corridor, it was one of a number of such rooms being used to administer vaccines and there was a steady flow of people in the corridor. The door of the room i was in was wide open. 

i sat on the chair and listened to the young doctor talk me through the injection whilst the nurse took down some of my details. Suddenly, the doctor asked would my sleeve roll-up any further? It was over two-thirds of the way up my arm, i knew it would not roll up any higher. i replied that it would not.

'Oh' he said 'i need to inject you in top of your arm, can you undo your top a bit and expose your shoulder for me?'

Of course i could do that, i thought, it is just that doing so would make it immediately obvious that i was sat there wearing my pretty padded bra. i hesitated fora second before i started to unbutton my blouse. The doctor gave me a bit of a look, perhaps sensing that this might not be as straightforward a request as he had assumed.

'Would you like some privacy?' he asked, gesturing towards the still open door.

Now the nurse had also turned to face me.

'No, i am fine thank you' i replied and with my best 'nothing to see here here' face on. i undid my blouse and eased it down off my shoulder, giving the doctor and the nurse a close-up view of the very pretty padded bra i was wearing.

i then looked away (not because i was shy just that i don't like looking at myself being injected) and out into the corridor where people were passing as the booster dose of pfizer was injected into my upper arm. With my blouse still gaping open and my bra on full display the nurse then leaned in to affix a pad of cotton over the injection site. The cotton ball had other plans, however, and promptly fell off and lodged itself in the cup of the bra.

Well that was a more eventful vaccination than i had thought it would be i thought as i fumbled to fish out the cotton pad and button up my blouse. Not only had i received my Covid booster jab i had also unexpectedly flashed a doctor and a nurse as well! When i was reunited with Owner back in the waiting room i told her the tale of what had just happened, needless to say She was greatly amused.

We returned home from having our vaccines and had lunch. After this Owner administered a hard spanking on my bottom with Her leather paddle and also used Her riding crop against the breast which, just a short while before had been flashing the National Health Service's finest. Spanking gratefully received i then gave Owner a pedicure and foot massage.

So, the moral of this tale is this. Get your Covid vaccines, it might be more fun than you think!

'Yay, it's the weekend!' is a popular refrain in this household as, i suspect, it is in many others. i do wonder, however, how many others are like me and are able to start their Saturday morning with a delightful glass of their Owner's freshly served urine? 

It has now become a regular routine that Owner will 'pour' me a glass for me to drink before breakfast. Those who have been reading this blog for a while will know that i do take great pleasure from consuming Owner's golden wine. The first glass of the day is especially enjoyable as it is typically darker, cloudier and more bitter and robust than servings later in the day, having been fermenting in Her bladder overnight. Just thinking about it as i write quite literally makes my nipples hard, it's a wonderful drink and a fabulous way to start the weekend. This was me at 7am

Ready with my special drink
...and down the hatch it goes

Incidentally, the more eagle eyed amongst you might notice something different about me in the above pictures. Did you spot it? No, not the dressing gown and nightie, both are quite old and have appeared in this blog before on a number of occasions. No, i am referring of course to my new glasses.

i was starting to notice that i was getting a headache when reading (i am short-sighted) and so went to get my eyes re-tested the other day. Yes, my eyesight had got worse so it was time for a new set of glasses for me. i am really happy with the pair that i got, Owner stated that they looked quite 'funky'. Here is another picture of me wearing them.

i really like the colour and the shape. They had another pair in a different style which also caught my eye as they were bright pink, maybe next time.

Talking of tests, later this morning Owner and i are off to get our Covid booster injections. If you have an opportunity where you live to get vaccinated please, please take it.

So what else has happened since my last post? Well on Monday, after completing my evening chores Owner instructed me to sit down and write one hundred lines as a reminder that i am to focus my efforts on practical chores and get less distracted by daydreaming about pretty things (i had been looking at lingerie on the internet). Anyway, She told me to write out the following one hundred times:

I will focus more on housework rather than daydreaming about pretty things 

It is so rare that i actually write anything with a pen and paper these days that being told to write out lines like this is an oddly physically tiring exercise. As an added bonus, however, Owner instructed me to write out the lines whilst wearing a pair of Her used knickers on my head so that i would be inhaling the scent of Her sex as i wrote. i definitely appreciated being able to inhale Her as i wrote. Nevertheless, by the time i had finished my wrist was quite sore.

my completed lines
wearing Owners' worn knickers on my head - still with my old glasses

Then, on Wednesday i was set the challenge of completing 50 Russian twists whilst my chastised clitty was adorned by 20 mini-pegs. The use of mini-pegs (a combination of wooden and metal ones) is a favourite of Owners'. They certainly make their presence felt although the most painful moment is when they are removed, which can really hurt. Anyway, not your usual workout but here i am doing the twist and shout

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!

Looking ahead what is coming up? Well aside from getting our injections later today, provided that Owner is feeling up to it post jab, i will be receiving my weekly disciplining, this time from a combination of Her leather paddle and riding crop. Then tomorrow i hope to perform a little strip-tease for Owner. She has requested that i perform the routine that Salma Hayek performed in the film Dogma which you can see a clip of here. Unfortunately, i don't have the body Salma does, nor the hair, so will be nothing like as pretty as she is, but i will give it my best to entertain Owner. i am very lucky in that i have a partner and Owner who encourages me to perform for Her, something i greatly enjoy doing.

Then, looking further ahead. Tuesday next week is the 16th of the month which means one thing only. It is outdoor dice challenge day. Who knows what i will end up doing but i know i will be nervous and it will be fun. The slutty exhibitionist in me really looks forward (in a kind of inwardly terrified way) to these monthly moments of public exposure. i can't quite believe some of the things i have done this past year, including in front of our neighbours, in the park, at the bus stop, in the local supermarket and even at the local train station with people on the platform. Owner has me complete these challenges on my own, which just adds to the nervous excitement i feel when completing them. i think i have certainly gained in confidence the more i have done these and am proud to show what an exhibitionist slut i am and how shameless She is helping me to become. 

And then, in a case of leaving the best until last, Owner has decided that She is going to repeat last year's hugely successful advent calendar series. Last year She created a special advent calendar for me in which, behind each door, lay an 'interesting' surprise. Well, She has already created this year's calendar for me in the form of pretty numbered boxes. 

Owners' advent calendar for 2021
She is being very secretive as She comes up with ideas as to what to put in each of the boxes. i am both thrilled and very nervous at the prospect of what may lie ahead during the month of December, however, whatever is in store it is bound to be fun.

Take care one and all and... have fun!