i am kept very busy and fully occupied! 

Owner departed for Spain on Monday to see Her family. She has not seen them (Zoom etc excepted) for about 18 months, which must be a common experience for many in these Covid times. i am heading out to join Her this weekend - a full-on week at work meant i could not join Her straight away. Neither of like to be apart from the other and i miss Her, as too does She me.

However, i have been kept fully occupied in Her absence. i have kept on top of my daily chores, cleaning and tidying etc. i have also had a number of extra tasks and challenges to complete, the highlight (for me at least) was my monthly outdoor challenge.

For any readers unfamiliar with this, on the 16th of each month Owner has me roll two dice (pre-loaded with outcomes of Her choice) which determine where and what type of outdoor challenge i have to complete. As Owner was not here to supervise the dice roll She had me video the event so that She could ratify the challenge i would be doing. That, dear readers, is what i did shortly after i awoke this morning.

The result was one of the most 'interesting' of the possible combinations that the dice could throw up. The first decide determined the location of the challenge. The local supermarket. The second dice determined what i would have to wear. Short skirt, long silver wig and heels. When i saw the result i was both terrified and thrilled.

We are currently in the midst of a heat wave in London, that combined with the fact that i knew i had a full-on day of work ahead of me made me decide to complete the challenge before i started my working day. It meant i would have to walk down to the supermarket with those commuters who have started to return to offices etc but, i steeled myself, plugged in my earphones and strode purposefully off to the supermarket to complete my challenge.

You can judge for yourself from the pictures below how i got on. Given the heat, the walk to the supermarket and the style of outfit i was wearing, i went (with Owner's OK) for wedge-heel trainers rather 'proper' high heels. It was great fun to do.

A sneeky peak of bra on route to my supermarket challenge
Gurl about town
In the supermarket

Incidentally, this is similar to what i normally wear when working at home (taking deliveries/giving online presentations etc). The difference is that i normally now wear stockings rather than hold-ups and flats instead of heels (for the sake of our downstairs neighbours due to poorly sound-proofed London apartments). This, taken on Tuesday to check She was OK with what i would be wearing that day, is my 'go to' work outfit these days.

my regular working attire these days
 Wearing skirts in public and to work aside the other 'challenges' i have had to complete this week have been slightly more 'physical' in nature. Owner gave me instructions to fellate a dildo for five minutes before i went to bed on Monday. She guessed correctly that i enjoyed doing this - what's not to like about having a phallus down your throat - and has hinted that this could become a more frequent pre-bedtime routine for me, which made my locked little clitty stir.

Practicing with the double ended 12 inch dildo
 The second physical challenge i have had to do is complete a lap of our local park with my nipples clamped. i did this after work this evening (after first changing into a t-shirt) and jeans. It is a while since my teats were last clamped like this. It has left them feeling deliciously sensitive, it is all i can do to prevent myself constantly caressing them.

Park life
 So as you can see a busy week so far. 

i keep thinking about my supermarket escapade this morning and what fun it was, Owner said She was super proud when i sent Her the pictures, i even unbuttoned my blouse further to give a flash of my bra.  There were lots of people out and about and i just ADORED making a bit of an exhibition of myself, despite my nerves. It was almost as exciting as the time when i had to go to our local railway station and take a photo showing me wearing my bra, stockings, and knickers. That was fun too, guess i am just a slut at heart!

It probably has not escaped your attention that football's 2020 European Championship (postponed from last year due to Covid) is underway, it certainly hasn't escaped Owner's who takes a greater interest in such matters than i do. That said, three nations from the UK are competing this year, England,Scotland and Wales. Owner's home nation Spain is also taking part.

The start of the competition got off to a near tragedy yesterday when one of Denmark's players collapsed on the pitch and had to be administered CPR. Thankfully, he survived. i just hope he goes on to make a full recovery.

As i mentioned football is a game which Owner takes a greater interest in than i do. However, ever since i have known Her She has always gone out of Her way to make this competition more interesting and engaging from my perspective. She transforms what is often described as the 'beautiful' game into a more challenging/experiential game for yours truly. Ensuring that i become fully vested in the outcome of each stage of the competition by having the outcome result in direct consequences for me. This 2020 competition is no different.

Once again, Owner has devised a little game. A game which relates to the outcome of each stage of the competition and which can result in consequences for me. This year's game will be running as follows:

Group Stage

Owner and i have both selected the teams(and separately sealed our answers inside an envelope) that we feel will top the table in each of the 6 qualifying group stages of the competition. i genuinely have no real idea so just picked a country from each group who i have heard are quite good at football (although i guess they all are as otherwise they would not have made it to the competition...right?).

At the end of the group stage matches whichever of us has got the most group winners from our chosen teams wins.

  • if i won i have to complete one more of the randomly selected twice weekly tasks i have to do every week i.e. be Owners' footstool, wear Owners' knickers to the shops, be clamped etc, etc. i need to complete this task the day the group stage ends.
  • if i lose i have to complete an extra one of the above activities for each wrong answer i picked i.e. up to six. i need to complete this task the day the group stage ends.
  • in the event of a draw then nothing happens

Round of 16

In this round we both have to guess which teams will make it through to the quarter finals. The winner is the person (Owner or me) with the most correct guesses

  • if i win i will receive an extra caning at the end of the round of 16
  • if i lose i will receive an extra caning for each wrong choice i made at the end of the round of 16. This means that, potentially, i could receive up to eight canings that day....Eeeek!!
  • in the event of a draw then nothing happens

Quarter Finals

At the start of this stage of the competition we both have to choose which teams we think will make it to the final

  • if i win i have to deepthroat a dildo at the end of the quarter finals
  • if i lose i have to deepthroat a different dildo for each incorrect choice at the end of the quarter finals
  • in the event of a draw then nothing happens

Semi Final

As the competition nears its' climax Owner and i have to choose which teams we think will make it through to the final

  • if i win i have to complete an outdoor challenge that week
  • if i lose i have to complete two outdoor challenges that  week
  • in the event of a tie then nothing happens


The decisive match.  We each have to guess who will win

  • if i win i will be fucked with the giant dildo after the final
  • if i lose i have to complete an outdoor challenge wearing a butt plug and nipple clamps after the final
  • if neither of us chose the winner nothing happens

It will definitely keep me interested in the outcome of each stage of the competition. We have each secretly made our choices for the group stage and we await the outcome of  that to see who won. i guess i am lucky that i was not given a handicap and asked to choose the outcome of each stage, all the way through to the final, at the start.

The envelope with Owner and my team choices sealed inside

In other news, i will also be receiving a caning today

Hello everyone. i trust all readers are keeping well? There is not a huge amount to report. Owner and i have both been busy with work. Last weekend, whilst the leg of lamb i was preparing simmered away in the slow cooker, we went out for a lovely little walk to one of our local cemeteries which is now managed as a nature reserve. 

On the walk back, Owner permitted me to go to a nearby garden centre and get a couple of plants (i love garden centres and could spend ages in them). Plants purchased we also stopped off at a local cafe and sat out side with our drinks watching the world go by - another of my favourite activities. This is me sat outside in my 'Barbie' t-shirt enjoying my flat white

Yes, despite the apparent 'village' appearance this is inner London

As is this - Owner in the cemetery
The following day, Owner decided to use me as a foot stool whilst She was on the phone to Her family. It is not often that Owner requires me to stay immobile like this for Her to use. It was quite an enjoyable experience to be kneeling down on the floor, Her feet resting on my back, as She chatted away to Her parents. i certainly felt as though i had been put in my place.

Wednesday evening Owner despatched me to the shops wearing a pair of Her worn knickers as my face mask. Unlike on previous occasions, when i have been sent up the road to our local corner shop so attired, this time i was sent to our local supermarket. Owner helped me to fix my 'mask' in place at home and then sent me out to walk to the store. It was a wonderfully aromatic stroll as i inhaled Her scent with every breath. Thankfully, Owner does not go in for the lacy panties that i do so Her knickers can easily pass as a mask. You can see for yourself in this picture of me, taken inside inside the supermarket, below

Sadly i shall be on my own for the best part of the coming week. Owner is flying out to Spain to see Her family (She has not seen them for over 18 months due to Covid). i have to work so have to stay behind for a bit, but will be joining Her in Spain the following weekend. Whilst She is away i will, as usual, have to complete one of my monthly outdoor challenges on the 16th except this time i will have to do it without having Owner around to encourage me or wish me well. She will of course require photographic proof that i completed the task.

i hope that all is well in your lives and will post again soon

Sixteen years ago today Owner and i met each other in person for the first time. It would be another few months later before what started as a friendship developed into something more intimate. When it did though it was not long before our initial vanilla relationship took a decidedly Femdom turn, a moment from which we have never turned back.

Each year we celebrate that day when we first clapped eyes on one another all those years ago. This year, with lockdown easing here in the UK, there was an opportunity to do something we have not been able to do in a long, long time, namely book an overnight hotel stay and go out for an evening meal. How terribly decadent!

The hotel we stayed in was the Sea Containers hotel on the Southbank of the Thames in Central London. i reserved us a terrace room with a river view and balcony. Given the hotel name and location, Owner decided that it would be good to do a nautical themed photo shoot so ordered me a pretty little sailors outfit with matching hat. i also made a reservation at a nearby restaurant for an evening meal.

In a normal year we often book ourselves into a hotel stay in London to enjoy the occasional decadent weekend. However, with the past year and a bit having been anything but normal this is the first time we have stayed in one for quite some time. It felt a little strange at first, even silly things like remembering what to pack, things we normally have down to a tee, took some thinking about. But i am so pleased that we were able to return to something like our old, decadent ways.

After checking in we relaxed for a bit, Owner even ordered me a cider from room service, before commencing the nautical photo shoot. This took place inside the room and out on the balcony, where it was fun to flash some leg the passing tourists boats. Photo shoot completed we headed out to dinner, a Thai fusion placed called Sticky Mango located about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The food was delicious and it was fun to participate once again in another of Owner and my favourite activities, namely gossiping about and judging other people. Then it was back to the hotel to relax and sleep.

The following day, after an early breakfast, we returned to our room. There Owner administered the weekly discipline session that i was due, caning my breasts and chastised clitty. i was unrestrained and squirmed uncontrollably. Next up Owner had me fellate one of Her dildo's whilst She pleased Herself with a vibrator, even placing Her foot on my head, pushing it down and forcing the 'cock' further down my throat as She brought Herself off. After discarding Her vibrator Owner put on Her strapon cock, stood at the edge of the bed and fucked my throat before telling me to get on all fours, lubed my pussy and mounted me. It was wonderful.

i adore being fucked by Owner and this time was no exception. i love feeling Her thighs and hips grind against me with Her 'cock' embedded deep within me. It slipped in with ease, all the way up to the hilt and soon She was thrusting rhythmically. My pussy was hungry for Her and i loved every moment as She thrust Herself deep inside me, grinding my pussy hard against Her cock until She collapsed, spent on top of me. My clit throbbed contentedly inside its cage as She dismounted.

After showering there was time for one last, quick photo shoot. This time a bikini shoot in the bedroom and out on the balcony, then all too soon it was time to leave. It was a wonderful way to spend our 16th anniversary. Owner even mentioned that She was going to devise a pussy stretching regimen for me with the giant tentacle dildo She bought me earlier in the year for my birthday. Happy days!

Below are some pictures from our anniversary photo shoots (including one of Owner wearing the t-shirt i got online for Her which i thought was quite appropriate). First though here is naval cadet, slut class

Ahoy there!
Able sea slut poppet, reporting for duty
A cheeky flash
These sea breezes!

Followed by bikini gurl

Well, hello boys
Locked aboard
And here is Owner modelling the t-shirt that i bought Her (quite appropriate i think)
Lock that cock!

A short while ago Owner requested that i prepare an afternoon tea for Her to enjoy. A combination of factors out of our control meant that today was the first opportunity for me to fulfill Her request. It was a day we were setting aside with nothing in particular planned in case we got the same reaction to our second Covid-19 vaccines as we had experienced with the first - yes we received our second dose of the Astra Zenica vaccine yesterday.

This morning, however, we both seemed fine, with no obvious side affects unlike the first time, and so i thought it would be the ideal day to provide Owner with the afternoon tea She expected from me. Shortly after breakfast i retired to the kitchen to start baking some cakes. i opted to make gluten-free lemon cupcakes, which i then decorated with a lemon icing together with some unicorns and rainbows once the cupcakes had cooled. Owner loves lemon flavour cakes and biscuits.

Cupcakes finished they were set aside whilst i prepared us a light salad lunch. Then after washing and putting away the dishes i retired to get into the outfit that i would be wearing later in the day to serve Owner Her afternoon tea and cake. i chose my old french maid's outfit, steel boned under-bust corset, fishnet stockings, big frilly knickers and stripper heels.

Time veritably whizzed by as i busied myself with some admin and before i knew it the clock had struck 3.30 and it was time to prepare Owner's tea. We are very much a mug (not tea cup) household, although i did track down a fabulous little tea pot we never use and matching sugar bowl, though sadly not a matching milk jug. Still, i did my best to make the tea and cakes look presentable and Owner described Herself suitably impressed, even remarking on the presentation - i paired the unicorn themed cupcakes with some plastic unicorns from the bathroom.

Owner declared the cupcakes a triumph and enjoyed Her tea. i must say, it was fun to dress up for Her like this and do a 'formal' tea for Her. You can see how i got on below:

Afternoon tea and cakes are ready
A cheeky flash of thigh
Tea service
Owner gets ready to tuck in
my home made lemon unicorn and rainbow cup cakes

The rest of this week saw us both busy with work. On Wednesday Owner punished me for spending too much time watching the footage of the Iceland volcano on Youtube by having me write out 100 lines which read;

'i will not waste time looking at Bob the volcano every 5 minutes'

It is the first time that either of us can recall Her giving me lines as a punishment. Owner remarked how pleasant it was to hear me silently scribbling away and how She will have to get me to write lines more often. i still do watch the volcano so i can imagine there might be more lines to come one day!

Aside from that i also studied some Spanish one evening whilst Owner spent some time chatting on the telephone with a friend She has not spoken to for a long while.

Tomorrow, we head off to a hotel i have booked us both into to celebrate the anniversary of when we both physically met each other sixteen years ago. i have also booked a restaurant near the hotel for dinner. Owner has bought me an outfit to do a little hotel photo shoot in and will also be giving me my weekly caning whilst we are there.

Take care all, abrazos y besos x

Owner set me an interesting new task to complete today after i finished work, namely to complete 50 Russian twists for Her, but with 20 mini pegs attached to my chastised clitty. So, with a line of twenty little wooden and metal clamps biting into the tender flesh of my bits, here i am, doing Russian twists before changing into my cleaning smock to prepare dinner.

mini clothes pegs adorning the exposed bits of my chastised clit

In case you are wondering i am also still receiving my weekly discipline spankings/canings. Last week my cheeks were brought out in a flush with Owner's leather paddle and my breasts were rouged with Her riding crop, as you can see below

bottom spanked with Owners' leather paddle
caned breast
This coming Wednesday night i have been told to expect to have to complete a 'lines writing exercise' after work. Busy, busy....

i had the day off work today. i had hoped to be able to meet up with my Dad, it's been over a year since i last saw him, however, in the end that did not prove possible. Instead, with Owner's permission (She still had to work), i decided that i would venture into Central London and have a smooch around Covent Garden and Soho. It has been an equally long time since either of us last visited.

To mix things up a little, Owner announced that She wanted me to complete a challenge whilst i was out. The challenge was that i was to wear a corset, again it has been a while since i last wore one, and to photograph myself wearing it in Covent Garden. The idea sounded fun, it has been a while since i last 'showed off' at a London landmark.

Despite it being late May the weather today was distinctly unseasonal, a little chilly, windy and with the odd rain shower. However, it meant that i could simply wear my light quilt jacket on top on my corset which would make for an easier 'reveal' once i arrived, i could simply undo my coat!

The main market square was pretty empty, there were people around and even a street performer. However, compared to a normal day for this part of Central London it was very quiet, a combination of lingering Covid restrictions and an absence of tourists (though i did spot one or two). 

Anyway, so how did i get on? The picture below is, i think, the prettiest of the ones i took. It started to rain and so i put up my umbrella, which matched my corset. i didn't take my coat fully off, i felt oddly nervous (unlike me these days). Maybe it was the fact that it has been a very long time since i last did a London landmark challenge. Instead, i just 'flashed' a few times - though i did at least reveal my shoulders. i guess i am maybe just out of practice. Anyway, here i am in London's Covent Garden

Hello Covent Garden, it's been a while!

And this was me 'practising' on the train into town

And finally, had i actually taken my coast fully off, this is what you would have seen

Maybe next time, and perhaps even with a skirt :)

It's that day of the month that signals it is time, once again, to roll the outdoor challenge dice. Today's dice instructed me to wear a dress and heels to the bus stop near our local park. This month the challenge fell on a Sunday so i was able to enlist Owner to accompany me to photograph the occasion. 

The weather today is a bit inclement (showers and sunshine) and with it being a weekend i thought there might be families out and about, so hence why i went for the relatively conservative goth look and shoes, as opposed to my stripper heels and a sluttier dress, but could not resist wearing fishnet stockings.

Anyway, here i am a little after lunchtime this Sunday afternoon

It was lovely to have Owner accompany me.

Challenge completed we walked back to our flat where Owner disciplined my breasts and clitty with one of Her metal implements. For some reason having my clit beaten sometimes makes me laugh hysterically and wriggle about. Luckily, i was well secured in the yoke as i laughed helplessly as She beat me. It's a nervous reaction, not a sign that i find it at all funny.

In other news, with Covid-19 restrictions easing (despite the uptick in cases from the Indian variant) and our anniversary coming up at the end of the month, i have booked us both into a hotel on the Thames we have not stayed in before. Given the hotel's location and theme Owner suggested a nautical photo shoot during our stay. Accordingly, She has ordered me a pretty, sexy sailor's dress. i can't wait to be piped aboard :)

Yesterday, after i had finished work for the day and whilst waiting for the supermarket delivery to arrive, Owner spanked me with Her red leather paddle. The spanking had been postponed from the Friday evening (when i usually receive my weekly spanking/caning) on account of the stinking cold Owner had gone down with.

Yesterday, however, She had recovered sufficiently to give me, not eighty but eighty one of the best. Owner always has me count off each strike as She administers blows to me, usually to my buttocks and the backs of my legs, but occasionally to my breasts or the bits between my legs - in fact i know that this coming Friday it is the turn of my breasts and sensitive bits to receive Her attention. But i digress.

As i was saying, She always has me count off each strike and there is always a specific number of blows that She decides to administer, in part depending on what implement She is using, sometimes as low as fifty, sometimes in excess of two hundred. At times, especially when She uses Her cane, She strikes so fast, each blow followed in quick fire succession by another, that i struggle to verbally keep up with Her. Then She will stop and re-commence at the point where my count fell apart - at least She doesn't start again from the beginning.

Sometimes, however, when She is fully in the swing and enjoying Herself She will deliver an extra strike or two for good measure. This was the case last night when i ended up receiving eighty-one blows from Her paddle.

These discipline session have now become a regular weekly occurrence which Owner seems to really enjoy delivering. She has become less restrained in how hard She hits me and, i have, in turn, grown to become more accustomed to the discomfort, especially when She canes my bits. That said, She still needs to secure me down when She strikes me down there due to my propensity to squirm about quite a bit.

Anyway, i am delighted that She is happy to discipline me so on a weekly basis and Owner does seem to really enjoy doing so.

But back to yesterday. Spanking over i started to prepare dinner when, finally, the supermarket delivery arrived. The drivers have now got used to the sight of me in my skirt and stockings lugging crates of groceries upstairs to our flat. However, yesterday's driver may also have noticed my freshly glowing cheeks as i carried the crates of groceries up the flight of stairs to our flat. Even if he didn't see, my bottom was definitely still flushed red from the spanking it had recently just received. You can see the aftermath of my spanking below

Skirt pulled up around my waist and freshly spanked
After making dinner, i then washed the dishes and tidied them away before setting about my evening chores (bathroom cleaning) before re-joining Owner in the lounge.

Yesterday morning i finally got my first haircut of 2021, yay! i normally go to the salon every six to eight weeks. However, the day after my last cut, just before Christmas, the Covid lockdown struck forcing all salons to close their doors until April. Such was the backlog, combined with the fact that the hairdresser i always request only works two days a week, yesterday was the first appointment i could get.

The staff in the salon know me quite well and it was lovely catching-up with my hairdresser and hearing her gossip. It is such a lovely thing to do, getting, your hair washed, cut, and dried whilst chatting away. i had not realised quite how much i had missed it.

On my return from the salon Owner declared Herself to be super happy with the results, to the extent that today She decided that She wanted to do a short photo-shoot of me and my newly trimmed locks. You can see my new cut below.

kisses to you

brooding with flower

Owner extended the shoot by adding some accessories. Unfortunately, as Her subject and muse there is not much i can do to assist Her whilst She was trying to affix lights to my head. At one point She suddenly exclaimed;

"Pet! I need an assistant. Maybe one of your sissy blog friends can come and help me to photograph you?"

So, if any of you are local.....:) 

This time, however, Owner was able to rig the lights to my head, with the help of some strategically placed bobby pins, without the need for assistance.

It was a fun photo shoot to do. 

Owner has a stinking cold this weekend so, photo shoot aside, it has been a quiet one. We watched a movie at home yesterday afternoon and will probably watch another one together today as well. i am due a spanking (80 strikes with the leather paddle) which Owner will administer when She is feeling a little livelier. Last weekend She had to secure me down to administer my weekly disciplining. It consisted of 100 strikes to my testicles/'labia' with Her leather fly swat - which brought some tears to my eyes.

i hope everyone is keeping well?