Tuesday 16 July 2024

Poppet Park Slut Double Bill

If you go to our local park you may be in for a bit of a surprise in the form of local strumpet poppet showing herself to be the exhibitionist little slut that i am.

The fun all started yesterday. Owner had instructed me to do a lap of the park wearing a butt plug in my pussy whilst my nipples were clamped. The clamps were an easy thing to sort out. i selected the evil Japanese clover clamps. i say 'evil' as one of side of each of the clamps is festooned with sharp metal teeth. They have quite an attention grabbing bite.

For the butt plug i 'wore' my large, heavy, metal one. It is a delight to feel inside my pussy. In fact, my pussy likes it so much and is so accommodating that the plug almost gets completely swallowed up inside, pink jeweled base and all. 

It would have been easy to have simply worn the plug under regular jeans, and i have often done so before. However, i had a pair that i rarely wear these days and i thought it might add a bit of extra fun and challenge to, err, improve the jeans. My 'improvement' consisted of cutting out a hole at the back which exposed my bum. As some folks may recall, i do enjoy 'enhancing' my clothes on occasion, such as these shorts

Anyway, back to yesterday. My idea was to do my lap of the park wearing jeans with a hole cut out of the bottom with no panties on, leaving my plugged 'pussy' exposed. However, the park is popular, especially with youngsters so i knew some level of discretion was required. So my plan was to tie a lightweight jacket around my waist to cover my naked bottom and then remove the jacket to take some photos to send to Owner.

All i needed, however, was Her consent to my idea. Would She agree to it or say no? She said yes, agreeing that it was a good extra challenge to have my naked bottom exposed like that in the park. The fact that the plug could have simply slipped out as i was walking around or the jacket tied around my waist could have fallen to the ground (which it unintentionally did...twice!) exposing my naked butt added a delightful extra dimension to this park challenge. So, how did i get on? Well, you can see for yourself:

Plug just about visible in my pussy
pussy piercing and clit on show
out for a stroll, bum on display
a bit of cheek

The park is well used so it took lots of waiting about at different spot to find a gap in the human (and inquisitive dog) 'traffic' for me to pose for some pictures. All the time the metal teeth of the clover clamps were digging ever more remorselessly into my tormented teats.

grinning through the discomfort

After what seemed like an age i at last had a good selection of pictures to show Owner. When i arrived home She pronounced Herself very pleased with my efforts, remarking with a smile how 'naughty' i was. It was great fun to do although a bit more challenging to pull-off than just wearing regular jeans.

i must admit, i did love wearing my especially 'aerated' denim. But then i am something of an exhibitionist slut at heart.

Anyway, that was the first of my park adventures. Fast forward 12 hours and i was rolling the dice at breakfast to find out what outdoor challenge Owner would require me to complete today. The answer? Return to the park and flash my bra at the park bus stop. On the face of it, quite a simple thing to have to do. So why keep it simple?

In the spirit of further pushing and challenging myself i went a little further and opted to dress 'business slut' with stripper heels, stockings, skirt and jacket with red bra clearly visible. The challenge was done at about 9.15am so there were many people and cars etc about. i got heckled walking/teetering past our local shops and a couple of cars slowed right down as they went past me.

All in all though i was quite pleased with how i got on. Owner's reaction was to say how impressed She was by Her 'executive whore', but then went on to point out that She is also impressed when i get on and do the jobs around the flat that i also need to complete.

Anyway, here i am, an executive whore flashing my red bra and the tops of my thighs at the bus stop. 

The walk to and from the park was also a challenge in itself in those heels :)

Both of my park challenges were great fun and i am pleased that i pushed myself a bit further!

Sunday 14 July 2024

Cooking and Cleaning

i am, by nature, quite service-orientated. i derive great pleasure from cooking and cleaning for Owner and it is something that She, in turn, has come to expect of me. They are an integral part of my daily routine , too feed Her and keep Her home tidy and clean. Neither is something i would ever regard as a chore. Each are things i love to do. The challenge is to do them to a standard that meets with Owners expectations of me, Her submissive wife.

A typical day will see me cleaning both morning and night, before and after work. i am also responsible for preparing and clearing away all meals. Owner will, if She is working from home and sees that i have a day full of calls and meetings and She does not, prepare a lunch for me. She is also an excellent cook but Her expectation is that, unless She decides otherwise, it is my role to feed Her and provide Her with drinks whenever She wants.

Cooking and cleaning are things that i have done since childhood. i would enjoy occasionally helping my mum out in the kitchen and doing basic cooking classes at school. i was also brought up to be responsible for keeping my bedroom clean and my sister and i were always the ones who tidied-up after dinner and did the washing and drying. We would often sing together as we worked, our teenage selves working through the entirety of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as dishes were rinsed and dried.

My first part-time jobs were linked to cleaning and food preparation. Aged 15 i took a Saturday job at a local bakery which involved getting up at 3am and cycling to the shop to help the bakers finish off baking that days bread. Later i graduated to the shop itself, preparing and serving sandwiches to customers. i also worked part-time as a cleaner at my local hospital whilst i was at college and, for one memorable summer, worked nights at Gatwick Airport cleaning the interiors of the planes.

i guess you could say, therefore, that i grew-up cleaning and cooking. However, i was never that proficient. My ward and my planes were just about OK and my sandwiches basic but filling. Leaving home at 18 i then assumed full responsibility for feeding myself and keeping my place clean throughout University but neither was ever a big priority. Food always competed with cigarettes and alcohol as to which was more important to spend money on and cleaning...well, let's just say i doubt my rooms were ever spotless.

Fast forward fifteen or so years and one failed marriage and i met Owner. We had our own places but soon i found myself asking Her to do me the honour of moving in with me and letting me submit to Her. i think it fair to say She was quite shocked by my standards, or lack of, when it came to the food i prepared and the state of the flat i had. Owner set about changing things.

She insisted i learn new recipes (at that stage i still panicked at the thought of preparing anything without a recipe to follow to the letter) and start a recipe database. i still have this. It was an excel spreadsheet that was searchable by ingredients etc and which ran to well over one thousand lines. Owner would give me honest feedback on the food i prepared and gradually my abilities and confidence in the kitchen grew. i started to bake and make soups as well as regular meals.

At the same time i was set the task of having a regular cleaning routine. To begin with i would often forget, and be rightly chastised for doing so, until finally we hit on the solution. This was to start and follow a routine which saw each day of the week allocated to specific cleaning tasks. Monday for the bathroom or Friday the kitchen for example. Owner created a rota that was stuck to the fridge which i then had to mark when each task was completed that week.

Eventually, even my dumb brain got the pattern and now no rota is required. i know exactly what to do each day. Other cleaning tasks were then added which repeat everyday. For example, cleaning the bathroom toilet, sink and surfaces and the bathroom floor every morning and sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor every night after doing the washing up.

Unless i am not well i am good at completing my tasks and keeping Owner fed and nourished. To me it plays to the service side of my submissiveness and is also a way of demonstrating my love for Owner by making nice meals for Her and keeping Her home the way that She likes it. Now we have also bought a flat in Spain the expectation of me is that i will also be the one responsible for keeping that clean and feeding Owner whilst we are there too.

However, there is still much i need to do to improve if i am to truly become the wife that Owner wants and deserves. Whilst every room and surface of the flat always looks superficially clean, behind that impression lies a very different story. Yesterday i was shamed and embarrassed by the sight of Owner emptying out and cleaning the cupboard that houses the boiler in the kitchen. It is a space i had left untouched, just like the backs of cupboards or the cutlery draws for example. i also know that, when i am putting away Owners clothes after washing, drying and, if necessary, ironing them i do not tidy Her drawers or ensure the inside of Her wardrobe is neat and dust free. i fail to dust each of the glasses in the drinks cabinet nor do i take out all of the books and CDs from their cupboards and shelves before wiping the surface clean and replacing them. i do not empty out the cabinets in the bathroom, wipe them clean and then replace all the items back in their place. i do not empty all the food cupboards, clean and then replace. i do regularly clean the inside of the fridge and the oven but these other things i have not been doing. This, i know, is not good enough as yesterday's experience brought home to my shame and embarrassment. In short, from now on i know i must also undertake regular deep cleans as well if i am to keep Owners place as She rightly expects it.

The same is true with cooking and food. We both work full-time. Once i clock off i know i also have other household tasks and chores to complete. As a result the meals i prepare are often hastily assembled, often not that inspiring or are repeats of meals i know are easy to do. Owner deserves better. i want to start to batch-cook some foods so that there are a variety of meals available to serve to Her. There are also still times when Owner has to prompt and remind me that Her glass is empty or Her coffee has been drunk and is in need of a re-fill. She will then have to prompt or remind me to fetch Her another drink. It should, instead, be me that is checking, asking if She desires a re-fill, anticipating Her needs rather than reacting to Her requests. i must also start to block time out of my work day so that Owner does not ever feel obligated to have to prepare lunch when She is working from home because i have failed to make time to prepare it myself.

So, when it comes to food and drinks there is still a lot i need to do to further try to improve.

One of the things both Owner and i recognise is that, as much as i have improved over the years, there is still much more that i could and should be doing. My submission and service to Her is a lifelong commitment and one that requires me to constantly strive to improve and become better than i previously was. i doubt i will ever become the perfect wife for Her but each year i try and be better than i was before and as i try harder so too do i get even more pleasure and satisfaction from serving and looking after Her.

Owner is the love of my life, the centre of my world. Cooking and cleaning for Her and looking after and caring for Her in every other way i can think of brings me great joy and satisfaction. It is something i hope to keep doing until the day i die.

Saturday 13 July 2024

A Belly Dance Special

A few weeks ago Owner set me the challenge of performing a belly dance for Her and making Her a Turkish meal. Well, this lunchtime was the moment when it all came together as i danced a little dance for Owner having first prepared Her a Turkish feasts. A delight for all of Her senses 😂.

i made Owner a couple of vegetarian dishes, including a tomato and aubergine cold stew, a lentil salad, some baked halloumi and olives. i even made some flat bread. i was busy in the kitchen this morning!

Owner had permitted me to purchase a little belly dance wrap-around skirt and wrist bands, all accessorized with pretty little golden medallions that tinkled when i moved. i researched some music on line and found some online belly dance routines, which i then tried to incorporate into my lunchtime performance. The results? Well, see for yourself.

Here i am all ready to start my routine:

Here's the food i prepared:

And here's the performance itself:

Owner expressed Herself to be delighted by performance and the meal i had prepared.

Earlier in the day She had served me with a wonderful full glass of Her piss for me to have with my breakfast. It was a lovely way to start the weekend.

Earlier in the week Owner had also set me a few challenges, one of which was to do some Russian twist exercises for Her whilst wearing 20 mini pegs attached to my little clit. Owner had great fun playing with some of the camera effects on my phone as She documented my efforts

It has been a very productive week. Although i have been very busy at work i have kept on top of all of my chores and tasks. That said, there are a couple of entries into my punishment log. One for not remembering to ensure Owners' glass of water was topped up and the other for failing to have correctly packed the lunch i prepared for Her to take to work in Her bag.

This afternoon i will be starting on some decorating at home, Owner wants the whole flat to be redecorated. If i am lucky i might also receive a spanking from Owner before getting to spend some time relaxing in Her wonderful company.

Overall, it has been a good week and an excellent start to the weekend. i truly am lucky to get to share my life with Owner and to serve and entertain Her as i do.

Sunday 7 July 2024

High Art, Low Art, Tart

Sadly Owner and i spent some of this weekend apart from one another because i needed to head down to Devon in south west England to spend some time with my Dad. However, the long (very) journey did provide me with an opportunity to reflect on my own performance as Owner's submissive wife since She and i returned from our Chile adventure. My conclusion? i could do better, a lot better. i wrote Owner a long email about it. i shall not go into the details here other than to say that i know i have plenty of room for improvement.

On my return to London, Owner acknowledged the truth in what i had written to Her (about my recent poor performance) but also stipulated that She still wanted time for us both to relax and have fun together. Accordingly, She planned a day out for us both involving some lunchtime drinks, delicious Turkish cuisine and then spending time at the local artists open house festival. Which is exactly what we did.

The day, however, began with a treat for yours truly, in the form of a glass of Owners finest. This was followed by drinks, food and art. A great time was had by the two of us.

i know that there are tasks i need to do and improvements in my domestic performance that i need to make. However, that was put on hold whilst Owner and i enjoyed a spot of down time together. Here are some images from my day:


a pre-shower glass of Owners finest

lunchtime drinks in the pub
singing in the rain with the love of my life
a bra flash en route to see art

i hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable sunday,

p.s. how nice it is to wake up knowing that the UK now has a sane Government in place!

Sunday 30 June 2024

Happy Pride

Hello lovelies. i hope that this finds you well? It is Pride weekend here in London. Owner and i did not attend the parade but, as always, we were there in spirit. i am lucky in that i get to live my life and express myself as my true (admittedly unashamedly slutty) self. Many are not able to or feel reluctant to do so because of what might happen to them. To be gay, queer, trans, bisexual, non-binary, a cross-dresser or any other spectrum of the beautiful rainbow can result in death, jail, assault, abuse, intolerance and isolation in far too many places. Even in my own country, the UK, people can be and are attacked for simply being who they are, loving who they do and presenting themselves as their true selves.

Dive back into history and you will find societies and cultures that celebrated and embraced diversity in their ranks. Sadly, a combination of religious dogma and the patriarchy refused to accept, let alone celebrate, such differences. Instead they chose to punish anyone that was different to themselves, which also typically included all women as well as people whose sexuality or gender identity did not conform to such newly imposed societal 'norms' and hierarchies.

Thankfully, increasing numbers of society, especially the young are choosing to say 'screw all that'. They together with those brave activists who have long campaigned, championed and advocated for their rights and/or the rights of others, have helped bring us to the present day. A time where diversity is starting to slowly, gradually, be once again be recognised and celebrated for what it is. A day where women are starting to enjoy equal rights where people of all different sexualities and genders can publicly celebrate the variety of human love, identity and expression in all its many beautiful forms.

i am someone who is uncomfortable with the notion of labels, i am me, i am unique. But, i also know myself to still be quite different to the societal 'norm' and very, very different to most 'men'. Owner and i live a relationship that is just as loving as anyone else's (i would argue more so than many). She has always accepted me for who i am and helped me on my own journey to discover my true self.

However, i am fully aware that even in a place as diverse as London with its myriad of cultures and identities there remain others still will be and who and are quick to judge us and our relationship. i also chose to dress and act and in a manner that it true to who i am but which some, a minority, find so challenging they would not hesitate to physically or verbally abuse or assault me. Some countries would imprison me, others still condemn me to death.

So let us celebrate Pride. Celebrate those who are now able to live their true lives and provide solidarity for those still denied that right. Pride is an opportunity to celebrate people for all that they are. Fabulous, loving and different in so, so many wonderful ways. It is also a time to say thank you to those, like Owner, who love us for the people that we are. So to all you beautiful people, happy Pride month.

In other news, i am delighted to say that Owner is now fully recovered and our life has started to return back to normal, well 'normal' for us :).

Take care and i leave you with a few gratuitous pictures of me being, well me!

Bathroom poppet
My work outfit from earlier this week

Sunday 16 June 2024

In Sickness and in Sluttiness

First, the good news. Owner has not had any more severe allergic reactions for well over a week. Yay! Hopefully, we correctly identified the culprit (Her new Vitamin B tablets) and there will be no repeat. The more annoying news is that it looks like She may have to wait until September before She is able to see a specialist to try and confirm or refute our diagnosis. Thank you to all who reached out offering advice. You are such a lovely bunch of readers/followers.

Now the bad news. Owner has Covid. She tested positive a few days ago and has been feeling truly lousy. In an ironic twist we think She caught it during one of Her recent hospital visits. i, meanwhile, am still negative and hoping it stays that way. Sadly, this means i am sleeping in the box room on my own. Which sucks.

Finally, in other news. Today is the 16th of the month which means but one thing. Yep, it's outdoor challenge day. So this is me in our local park completing this month's challenge:

But, why this outfit and why this location?

Well, the day started with me rolling the set of Owners' dice that decide what i should where and where i should take the photos. She has even bought me a special 'dice' top to wear when i roll Her dice in front of Her watchful gaze. So, this was me this morning, face mask in place to avoid catching Covid but making me look like a duck

preparing to roll one of the dice whilst wearing my 'dice' t-shirt
Action shot

Well, the dice determined that i should wear shorts and fishnet stockings in front of a graffiti covered door in our local park. The next decision was to decide exactly what to wear. This proved easy. Owner recently bought me some summer shorts and a top, new summer hi-tops and some matching black ear-rings. Those, combined with red bra and knickers and black stockings would be my outfit. Now i just had to hope it did not rain (it has been raining on and off for days and the temperature has barely staggered past 16 degrees centigrade). But i was determined not to wear a coat and go to the park dressed only in my new outfit.

Here is a little photo story of me heading out and then finally completing the challenge set for me.

All dressed up and ready to head outdoors
Here i am on my way to the park

Entering the park and passing the cricketers playing their match

Then arriving at the designated spot and posing

a cheeky bit of leg
Attempting to flaunt
Up against the graffiti door
Just a silly slut being...erm...silly

Despite the weather there were plenty of folks out in the park, it was a sunday after all. They were all dressed a bit more appropriately for the weather than i was.

Owner declared Herself to be very happy with how i had got on with my challenge, declaring that i looked 'sexy'. i worry She may have developed a fever and become quite delirious.

Anyway, i hope everyone is keeping well and thank you again for all of your best wishes and suggestions for Owner. Hopefully, She will be fully recovered soon. She really has had a shit few weeks.

Saturday 8 June 2024

A Drama Filled Week

Just a quick update on what has been a dramatic week (not in a good way). 

Unfortunately, Owner has experienced multiple severe anaphylactic allergic reactions this past week, two of which resulted in her blood pressure crashing and needing me to call an emergency ambulance for Her and whisking Her into hospital. We have both spent over 24hrs of the past week in Accident & Emergency trying to establish what is triggering the severe reactions and are on tenterhooks, waiting anxiously for the next such episode (She has had four such reactions in the past five days).

We now think we might have identified the culprit in the form of a Vitamin B supplement that Owner had been taking each day. Hopefully that will prove to be the case because not knowing what the trigger might be is a scary prospect for Her (and me). In the meantime we are armed with epipens and i have been refreshing my old first aid skills.

Hopefully the cause is the supplements and we can resume our normal lives. In the meantime, looking after Owner takes priority over everything else.

There were, of course, a few comedy moments amidst the drama. Like me struggling to put on some trousers with one hand whilst talking to the emergency dispatcher on the phone with the other so that when the ambulance arrived, which it did within 5 minutes on both occasions, they were not greeted by the sight of me wearing just stockings, and a very short tunic (no knickers) that barely covers my arse. i had been cleaning the bathroom when the first incident occurred. 

Then later realising that the paramedics had been attending to Owner in the bedroom with one of Her floggers, a funnel mouth gag, ball gag, nipple clamps, queening stool and images of me in a variety of 'adult' poses all proudly on display. i guess they have seen worse. The only remark they made was to chuckle when they read the homemade sign on the wardrobe door which Owner wrote a while back and which reminds me to 'close the fucking door'. That amused them.

However, the comedic piece de resistance came during our second trip to the Emergency department when an ambulance crew brought in a businessman found passed out on the street who was clearly very drunk (it was only 11am). They got him a sandwich as he sat sobering up, then his mobile phone rang and, in a very slurred voice, he told the person on the other end of the line that he was 'on a course'. A course in what? Getting pissed? He then staggered to his feet, announced he was leaving and then asked the ward sister for directions to the nearest off-licence and invited her to join him for a drink. That's what i call a work away day!

Anyway, hopefully normal life will return soon. Despite these moments of comedy the week has been a horrible one that has left Owner and i drained, and exhausted and anxious to know what has caused the severe reactions She has experienced.

Sunday 2 June 2024

Reunited On Our Anniversary

i am back at Owners' side, and also under Her backside (more of that later) after a short period of enforced separation. My work took me to Turin in Italy for four days last week, four days in which i was separated from my heart as unfortunately She was unable to join me. 

It was hard being away from Her and i know that She missed having me around too. Sadly, it also resulted in Owner not having me around to do the housework. Not long after i got back She confided to me how much less free time She had in the evening compared to normal. Time She spent doing household chores that, were i around, She would rightly expect me to fully take care of. i do have my uses :)

i arrived back home late on Friday night, which also happened to be the day of one of our Anniversary's - the one marking the day we both physically met each other for the first time, 31st May 2005 - yep, nineteen years ago. With me arriving home so late we did not have time to properly mark the occasion other than exchange the cards and gifts we had got each other. Owner bought me a wonderful summer outfit (sleeveless top, cut-off shorts and a pair of hi-tops) - you can see some pictures of me modelling it below. Note: i was wearing no make-up and had not brushed my hair, as you can tell!

i can't wait to be able to wear it outside.

In return i bought Owner a summer scarf and a selection of Italian chocolates. Hopefully, i will also get the opportunity to take Her out to lunch later today, back to the (Italian) restaurant we went to the first day we met, nineteen years ago.

The day after i got back from Italy (the Saturday) saw me feeling exceptionally tired. i was working long hours in Italy where i was teaching and lecturing and then in the evening i had to catch-up with my main (UK) job, replying to unread emails etc, etc. This meant i was not getting to bed until about 1.30am then teaching the next day from 9 - 6.30pm and then repeat. It was a great experience but also an exhausting one. Consequently, Saturday saw me in my nightdress and dressing gown all day and taking regular naps in between watching silly TV shows with Owner.

However, Owner had been busy whilst i was away and had made me one of my favourite deserts as an Anniversary surprise, a dish called Tarta de la Abuela - which we also feasted on in lieu of breakfast and dinner.

As we watched TV together on the sofa Owner also began to casually but deliberately caress my tits. Now, i love having my breasts fondled and played with and i responded as any self-respecting slut should and would, i started to moan and spread my legs apart, offering Owner access to my unlocked clit and my smooth shaven pussy. Soon my gown was undone and Owners hands were roaming freely across my naked flesh, stroking, touching, slapping and fondling my breasts and my swelling clit. Needless to say it wasn't long before Owner instructed me to go to the bed and wait for Her there.

What followed was the most amazing and pleasurable intense experience and one that i was truly lucky to be treated to. Owner let me worship Her delicious backside at length as She pleasured Herself with one of Her vibrators as i took my time licking, probing and pleasuring Her anus with my tongue. i locked my arms around Her hips and pulled Her bottom hard against my mouth and i feasted on Her wonderful backside. Again and again She rode my face and tongue for pleasure as Her magic toy went to work between Her thighs.

Owner lay on Her side in a semi-fetal position, vibrator clamped hard against Her clit with my face wedged between Her cheeks, my head gripped between Her thighs as my tongue licked and lavished, probed and penetrated Her divine anus. My face grew slick with Her sex. i was in heaven. We lay locked together, pausing occasionally for Owner to recover before commencing again. Sometimes i could breath, sometimes i could not. i did not care. My clit throbbed as i concentrated all my energy on worshiping Her wonderful backside as best i could.

Just as i thought my afternoon could not get better, it did.  Owner had me roll over onto my back. i bent my knees and spread my legs apart, lifting my hips and resting my feet on the headrest of the bed, fully exposing my sex to Owner. She sat astride my face, grabbed the headrest with one hand and then lowered Her hips down towards my upturned face, presenting Her backside once again to me. Just like my face it too was slick and moist. Her sphincter muscles, already fully relaxed, opened up to me, inviting me to slip my tongue deep inside Her as She settled Her hips. Soon She was riding my tongue, fucking it with Her arse, but this time as She did so She gripped my clit with Her spare hand and began to masturbate it hard.

Waves of ecstasy consumed me as i fucked Her anus with my tongue whilst Owner beat my clit harder and harder. i grabbed Owners thighs and buried myself between Her heavenly buttocks as She ground Her hips against my face and pumped my engorged clit. She masturbated my clit hard and with one goal in mind as She rode my face like a seasoned cowgirl. My body bucked and twisted beneath Her, contorting in pleasure until i pleaded to be allowed to cum.

For the second time this year Owner gave the instruction to 'cum like a whore' and i did, moaning and ejaculating copiously. Owner scooped up my mess and smeared it across my torso before inviting me to lie by Her side. It was a wonderful and memorable afternoon.

Monday 27 May 2024

Tasty Bum and Lots of Cum

This past week has been a bit of a struggle for Owner and i. We have both been busy with work and i also spent a night away from home, separated from my Owner, again due to work. All of this meant that i have yet to fully settle back into my usual domestic routines and Owner has not felt inclined to insist that i do. A situation compounded by the fact that tomorrow i head to Turin in Italy for a few days for work so will be apart from Owner again.

Needless to say we both have high hopes and expectations of a return to normality on my part next weekend, when my current spate of travels are over. i confess that i also find being out of chastity also somehow negatively affects my performance as Owners submissive. i don't know quite why that should be the case, but it is. However, i also know that Owner stated She wants me unlocked for some time so i will just have to improve my game and stop relying on the device to keep me in submissive check. Owner rightly expects me to behave and perform to the same standard, locked or not.

That said, being unlocked does come with the (very) occasional benefit, in the form of a permitted orgasm, and yesterday i had my first climax in over nine months. Owner and i were in bed and i was doing what i absolutely adore doing, yep you have guessed it my tongue was deep inside Her anus as She focused on bringing Herself off with Her vibrator. i love, love, love worshiping Owners' backside. i love the taste, the intimacy and the scent of Her anus, the feel of Her sphincter muscles as they quiver and spasm against my roving tongue and the hope and desire that perhaps a 'chocolate treat' might be popped into my open mouth.

Well, i did receive a treat but not of the chocolate variety. After having brought Herself off a few times whilst my tongue pleasured Her backside and my hands fondled Her wonderful breasts Owner reached around with Her hand and began to lightly spank and caress my little clit. Now, after nine months of enforced idleness it did not take long for my little nub to wake up. It's not really capable of full-blown erections these days but it can still swell up to a massive (lol!) three or four inches in size and swell it did.

My mind began to race as i experienced the double thrill of licking out Owners backside whilst She simultaneously caressed, teased and stroked my little swollen clitty. i knew i would be unable to hold out for long before i felt the unstoppable urge to orgasm and so it proved to be the case. Within less than a minute i was begging Owner, as best i could beg whilst my tongue was also occupied licking out Her arse, to be permitted to climax.

'Cum like a whore' was Her response.

i moaned and groaned and soaked the sheets, drenching the bedding with nine months of stored cum, as i feasted and gorged on Her bum. It was mind blowingly wonderful.

It took me a good while to physically recover from the sudden, overwhelming and intense orgasm Owner gifted to me and it left me feeling tired and out of sorts for the rest of the day. Enjoyable? Yes, immensely. Good for me me and my performance? Much more questionable. On seeing how tired the orgasm left me Owner teased me and said that perhaps i ought to be made to cum every day so that i got used to it. Personally, and call me weird, i would still prefer denial but i did hugely enjoy my rare release and i am grateful to Owner for having gifted me the experience.

i did, however, eventually get up and we both headed out to spend the rest of the day at the London Wetland Centre to observe and photograph some wildlife. 

Observant visitors to the Centre might also have spotted a new summer migrant, with flashes of red and purple in their summer plumage.