This is just a brief update to say sorry for the lack of posting of late. Owner and i are still good it is just other things in life have been monopolising our time and attention a lot of late. Owner is unhappy at work, i am super busy at mine and we are both really stressed out by the unfolding disaster that is Brexit.

That aside, we have had some moments of relaxation and fun as well when we have been able to cast our current stresses and worries aside and live life as we both enjoy it. One such period was back in September when we took a two week holiday to the High Tatras mountains area of Slovakia. We had a lovely time walking and hiking in the mountains and exploring some of the local towns and villages. i even managed to do a bikini photo shoot on one of the mountain trails, the results of which you can see below.

Some of the mountain scenery was truly spectacular

 As too were the caves
Then in October Owner and i went celebrated our 13th anniversary (how times flies when you are having fun!) at a hotel in London and then the following month Owner took me to another hotel (again in London). Owner has started to do a digital photography course and She used the opportunity to test some of Her learning to date with a fun doing little photoshoot. You can see some of the results of Her work below

It was good fun to do and we spent the evening enjoying a lovely meal out together.

Now we are both counting down the days to Xmas. Unusually, we are spending it together this year and Owner has just ordered me a lovely Xmas outfit to wear from I Love Lola (see below)
Hopefully this will provide an opportunity to do a photoshoot challenge in our local park on Xmas day! We did one a few years back with me in my 'sexy' elf outfit which quite literally stopped traffic!

The downside of my having been so busy and stressed of late is that i have not been the playful pet that i now Owner enjoys. Hopefully Xmas will provide an opportunity for a little relaxation and fun. It has also meant that i have been less good at keeping on top of my chores and duties and generally not being the wife that Owner deserves. i know that i need to improve and get back to providing Owner with the service She deserves from Her wife. i have also spent the time since our September holidays out of chastity, which is rarely a good thing! Hopefully i will be locked up again soon.

Wishing all of our readers well and sorry for the absence.
Owner has started to study photography in Her spare time with yours truly acting as Her muse. This summer we have both been watching a number of B&W film noir movies with strong femme fatale themes and this inspired Owner to do a film noir photoshoot.

To ensure that i was appropriately attired Owner permitted me to buy a lovely black 1940s dress and an accompanying turban head piece. She then researched a hotel to find a room with dramatic potential. The outcome of which was that on Saturday we booked into the Crazy Bear hotel outside London.

Unfortunately, Owners' muse is still very much an amateur and so by the time we started the photoshoot the make-up i had been wearing all day had already faded considerably and i forgot to touch it up and so my face is not exactly a picture of elegance! But, despite this i think the photos are amazing and that Owner is fast becoming an excellent photographer, wouldn't you agree? We have joked that She could offer a service photographing other submissives.

Anyway, here are a selection of some of the images She took

The bedroom also had a dramatic bronze roll-top bath at the foot of the bed which was filled from the ceiling! We don't have a bath at home (just a shower) and so i eagerly leapt in at the first opportunity, again Owner was at hand with Her camera
bath filling from the ceiling!
soaking amidst the bubbles
i think Owner has taken some lovely photos and is well on the way to becoming a great photographer

i can't believe it has been a month since my last post, how time flies! Yesterday i got to roll the chastity dice again, and the result was that i will be remaining locked without release until September 11th when the dice will be rolled again. Owner was a little disappointed that the dice did not land on one of the more 'creative' faces that She had added- such as being released for a week but having to spend those seven days with my clit painted and decorated to look like a baby panda, Maybe next month.....

So, apart from being in chastity what else have we been up to? Well the heatwave that enveloped the South of England meant that we didn't go out (apart from to work) as much as we would have liked to. Owner doesn't like the heat at all and so we were both delighted yesterday when, with the temperatures now back to 'normal' for London we got to walk over to Greenwich and spend some time in one of our favourite pubs along the Thames.

i have also started to try and get myself back into shape by resuming a proper exercise regime. i always do some exercises every morning but i have now re-started doing some proper butt and abs focused workouts with weights (ankle and kettlebell) and some general routines to fit in around these. Some of these are ones that i have created myself and some are ones i have found on Youtube. i used to exercise like this very frequently but then stopped when some of my back problems flared-up again last year. However, so far this year my back has been trouble free and so i think i am safe to re-start. i am also being careful to ensure i do not overload myself by using too weights that are too heavy.
me and my leotard
'action' shot with my kettlebell and dumbells and the new sports bra and shorts Owner chose for me
Owner and i have a mini-hotel break coming up later this month which we are both looking forward. She also permitted me to buy a 1940s style dress and turban in which to do a 'film noir femme fatale' themed photoshoot. We may end-up doing the photoshoot at the hotel. i will post about in the future.

And that is about it, not masses to report. Hope you are all enjoying the summer/winter (for readers down under') wherever you are.
This morning brought pleasure for Owner, for me and for one lucky reader. i should explain. i was still half-asleep in bed this morning when Owner reached across and began to caress and stroke my unlocked clitty. Before long She had clamped my nipples with the clover clamps and was spanking my hardening clit with Her favourite leather fly swat.

i was quick to become aroused having been locked away in chastity for over two long months and my excitement grew quickly. This state of arousal became even more heightened when Owner took off Her knickers and draped the crotch under my nose before taking out Her new vibrator, straddling my waist and starting to pleasure both Herself and the tip of my swollen clit with Her pulsating toy. i was forced to recourse to counting numbers in my head to stop myself getting too excited and exploding straight away without permission as Owner pleasured Herself and the tip of my gland. Thankfully, i was able to contain my excitement sufficiently to ensure that Owner was able to climax without any accidents or incidents on my part.

Then, and to my surprise, rather than calling a halt to proceedings Owner started to masturbate my clit. i was so excited and it had been so long since i was last pleasured by Her this way, on the rare occasions She does make me cum it is normally by spanking my balls or labia hard as opposed to masturbating my clit, that it was only a matter of seconds before i was asking Her if i was permitted to cum? 'Like a slut' She replied and so seconds later i did, orgasming loudly and copiously. It was a rare treat and one that i am most grateful to Owner for allowing me to experience.

My orgasm should also be welcome news to one of this blogs readers, Becky who commented a while ago that her wife had told her that she would not be allowed another orgasm until after i had my next one. Well Becky you have had to wait a few months but i hope you too get to enjoy an orgasm now. As for me, i will be locked back into chastity at the end of this weekend and don't know when i will next be let out.
As a nation tuned in to the World Cup semi-final last night,whilst whispering the opptomistic mantra 'it [football] is coming home' yours truly could be found with my mind on slightly different matters. It was the 11th of the moth therefore it was the day i would be rolling the dice that determined whether or not i would be spending another month or more in chastity or be unlocked or have to complete some forfeit that Owner had devised. All this the dice would decide as part of the monthly chastity game that now occurs on the on the same date each month.

But, i am getting ahead of myself. Back to the events of yesterday evening.

i missed the opening goal (England's one and only of the match) as i was in the kitchen finishing the washing-up. However, as soon as i was done i joined Owner in the lounge but before settling down to watch the remainder of the first half with Her there was something i first had to do. Being permitted to watch TV with Owner generally comes with consequences in the form of a jar full of punishments that is kept on the top of the coffee table in the lounge. At Owners request i have to pick out a punishment at random from the card as a consequence of being allowed to join Her in watching TV. Last night was no exception. In fact, She had already informed me that instead of the usual one punishment card She wanted me to take two, one at the start of each of the two halves of the match.

i picked up and shook the jar and extracted one of the cards at random inside and read my punishment '15 minutes on all fours with weighted nipple clamps'. And so that is how i then 'watched' some of the first half of the match, kneeling on all fours with clover clamps attached to each nipple and weights suspended from the metal chain between them. By the time the punishment was completed, and as i had missed the start of the match as i was finishing my chores, it was almost 30 minutes into the game before i finally got to sit down next to Owner to watch the remainder of the first half.

Come half time Owner instructed me to pick another card. As luck, or bad luck. would have it i drew the same card again! My nipples were now a little sensitive and so, perhaps feeling sorry for me [EDIT by Owner - I was not feeling sorry for you, just bored that it was similar], Owner stated that i was to put that card back and She would draw another one. The card She picked required that i receive '10 testicle spanks'. i asked what implement She wanted and She advised that She required the wooden spoon. And so, after fetching it from the kitchen, i presented my chastised clitty to Her and spread my legs and Owner administered 10 spanks to my bits, each blow causing me to flinch.

After completing this Owner then advised that it was time for me to roll Her chastity dice and determine whether i would be staying in chastity or not. As previously blogged about Owner has a new 'game' which involves me rolling a large toy dice on the 11th of each month to see whether or not i will be allowed out of chastity. Each face of the dice is blank and can be written on by Her and wiped clean. Owner kept the faces as She had written them last time except for one, which She wiped clean and replaced with a requirement that i remove my chastity device for a week and instead draw a panda face on my clitty and keep it there all week before returning to chastity - Owner loves pandas!

Anyway, i rolled the dice and .....this weekend i am permitted to come out of chastity until the end of the weekend when i will be locked up again. It will mark the end of 60 days of being continuously locked up but my release will be brief before i am locked down again until the 11th August when the dice will once again determine what happens next. It is, as they say, a beautiful game :)
Owner and i are just back from a short trip to the pretty and historic city of Chester. i have visited before but it was the first time for Owner. The city is an old Roman town and sits strategically on the banks of the River Dee just on the border between England Wales. It is a pretty place.

England is currently in the midst of a heatwave and so we were less inclined to spend time in the day exploring and more inclined to spend a long and lazy morning in our hotel room - which was exactly what we did this morning. The previous evening, after watching the World Cup, Owner took me shopping in an Ann Summers store where She picked out sleek a new vibrator for Herself and some crotchless lingerie for me - both of which were put to good use this morning.

Shortly after breakfast Owner began to spank the exposed 'labia' of my chastised clitty with Her hand and then with a leather fly swat before moving onto flog them with Her small metal chain flogger. Needless to say they were soon fully 'warmed' up and i was squirming with excited arousal and my clitty was swelling in its little cage. Owner then stopped and disappeared into the bathroom, returning a minute later with a near 3/4 full glass of Her delicious amber wine which She handed to me and i drank down with relish. i love drinking her urine.

Owner continued to spank and flog my bits before lubing my pussy and stretching it open with Her gloved hand. She worked Her digits inside me until i was loosened up and then had me roll over onto all fours (i had been on my back with my ankles draped over Her shoulders up until that point) as She took out Her black cock dildo and slipped it inside me. Once fully inserted She draped Her knickers over my head so that i could inhale Her sex and then had me start to fuck my pussy by thursting my hips back and forth, letting the dildo slide in and out.

As i picked up a rhythm Owner then got out Her new vibrator and set to work pleasuring Herself whilst i continued to enthusiastically fuck Her cock, only stopping when Owner had satiated Herself with Her toy whilst i was left aroused, frustrated and pulsing with unfulfilled yearning for release in my cage.

Later in the morning Owner took some photos of me in my new crotchless lingerie which you can see below:

ohh and i was even permitted to briefly fellate the 'cock' that earlier had been fucking my pussy

What a fun way to start a day!
So today has been an enjoyable day. i spent the day working from home. Owner had to pop out for a short time to go to sort out some paperwork for us both (incidentally, She has got a new job after being made redundant from Her last one and starts shortly). Anyway, whilst She was out Owner permitted me to wear my butt plug for a few hours during the day, as is custom when i work from home on a Friday. However, this was to prove just the start of the fun,

Locked and plugged
Later in the afternoon the two of us retired to the bedroom for a snuggle. It wasn't long before Owner had stripped me naked and was paddling my testicles with the leather fly swat and fondling my breasts, causing my little clit to swell inside its cage. i moved onto all fours and Owner continued to paddle and spank my swollen 'labia' before next attaching mini-clothes pegs to them. She attached about ten or so before continuing to paddle and spank them, pausing briefly to remove Her knickers and place them over my head - ensuring that the wonderfully aromatic crotch was positioned directly under my nose. By this time my testes were starting to throb happily under Her expert abuse and the scent of Her sex.

Next, Owner lubed my 'pussy' and began to open me up again with Her fingers -it's always a wonderful feeling to have Her digits inside me - before replacing Her hand with a dildo and fucking me with it in my pussy. i was in heaven as you can imagine. Owner continued to fuck me like this for a short while then stopped - one cannot be too careful and She had no intention of making me cum, that is a pleasure reserved for Her.

And so She stopped but left the dildo parked inside me and instead took out Her vibrator and, after having me first lubricate it with my mouth, She set to work pleasuring Her clitoris with Her favourite toy. As She did She positioned Herself so that She presented Her glorious backside to me. i didn't hesitate to start worshipping Her anus with my tongue, twisting onto my back so that She could squat down on my face and i could bury my tongue deep inside Her delicious anus, swirling it around and straining to probe ever deeper inside Her. And so we stayed, Owner riding my tongue and Her vibrator to orgasm and me fucking Her arsehole with my tongue whilst my clit bulged and throbbed futilely inside its cage, a dildo in my pussy and my testes/labia clamped with mini clothes pegs.

We finished as we started with us both cuddling on the bed except now Owner was spent and i was deliciously and frustratedly aroused with my balls throbbing but my clit still firmly under lock and key.

Today is the 46th day i have spent in continuous chastity and i will remain like this until at least the 11th July when i get to roll the dice which will determine whether or not i will continue to be locked and denied.

Sadly, Owner and i will be parted for a few days this coming week as She is going out to Spain to see family before starting Her new job whereas i have to stay here and work. We both hate to be parted from one another and will be counting down the days until we are reunited again.
Well, today is the 40th day that i have spent in continous chastity and 35 of these have been spent with my clitty locked tight and secure inside its' new Happygo Super Small chastity cage, with over two weeks still to go until i get my next opportunity for release on the 11th of July. So what is the new device like?
Me and my Happygo
As the name suggests it is super small! It is the smallest cage i have ever worn measuring in at a grand 4cm or 1.57 inches long. As a result it is incredibly discrete with very little sign at all that you are wearing a chastity device, even in tight clothing - which is a real plus. It's size also means that there is no way at all, no matter how much your body might try, that you are going to achieve any sort of meaningful erection. It is just physically impossible. In fact, even the slightest level of arousal will quickly be constrained by the physical size of the device. Of course, at first your body will still keep trying - particularly towards the end of the night when men the world over mysteriously 'awake' - but it will not be possible. i have worn different types of chastity devices for many years and have grown to adjust to this and i find that this 'dawn erection' is actually less of an issue in the Happygo than in some other devices, possibly because it can never properly get started and so there is less ability for your locked cock to grow and strain against the base ring than in larger chastity devices. So, in that sense the device is actually more comfortable for genuine 24/7 wear than larger ones. Still, if it is your first time trying chastity you might still want to start with a bigger device and then work down in sizes to this.
the low profile of the Happygo

In terms of construction the device i got is very well built, it is stainless steel so is more hygienic than plastic devices - though be aware that, being metallic, it will likely trigger airport security (i temporarily swapped into my plastic Holy Trainer device to pass through security on our Sweden trip). They locking mechanism is a bit fiddly, getting the three barrels to align in order to insert the key - but as it has only been unlocked twice since i started wearing it over a month ago (to replace with the Holy Trainer for the 15 minutes it took to clear airport security before putting it back on) that has not been an issue.
The 'three barrels' that need to align in order to lock [Edit by Owner - your clit looks like a raspberry!]
The Happygo is easy to keep clean and keep your trapped 'clitty' fresh. Just shower daily and use a good nail brush and some soap and a well-directed shower head to keep yourself clean and hygienic. As you can see i also keep myself shaved smooth.

The one thing i have realised is that because your cock/clit is trapped in a tiny little cage you will find that when you are sitting down to pee (which of course you likely will be when wearing any chastity device) you will sometimes dribble over your testicles and so need to wipe your bits dry afterwards - you know, like girls do.

The plus side of keeping your clitty so tightly constrained though is that your testicles/balls or 'labia' are perfectly presented and completely exposed for your Owner or partner to do with exactly as she/he/they choose. They are totally accessible and very well presented 'plums' that are just crying out to be spanked or clamped or abused in a myriad f creative ways, all the while your cock or clit can do little in response other than swell slightly then strain and throb.

My final comment about the Happygo is it's price. It is really great value for money. i have spent more than i care to think about on a variety of chastity devices over the years that Owner and i have been together. This is the cheapest one i have ever bought and yet, i think it is also probably the best. Not everyone will agree but for me the Happygo is a great value micro device that is perfect for keeping your clit exactly as it should be, tiny and locked out of sight.
So today was the day when the tattoo that Owner designed to mark the achievement of my becoming Her wife back in February this year was transformed into reality by Jon at Good Times Tattoo (who also did my ankle pendant and chain just over a year ago). Owner is delighted and so am i. You can see the end result below:
my left breast under wraps
our wedding date 16th Feb 2018 in Roman numerals and the Latin word for wife 'Uxor' - my status - with the laurels to mark the achievement of becoming Owner's wife
Readers may have heard of the cult novel The Dice Man which charted how a fictional psychiatrist decided to live his life and act according to the roll of a dice, resulting in all sorts of mayhem and him committing numerous illegal acts. Well, Owner has devised Her own version of the dice game, except one that is centred upon chastity. In short, the dice now decides if i stay locked or released etc.

However, Owner being the genius that She is would never have been happy with using just any old ordinary dice, She wanted a dice that She could personalise, a dice that would allow Her to determine the options i might have to follow. Thus, She bought a large dry-wipe dice learning cube from Amazon that allows users to write-on and rub off whatever text you choose on each face of the dice. This enables Owner to dictate what 'choices' the dice may present as She has written them. It is still chance and the throw of the dice which ultimately determines which of the choice She has chosen is the one that i have to implement. The dice will be rolled once a month (the 11th each month) and depending on how it falls it will determine whether or not i am unlocked from chastity or not, what else i may have to do etc. The options that Owner chose to write on the faces of the dice for now were as follows:
  • No change for 2 months (ie stay locked in chastity for another 2 months then roll again)
  • No change for 1 month (ie stay locked in chastity for another month then roll again)
  • Remove next weekend (ie released for 2 days then locked for remainder of month)
  • Replace with a ribbon for 1 week (then return to chastity for the remainder of the month)
  • Remove every Friday for one month (then roll again on the 11th of the next month)
  • Remove now for spanking only (then replace for remainder of the month)
 This way Owner Herself isn't sure what i will have to do other than knowing that it will be one of six options that She has written down on the dice.
the chastity dice
Anyway, the dice was rolled for the first time today when i was working from home (and good news - look no crutches!)
Owner hoped that the dice might land on the face demanding that i wear a ribbon on my clit for a week instead of my chastity device, as it turned out it landed on the face demanding that i stay locked up until the dice gets rolled again on the 11th of July - it will be rolled on a monthly basis from here on.

The advantage of the dry-wipe dice is that it enables Owner to change the 'choices' each month should She wish to. It is a fun new dimension to chastity that i think we are both going to enjoy.