Tomorrow after work Owner and i get to sample the delights of a cheap hotel next to Luton airport before embarking on an early morning flight to Budapest as part of my belated birthday present for Her. No i didn't forget it's just we went to Spain to see Owners relatives on Her actual birthday and thus it didn't really count as a birthday trip. Needless to say that we're both really excited, neither of us having been to Hungary before. Both of us are really very selfish in that we love nothing better than spending time in each others company, we're both each others best friend and these little trips and holidays when we can spend all day together with no distractions or requirements to be apart from one another, like having to go to work, are times we both cherish. It also means we get to do whatever takes our fancy.

We're away for just a few days but needless to say that a good proportion of our suitcase is taken up with toys and other interesting 'stuff'. Hopefully we'll find some interesting things whilst we're in Budapest too...strange how we always seem to have an uncanny ability to stumble across shops selling fascinating adult wares! Our favourite to date was a pussy periscope/vibrator in a sex shop in Berlin. We didn't buy it but it certainly upped the ante in our international 'obscure toy challenge'. Talking of challenges, i wonder if Owner will have any in mind for me in Budapest? i guess i'll find out soon enough.

Today being a friday i wore my bra, stokings and suspenders to work, together with my chastity device and the silver belly chain that is always permanently around my waist (albeit discretely hidden from view). So what? i hear you ask. Well my last meeting of the day was in City Hall in London and to get into said building you first need to go through an airport-style body scanner.

i've been there many times before and on occasion the waist chain, or the padlock on the chastity device - i'm not sure which, has triggered the metal detector. But i have always just been waived through with the security staff saying it's probably my belt or shoes.....Not today! With colleagues stood waiting for me a few feet away ready to go into a meeting, the metal detector alarm went off and the security lady started to scan me with her hand-held scanner. As soon as it went down my leg level to where i knew the clasp of the suspenders to be it buzzed.

'You must have something in your pocket' she said.

Trying not to look flustered, as i knew what i thought the real problem was, i rummaged around in my pocket and dug out some debris, but nothing metal. She scanned again and again it beeped.

'You must have something in your pocket' she repeated as she did she swept the device across my crotch whereupon it beeped loudly again. Damn, not the chasitity device lock as well!! Trying to remain unruffled as she stated i would possibly have to remove/lower my trousers if i didn't come up with a decent explanation for why her device was beeping i explained that i had forgotten i was wearing my chain and then proceeded to try to remove it without lifting my shirt too high to reveal the waist cincher suspenders i was wearing to my colleagues. Who knows what they made of me wearing the chain?

Anyway, chain removed she swept again and again it beeped but this time she just shrugged and let me through.

When i got home and recounted the tale to Owner She thought it brilliantly funny, which indeed it actually was. Reminded me of a classic airport scene from the film This Is Spinal Tap!!
This weekend has been a wonderful one with Owner. On Saturday after making us both pancakes for breakfast i went with Owner into town to do some shopping and for a walk along the South Bank. Owner allowed me to buy a lovely summer jacket and we enjoyed drinks outside one of London's oldest pubs before going for a meal. Today was a gorgeous day again and we walked to a wood about 4 miles from here before walking back, stopping off to buy some summer bedding plants on the way back. The afternoon found me out in our garden in my bikini top and Daisy Duke style short cut-off jeans potting-up some containers.

Later Owner administered my regular caning. She has now built it up to 160 strokes across my behind, 100 with the thin traditional cane and a further 60 with the thicker ratan cane, She is slowly building up my tolerance to caning. After the caning came the nipple and clit torture. Owner instructed me to go on all fours and fellate the dildo that is permanently attached to the end of our bed for just this purpose. She attached clover clamps to my nipples and then added some weights. Next She turned Her attention to my chastised little clit, adorning the exposed flesh with small metal clothes pegs before She proceeded to fuck me hard in my pussy. It was wonderful. Owner stated that i will receive more whore training on wednesday after work which i'm greatly looking forward to.

It was a wonderful weekend and we're both sad that tomorrow is another working day. If only there could be a way that the giant ash cloud that has stopped all air travel from the UK for the past 4 days could sink down to ground level and prevent all surface transport too so that we could both stay at home! Oh well, not long until the next weekend.
This evening after being released from chastity for a supervised shower Owner advised that i was to receive further training as Her whore. So it was that i found myself on my knees in our garden, top pulled down and nipples clamped with japanese clover clamps. My skirt hitched-up around my waist and my clit adorned with peg clamps and being made to play with my clit and pussy whilst Owner pulled hard on the chain of the clover clamps on my nipples. Owner had me confess my desire to become Her whore and to be trained to be humiliated and degraded in public (not just in the relative safety of our garden) as such. Kneeling on the patio with my fingers inside my pussy and playing with my little clit i was allowed to cum and then led back inside and instructed to return to chastity.

How i love my life and my Owner.
My thighs are still trembling, my pussy pulsating and my whole body yearning. Owner took Her time to torment Her whore's nipples and slowly amd gradually stretch open Her whore's pussy with Her fingers, hand and the inflatable butt plug before trying with the big red dildo shown in the previous post. To my own amazement Owner managed to slowly and gradually, millimetre by millimetre slide it's head into my gaping pussy, and then i was bouncing slowly but deliberately down onto it, willing it in further still with my chastised clit throbbing in pure delight. After a few minutes Owner decided it was time the fun came to an end and removed the red dildo and produced another smaller vibrator to use on Her. As Owner pleasured Herself i suckled eagerly on Her breasts whilst fisting my own stretched pussy. As Owner remarked afterwards 'what an utter whore!'.
Owner woke me up this morning by caressing my nipples and pussy and then having Her still slightly sleepy slut get on all fours on the bed and fellate the dildo whilst she finger-fucked my pussy - certainly beats the normal alarm clock!

After getting Her whore all excited Owner stopped and advised that this afternoon She intends to try out Her new big red dildo on me;

a sure fire way to ensure that i find any attempt at concentrating on anything other than that this morning well nigh impossible!
Today was a gorgeous spring day in London which saw Owner and i outside making the most of it (as you can see it's not always work for this pet - i'm actually quite lazy! - evidenced by the photo of me having a crafty fag in our garden)

Owner and i woke as usual ridiculously early and after making Owner Her breakfast and doing some clothes washing we headed back to bed. However, it wasn't long before we were both up and about again and for me this involved my first attempt at pasta making. i received a pasta making machine as a Christmas gift from my mum but i have to confess this is the first time i have had a go. Despite my apprehension it was actually great fun and i managed to make some decent pasta as well. Owner, must have liked it as She has requested it for dinner again tomorrow.

After the pasta making we headed off on a walk to Highgate where we had a few drinks in the afternoon sunshine before walking back home. So basically, a lovely spring day...just a shame that work has to intervene on week days!
Owner and i have been away for a few days visiting Owners family in Asturias in the North of Spain. It was a great trip and was wonderful to be by the coast again, albeit not quite warm enough to be out of our warm winter coats. However, spring was definitely in the air and we saw our first swallows and swifts of the year...not long until they'll be arriving in the UK.

Hang on, this is in danger of turning into a nature blog! Ok, back to 'normal'. Whilst we were away there was little opportunity to maintain our usual routine as we were staying with Owners parents. However, we did get in a bit of shopping and i was allowed to purchase my first front-opening lucky i am!

We landed last night and with today being a bank holiday neither of us has had to go into work, which is great. Instead we've both had an extremely relaxing morning which involved some intense nipple torture and clit stimulation for yours truly which was followed up by being granted permission to cum, which i did moaning loudly before licking up every drop as a true slut should! Now it's back to chastity again.  Later this month Owner and i are off to Budapest for a few days which will be an opportunity to combine our two favourite activities, travelling and being kinky. Hopefully we'll be able to get in some sightseeing and public and private play and challenges as Owner continues Her training of me as Her submissive whore.