Well tomorrow Owner and i make our respective journeys to see our families, Her to Spain me to SW England. Both of us hate this time of year as it always mean we have to spend time apart (with the exception of last year where flight cancellations caused us to unexpectedly spend Xmas in London). i'll be flying out to join Owner for New Year and we'll be spending New Years Eve with some friends in a cottage in the mountains of the Picos de Europa which we're both really looking forward to. i just wish that there wasn't a period of separation for us over the Xmas period itself...oh well that's the joy of families in different parts of Europe for you.

This year has been a truly excellent one. We both feel that we have continued to grow, develop, deepen and strengthen our Femdom relationship and Owner has continued to gradually extended Her control over me. What is more, it has been and continues to be great fun. In Owner i have the best friend, soul-mate, lover, partner and Domme that anyone could ever wish for. It is also the first year when i can truly say i have not regressed in my behaviour at some point. In previous years there has always tended to be a period (generally Autumn/Winter time) when i have become affected by what Owner describes as my sad syndrome. That is to say that i have let my submissive behaviour and desire slip. This year has been very different and we both feel that we have ended 2010 on a new emotional and relationship high.

i am concious that this blog can often read as being all about me, in that it is written from my perspective (though Owner does check and approve every post before they go live). i would just like to take his opportunity to publicly express my love and devotion though to my wonderful Owner, She has made me the happy and contented sub/slut that i am today and without Her life would be empty. Thank you Owner.

Finally, to all who read this little blog of mine can i take this oppotunity to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year and i hope that all your desires and dreams are fulfilled in 2011.

Seasons Greetings from us both
This evening Owner tested out Her new cane and, as is now Her regular custom, combined the caning with nipple torture. All in all She delivered 220 strokes and had my nipples well and truly trussed up and weighted as you cn see below. Me thinks they might be a tad sensitive in the morning...mmmmm!

One of the many advantages of having pierced nipples is that there are endless possibilities for the creatively minded, and Owner certainly is that!
This afternoon Owner road-tested Her new mega-lightweight 10inch strap-on on Her hungry whore's (aka me) pussy. It is incredibly lightweight and thus does not suffer from the weight issue of some other similar sized dildos which can make them too heavy to handle for strapon wear. It is also slightly spongy in texture meaning that it is very comfortable and i found i was able to fairly comfortably accomodate it inside my pussy. i would, however, recommend wearing with a condom and, as always, use lots of lube! Here's a couple of pictures taken of Owner modelling the strapon

It also comes with its own lightweight harness. Our only suggested improvement on what is an excellent toy would be that it doesn't have a bullet vibrator in its base. However, it looks like it will be easy to make a small hole in the base in which to insert a bullet vibe. You can get these strapons from Bondara and if you've got a craving for big cocks like me but your partner finds the large dildo's too heavy for practical strapon play then we would definitely recommend this.
Seasons greetings from a snowy London to all my readers, hope you have a great one. The final shot shows off the pretty suspender belt and stockings that Owner also got for me as one of our (not in front of the family) presents;

By the way, Owner discovered a fun new way for Her to have fun with the Khalli's teeth chastity device this morning, namely rubbing her clit against mine until i was painfully aroused with the tip of my clit inside Her as She ground out an orgasm. The device seems to be working well so far alhough i did wake-up a few times during the night with somewhat uncomfortbale nocturnal stirrings which caused the teeth to bite hard. However, that after all is the point (pardon the pun) and i hope i will start to get used to it!
Owner and i exchanged those presents that are not to be opened in front of friends and family today. i received some wonderful items of underwear including a lovely green velvet waist cincher from Burleska, lace top, some pretty leather gloves, a pretty top, purple suspender belt with matching stockings and.........a new and interestingly spiked metal chastity device called Khali's teeth. The following photo shows me modelling my new waspie and lace top;

 and here's my wonderful new chastity device;

It looks inocuous enough but that metal circular band around my little clit (with the padlock resting on top) is lined with rows of little metal teeth. Any arousal on my part and i will soon know about it! Owner is very excited with Her new purchase as it leaves my clit accessible for Her to tease and torment in a way that isn't possible with my plastic CB3000. We shall have to see how we get on as our last chastity device purchase was less successful than we had hoped. However, this one certainly looks promising, i'll report back over the coming days and weeks how we get on.

Meanwhile, today has seen lots of heavy snow in London and the following are a couple of wintery scenes shot in our garden and local park

The snow looks set to stay, in fact more is forecast, and so Owner has advised that tomorrow i will be undertaking some outdoor snow challenges. i can't wait!
Yesterday after dinner i did the washing-up as usual. There is a little routine that i have to follow each time i wash the dishes which is to affix a suction-cup dildo to the kitchen cabinet above the sink and fellate that whilst at the same time lifting up the back of my skirt and dropping my panties. It is a well-established routine and one that is now completely second nature - so much so that i have to remind myself not to do it when we have guests staying!

Anyway, as yesterday was a Monday and Owner now insists i do not wear panties on a Monday i had none to take down and so was just stood there, hands wrist deep in suds with my mouth fellating the dildo and my skirt hitched when i sensed Owner come up behind me. The next thing i knew She had lubed my pussy and slipped Her fingers inside me. As i sought to concentrate on cleaning the dishes Owner gradually thrust Her fingers deep inside me and then reached around, pulled down my top and began to caress my breasts. The mouth full of dildo meant i couldn't speak, just murmur but my hips gave me away as i ground down on Owners wrist like a slut. Owner then turned Her attention to my chastised clit and began to beat my testicles with a wooden spoon as i leant forward to afford Her better access and delighted in each blow, making my pussy wetter still.

No sooner had i finished cleaning the last of the dishes than Owner led me across the kitchen and had me sit down in the chair. She stood behind me and continued to caress and pull and twist my nipples and then told me to spread my legs apart and place my feet up on the table and finger my pussy.

So there i was, legs splayed apart playing with my pussy and moaning loudly whilst Owner pulled and twisted my nipples. i was in slut heaven and it showed. If only washing the dishes were always this much fun!

Yesterday was also a day off work for me so i tried to use my free time to good affect by cleaning the doors and windows to the flat (despite the fact it was -2C outside), adding some more recipes to my growing recipe database and finally studying some Spanish. The latter is something i really do need to improve my game on but am determined to try my best for Owner.
This evening i gave a little Christmas performance for Owner, a little early perhaps but what the hell. Owner has stated that this is one of the funniest ones i have done to date (which wasn't intended). i'll leave you to make up your own minds but, as you can see just from the start when i got somewhat confused as to when the song itself was due to start, it could only go downhill from there...and boy did it. Good fun though but for any fans of Bing out there it's probably best not to watch!

Just a shame all the snow in London had melted before i got to do this.
Updating my burgeoning recipe database (collar and cuffs removed at Owners request for the photograph)

It is now coming to the end of the first week of my new routine following the receipt of Owners new instructions (see previous post). So far things seem to be going reasonably well. i've restricted my weekday internet access to a maximum of one hour in the evening and have instead been trying to use my time more constructively by baking,cooking and cleaning. Each weekday morning i have also had my nipples clamped in the japanese clover clamps for a period of about half an hour which has left them deliciously sensitive during the day (i also think they're also slightly bigger than they were at the start of the week as well).

Yesterday, Owner administered a more intensive (220 strokes) caning and combined it with some intense nipple torture involving a combination of pulling andtwisting, the application of clamps, pegs, weights and also the chopstick nipple clamps which left a marked indentation in my nipples for the remainder of the evening. Owner also caned my clit hard and masturbated me to the point of orgasm before returning to caning my clit. This She repeated a number of times before graciously allowing me to orgasm, then pushing my face down into my mess to lick up afterwards.

Today i need to make a start on developing my recipe database, start studying Spanish and perform a little show for Owner. i am certainly pleased with my new regime and am greatly enjoying serving Owner and submitting further to Her. Ours has been a gradual development of our 24/7 Femdom relationship but we are still continuing to strenghten and deepen it. It is proving to be a wonderful journey and i am indebted to Owner for helping me to learn and develop along the way.
As promised Owner has presented me with Her list of additional and updated duties and behaviours for me to follow. Some of the things Owner has cited are a response to my own failings, such as my having not studied my Spanish fot a long time and consequently getting very rusty. Others are new and some are ones we have discussed between ourselves, such as having my internet usage restrited to a maximum of an hour a day (the amount of time my laptop holds its charge when unplugged) so that i can concentrate on my domestic duties. i am delighted to have received the list and i hope that it will serve to continue my training by Owner as we further extend our 24/7 relationship. For the curious amongst you the list i received is as follows;

  • internet usage restricted to one hour per day on week days (in one chunk or small bits but totalling no more than one hour) - time spent instead doing useful things like researching new recipes, revising Spanish, cleaning, baking or playing with Owner.
  • attach nipple clamps when Owner goes into shower in morning, Owner will remove later when She leaves for work
  • mop bathroom after all showers and put bath mat to dry
  • check fridge once a week and clean as necessary, remove any foodstuffs past use by date and add to shopping list what is needed
  • practice 1 hour of Spanish conversation once a week with Owner or watch Spanish TV series
  • on Mondays wear no knickers at home or at work
  • nipple clamp torture once a week
  • change towels and bathmat once a week
  • prepare at least one performance a month at a time to suit Owner
  • complete at least one challenge a month which Owner will schedule
  • make sure wardrobe is tidy and recycle any clothes that don't fit
  • try at least one new recipe a month
  • wear feminine vests underneath clothes during winter to keep warm
  • create a recipe database of Owners favourite recipes
  • research fetish events and activities that Owner and i can attend
  • when working from home insert butt plug and remove knickers at least one hour before Owners arrival
It's a great list and though there are some challenges in there i am determined to do Owner proud and thank Her for taking the time to compile the list.

Meanwhile, Owner has found yet more things about the flat with which to stretch my nipples, this time a camera and mobile phone

Owner and i are spending today at home. Owner has instructed that once every hour i am to ask Her to have my nipples tortured to ensure that they are hard and erect all day long. As the day progresses Owner has been finding more and more ingenious ways to do this using a variety of household items as well as twisting them mercilessly with Her fingers.  The images below show just what can be achieved using chopsticks and a salad server;

In between my hourly breast torture i've been keeping busy in the kitchen, firstly making sunday roast;

and secondly baking some scones;

Meanwhile, Owner is sat typing put some new domestic instructions for me to add to my existing duties. i'm really quite excited about receiving these as i am hoping that it is a sign that Owner is pleased with my progress over the past few months and now feels it is time to furthen deepen my submission and stretch me further. Right, i must be off as the hour is nigh for more nipple torture and then cleaning whilst Owner listen to the football.
Last night Owner and i went to Club Pedestal, a Femdom club in freezing cold South London. We'd both already decided that, rather than try and struggle back North of the river after the club we'd take a decadent option and check into a local hotel for the night. However, there was still a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the club and so that is why, if you were walking or drving through the Vauxhall area last night, you might have seen a couple teetring along the pavement in impractical footwear and clothing on an evening when the temperatures fell below zero. Owner wore Her fabulous big sole shoes, see below

Whilst i was wearing my red high heels, leather spanking skirt with the (specially designed for freezing November nights) fully exposed derrier which was only just hidden underneath my little black coat. Yes, we were both done upto the nines wandering around in South London with me getting some most interesting looks as i tottered past groups of people huddled at bus stops wondering if they'd possibly had one too many already or had they really just seen a guy in full make-up, bright red nails, leather skirt with black stockings with red lacing and bright red shoes and a glittery red clutch bag totter past them. Good job they didn't know that if they'd been able to look under my jacket they'd have found my naked backside! At one point i  stopped to ask someone for directions prompting Owner to later remark how pleased She was to see my  public femming progressing. There are no pictures of me in my garb as photography is banned in the club, however, an interesting sight it must have been.

After successfully negotiating the mean streets of South London and having had a good time in the club people watching we headed back whence we'd come early in the morning. After breakfast Owner made the most of a late checkout time by taking me back to bed and abusing my titties with clamps and then fucking my mouth and then my pussy hard with Her favourite strapon. Owner has trained me well to become a complete slut and whore for Her and i eagerly spread my cheeks apart and thrust myself down hard on Her cock and breathlessly told Her how much i adored being fucked hard by Her. It was a truly wonderful way to start the day.

Owner has also decreed that, since i love having my tits clamped, twisted and abused so much (which is true)  tomorrow every hour throughout the day i am to present them to Her for Her to abuse. i have a feeling tomorrow could be a good day too!
Regular readers of this blog will know that i have been kept in a pretty permanent state of chastity for the past 4 years. i am given releases about once every couple of weeks so this isn''t the state of enforced long-term denial that some subs experience, but nevertheless the norm is a chaste one. Over this time period my chastity has been enforced by the wearing of a CB-3000 device with added 'points of intrigue'. This has been a great device for everyday wear, it's comfortable (well the points aren't but that is the point!), lightweight and doesn't hinder you going about your daily business. All it requires is regular cleaning. Some people have found it's size an issue but as i am pretty small in that department it has never been a problem. However, from Owners perspective it does suffer from one major drawback, namely that if She wishes to torture or torment my clit then there is a whole kerfuffle of having to remove the device before She can do so. Owner would prefer something that allows Her greater spontaneity.

To try and address this we purchased a Birdlocked device (again with extra teeth inside) because rather than being hard plastic it is made of silicone and so appeared to offer lots of potential for Owner to abuse my clit at Her leisure whilst it remained securely locked up. Sadly, our experience with this device wasn't a good one as it led to sores and slight blistering and so we retunrned back to the trusty old CB3000.

Today, however, Owner received an email from one of Her favourite on-line stores, Tickleberry advising of their latest products. Amongst the new devices and implements they have to offer was the following;

The device is called a Kali's Teeth Bracelet and is a medical-grade but lightweight device that secures behind your 'bits' and then traps your clit in a metal-spiked sleeve. The clear advantage offered by this device from Owners perspective is that it leaves my clit relatively free for Her to abuse and torment. From my own perspective it retains the sense of control of having a device securely in place (though i'm not someone who would oherwise be desperately masturbating on a daily basis without being in chastity - i just like the sense of security and control it provides). At the moment Owner has not made any decision as to whether to purchase it or not but She is clearly quite interested in this device and the metal teeth would certainly add a new dimension to any moments of arousal on my part. i guess i shall just have to wait and see whether this is to become my new replacement reminder of my place as Owners chaste submissive or not.
The Romans had a saying that an army marches on its stomach and for me ensuring that Owner gets to receive healthy, nutritious food is something that i take great pride in doing. When Owner and i first met it must be said that my culinary repetoire was somewhat limited. However, with Owners active encouragement my confidence in the kitchen grew and became an integral part of our Female-led/Femdom lifestyle. Owner Herself is a wonderful cook but we quickly developed a routine whereby unless i was ill or unavoidably detained at work it should be i that prepares all the meals (and of course tidies and washes up afterwards). This little routine of ours starts from the moment when we wake up. Owner has to leave the house about an hour before i do for work and so i get up with Her, prepare breakfast and then make Her lunch. Then in the evening i prepare ou evening meal when i get back.

Of late i have started to try and ensure that Owner always has an option of home-cooked savoury bread for breakfast and/or to take with Her to work as well as making homemade biscuits on a regular basis for Her too. i have to say that baking and cooking in general has opened a whole new world for me. i used to just cook to eat i.e. to fill a hole. However, now i love to experiment, try different things and have become a little obsessed with baking. There is something wonderfully satisfying about feeding someone, anyone and people the world over do, i am sure, derive joy and satisfaction on a regular basis from cooking for family and friends. However, to me cooking and baking are also a further expression of my love and adoration for Owner. i obviously like to eat what i prepare too but there is nothing like the satisfaction derived from seeing Owner tuck in and enjoy. It's almost like sex (i did say almost!) in that for me the most wonderful part is the giving and not the receiving of pleasure and cooking is the same.

When i first started this blog many moons ago i wrote at the time that my ambition in life was to become a housewife for Owner and spending my evenings or parts of the weekend kneading my dough or stirring a soup is something i adore to do. Sadly i still have to go to work so the housewife ambition remains, for the foreseeable future, an unrealised one. However, there are still plenty of moments in any day when i can 'live my dream' and potter about cleaning or tidying whilst the aroma of freshly baked/prepared food wafts through the flat.

Why am i writing all of the above? i guess because to me being in a relationship that is a Female-led or Femdom one presents so many opportunities to serve and cooking is one wonderful way to do just that.
Owner and i have just decided that it is time that we re-visited Club Pedestal, a Femdom club in South London that we went to a few years ago and kept meaning to re-visit but had never quite got round to. The main problem was that the club only hosts about 4 nights a year and these were always on a Thursday (not good for going to work the next day when you're both not teenagers anymore!). However, the next club night is on a Friday and so offers plenty of scope for lying in and recovering the following day. Owner has also decided that, rather than get a taxi back home after the Club closes (and it stays open until 5am) we might as well book into a nearby hotel. That way we do not have too worry about traipsing back all the way across London in our respective finery but rather can totter a few hundred yards on our heels back to the hotel instead.

i really can't wait to go to the Club as last time it was wonderful to be to be out in company with Owner in a venue with other like-minded folk. The venue also has a play area and the prospect of some possible public play is a very exciting one. To round off what will be an excellent end to the month we have also booked to go and see one of our favourite bands, The National playing at the Brixton Academy at the end of November.

Though the weather has taken a decided turn for the worst this week (torrential rain and freezing cold) and the days are getting depressingly long November promises to be a great month after all!
This evening Owner removed my chastity device in order for me to have a supervised shower. However, rather than have it re-attached after i'd showered and shaved She instructed me to keep it off and to come to the bedroom for a caning. Owner commenced with some warm-up strokes with Her flogger and favourite paddle before moving onto the caning proper, using first the thicker and thuddier cane and then the lighter traditional crooked one.

When i had counted off 200 strokes She stopped and then turned Her attention to my nipples, pulling and twisting my nipple rings before caning each nipple in turn. Owner then attached japanese clover clamps to each nipple and carried on caning them whilst instructing me to play with my clit. i noticed She did not say to masturbate and so slapped my testicles instead (which is what i normally do if i am in chastity - which i was not - when Owner instructs me to play with myself this way). After a short while Owner directed her cane down betwen my legs and began to cane the head and shaft of my clit. She then paused and started to masturbate me and then resumed with the clit caning. Owner repeated this over and over, each time masturbating me until i sought permission to cum and then stopping and resuming Her caning. My titties were hot and sore from the clamps and my clit was engorged and swollen from the repeated edging and caning but still Owner continued.

After having been brought to the edge of orgasm for the 8th or 9th time i again begged for permission to cum but this time Owner didn't stop, but continued Her rythmic stroking of my clit and then brought Her cane into play. It was too much, i tried in vain to prevent the impending orgasm but failed and came across the bed covers and the tip of Owners cane as it continued to strike my clit. Owner didn't seem to mind that i had cum stating instead that it had been a useful experiment for Her as She removed the clamps from my nipples and i bent down and licked my cum off the bedding. Owner is certainly becoming very adept with Her canings!
This evening after work Owner and i went to go an see the excellent Japanese production Shun-kin by theatre Complicite at the Barbican Centre. The play is the story of a blind Shamisen player and her servant. Set in Japan in the 19th century it centres upon their intense and very sado-masochistic and Femdom relationship. It was fascinating and brillianly staged.

As would seem appropriate for such a production, and as part of my continuing slut/whore training Owner chose to add some additional instructions for me for the evening. The first instruction was that when i met Her after work i was to be wearing my butt plug and have my nipple clmps to hand. We went for dinner whereupon i was instructed to attach the nipple clamps and wear them for the walk to the Barbican Centre, ensuring that by the time we arrived my nipples were pert and sensitive. Owner then selected a slightly raised walkway outside the theatre and instructed me to start playing with my nipples like a slut. As i leant over the wall and pulled and twisted my nipple rings office workers were walking past a mere 10 feet away. Owner caressed my plugged pussy and encouraged me to pull my nipples harder. It was a wonderfully slutty experience to be made to fondle and carress my sore and aroused titties as people walked by!

Satisfied by my behaviour we then headed into the theatre where Owner instructed me to get down onto my knees in the foyer and beg to be allowed to go the the toilet and play with my tits, (chastised) clit and pussy in the toilet and then to return with my knickers hanging from my pocket and for them to remain like that for the duration of the performance. Owner even had me stand up in the theatre as everyone took their seats before the show commenced so that anyone who chose to look towards me too closely would see my knickers hanging from my pocket. Eventually Owner allowed me to sit down and then She lent across and proceeded to twist and pull on my nipples as the audience settled itself. i admit i couldn't resist the urge to unbutton my top further so that Owner could get easier access to my nipples, thereby granting anyone watching the sight of Owner happily pulling and twisting my nipples in a packed theatre. i was in slutty heaven and rested my head on Owners shoulder as Her fingers probed, twisted and pulled.

Owner stated that She is really enjoying extending my slut training into more public places and that i can expect more challenges to come to demonstrate what an obedient and shameless slut i am becoming under Her guidance. i have to confess that i love it to and am slowly learning to become a lot less self-conscious than i used to be. It really is a wonderful feeling to have Owner decide that if She wants to publicly expose and molest me, or have me do it myself for Her amusement, then She can do so at any time or any where we are. i am, after all, Hers to do with as She pleases.
What a wonderful concluding part to our Halloween weekend today has been. In the morning we both set off into town for me to complete my red basque challenge in St James Park. Some of the colours of the leaves on the trees at this time of year are amazing and it was lovely to wander around. i also completed the challenge;

and Owner shot a little video of me wearing my basque in the park too;

My challenge having been completed to Owners satisfaction we walked over to Covent Garden to have some lunch and a nosey around some of the shops before heading back home.

When we got back i prepared our Halloween meal (more about that later) and then got changed to perform my promised little show for Owner. i performed to Marilyn Manson's excellent cover version of Sweet Dream Are Made Of This which is one of my favourite Marilyn covers. Ohh, and i honestly do appear once the intro with the 'mysterious and spooky' pumpkin has finished!

Show over it was time to serve Owner my Halloween dinner. iid baked sodabread and then hollowed-out and baked a pumpkin and used the baked pumpkin as a container for a cheese fondue. Not your typical Halloween meal i grant but it tasted delicious

Meal completed it was tme to wash up and tidy away and then clean and polish Owners boots, and give Her Her regular Sunday pedicure and then update this blog. It has been a fantastic Halloween weekend and i am so grateful to Owner for having devised such a wonderful one.
This morning after breakfast i baked some soda bread in preparation for our Halloween meal tomorrow night and then prepared Owners instruments and implements for my morning in Her torture chamber a.k.a our bedroom.  Owner locked me into position on the impaler and made sure that its's dildo was fully inserted into my pussy with my legs locked apart and my hands locked behind my back. Then She attached the tower of pain device to my nipples and wratcheted it up tight so that my nipples were being pulled hard by each set of clamps. Securely locked into position She set about spanking and caning my testicles and then attaching little mini metal clothes pegs to them until eventually there were 35 in situ (a combination of metal and wooden ones). i  concentrated hard to process the pain and focussed on my breathing as Owner then used Her cane to beat my taught nipples. A moments respite was afforded to me when Owner released my nipples from the tension of the Tower of Pain device only for Her to thread chopsticks through each of my nipple rings and then twist them around, and around unil i gasped in pain. Owner secured them into position and again started to cane my nipples, which by now were swollen and pulsating, before 'distracting' me by re-directing Her cane to my pegged testicles striking them repeatedly and causing me to jump about on the impaler. Owner continued with the torture, alternating between tying my nipples tight with cord and caning them and twisting them hard before switching to the riding crop and occasionally getting my attention by diverting Her blows to my pegged testicles.

By this point i was truly flying as the pain and endorphins fought their battle for control. Owner made me count off each of the strokes She administered which helped me to keep some degree of focus as my mouth dried up and my body shuddered and trembled under Her expert treatment. When i'd counted 140 strokes across my breasts Owner stopped and advised me that my session was over. However, we both knew that the worst bit was to come, the removal of the infernal pegs. Some had been knocked off when Owner caned them but most remained resolutely attached and i fought to contain the pain as each was removed by Owner.

When eventually i 'climbed off' the impaler to snuggle upto Owner my nipples were flushed red, sore and engorged and my testicles were covered in little red bruises were the pegs had left their marks whilst my clit throbbed inside its plastic cage. But i was elated. It had been a wonderful torture session and one that will be sure to leave a reminder (in the form of super sensitive nipples) for a day or so.

In the afternoon i performed a little slutty show for Owner, loosely inspired by Elvira (albeit minus the fabulous breats and big hair!) which was great fun;

But all of the above is the build-up to what for me is the main event, namely undertaking the red corset challenge Owner has set me to complete tomorrow in London's St James's Park. Owner read on the internet that the Park is hosting a whole day of Halloween activities so it looks like i will definitely have an audience when i undertake my little challenge - ho hum!
First there was the vampire;
feasting upon any prey that came to hand

Next there was the pumpkin carving;

and a kinky pumpkin emerged;

Tomorrow there is the my morning torture followed by my Elvira tribute for Owner and then on Halloween itself i have my halloween challenge in St James Park, another show to perform for Owner and then our Halloween feast. How we love Halloween!

My workplace has recently started to encourage more flexible working, including working from home, something that was too good an opportunity to miss. As a result, most Wednesdays i am now to be found sat in front of my laptop working from home during the day rather than in the office. Sadly, Owners employer doesn't offer the same opportunity but it does, at least, mean that i am at home when Owner returns and dressed all prettily to greet Her as She comes in.

Wednesday also happens to be one of my regular caning days and Owner had already advised that i was to expect to be caned when She got back. However, She had a wonderful surprise in store. Just before i was expecting Owner to return She texted to say that She was at the bus stop (meaning She was about 5 minutes away) and to prepare myself for a pussy inspection, as well as a caning, as soon as She walked in. i quickly scurried around the flat assembling Owners collection of canes, paddles and floggers and laying them out on the bed for Her. Then i got out Owners collection of insertables and laid these out together with the lube and gloves. Finally, i inserted the inflatable butt plug in my pussy, attached weights to the nipple clamps and then attached them to my nipples and bent over the bed to await Her arrival.

Owner seemed impressed that i had been able to get everything ready in time for Her arrival and that i was plugged and clamped in readiness. It wasn't long before Her hand had replaced the butt plug inside me and Her fingers were pulling and twisting my clamped nipples. Owner remarked how pleasingly wet and pert i was then removed Her hand picked up Her cane and commenced the first salvo of 20 strokes. i have become used to Owners caning techniques and know that She usually delivers a batch of 20 from one side and then changes position to deliver the next 20 and so forth. However, this time was different.

After administering Her initial 20 strokes Owner had me stand up straight and moisten my fingers and then caress, pull and twist my clamped nipples before instructing me to bend over again in readiness for the next 20 strokes. After these were delivered i was then instructed to pull and twist one nipple hard and slap my chastised testicles with the other before Owner continued with another 20 strikes of the cane. On the 60 mark Owner had me play with my pussy with my fingers, at 80 i was instructed to fuck myself in front of Her with a glass dildo and then gradually after every subsequent batch of 20 strokes fuck myself in front of Her with ever larger dildo's. All the while Owner commented what a truly dirty whore i was and pulled and twisted my nipples as my pussy was gradually stretched wider and wider still by each new toy.

As the 200th and final stroke fell Owner handed me the huge, red 14inch long, and a good many inches wide, dildo and instructed me to fuck myself with it. As i brought its giant red head into position and struggled to manouvere it between my cheeks Owner continued Her commentary on what a dirty slut i was and pulled and twisted my nipples harder still. Slowly i managed to get the head inside me but by now my hands were slippery with lube (not good when you have a very big, very heavy and quite flexible dildo that you are trying to insert - a bit like wrestling with an anoconda) and so  i changed position, crouching down so i could put the base of the dildo on the floor and then ease myself down onto it.

This rectified the 'problem' of the slippery dick and i could soon feel it's head pushing deeper inside me.  i gradually built up a steady rythm easing myself up and down onto the monster cock, feeling it inch deeper millimeter by millimetre as i began to bounce my hips up and down. All the while Owner stood behind me, Her fingers pulling and twisting my nipples and voicing Her satisfaction at what a good whore i was fucking myself in front of Her and telling Her how much i adored having cock inside me, how i longed to be Her slut, craved having my nipples abused hard and thought of nothing else all day other than of having my pussy stuffed and my nipples tortured. All the while this was going on my little clit throbbed inside its plastic cage and brain was consumed under a tsunami of pleasure, pain and desire. Owner had me right where She wanted me, Her personal fucktoy moaning and groaning and behaving in the most wanton manner, back arched, breasts swollen and pert and thighs trembling.

'STOP' Owner instructed 'that's enough'. My whole body was by now shivering in desire, craving pleasure in any form but play-time was over. i climbed-off the dildo (it really is a big 'un) and knelt down in front of Owner, my head in Her lap as my brain began the slow descent back to planet earth. 'My dirty little whore what a good slut you are' Owner purred 'playing with yourself without shame'. i concurred readily and then got up, collected and cleaned the toys and tidied Owners implements away.

Now, if HR were to know would they still be so keen to offer flexible working? i had spent the last hour of my working day 'training' but not really of the type i suspect you'd find in your average company training programme. Needless to say, i am now a fan of flexible working!
Whilst i was esconced in the bathroom armed with cleaning cloths and detergent this afternoon Owner was hard at work planning our Halloween weekend. i think you will agree that She has, once again, come up with a wonderfully 'wicked' plan for the weekend;

Looks like i am going to be in for a fun time and will be interesting to see how i get on with the red basque challenge in St James Park!

Later this afternoon, after administering my regular caning, Owner clamped and then weighted my nipples, sending me into slut overdrive (i find any form of nipple torture has the ability to flip me straight into full slut mode). She then caned my breasts and testicles before having me go onto all fours and fucking me from behind. As Owner entered me She stated that next time we go to the pub She is going to get me to clamp my nipples and fellate a dildo in the toilets as part of my continuing whore training. At this point i was delirious with  desire with weights swinging from my clamped nipples and Owners cock thrusting in an out of my pussy. i 'confessed' to wanting to be trained to become a total public whore ready and willing to fondle and abuse my tits, play with my pussy and fellate a dildo anywhere in public that Owner desired.

After orgasming hard whilst fucking me Owner instructed that i am to write down a list of potential locations for such public whore training for Her to consider. As Owner Herself said, 'This could be an interesting winter'!
Today i busied myself about the flat with my domestic duties until it was time for Owner and i to head off to the pub, get our pumpkins for Halloween and for me to complete the challenges Owner had set for me. i made sure i was properly prepared with my heavy silver butt plug in situ underneath my pink panties with black frills, pink bra and skinny jeans with lacy top, jumper and collar. We decided to head to the pub first and then head onto the shops afterwards to get the pumpkins.

After we walked in and bought some drinks we found a good spot and sat down to engage in our favourite activity, people watching. However, it wasn't long before Owner's hand was straying over towards my breasts and starting to caress and gently pull my nipple rings though the fabric off my top. i swear that if i could acquire the ability to purrr i would have then! Nevertheless, i did my best impression, nestling my head against Owners chest and savouring the sweet sensation of Her teasing and exploring fingers.

After about half an hour Owner deemed it time for me to complete my first challenge of the evening. She instructed me to go to the toilet and remove my bra then pull, twist and caress my nipples in the toilets before returning to where we were sat and depositing my bra on the table in front of Her. This i duly did and then resumed my position next to Her. Once again Owners fingers sought out my breasts and this time they were greeted by two little bullets of pert flesh. Owner twisted and teased them before announcing it was time for my next challenge. This time i was to return to the toilet, remove my panties and pinch my testicles before returning to where She was sat and depositing my knickers onto the table in front of Her.

i did as instructed, slipping off my panties and pinching my testicles and spanked them lightly whilst rubbing my still pert nipples before returning to Owner was sat and placing my panties onto the table in front of Her. This is where the evening became more interesting. i'd selected a pair of bright pink panties with black frills to wear that night and Owner now instructed that i was to place them so they were hanging out of my pocket, and thus clearly visible, and go for a walk around the pub. This i did and then was told to repeat my walk again. On returning Owner decided that She wanted to listen to some music and so instructed me to set off once again, still with the bright pink panties hanging loose, to the jukebox to put on some music for Her. However, the jukebox wasn't working properly and so i returned back to where She was sat to inform Her only to then be told to go to the bar and explain the problem to the bar tender, again still with panties hanging. Eventually, and after what seemed like an age, the problem had been resolved, i'd selected some tunes and had been allowed to sit back down again and at last place my underwear in my handbag.

'What a whore you are showig your underwear to the whole pub' Owner exclaimed. i had to agree. 'Right, now you may go back to the toilet, remove your butt plug and play with your pussy'.

Once again i got up and headed to the bathroom. It felt very naughty to be bent over in the cubicle with my fingers buried deep inside me listening to the conversation of the rest of the 'guys' in the toilet. Me moistening my fingers and stretching my pussy open as they pee'd.

After my pussy was thoroughly wet i pulled my jeans back up again, tucking in my chastised clit inside and returned back to Owner who declared Herself pleased with my behaviour and that She was now planning some more challenges for Halloween...i for one can't wait. Then it was off to the shop to buy our pumpkins and then head home.
Today found me working from home and so i spent the day dressed up prettily in my dress, stockings and bra but minus my panties (on Owners instruction) - good job it was just a teleconference and not a video conference that i had with my colleagues! When Owner texted to say that She was leaving work i inserted my heavy silver butt plug, as i am expected to do every Friday, and awaited Her return home.

It wasn't long after that i found myself on the bed with Owner removing my stockings and pulling and caressing my nipples and my plugged pussy. Owner took one of stockings and threaded it through my nipple rings before tying them tightly together with the fishnets so that each ring felt as though it was about to be ripped out of its nipple....the pain was divine. Owner then pulled and twisted each nipple ring sending waves of intense pain coursing through my chest.

Owner took the second stocking and tied one end to my waspie and pulled the stocking tight between my cheeks, tying it off at at the other end around my chastised clit. The taut material of the stocking between my legs pushed the butt plug in deeper still. Owner had successfully tied me so that any small movement on my part meant either my nipples were pulled painfully by the tension of the stockings tied between my nipple rings or the butt plug was pushed deeper up into my pussy. It was a wonderful predicament!

Owner then positioned Herself behind me so that She could use my trussed up body as a cushion to support Her vibrator which She rode for Her pleasure whilst reaching around underneath me to further pull, twist and torture my nipples. She then shifted position and brought Her vibrator into position between my cheeks, its vibrating base up hard the against base of my butt plug sending convulsions deep into my pussy. As She did so She whispered;

'So is my slut going going to be a good whore this weekend?'

'Yes Owner' i replied.

'Good slut. Then on Saturday you are going to wear your butt plug to the supermarket when we go to get the pumpkins for halloween. And then you're going to keep it in for when we go for a drink to the pub. When we're in the pub i will tell you to go the the toilet and when you do you are to remove your bra in the toilet and then return to where we are sitting and hand me your bra. Then i will get you to go to the toilet again. This time you will take off your panties and take out your butt plug and start to play with your pussy. You'd like that wouldn't you slut?'

'Yes Owner i would' i whimpered 'i want to be made to behave like a slut in public'

'What a whore you'll be playing with your pussy in the toilet' replied Owner

'Yes Owner' i concurred 'i'll be a whore and will try to get my whole hand inside my pussy'

'What a true slut you are! Then after you've played with your pussy you are to put your butt plug back in your pussy and return to where we are sitting with your panties in your pocket and then place them on the table in front of me' replied Owner

And, having set me a suitably slutty challenge for tomorrow Owner ground Herself down onto the vibrator wedged against my butt plug and orgasmed, leaving me frustrated, sore, elated and eager for our little trip to the shops and pub tomorrow!
As mentioned in the previous post Owner and i spent our anniversary in Rome, the eternal city, whilst on our holiday in Italy. It really is a stunning city (as is the country as a whole) and we both had a fantastic time seeing some of the sights;

Whilst we were there Owner also presented me with the most wonderful anniversary gift, a beautiful silver charm from Tiffany's to adorn my belly chain with the words 'naughty' on one side and 'nice' on the other. i love it and think it is absolutely beautiful;

Owner also bought me a little bell to adorn my collar so that i now tinkle softly as i walk about the flat. i presented Owner with my anniversary gifts for Her and also later got an opportunity to buy Her a lovely, and quite appropriate, pendant as a gift which now adorns Her neck

We saw many fabulous sculptures and artworks whilst we were away but i must confess that none quite caught my eye as did this one. It is a contemporary work by two Italian artists (part of a wider piece) called Zamboni and Bolzani  and not a renaissance masterpiece but it does have a certain something special for anyone interested in Femdom.

You can see a youtube video of the full works shown on TV here

The villa we stayed in inTuscany was wonderfully isolated, nestling in the hills above Cortona. It would be wonderful to live in such a place knowing that you could be as loud and as indiscrete as you liked without any concerns about disturbing the neighbours. As it was there were so many things we wanted to do and places to visit that we only had a couple of opportunities for play. However, when we did it was amazing. On one occasion after administering a sound caning

Owner led me outside on the balcony so that i was looking down over the Tuscan countryside stretched out for miles before me whilst She instructed me to fuck my pussy like a whore. It was amazing, standing there legs spread open on the balcony with Owner instructing me to act like a wanton slut and me eagerly obeying. Of coure, it would be that just at that moment the one vehicle of the day should happen to drive past along the little mountain track in front of the villa! However, once the 'coast was clear' Owner soon had me recommence and even allowed me to cum, and then had me lick the floor of the balcony clean of my mess.

Whilst we were away i was temporarily released from chastity but now that we are back home i am back firmly locked up again. i must say it was somewhat strange to be unlocked for such a long time, i even started to pee standing up again, something i am never normally able to do. However, i am pleased to be back locked up again, it is after all where i belong. Just a shame we had to come back though -Tuscany is definitely a place where we could happily live for ever.
Owner and i have just returned from our two week trip to Italy which was, quite simply, amazing! We stayed in a wonderful villa in Tuscany but took the opportunity to travel throughout Tuscany and Umbria (with me getting in my annual practice at driving - we don't have a car in the UK) and also down to Rome for our 5 year anniversary in the Eternal City. There were so many amazing places to see with wonderful Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance art and architecture and stunning landscapes neither of us wanted to come back and are both merrily trying to work out how we might be able to relocate there (a fantasy i know but a nice one). And of course we got in ample opportunity for some fun both in the villa we were renting and also out and about in the wider countryside. i'll blog a bit more later with some of the details of what we did and got up to but in the meantime here's a little snapshot of ou two week sojourn;