This evening Owner caught me by surprise and snapped this picture of me as i was finishing drying the dishes after having washed-up. My mouth is gagged by the dildo gag as it always is when i am doing the washing but my wrist cuffs are temporarily undone to protect the leather from the water;

Just before we had dinner Owner had administered a caning and mini-nipple and torture session. She delivered 120 strokes across my derriere whilst my titties were clamped with Her chopstick-style clamps with weights suspended from my nipple piercings whilst at the same time weighted clover clamps were attached to the base of my chastised clitty. Owner took great pleasure in caning me whilst i was clamped this way and it was an honour to be able to provide Her with some enjoyable entertainment.
Owner and i had such a wonderful day yesterday which ended with us both dancing the night away in the art deco splendor of the Rivoli Ballroom in South London at the wonderful Magic Theatre Ball. The day started well with us both lounging around in bed after having been out for a few drinks the night before at a local bar. However, after a short while Owner grew restless and began to tease and caress me until She had my little clit bulging right out of its metal cage. Even Owner seemed surprised at quite how aroused i evidently was as evidenced by the bulging and engorged flesh protruding out through the bars of the cage!

Suitably impressed by Her actions Owner then turned to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator whilst also issuing the following intrsuction;

'Lick my arse!'

Are there any better words in the English language? There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure or satisfaction than to bury my tongue between Owners wonderful cheeks and probe and lick Her delicious derriere, my clitty safely locked away and denied so that all my attention is rightly focussed on Her satisfaction. Owner then brought Herself to a juddering orgasm through a combination of Her vibrator and my oral ministrations - it was a lovely way to start a day.

A while ago Owner had discovered an irregular nightclub/ball that takes place in a local 1930s art deco ballroom that opens a few times a year for such events (incidentally its interior features in the new Lana De Ray song - Burning Desire). The night in question is a combination of cabaret, live band and retro pop - what makes it such a fantastic night out though is its happy and eclectic mix of gay, straight, trans, CD and all in-between patrons. We were both excited at the idea of going and last night was THE night.

We had the most fantastic time, i have not danced so much in years and years and it was wonderful to go somewhere all dressed up and yet which was so close to where we live too and so didn't require a massive trek across London. The following are some pictures from the evening, including a rare (for this blog) shot of my beautiful Owner. We will most definitely be going back

me all dressed up
my gorgeous Owner           
strutting my stuff [Edit by Owner - this shot sums up poppets personality]
It was a thoroughly enjoyable night out and one we would both highly recommend.
This week has not, in too many ways, been my finest hour. On Sunday i finished off painting the bathroom and even had time to catch-up on some of my duties, duties which had not been completed as i was painting and decorating. Thus on Monday as i bade Owner goodbye in the morning and then headed out to work shortly after myself i was feeling dangerously pleased with myself. The painting i had wanted to get done was done, i was up to date with my tasks and duties and Owner was happy and pleased (which in turn pleased me).

Over the weekend Owner also came up with a wonderful idea that She would like to put into practice. We have been discussing ways to ensure i keep fit now that i work primarily from home and which can also compliment my regular back exercises and pilates lessons. Owners solution is 80s style aerobics. Essentially, i am to purchase a bright coloured leotard with clashing leggings and leg warmers (think Fame) and start to develop an aerobics routine that is a homage to all those 1980s workout godesses. Owner expects me to produce some workout videos. They promise to be great fun to make and i suspect the content will end up being shared on here for your amusement.

However after this the week started to go wrong. On my return from work the first of what was to become a litany of short-comings on my part became evident. Owner was already at home and had started to unpack the veggie box delivery in the kitchen whereupon She discovered there was some food that had started to go bad in the fridge that i had not got rid of. Rightly She was very annoyed at me as i should have checked this. Meanwhile, in the morning Owner had advised that She wanted to administer a caning that evening so i had carefully laid out all of Her implements in preparation, including clamps, weights, strapons etc 'just in case'. However, after administering 100 well-deserved strokes and then clamping my titties and the underside of my chastised clitty Owner turned to pick-up Her vibrator and have a little bit of fun. Unfortunately, i had forgotten to put this out for Her amongst Her other things. Worse still when She did find it it was not charged and so useless. Owner immediately brought an end to the proceedings and instructed me to put everything away and made clear Her disappointment that i had let Her down again.

The day after this i had a work trip and whilst out during the day i bought Owner a small gift that i then promptly lost somewhere on the journey home, albeit not before i had told Owner i had got Her something. Again, i had let Her down. Then the next morning i forgot to plug Owners hair straighteners in whilst She was showering so that they were ready and warmed up for when She needed them. All in all i was not having the best of weeks in terms of doing things properly and as i ought to for Owner who was justifiably annoyed.

However, it is now about 48hours since my last mistake so i am now hoping that i am back performing and behaving as i ought to. Meanwhile, the weather in London continues to be cold and getting colder. Accordingly, this evening Owner advised that She wanted me to do another park challenge, albeit this time that i was to wear weights suspended from my nipple clamps as well as being naked save for my chastity device, socks, boots and coat whilst i accompanied Her around our local park. i think you can tell from the picture below (taken just as we were about to leave the house) that i get quite excited at the prospect of being so 'exposed' in public:

and then a few minutes later here i am posing like a slut in the park before heading off to do a circuit with Owner.

Whilst out we passed a whole group of joggers all of whom had weights too - except they were holding theirs rather than having them suspended from their clamped titties, they should try it!

Incidentally, the keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that i have updated my list of rules and tasks as these had become a bit dated - another thing Owner had pointed out this week.

Tonight after work Owner had me kneel on the sofa with my legs parted and my knickers pulled down and skirt pulled up and titties exposed for Her. Owner placed the dildo gag in my mouth and secured it in place and then attached the clover clamps to my nipples. After a brief period of pulling and teasing and caressing my clamped nipples She began to spank my locked clitty before turning Her attention to my buttock cheeks. With my clitty and buttocks nicely warmed up Owner then positioned Herself between my thighs.

She was wearing the new fetish fantasy 8inch strapon and She placed the tip of Her new red phallus at the base of my clitty, just behind the ring of the chastity device. Owner switched Her new cock on and i felt a wonderful vibration against the base of my clit. Owner held Her cock in this position for a while whilst She pulled and caressed my clamped tits before then re-positioning the tip of Her cock against the entrance of my pussy, spreading my cheeks apart a little so that the gently vibrating tip caressed and teased my pussy lips. It felt wonderful but all i could do was moan my appreciation through the dildo gag. Owner then withdrew Her cock, applied some lube, returned to Her position and pressed the tip of Her cock against my entrance. i eagerly reached my hands around behind me and pulled my cheeks apart and pushed back against Owners new phallus, feeling it slide easily inside me. As Owners cock pushed deeper into me my pussy readily opened up to accommodate it until the whole length of its shaft was inside me. Owner grasped my hips and began to rhythmically fuck me as i too pushed back hard against Her hips. i could feel the vibrations from Her cock inside me as Owner fucked my pussy, slowly at first but then with more confidence and aggression as She settled into Her stride. Owners tempo increased as the vibrating base of Her cock edged Her closer and closer towards satisfaction until She came, collapsing forward on top of me.

As Owner withdrew a small trickle of pre-cum leaked out of my locked clit onto the towel positioned below but that aside i remained safely denied inside my chastity device. Instead my mind was focused on the warm wet glow in my pussy and the happy knowledge that Owner was left fully satisfied. Owner seemed delighted with the new toy declaring it to be very easy to use and a great purchase that had left Her sexually satisfied and eager to try it out again soon in different positions.
Owner has not been well the past week and so She has not yet had an opportunity to take Her new strapon (see previous post) for a test 'ride'. i have been doing my best to try and look after Her and the good news is that She does seem to be starting to recover. However, although not feeling well Owner took the opportunity to complete Her review of my recent performance which in general She has stated She is happy with. However, obviously there are also aspects that need improvement and this in-turn led onto the following additional list of activities/actions that Owner expects from me, specifically;

  • i am expected to preform or undertake more random 'tasks/challenges' which Owner will directly or indirectly instruct me to complete in Her presence or on my own. If the latter Owner will require video evidence that i have completed the task/challenge as instructed by Her
  • i am to compose a new sentence in Spanish each day and write it up for Her on our kitchen blackboard for Her to check
  • now that i am working more and more from home i am to commence a new daily exercise regime to keep fit with Owner specifying what exercises She would like me to do and to start doing joint exercises with Owner
  • i am to re-instate my old greeting ritual to greet Owner when i am working from home and She returns from work (it had been suspended a year ago because of concerns about my back)
  • i am to produce a monthly review for Owner highlighting areas where i feel i have done well over the past month and areas in which i feel i need to further improve or have performed badly
  • i am to incorporate dildo/toy cleaning into my cleaning rota to make sure they are always kept dust free and spotless
i am very grateful to Owner for having set out some additional ways in which i can improve.

This week has also been a bitterly cold one in London (as has also been the case across much of the UK and Northern Europe). However, always one to spot an opportunity the return of winter provided Owner with an opportunity to have me undertake another park challenge. This time i was to accompany Owner to our local park naked save for my chastity device, suspenders and over-the-knee socks, winter coat and woolly hat. When there i was to attach nipple clamps and then walk around the park with Owner whilst my titties were clamped and pert (a fact heightened by the icy blast that wafted up from the bottom of the jacket) before removing them after one circuit had been completed and returning home with Owner. Here i am getting ready to head out:
and then in the park;
ever the exhibitionist little tart!

The other evening found me bent over the sofa as Owner 'fed' me a handful of my own cum that She had scooped up from the towel covering the sofa. Having previously released me from chastity Owner had just finished administering a caning after which She'd had me fellate a dildo and masturbate to orgasm (permitted) whilst Her fingers played with and explored my pussy. Just before i came Owner advised me that we needed to have a meeting to discuss a few things. As i tidied away the toys and returned my spent clitty back to its cage the agenda for the meeting emerged and there were three key items for discussion:
  • dildo
  • DIY
  • behaviour
Owner advised that She needed a new dildo and also that we needed to do an audit of  our exiting ones to identify those that need to go to the great sex shop in the sky. Specifically, Owner wanted to get another harness compatible dildo that She would find comfortable to wear, had a built-in vibrator so that She had fun too and which, and this was the most crucial point, was wider and thicker than Her current thickest vibrating dildo. After much measuring and researching on the net She settled on this little beauty from Fetish Fantasy on the Lovehoney website

At a good 8+ inches long and 7.5 inches in circumference it promises to provide a filling ride. It's due for delivery this weekend, not that i am counting down the hours or anything! Meanwhile we will be auditing the other dildos Owner has and also looking into a more convenient storage method for those dildos and their butt plug and vibrator pals that survive the cull  over the weekend too.

Second item on the agenda was DIY. We are about to embark on what will be almost the final leg of DIY in our new flat so the next month promises to be one involving a fair amount of painting! However, once it is finished that will almost be that and there will be no real need for much further work. So there are a few days of me being up a ladder to come but then it will largely be over barring a few non-urgent jobs, which is good.

The last subject we discussed was that of behaviour and specifically of course mine. Owner expressed Herself to be pleased with how i settled back to completing my daily chores and routines and finally also seem to be making improvements with my Spanish studies too. However, She also stated that She felt i was at times a little too chilled and that this would have to end. i thanked Owner and agreed She was correct in Her analysis. Accordingly, She will be providing me with an updated list of instructions to further adjust and refine my development this weekend which i greatly look forward to receiving.

So, that is what we have been upto these past few days. Oh, except how could i forget, the exciting things i have been hinting at are starting to move from the ideas to the planning stage. All will be revealed later but i can say it does involve us traveling back to the USA later this year.

Owner and i are lucky enough to live within easy walking distance of Greenwich and that part of the River Thames. Accordingly, yesterday we walked from our flat to Blackheath and then down to the river and along the Thames path to our favourite waterside pub, the Cutty Sark for some drinks and food. we both love this pub as it has a good range of drinks available and also serves decent food. It also gives us an opportunity to engage in our favourite activity - people watching and gossiping.

i probably gave people equal opportunity to gossip about us seeing as i wore my pink-trimmed hoody over my pink princess top and my little bunny ear-rings;

Earlier in the day we had both spent some time furthering our plans for the year ahead, plans which i am really, really excited about. We have a fantastic year planned with some opportunities for great adventures and significant moments. All will be revealed in the fullness of time.
This evening Owner and i ventured up western Europe's tallest building - The Shard. Located just a few miles from where we live in one of the world's greatest cities the building offers some fantastic (albeit expensive) views across town. It was quite a big deal for me going up as ever since it opened to the public a few months ago i have wanted to visit but i am also terrified of heights. However, i need not have feared. My vertigo was nowhere to be found as we ascended the double set of lifts to the 69th floor and then climbed up the stairs to the exposed 72nd floor. Was it worth it? Well we think it was. The organisation still needs a little sorting out but the views are quite simply stunning, as too is the architecture, as you can see:

Afterwards it was back home for a meal and drinks at our favourite local restaurant:
Apologies if the above all seems a little off topic, is a great building and it was a great end to a day.