Well Friday evening and Saturday morning i had my Spanish exams. Friday was the oral exam (no NOT that type of oral!) and then Saturday was listening, written etc. The exams were the DELE - Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Although mine was the basic level exam it is a credit to Owner that She has got me to a point where i actually felt that i stood a chance of passing a Spanish exam, even a basic one. English aside i have no language ability whatsoever and have been an abject failure at languages all my life. Owner has helped me to learn and develop and become more confident with Spanish (it is even part of my development plan as Her wife). She is Spanish and so rightly wants me to understand Her native tongue. As my life is devoted to Her and to going wherever She goes then should She ever one day decide She would like to return to Spain then it is important that i have a reasonable grasp of the language and can assimilate. That said, we don't have any such plans at present and are very happy in London.

Anyway, back to the exams. They were OK, i don't think i did as well as i have done in some of the practice exams i have been sitting this past fortnight. But we shall see. i will find out in about 3 months time if i passed or not but Owner has said She is very proud of my efforts and how i have tried. i will continue studying and trying and i know this is something that She expects from Her wife.

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy the deepening FLR/Femdom dynamic of our relationship together. My submission to Her  continues to deepen and so too does Her control over me. i have already started o implement some of the new requirements of the next stage of my development (Plin, Plan, Plon phase 4) which officially commences on the 1st December. This has been approvingly noted by Owner.

i also love the fact that Owner can and does paddle me. Last night was a case in point. i was washing up after having done some baking when Owner sidled up behind me, took the paddle from where it hangs next to the kitchen sink for just this purpose, and proceeded to paddle my naked backside. All the while i continued washing, my voice muffled by the dildo gag i always wear when washing and drying dishes. It was just one of those 'normal' (to us) moments of domestic interaction in our flat that Owner and i love so much.
With freshly pink buttocks
Gagged as always when washing-up/drying
Last night Owner instructed me to remove my chastity device and to not put it back on until this morning. When we went o bed She used the opportunity to gently tease and caress my now liberated clitty before going to sleep. She did the same again this morning before breakfast and then after we had eaten She had me spoon up against Her in bed and rubbed Herself against my excitable little clit, which She also encouraged me to masturbate until it was hard. All the while She focused Her attention on masturbating Herself with Her fingers.

Once my little clitty was hard and rubbing firmly against Her She reached into Her sideboard and extracted a vibrator and one of Her large plastic hair clips. She instructed me to attached the clip to my swollen clit and then start to masturbate Her with Her vibrator. Owner directed operations, telling me when She wanted the power of the vibrator increased, its position changed or when and for how long i should also lick and suck Her nipples. All the while the teeth of the hair clip made their mark on my clitty.

Tiring of my own efforts Owner took the vibrator from me and rolled onto Her side. She re-positioned the vibrator between Her thighs and then asked if i would like to lick Her arsehole? This is one of my all-time favourite activities and i eagerly replied in the affirmative. Thus it was that i spent a happy few minutes with my tongue exploring deep inside Her anus as Owner brought Herself off to a shuddering orgasm with the vibrator.

So, what has this got to do with having sex like a dog i hear you ask? Well, Her own pleasure sated Owner turned to me and asked if my clitty was sensitive and aroused. On hearing that it was She then instructed me to masturbate it against Her leg. It didn't take much of me humping Her thigh until i could feel myself close to cumming. Owner instructed me to 'come like a slut' and so, one arm wrapped around Her upper high and clit grinding back and forth against it i came all over Her beautiful leg. Owner quickly had me lap up my cum from Her pearly white flesh and the bedclothes before instructing me to return back to chastity again.

i was very lucky to be allowed to lick and explore Owners anus with my tongue and also to cum on Her leg and lick up my mess. Owner often remarks what a slut i am and i love to be Her slut. She also made it clear this morning that i have not spent enough time being tied-up, tortured, teased and tormented and used purely for Her sexual pleasure as Her human sex toy, a situation She intends to correct. Her words put a spring in my step and i returned to chastity and to the days chores a very happy wife indeed!
i have done a little bit of tidying up to the blog landing page which i hope makes it a little less cluttered. Previously i have listed all of Owners rules for me and the routines i follow and activities i am expected to undertake down the side of the blog. i have now created two new pages for the blog which i hope you will find interesting. These are

  • About Us - this is a short biography page that provides a bit more background information about Owner and me, our relationship and how we developed as FLR FemDom couple over the years
  • The Rules and Routines by Which i Live - this is now the home for all of the rules Owners sets down for me and the place where i also detail all of the daily, weekly etc tasks and activities that i am expected to undertake. i have updated these to reflect the latest development goals Owner has set out in Plin, Plan, Plon 4.
Meanwhile, although the next Phase of my development (Plin, Plan Plon 4) is not due to commence until the start of December (and runs through to April 2015) i have already started to try to implement some of the new expected behaviours etc so that i can (hopefully) hit the ground running on the 1st December. This new Plan is organised using Trello. i must say that now i have got used to it i am finding it a really, really useful tool. It has enabled Owner and i to rationalise what had previously been a whole suite of separate documents and spreadsheets into a single place. i can now update what i have done from my laptop, tablet and phone and Owner can check and comment at any time too. This is what the main page of my account now looks like and this is what i now check daily to see what tasks need doing, mark off what i have done, etc, etc.

Yesterday, Owner treated me to a special surprise. i was walking to collect Her from the station as i usually do when i am working from home, to carry Her bag back (i also carry Her bag for Her to the station in the morning) when She suddenly called me to say that She was sat in one of our local bars and had ordered me a drink and that i was to join Her. There has been no repetition of the infamous occasion a few months ago when i had an alcoholic drink without first having been invited to do so by Owner. We have had different family members staying and have gone out for meals, i have cooked at home and served them drinks but i have not had one myself as Owner had not said that i could. Last night, however, Owner decided that She wanted to have a drink with me and so i was permitted to have a couple of beers.

We are now at a point in our relationship where Owner makes all the decisions as o whether or not we will be going out, what and where we will be going and whether or not i will be permitted to drink alcohol or not. That control is also now extending to Owner deciding what food i will have when we are eating in a restaurant and will order for me. i love this continued extension of Owner control over my life. Owner may at times permit me to make suggestions but She is in control and that is how we both agree it should be.

Last, it is just under a week to go before i sit my Spanish exams. i have an oral exam on Friday and then written exams on the Saturday. i have been revising hard and have also been sitting past papers - fingers crossed i may actually pass my first ever formal language exam - which will be a minor miracle! Meanwhile, whilst i have been revising Owner has started practising making Her own jewellery. She made me these beautiful earrings which i love, She truly is a woman of many talents.

The silver heart at the base is actually a little bell as well so i tinkle as i walk!
Today Owner revealed to me the next phase of my development.  Entitled Plin, Plan, Plon IV this development phase will commence on the 1st December 2014 and will run through until 1st April next year. As with all previous Plans this Plan builds upon and is additional to what went before it i.e. i still need to continue to implement the contents of all the proceeding plans whilst also completing the requirements set out in this new plan. Once again, the my performance against the objectives set out in the Plan will be formally reviewed after its completion when a decision will be made as o whether or not my progress has been satisfactory and i can be considered for further development and training or not.

i am really excited about this new Plan. There are some really innovative elements to it and it also seeks to extend Owners control over me into new areas and arenas. It should also help me to become a more useful wife for Her. So, what is new and what does the Plan contain?

Perhaps the mot significant innovation is that Owner has set-up the new Plan on Trello. Previously, i have had a series of spreadsheets, word documents and other things to complete that Owner has then reviewed monthly to monitor and comment on my progress and performance. There are also a series of 'reminder' tables posted up in our kitchen that detail the duties i must complete daily, weekly etc (and which are also listed on the sidebar of this blog) and into which i record my daily task completion entries. Trello does away with the need for all of this. Trello is an on-line 'cloud-based' collaboration project and task management tool that enables all of my expected activities to be organised and set-up electronically. i can then record what i have done, add notes and comment in real-time as too can Owner. i have even downloaded it as an app onto my phone so i can update and record 'on the go'. The advantages are that Owner can now see at any time exactly what i am recording, can easily add new tasks/duties or amend existing ones. i will get these changes straight away and also have one place where i can now record everything. It should make Owners oversight and checking less onerous for Her and more straight-forward and She can also check in 'real-time' what i have or have not done. For me it offers the opportunity to organise my reporting into one place and make it more straightforward. The new Plan doesn't start until the start of next month but i shall start transitioning stuff over to Trello in the next week or two and begin using it. i will update on how it goes but we are both quite excited at the possibilities this system may open-up.

Okay, so that is all very interesting in a geeky kind of way, but what does the new Plan actually contain? What are the additional tasks/activities that i will be expected to do and be judged against? Well, Owner has organised the new phase into 5 broad categories. These are:

  • Housework
  • Study/skills
  • Physical/slut training
  • General behaviour
  • Ad-hoc
Four of these five categories have a series of specific tasks and behaviours set-out that i will be expected to deliver/undertake during this phase of my development (and forever onwards). This detail is set out below;

  • PROJECT: Review all of our photographs [all ours have been digital for years[ and get some printed for Owners photo album.
  • Buy adequate laminate flooring products and clean thoroughly once a week [we had new flooring installed and the old mop etc that i used the clean the floor doesn't do that good a job on the new floor]
  • Subscribe to a healthy eating magazine and cook at least one recipe from that magazine a week [this part of the ongoing development of my cookery skills]
  • PROJECT: Do a complete kitchen inventory and replace any old/broken kitchen utensils/pans/crockery
  • Transfer my current household cleaning and fitness/exercise rota onto Trello
  • Practise my beauty/health skills (reflexology/massage/manicure/facials) - Owner will use Trello to 'book' appointments with me at times and dates of Her choosing - at least 8 times per month
  • Create at least 3 jewellery items a month
  • Subscribe to a Spanish audio magazine
  • Complete 1 embroidery and 1 knitting project during this phase of the Plan
  • Keep practising my erotic-short story and other writing skills in order to produce higher quality short-stories and start to write lifestyle guides
Physical/Slut Training
  • i am to always be completely naked when providing Owner a pedicure or manicure or when watching TV with Her at home
  • There is now a price to pay for being permitted to sniff Owners used panties [something i love to do]. Now, whenever i am allowed to sniff Her used panties i will be spanked 30 times on my 'clitty' whilst wearing nipple clamps
  • Purchase a perfumer diffuser to be able to wear Owners 'perfume'. Owners perfume is Her urine and i can be expected to sometimes wear Her 'perfume' by spraying it on me.
  • Organised bondage/restraint sessions where i will have to endure pain for periods of time
  • Practise more deep-throating by undertaking a series of deep throat challenges - these include deep-throating a dildo at a number of locations across London
General Behaviour
  • Seek approval prior to any Facebook postings [yes i am on Facebook and no i am not providing a link! )
  • When we go out for a meal, unless otherwise specified, Owner will choose my meal from the menu for me.
  • i am to always kneel down before Owner when asking permission for something from Her and bow my head when saying thank you afterwards. There is no need to kneel in public but i am still expected to bow when thanking Her in public.
  • All mistakes, deviations etc from the Plan will be punished and must be recorded on Trello. All punishments will count negatively when scoring the Plan. Small 'infractions' will be punished with an over the knee spanking using any implement chosen by Owner. Bigger 'infractions' will be punished using one or a combination of the following methods: ~not wearing feminine clothes ~not wearing jewellery ~not wearing makeup ~not shaving
  • When away from Owner due to work or family commitments i am to send Owner an email summarising all i have done that day

Ad-Hoc Tasks
Owner will provide these as and when they need to be completed.

i am excited and honoured to be allowed to move onto this stage of my development as part of my training to become a better wife and slut for Owner. i look forward to documenting my progress (and any pitfalls) on the blog and i hope to use the next few months to demonstrate to Owner my potential for yet further training and development.
The start of this week found me on tenterhooks as i awaited the outcome of Owners latest appraisal of my development and, whether or not i would be deemed to have made sufficient progress to proceed to the next stage of my development as Her slut and wife. Readers of this blog may be aware that Owner has developed what is referred to as Her Plin, Plan, Plon. Essentially, this is a training programme devised by Her (albeit one which i am permitted to make suggestions) designed to help stretch and develop me and help me become a better wife and slut for Her. The way the Plan works is that at the end of each phase of the plan i am assessed as to how well or not i have performed and completed/internalised the activities or duties set down for me to perfect in that phase. Only if Owner adjudges during the review that i have passed that Phase am i permitted to move onto the next, more challenging Phase. In a way it is a bit like a computer game where you are trying to make progress onto the higher level. If judged to have made sufficient progress to move onto the next phase i am still expected to maintain the standards/delivery/goal established in the proceeding phase i.e. the difficulty levels build incrementally with progress. However, there is always the risk of being judged a failure - in which case i would need to re-start from Phase 1.

Anyway, Monday this week was the day in which Owner would review my progress in Phase 3 - a phase which had already been extended due to some performance issues on my part in the autumn which i needed to address. Anyway, i was absolutely thrilled to receive the following from Owner
This certificate was accompanied with a detailed breakdown of the scores i had been awarded in each category of the Plan. As you can see below, there were some areas in which i did really well - for example i can now finally properly deepthroat (something i could never do before). However, letting Owner down this summer by having an alcoholic drink without Her permission scored very lowly as, although there has been no repetition of this episode since, it was a serious failure on my part and highlighted some major performance and obedience issues which i needed to address and rectify. There has been no repetition of this since so Owner was gracious enough to score me enough to scrape past that particular objective. You can see how i did in all of he categories set out in that phase of the Plan below

i was relieved, thrilled and excited to have been judged to have passed. i really do believe this is helping me o become a better, more useful and more productive wife and slut for Owner.

Owner is in the process of finalising the details of the next Phase of my development i.e. Phase 4 of the Plan. She has said that She will let me know the details at the end of this coming weekend but that that Phase will not commence until the start of December. i am guessing it will probably run through to the end of the Spring. i am nervously excited to see what may lie in store for me in Phase 4. Meanwhile, i need to ensure i maintain the standards i have now reached and that i continue to address those areas where i scored less highly in my Phase 3 review.