i know it's slightly late but a quick update to wish all of our readers seasons greetings and hope that you all got to spend Xmas and the upcoming New Year with the one you love. Owner and i managed to get away for the first time since August and we spent a couple of days in a cottage down on the Sussex coast in a little town called Rye. i remembered to bring my elf outfit with me and Owner took some pictures

Rye itself is quite pretty and we did a couple of walks in between indulging ourselves with food and Netflix.
pretty corner of Rye near the church
view over Rye from top of church
beach at Camber
As i mentioned this was the first time we have been anywhere out of London since August, which is very unusual for us, and it was lovely to be able to get away. Owner is still suffering considerably with Her frozen shoulder which shows no real sign of getting better anytime soon and has left Her in fairly constant pain. It is horrible to watch Her suffer like this and not be able to do anything to take Her pain away.

One consequence of me having been left immobile due to my back in late Summer/early Autumn and then the onset of Owners problems with Her shoulder has been that our normal lives and little routines have somewhat fallen apart. It's horrible when this happens as everything feels out of sorts and not as it should be. For now it feels like our 'normal' i.e. kinky etc life has been put on hold, though to a casual onlooker our lives and routines would currently look completely normal, to us they are completely non-normal.

The above combined with this having been a politically awful year, and the death of far too many heroes and legends, has meant that much of 2016 has seemed an especially crappy year. Both of us can't wait for the year to be done with, though to be honest i struggle (politically at least) to see how 2017 will be any better. That said, there is always Owners recovery to look forward to and with that the resumption of what constitutes normality for us both, so maybe 2017 will be better after all.

Sorry this reads as a bit of a downer of a post, unfortunately it just reflects how Owner and i have both been feeling of late, so as i say it was good to have at least been able to get away together for a few days. And 2016 wasn't all bad, not by a long chalk. Owner and i enjoyed some great trips early on in the year and Her control over me continued to strengthen as too did my submission to Her become ever more total. And we haven't lost that, they are still very much there, it's just the routines and the behaviours got a bit lost in the second half of the year as one thing after another punctured the cocoon of our lives.

My task for 2017 is to repair our cocoon, help Owners recovery, and focus on becoming a better and more submissive wife for Her. She is, and will always be, the centre of my world.

We hope all of our readers dreams and ambitions for 2017 come true.