Owner is keen to ensure that i continue to develop as Her whore and that i undergo regular 'training' as She looks for me to become the obedient and consumate whore She desires. As part of this training Owner likes me to go into our garden under Her supervision and act and behave like a wanton slut so that me behaving like this whenever requested becomes quite natural and i gradually overcome what remaining inhibitions i still have. The pictures below were taken during this evenings training in our garden.

i think that Owners technique is proving successful as i am certainly much 'bolder' than i once was, which i think the recent Suffolk experience attests to -incidentally i followed Mistress 160s suggestion and the stronger video Owner shot whilst we were there has now been donated to Fetlife.

This coming weekend could be an interesting test to see quite how bold a whore i have become as we need to go to Portobello Road market and Owner has mentioned doing another photoshoot challenge :)

Owner and i have just got back from a wonderful short break in Suffolk in the East of England. It really is a beautiful county with some stunning Medieval villages and we had great fun wandering around them and exploring the coast by car (you can see some scenic images from the trip at the end of this entry). However, what made it an especially enjoyable trip was opportunity it presented to complete some challenges for Owner.

Owner provided the following is the list of challenges that She instructed me to undertake whilst we were on our break as part of a Suffolk Harvest Whore Festival:
  • drive car with skirt/no panties and showing bra
  • play with myself like a dirty whore in the back seat of the car
  • stop car and pull panties down or skirt up
  • pose for a harvest whore photoshoot outdoors in a nice location
  • suck cock (the dildo)
Owner was very pleased with the outcome but you can judge for yourself how you think i got on - i've only included the softer video Owner shot whilst we were away - we're curently looking into options for how to securely share stronger content - any thoughts and suggestions would be welcome:

The above video was taken of me driving whilst attempting to 'reveal' my bra and generally show-off what little i was wearing - it also illustrates the perils of what happens when i am let out of chastity!  Owner also shot some stronger videos but as stated earlier we want to find a more secure means of sharing these.

We both really enjoyed these whore training challenges and are looking forward to completing some more in the not too distant future - we have a weekend away to Lille in Northern France coming up soon so that could present opportunities?

i said at the outset how beautiful Suffolk is too and so will leave you with a few more 'traditional' shots taken on our trip - we both hope to be back one day soon

If you went down to St. James's park today you'd maybe have had a surprise.

Yes today saw Owner and i off into town to do some shopping and also have me complete my latest St Jame's Park challenge. i must confess that had you said to me a few years ago that one day i'd be stood in the centre of my favourite London park wearing just a jacket, over knee just socks, and a pair of panties and cami/vest with bra i wouln't have believed it possible. How little i knew and how much fun it was!

As, hopefully, you can tell from my face in the last picture we had a lot of fun. Owner was in hysterics at the start watching as i tried to slip discretely out of my jeans in the park and managing to flash my bits to all and sundry in the process!

Challenge over it was off for some a warming drink and a very large pastry. i hope your weekends have been as much fun as mine :)

Autumn is most definitely our favourite time of year and today Owner and i headed down to one of our wonderful local parks for a bit of a stroll and to 'take the air'. The colours on the leaves were wonderful and Owner took a couple of photos of me;

i just adore my furry hooded coat!

Owner also shot this little video in the park of me flashing my bra

This evening there is to be some whore training in the back garden again which i am eagerly looking forward too, this time it is to be cock/dildo sucking and face fucking practice which will be great. Then tomorrow i have a central London park challenge which i will, of course, post about when completed.
With an apology that it is coming rather late but this is just a quick summary of Owners and my recent trip to New York and our forthcoming plans. Having mentioned that we were planning to do some public challenges in New York and thinking about some fun places to do them in the truth is that we both got so side-tracked sightseeing etc that, with only a short time available to us, we never actually got to do any challenges!

Don't take that the wrong way, we both had a wonderful time and packed in a whole heap of activities - including a helicopter tour around Manhatten, brunch cruise up the Hudson, going up the Empire State and the Rockefeller Centre, seeing members of one of our favourite bands in a show in Brooklyn, walking all around lower and mid-Manhatten (including walking past Woody Allen and his wife on 5th Avenue - how cool!) - it's just that we didn't actually do anything risque or kinky whilst we were there, except going to the sex museum which was pretty passe. We did, however, take some photos which i hope you like (afraid just tourist snaps):

We stayed at a great place called the Chelsea Pines Inn which we'd both thoroughly recommend as it's  not just a wonderful place to stay but is also in a fantastic location.

When we returned we were both feeling a little jet lagged and then i went down with something for a few days which meant that our planned trip to the Torture Garden Halloween Mass was cancelled and our outfits left un-worn. Hopefully we can make use of them another time. However, on a brighter note we have a short visit to the Suffolk coast coming up. We're staying in a cottage and we're hiring a car. This latter point in particular has prompted all sorts of challenge-related ideas, including;
  • me having to drive the car wearing just a blouse and short skirt with no panties
  • me having to pull-over in a lay-by and get out of the car and play with my pussy and titties by the side of the road
  • being made to fuck myself with a dildo on the backseat of the car in a car park whilst Owner records the scene
i'm sure Owner will come up with some more ideas and needless to say i am thrilled and excited at the prospect and have, slightly cheekily asked whether it might be possible to complete some additional 'practice' challenges before we go! Owner seems receptive to this idea as She has already had me out in the garden fucking myself under Her instruction once this week and keeps telling me how much She loves it when i act like the whore i am for Her. As for me, i confess to loving nothing more than to behaving like a wanton slut at any opportunity and 'enjoy' being challenged to do so in public as well as in private