After over forty days of being in chastity and denial Owner released me from my device yesterday. Much as She likes to have me locked up Owner also likes to take the opportunity to tease, torment and caress my unlocked clitty and She seized the opportunity to do just that tonight after dinner. i was in the kitchen washing up and following my new washing up routine, namely with my mouth gagged with the dildo gag and with my skirt hitched up exposing my naked derrier (this being a Monday today is a no panties day for me).

Anyway, as i was cleaning the dishes Owner came up behind me and began to tease and caress my unlocked clitty until it was fully aroused, causing me to struggle to main concentration on the dish washing task in hand. Owner then began to spank my bottom with Her hand and then to spank my clitty with a wooden spoon. She then grabbed the paddle that hangs next to the sink and proceeded to spank my bottom hard with that whilst alternating with Her other hand to continue to beat my clit with the spoon.

My bottom was glowing red and my clitty was throbbing from all the attention they were receiving when Owner led me away from the sink and had me bend over our kitchen table. She then retrieved Her cane from its stand in the hall and set about caning my bottom and clitty, administering over one hundred strokes across my cheeks whilst also ensuring that the tip of my clit itself also received a caning. Owner then had me lower my throbbing bottom onto our kitchen barstool so that She could securely lock my wrists in place underneath the seat of the stool ensuring that i could not move. She then attached nipple clamps to my titties before returning Her attention again to my clitty. Owner repeatedly struck me across the top of my swollen clitty before then masturbating me close to orgasm and then stopping and resuming Her work with the cane. My clit was terribly aroused and each time Owner edged me a little closer to coming until eventually She granted me permission to cum. Pulling my head back roughly with Her hands She used Her cane to strike me even more firmly across my exposed little clit which pulsed and spurted mess all over Her cane, the stool, my belly and the kitchen table in response. Owner had me lick my mess from Her cane with my tongue before remarking 'now lock yourself back into chastity and finish off the washing up'
Whilst Owner and i spent the night away the Hotel Zetter for my birthday Owner made use of the new camcorder She had bought for us. Owner intends to utilise the camcorder as a means of having me record myself performing challenges or activities that She may demand i perform whilst i am working from home and She is in Her office so that She can check later at Her leisure whether or not i have completed them to Her satisfaction. Some examples of things Owner has suggested She may get me to do include having me demonstrate what a slut i am whilst i am on a work teleconference.

Anyway, our stay at the hotel provided Owner with an opportunity to test out the camcorder by filming me outside on the balcony of the hotel in the snow. Owner then added a soundtrack and watermark to the film. The version Owner has uploaded is deliberately not high quality but we hope you enjoy our first little film - Owner intends there to be more.

 Music courtesy of King Kong Man (MrJuan) / CC BY 3.0

This evening before dinner Owner administered a caning. She commenced as usual by first warming my derrier with her hand and then with a paddle and a flogger. Owner also used the opportunity to lightly crop my chastised clitty by striking me with Her riding crop repeatedly across my exposed 'bits' - i parted my legs as She did so to afford Her proper access, relishing the sensation as my clitty became engorged inside its cage. Owner then moved onto the cane itself striking me repeatedly across my bare buttocks, pausing and then commencing again. During these pauses Owner had me pull and twist my nipples or spank my chastised clitty and finger fuck my pussy for Her amusement before She resumed Her work.

After a short while, and with my bottom glowing red and criss-crossed by little raised welts from the cane Owner stopped and announced that She thought i needed to cool down. However, Her method of cooling was deviously unorthodox. Throughout the caning i had been wearing a tiny little dress that barely covers my arse and stockings with suspenders. Owner stated that i was to put on a coat, a pair of boots and some panties and go downstairs, walk out of the flat into the street and collect some snow from the pavement. i was then to take down my panties and fill them with the snow before pulling them back up and returning inside the flat to present my cold wet bottom for Her inspection.

A couple of minutes later i was to be found back inside the warmth of the flat, cold melting snow dripping down between the cheeks of my bottom and onto the floor with a very sodden pair of panties around my ankles as Owner inspected by fast cooling backside. Satisfied and amused Owner instructed me to clear away the caning implements and prepare dinner whilst She showered.

Incidentally, this was our second bit of fun with snow over the past few days (there is a lot of snow in London at the moment). On Friday night Owner booked us both into a wonderful hotel as a birthday treat for me, it being my forty-third birthday. The hotel we stayed at is called The Zetter and is a wonderful little boutique hotel in Clerkenwell. Anyway, at one point in the evening i was to be found semi-naked outside on the snow covered balcony smearing my titties in snow to make them even perter than usual for Owners entertainment. It was a lovely night.
This morning after preparing Owners breakfast we both retired back to bed.  Owner instructed me that i was to remove my nightie and get into the bed with Her naked. Owner then began to caress my titties before moving down to caress and lightly spank my chastised clitty - causing it to swell and bulge out between the gaps in its metal cage, much to Owners delight. Owner said how much She loves my new chastity device as it gives me a nice shaped clitty - soft  and round and swollen like a plum which She loves to then spank and tease. It has been 29 days since my last orgasm and i was quickly purring and moaning like a true whore as Owner took me to ever higher states of arousal with Her touches and caresses. Just when i thought my frustrated arousal could not get more intense She then switched attention to caressing my pussy causing my hips to hungrily thrust towards Her and my hands to grasps my buttocks, stretching them apart.

'Is my petty horny?' whispered Owner. To which of course the response was, yes extremely. 'Show Owner what a horny dirty slut you are by playing with your pussy for me in front of the window'. No sooner had Owner given Her instructions than i was out of the bed, curtains pulled open and licking my fingers before slipping them inside my pussy as i stood in front of our bedroom window, fucking myself like a whore with my fingers for all the world to see whilst Owner watched.

Owner observed me for a while and then turned me around and presented one of Her delicious breasts for me to suckle upon as She pleasured Herself with a vibrator. She then plugged in Her Magic Wand, lay back onto the bed and pulled me over to suck and lick Her breasts whilst the wands powerful vibrations pulsed between Her thighs. Owner alternated between pleasuring Herself and then applying the wands vibrating tip to the base of my locked clitty, driving me wild, before returning to bring Herself to first one then another orgasm as i watched in delighted awe at the pleasure She was experiencing.

Satiated Owner turned off the device and pulled me to Her side under the duvet so that my head was resting on Her chest, my clitty swollen and tight and my titties alive to the merest touch.  She informed me that as i was so hot and horny and aroused when we go and meet up with friends of ours later today for afternoon tea at a London hotel She expects me to need to cool down. Accordingly, during tea i am to excuse myself, go to the restroom and remove my panties and run them under a cold tap until they are wet through. Then i am to go into a toilet cubicle and cool my hot titties, clitty and pussy down with my wet panties before placing them in my pocket and re-joining the party for the rest of tea. During this time i am then to discretely transfer my panties into my bag. It promises to be a fun afternoon after a wonderful start to the day.
Owner has commenced a series of random SE London challenges for me in which a location somewhere within the SE London postcode is randomly identified and a random challenge then picked from a hat by me, which i then have to complete. Todays challenge was the first one drawn out and was to prove a fascinating little trip as it involved a visit to Crystal Palace and specifically to their model dinosaurs.

In all the years i have lived in London i have never visited this park before although it is a very famous one, both as sight of the Crystal Palace itself built for the Great Exhibition and then destroyed by fire in the 1930s, but also for its model dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were created in the 1850s and are an iconic feature of the park. Some of the models are quite funny as their creators often had only a limited idea of what some of the creatures may once have looked like and relied on a considerable amount of artistic licence when creating them, they were also not helped by the limited fossil records available at the time. As such they are a wonderful illustration of what we once thought some of these dinosaurs may have looked like and as such they are now listed as historic monuments in their own right. Here is a great photo taken by Owner of one of the dinosaurs;

My challenge was to 'shamelessly play with my titties' - something that would prove more difficult to complete than i had imagined as although the day was a bitterly cold one there were a large number of parents with children wandering about the park whom i had no wish to offend.  Anyway, we managed to grab a few moments between buggies and prams for the following;

So yes there was a new dinosaur that could be spotted in the park today - a certain Tittysaurus Poppet :)

Finally plucking up the courage today to wear my collar to work. Having been inspired, as mentioned in a previous post, by the example of Tamara's husband and having discussed it with Owner - who said that She did not expect me to wear the collar to work or in front of family - today i took the plunge. i hoped it would be ok in that my colleagues have got used to my gradual femming over the years (i wear full make-up and women's clothes at work) but i was worried about the collar. How would they react? What would they say? Would i be mortified? In truth i needn't have worried. Yes they did notice as a few did stare at the nape of my neck more than usual (either that or they were trying to see my titties!) and some did a quick double take but not one said a word (which Owner ascribes to this being England and that in Spain the situation would have been very different - which may well be true). Anyway, i wore my collar to work and now it has been done once there is no reason why it cannot be worn at all there? Owner said She was proud of me for being brave. i am just proud to be able to wear Her collar. i am the happiest and luckiest pet in the world.
Owner and i have had a penis gag for a while now but it has never really been used, it always seems to sit forgotten and forlorn in the toy box. Always that is until today. Today it received a new lease of life. In our kitchen there is a very pretty decorative hook next to the kitchen sink that we have never really known what to do with. It was unused for weeks and then recently had a t-towel hanging from it but that didn't seem right, the towel was in the wrong location. However, today inspiration struck.

The dildo gag has been moved to this self same hook next to the kitchen sink together with one of Owners paddles  (see below)

At Owners instruction a new house rule is now in force with immediate effect, namely that whenever i wash-up and dry the dishes i must do so with my mouth gagged with dildo gag and my panties lowered and skirt raised/lowered with my derrier exposed and available should Owner wish to administer a spanking. Thus it was that earlier this evening just as i was finishing off drying the dishes Owner bent me over the sink to administer a firm spanking with paddle on my bottom and also spanking my chastised clitty - striking repeatedly across my tight trapped testicles - whilst all i could do was moan in appreciation as my mouth slowly filled with saliva.

We both love our new kitchen sink drama :)
After our travels over Xmas and New Year Owner and i have enjoyed a relaxing time at home this weekend. i got to do some baking again after a break of a few weeks and it provided us with an opportunity to plan out a few things for the coming year which promise to be very exciting indeed...but i'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see what they are.

Our experience with the new Jailbird chastity device continues to be a positive one. Owner thinks it is the prettiest device we have had to date and i love the feeling of being locked inside it. The device remains on 24/7 and i hope it will become a constant presence save for when we are having to fly somewhere - it's metal construction would send airport scanners into meltdown! It is also the smallest device i have ever worn which makes for uncomfortable erections, but of course this is as they should be :).

Owner has also been encouraging me to share Her (and mine) new found passion for bloomers more widely by posing in our lounge window whilst wearing them for anyone passing by to see. The picture below shows the outfit i was posing in;

and this is the view from the street outside;
Owner says She loves having me pose for Her (and anyone else who may be passing!) in our lounge window and i confess that i love doing so too. However, whilst over the years i have grown increasingly shameless and will now do and wear things that would have mortified me until a few years ago (thanks in great part to Owners training and encouragement) there remains one area in which i am still fairly shy - namely the public wearing of obvious symbols of my submission to Owner.

i should explain myself at this point. My body is adorned with many temporary and permanent symbols of my submission to Owner and of Her ownership of me, ranging from tattoos, to bracelets, neck, nipple and belly chains and tags, collars (with and without cuffs) and chastity device. i softly jangle and jingle as i walk from the sound of the little charms and bell attached to my various pieces of jewellery all of which signify my status as Owners pet, Her slut, possession and whore. i always strive to look pretty whether Owner is around or not so that She might be proud of me (though i confess i also love being feminine). It makes no difference whether i am at home, in public with Owner or without Her, what i wear and how i look is the same....all that is apart from when i am at work or with family. Then i still wear everything i would normally do as described above save for one item, namely my collar.  i am wearing the collar i am referring to in the photograph below which was taken today in the local park:

You will see it in all the photos of me that appear in this blog. It is a lovely collar and yet, despite this i have never had the courage to wear it to work or visiting my family. However, in a recent post by Tamara about  her husband Rene's new collar she wonderfully describes his family's reaction and that of his work colleagues when he wore his collar in front of them. This got me thinking, why don't i wear mine to work or in front of my family - after all they've seen the make-up i wear and my family even got to read a Christmas list a few years back that was intended solely for Owners eyes only and which i sent to them in error, much to my horror ... they never did send me a butt plug (lol!). But yet i have never worn my collar. Maybe after reading about Rene's experience i too will pluck-up the courage to wear mine.

Owner and i have finally arrived back home after our respective Xmas and New Year travels visiting family. Despite the floods in  South West England i was able to make it down to see my Dad and his partner whilst Owner headed out to Her family in Northern Spain. Whilst we were apart i stayed locked up in my new chastity device, only permitted to unlock my clitty when it came to my turn to fly out to Spain to be reunited with Owner for the New Year. i stayed unlocked until we returned together back to London and back to work whereupon my clitty was placed securely back behind bars again. i confess i do like to be back in chastity and, though metal the device is sufficiently small (we ordered one of the shortest lengths available as i only have a little clitty) to be worn under tight jeans without too obvious a bulge showing. Owner also seems very pleased with the new device as its' metal bar design enables Her to still prod and poke my tiny clit through the bars of the device whenever She so desires.

There were a couple of amusing (well to us at least) incidents to report over the festive period both of which were similar in nature. The first was a comment made by my Dad who said how he thought that from behind i looked like a woman. The second came when an airport security guard in Madrid who, in trying to attract my attention to go into the correct queue at passport control, kept calling me 'señorita' until he realised his mistake. i was flattered and amused by both these remarks as on neither occasion was i wearing any make-up - although what my Dad thinks i look like from the front he never did say.

Anyway, happy New Year to you all from Owner and i.