Owner has officially now started the next stage of my training and development, She has started me on Her Housewife Academy training programme. i am thrilled, honoured and excited. The Academy builds upon my existing training and is an evolving programme of learning and development designed to further develop my skills as Her wife, slut and whore and deepen my submission to Her and Her control over me.

It is naturally expected of me that i will continue to follow, perform and obey all of the previous rules, behaviours, chores etc that Owner has trained me in over the years. However, the Academy will, over time, introduce a whole new series of skills, behaviours, tasks etc that Owner will expect me to complete. Rather than having a formal review at the end of a set period my performance in the Academy will be continuously reviewed by Owner and new elements may be added by Her at any time.

Owner has broken down the Housewife Academy syllabus into 5 core areas:
  1. Domestic Diva
  2. Sex Kitten
  3. Submissive Pet
  4. Multi-tasking Ninja
  5. Happiness Fairy
Each area has a description and an initial set of tasks/expectations for me to complete. These may and will be added to whenever Owner feels it is appropriate to do so. The following are the descriptions for each area and the initial tasks She has set me to complete. 

Domestic Diva

This instructs me to:

'Create a comfortable home for Owner
Keep all areas of the flat clean and tidy
Cook healthy recipes
Manage any refurbishment/repair projects
Manage pet and Owner's diet'

The first tasks i have been given in this category are to:
  • Get quotes for bathroom refurbishment
  • Reduce pet and Owners sugar consumption
Sex Kitten

This instructs me to:

Look sexy and desirable
Be ready to follow orders
Behave like a whore when requested
Able to endure pain and humiliation

The first task i have been given is to:
  • Learn how to walk in high heels
Submissive Pet

This instructs me to:

Follow rules properly
Always ask for permission for agreed activities (if in doubt, always ask for permission)
Major decisions (and even some minor decisions) to be ultimately taken by Owner
Hand control over to Owner

The first change Owner has introduced is:

  • Owner will choose pet's food and drinks even when they are apart (e.g. if i am going for a meal and Owner is not there to choose what i will eat or drink in person for me She will provide general instructions via text i.e. Vegetarian and an orange juice).
Multi-tasking Ninja

This instructs me to:

Be ruthlessly organised
Develop superpowerful skills
Make unproductive time productive
Learn it, try it, get it done! KAPOW!

The first task Owner has assigned to me in this section are:

  • Become a travel planner for Owner
  • Complete list of potential instructional videos for blog
Happiness Fairy

This final area instructs me to:

Provide Owner with unexpected entertainment (either at home or outside)
    Provide creative surprises
   Remember: a little effort goes a long way
   Be ready to entice and enchant

It is for me to come up with creative ideas to deliver as part of this

The above 5 areas are the main themes of the Housewife Academy. In addition to these i also have a long-term project area as part of the Academy programme. At present there is only one project in that area which is to study for the next level Spanish exam.

Owner has also established a set of over-riding rules that govern all aspects of the Academy. These over-arching rules are as follows:

  • MASTER RULE: A housewife must be the perfect combination of all of these in equal proportions: A domestic diva, a sex kitten, a submissive pet, a multi-tasking ninja and a happiness fairy 
  • Follow all tasks/procedures as stated in each current focus area 
  • Clarify any queries immediately 
  • Inform of any potential delays/issues/obstacles immediately 
  • Aim for consistent behaviour all the time for all the focus areas 
  • Strive for excellence 
  • Punishments will count negatively and will be graded 
  • Achievements will count positively and will be graded 
  • Do not forget about your long term projects 
  • Challenges will be related to any of the focus areas and considered high achievements
  • Each area together with challenges, long term projects, punishments and achievements will be reviewed every month
All of the is captured and needs to be followed and reported on to Owner using Trello. This is a section of what the Housewife Academy looks like on screen:

 As you can see, Owner has designed a very attractive dashboard for the Academy.

i am very excited and thrilled to be embarking on this next stage of my development. This weekend i had to travel down to my Mum's without Owner who is currently studying hard for Her exams. i was delighted to be able to put Owners' new rule into action when i advised Owner that my Mum wanted to take me out for a meal. Owner texted me to say 'fish and apple juice'. So whilst my Mum perused the menu and ordered herself a glass of prosecco and then some white wine i ordered the one fish dish on the menu (seabass) and an apple juice. i love the fact that Owner will now always decide and choose what i eat and drink, even when She is not there. It is a small increase in Her control over me, but a further increase nonetheless.